SkyTrak Launch Monitor: Our Honest Review and Test Results

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Bottom Line

During our tests, the SkyTrak launch monitor provided comprehensive data on ball speed, launch angle, spin rates, and more. We've also tried features like practice randomizer, fairway finder, and driving range mode to enhance your training sessions. However, it has some limitations in measuring certain club data. Overall, SkyTrak is a great bang for the buck, and it is widely popular thanks to all the features and game modes it offers. Its accuracy is excellent, given its price point.

Skytrak is a very popular launch monitor adopted and trusted by golfers around the world due to the affordability and accuracy it provides. If you wanted a detailed review of the unit to see for yourself what the hype is all about, then you’ve certainly come to the right place.

In this detailed review, we’ll dive deep into the features and benefits of the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, and explore how it can help you take your golf game to the next level. 

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It’s worth noting that SkyTrak has since released a newer and more capable version of this launch monitor, the SkyTrak Plus (ST+). If you are interested in a more advanced, up-to-date model, you may want to check out our detailed SkyTrak Plus (ST+) Launch Monitor Review.

Skytrak Overview

Before SkyTrak, golf enthusiasts had limited access to affordable personal simulation and tracking systems. But with its release in 2014, a new era of accessible and realistic indoor practice became possible. Priced at $1,995, the SkyTrak launch monitor was designed to offer instant and real-time 3D shot analysis and ball-flight data.

using skytrak launch monitor

This personal launch monitor is one of the few sub-$2000 devices that work efficiently with some of the best golf simulation software like E6 CONNECT and TGC 2019. SkyTrak uses a photometric (camera-based) system that captures images of the ball for a few feet after impact. This feature enables it to produce measurements with precision comparable to much more expensive commercial systems.

The high-speed camera provides comprehensive data on aspects such as ball speed, launch angle, backspin rate, side spin, and horizontal/vertical launch angles which are valuable metrics for golfers seeking to improve their game.

SkyTrak is actively advertised as an indoor launch monitor and simulator system; therefore, it works best indoors. However, if you must use it outside, be aware that direct sunlight can affect its accuracy.

Overall, Skytrak is an excellent tool for tracking performance accurately and efficiently at an affordable price point. With its user-friendly interface and compatibility with popular golf simulation software, Skytrak is an extremely popular device among golfers of different levels.

Setting Up Your SkyTrak

setting up skytrak

Setting up Skytrak is pretty straightforward; it only requires a few steps:

First, make sure to charge the unit for at least six hours using the wall charger or by keeping it connected to your PC. Once fully charged, do the following:

  1. Download the SkyTrak app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play store if you’re using an iOS or Android device. If you’re using a PC, download the SkyTrak PC software from
  2. Register your SkyTrak through the software application by creating a SkyTrak account within 30 days of purchase.
  3. Pair your SkyTrak with your device using Wi-Fi, a home network, or USB.

Once successfully configured and paired with your device, all three LED lights on the unit will turn green, and a red laser dot will be projected onto the ground indicating that it’s ready for use.

For more detailed setup instructions, refer to the SkyTrak user guide that came with your unit.

Please note that to use Skytrak as a simulator, you will need to get other components like a hitting screen or golf net, hitting mat, landing turf, a sim projector, and a PC or other smart device to run the simulation.

Skytrak Best Features

Let’s take a closer look at SkyTrak’s best features and how they can help you improve your golf game.

features of skytrak

Practice Randomizer

The Practice Randomizer enables you to practice hitting shots to a green set at random distances within a specific range. This feature can transform your wedge distance by emphasizing the importance of distance control. Since the green size can also be adjusted in relation to the distance sets, you can get better at hitting precise shots to the green.

Here are the different distance sets that can be used with the Distance Randomizer:

  • 5-125 yards
  • 30-175 yards
  • 50-225 yards
  • 75-275 yards

One of the best ways to use this feature is by setting the green at random distances and aiming to hit as many greens in a row as possible. This practice technique will not only help you improve your wedge game, but also develop your mental strength and focus.

This feature is also useful for analyzing and identifying distance gaps in a golfer’s bag. By hitting shots with different clubs, you can determine the average distance you hit with each club and identify any gaps that may exist.

Fairway Finder

This feature gives you the ability to set different fairway widths, allowing you to test your ability to hit them consistently with various clubs.

With easy, medium, and large fairway settings available, you can challenge yourself and see how well you perform under pressure. The Fairway Finder also comes equipped with doglegs that replicate real-life course scenarios.

You can practice different shot types while navigating through obstacles such as trees or sand traps. This feature adds an extra layer of excitement to your training sessions, keeping things fresh and fun while helping you improve your game along the way.

Driving Range

skytrak on driving range

As you step onto the driving range, you’ll have the opportunity to fine-tune your swing and gain valuable insights into how far your standard clubs are carrying with Skytrak.

This basic feature is incredibly helpful for golfers of all levels. The driving range mode is simple but effective, displaying key data such as ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and carry distance.

In addition to its practical applications, using the driving range feature on Skytrak can also be a lot of fun. You can challenge yourself by setting targets at different distances or simulating various real-life scenarios.

Equipment improvement

Owning a Skytrak golf simulator is a great tool for equipment improvement.

With the accurate data provided by the launch monitor, you can adjust your club settings or experiment with different shafts to find the perfect combination that suits your swing. Not only can you test out new clubs, but also track your progress with existing ones.

An Overview of Parameters, Play Modes & Features

The SkyTrak software includes measured parameters, game improvement features, practice mode, challenge mode, and Swing Catalyst integration. With its accurate measurements and customizable settings, players can use these tools to improve their game.

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skytrak play mode

Let’s dive in and explore what makes this software so powerful!

Measured Parameters

For starters, it is important to note that the launch monitor can only track your golf balls and provide an accurate set of data points.

SkyTrak measures several key parameters that can give golfers a comprehensive understanding of their performance. This device is capable of measuring the following five parameters directly: ball speed, launch angle, back spin, side spin, and side angle.

With these data points in hand, the software is then able to derive seven more measurements: carry & total distances, club head speed, roll, flight path, offline and angle of descent. One advantage of having access to these data points is that it provides golfers with detailed feedback on their swings.

By analyzing the measured parameters against your goals or against previous performance stats, you can identify areas for improvement and work towards honing your technique. Additionally, having this information can also help you understand how different shots may perform under varying conditions such as wind or rain.

Game Improvement

skytrak game improvement

This mode is exclusive to the Game Improvement or Play & Improve packages and offers Bag Mapping, Skills Assessment, and Wedge Matrix features.

Bag Mapping allows you to gather data on your club distances and dispersions, which can help you identify gaps in your yardages and improve your overall game. It will assist you define which clubs work best for you.

The Skills Assessment feature helps you isolate weaknesses in your bag by taking you through target sessions with specific clubs at certain distances. This practice is great for distance control.

Lastly, Wedge Matrix allows you to understand typical yardages for each swing length with different wedges while identifying flaws in your wedge game. All of these features work together to help golfers of all levels improve their skills on the course.

The benefits of each feature are listed in the table below:

Bag MappingGathers data on club distances and dispersions.Identify gaps in your yardages; improve overall game.
Skills AssessmentAssesses how well you’re performing throughout your bag through target practice.Isolate weaknesses; view green accuracy & dynamic handicap for each club.
Wedge MatrixMakes a matrix of typical yardages that wedges will fly for each swing length.Choose ideal club/swing length for each situation; spot weaknesses/flaws/undesirable results.

Practice Mode

As the core feature of the device, Practice Mode allows you to hit shots on a virtual driving range, giving you the opportunity to improve your skills. Practice Mode is available for those with the Game Improvement package on SkyTrak.

practice with skytrak

With this mode, you can select the exact club you’re hitting and view your shot history for each session. You can compare data all throughout the bag and track your progress over time.

But that’s not all. Other practice range features unlocked by the Game Improvement package include camera angle selection (down the line, follow the ball, etc.), multi-colored shot tracers for using different clubs, dispersion circles, and a target randomizer.

You can also adjust conditions such as wind, humidity, and turf firmness to simulate different playing environments. With each shot, a tracer will simulate your ball flight so you can view various data points including total distance, carry, ball speed, launch angle and club head speed.

Additionally, with the Shot Optimizer feature, you can view detailed data about each shot and compare it to optimal ranges for that particular club – making it an invaluable tool in dialing in your clubs.

Challenge Mode

This mode adds a competitive element to your practice sessions, making them more engaging and exciting. With the Challenge Mode, you can compete with other players through various challenges such as closest to the pin, Target Practice, and long drive competitions.

skytrak data recorded

In Closest To The Pin, you’ll have 3-6 chances to get your shot as close to the pin as possible. This is a great way to practice your short game and fine-tune your accuracy. You can play against others in multiplayer mode or participate in events for added competition.

In Target Practice, aim for a bullseye instead of the pin. Like Closest To The Pin, you’ll have 3-6 shots to make it count and can specify any target distance. This will help you improve your iron play and work on hitting precise shots at different distances.

Long Drive allows you to hit balls as far as possible using 3-6 drives with a specified range width. Your best drives are ranked so you can see how much progress you’re making over time.

Swing Catalyst Integration

swing catalyst software

With the Swing Catalyst software, you can capture your swing from multiple angles using up to four cameras. The high-speed capture supports up to 500 fps, giving you the ability to slow down and analyze every aspect of your swing.

In addition, Swing Catalyst allows you to draw on the image using a wide range of drawing tools, play back the swing frame-by-frame or in slow motion, overlay multiple swings or compare them side-by-side, and store and organize your swings.

All the information obtained by SkyTrak is available for viewing alongside video clips. This includes trajectory, ball flight, and all measured SkyTrak parameters.

Here are some benefits of using Swing Catalyst:

  • Understand your swing on a new level
  • Analyze the tempo and rhythm of your swing
  • Know what kind of shot you hit based on your data
  • Improve overall consistency by identifying areas that need work

Swing Catalyst is available in many editions. The Home Version can be integrated for $19.95 / month or $199.00 / yearly fee. The Basic Edition costs $49.00 / month or $490.00 / year. The Pro Version adds support for up to 4 cameras and sensor plate and costs $99.00/ month or $990.00 annually.

Sensor plate integration is available for an additional $500, and special cameras such as the Dragon USB and Blackfly GigE 04 can also be purchased.

What Does SkyTrak Not Measure?

SkyTrak does not directly measure certain data related to the golf club, but it focuses on your golf ball, meaning that any club data you get are estimates!

For example, club path and face angle are estimated by algorithms and calculations based on the ball’s flight. This may result in slightly less precise measurements compared to other launch monitors with multiple cameras.

Another piece of club data that is not directly measured is dynamic loft. It is estimated through algorithms, but it plays a significant role in determining ball spin rate and launch angle – two critical factors in optimizing your shot.

In addition, attack angle and swing plane are also not directly measured. Instead, they rely on estimated calculations based on ball flight data. While these estimates can still provide valuable insights into your swing mechanics, it’s important to keep in mind their limitations when using SkyTrak for practice or analysis purposes.

Pricing & Plans

Skytrak supports three versions of the company’s in-house software.

skytrak pricing

First off, the Basic Practice Range Plan is included with the core unit at no extra cost. But if you’re looking for more features, there are three additional plans available: the Game Improvement Plan and Play & Improve Plan (besides the Swing Catalyst Integration, discussed above).

Additionally, third-party simulation software can also be used with SkyTrak for an even more immersive experience.

Game Improvement Plan

The Game Improvement Plan upgrade costs $99.95/ year.

This plan opens the door for third-party simulator software support, as it is required if you want to use software like E6 Connect, TGC2019, Fitness Golf, Creative Golf 3D, etc. You can play virtual rounds on some of the most famous courses in the world. The long drive, closest to the pin and target practice challenges are perfect for improving your accuracy and distance control.

Also, with skills assessment, bag mapping, and wedge matrix features, you’ll be able to identify areas of weakness in your game and work on them specifically.

The custom settings available in this plan allow you to simulate different weather conditions like humidity levels, turf conditions, and wind speeds. You’ll also have access to camera views so that you can see exactly how your swing looks from different angles.

With progress tracking charts and graphs for each club in your bag as well as session history available at all times via SkyTrak’s cloud-based service, it’s easy to monitor your performance over time and make data-driven decisions about where to focus your practice efforts.

Play & Improve Plan

For $199.95/ year, this upgrade to the Game Improvement Plan includes full integration with World Golf Tour (WGT), giving you access to closest-to-the-hole challenges on 6 WGT courses and full course play on 15 WGT golf courses. All of this is available on iOS devices, making it easy and convenient for you to improve your game from anywhere.

The Play & Improve Plan is a cost-effective option for those looking to experience full course play without paying more for third-party software like E6 CONNECT or TGC 2019. While the WGT integration may not be as powerful as the other options, it offers simple course and challenge play on a selection of quality courses in addition to everything that comes with the Game Improvement Plan.

Third-Party Simulation

You can enhance your indoor golf experience by exploring third-party software options that offer a range of features and varying prices. E6 CONNECT is a very popular choice among golfers due to its realistic graphics and extensive course library. The basic option costs $300 per year, while the expanded version costs $600 per year. However, if you prefer to make a one-time payment, you can purchase the software for $2500.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, ProTee Play may be suitable for you. With an annual fee of $149 or a one-time payment of $399, this software offers more than 150 courses to play on. Golfisimo is another budget-friendly option at only $200 annually or $500 as a one-time purchase.

Meanwhile, The Golf Club 2019 provides players with stunning visuals at a cost of either $479 per year or an upfront fee of $895. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which third-party software best meets your needs and budget when using your SkyTrak launch monitor simulator system.

If you wish, you can explore everything there is to know about the simulator software options that you can enjoy on your Skytrak system by checking out our DETAILED REVIEW OF THE 7 BEST GOLF SIMULATOR SOFTWARE FOR SKYTRAK.

Is SkyTrak Accurate?

In this price range of sub $2000, Skytrak provides a high level of accuracy, and that’s something that contributed to the huge popularity of the device since its launch.

skytrak challenge

Here are four things you need to know about SkyTrak’s accuracy (based on our own tests):

  1. The carry distance measurements are spot-on and almost always accurate.
  2. Shot shapes are typically consistent and in line with your feel.
  3. Occasionally, a driver shot may be off on carry distance, but this seems to be an issue with most indoor hitting setups.
  4. Shanks and tops may look strange on the display, but they’re not necessarily a huge concern since you’re not trying to replicate those shots on the course.

Overall, while there may be some minor discrepancies here and there, SkyTrak offers an impressive level of accuracy for its price point compared to other monitors like Trackman. Of course, no launch monitor or simulator will ever be 100% perfect, but SkyTrak comes very close and provides reliable data that can help improve your game significantly.

SkyTrak Cons

One downside of the SkyTrak Launch Monitor is its limited club data collection. While this model collects ball data for an accurate simulator experience, it’s not enough for commercial accuracy. For club-fitting businesses, something like the Trackman would be a better option than the SkyTrak (but the price gap between the two is huge).

Also, although putting feedback is available with the SkyTrak, in-depth putting analysis isn’t possible. Keep in mind that putting isn’t always taken into consideration by all golf launch monitors. This is because putting poses issues for all systems, so this issue is not really specific to Skytrak.

While these cons shouldn’t deter you from considering the SkyTrak Launch Monitor as an affordable option for improving your game, you should be aware of these limitations before making your purchase decision. It is still a great device with great functions, features and game modes.

Where To Buy The SkyTrak Online?

Skytrak is available online through some of the best vendors like The Indoor Golf Shop, Rain or Shine Golf, Top Shelf Golf, and Amazon. These all also offer easy upgrades to Game Improvement or Play & Improve plans. These vendors provide excellent support teams that can guide you in setting up your SkyTrak properly. Moreover, they ensure fast and secure delivery of your purchase.

buying online

The official SkyTrak store is where you should purchase third-party software for your device. It offers a wide range of software options that can help you improve your golf game and take full advantage of the technology provided by SkyTrak.

If you want to have a complete indoor golf experience at home, consider investing in a simulation studio like the SkyTrak SIG10. This package comes with everything you need – netting, screen enclosure, projector – to create an immersive golf environment in the comfort of your own space. It’s perfect for those who want to practice their swings or play virtual rounds with friends without having to leave their homes!

Skytrak Vs Trackman

trackman software

When comparing the two devices, the photometric Skytrak and Doppler radar Trackman have significant differences in price and features. The Trackman is a much more accurate device due to its use of radar technology. However, this accuracy comes with a hefty price tag that is ten times that of the Skytrak. On the other hand, Skytrak offers consistent and accurate data for a fraction of the cost.

To illustrate these differences further, below is a table comparing some key features of both devices:

Launch monitor typePhotometricDoppler Radar
Accuracy rating8/10 (approximate)10/10 (highly accurate)
Price range$2,000-$3,500 USD$20,000+ USD
Features offeredBasic simulator with ball flight data tracking and practice mode options. Compatible with various simulator software packages such as The Golf Club or E6 Connect. Can also be used for indoor/outdoor driving range practice sessions.Advanced golf simulator with an extensive set of data points on ball flight including launch angle, spin rate, clubhead speed and more. Offers detailed shot analysis along with simulation play on thousands of courses worldwide

If you’re looking for a basic golf simulator setup at home without breaking the bank then Skytrak might be just what you need. If you’re serious about improving your game through precise analytics and want access to advanced simulator features, then investing in a Trackman could be well worth it in terms of long-term benefits.

SkyTrak Top Alternatives

Three alternatives to the SkyTrak Launch Monitor are the Flightscope Mevo Plus, Bushnell Launch Pro, and Garmin Approach R10.

Each of these devices has its own pros and cons in comparison to the SkyTrak, so it’s worth exploring them in detail before making a decision.

Flightscope Mevo Plus vs. SkyTrak

mevo plus

You’ll be torn between two excellent options when choosing between the Mevo Plus and Skytrak. Both are highly portable and provide accurate readings. They also have almost the same price point.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Mevo Plus is extremely user-friendly and portable, making it a great option for those who want to take their launch monitor on the go. It is also better outdoors since it uses radar tracking, and it’s capable of tracking both club and ball data. For indoor use, however, it requires a deeper space because the radar unit needs to be placed behind the tee position (6 to 8 feet) and requires a minimum of 8′ of ball flight to be accurate.

On the other hand, the SkyTrak Launch Monitor uses photometric technology with high-speed cameras, meaning it can be placed next to the tee point and doesn’t require too much room depth for indoor use. It can be used outdoors, too thanks to its built-in battery, and software variation and support for 3rd party simulation software is excellent. If you’re looking for a launch monitor that will last you a long time and give you reliable data parameters, this might be a better choice for you.

Ultimately, both options are excellent choices depending on your specific needs. Consider what features are most important to you before making your decision.

Bushnell Launch Pro vs. SkyTrak

bushnell launch pro

When compared to the SkyTrak, the Bushnell Launch Pro is priced just a little higher but includes both ball data and club data. This feature makes it an excellent option for golfers who want to focus on improving their swing. The Launch Pro is basically a stripped-down version of the Foresight Sports GC3; you get the same accuracy and portability, minus the software features.

Apart from its display screen that makes it easy to use on the driving range, the Bushnell Launch Pro also allows you to see your results without pulling out your phone. With this device in hand, you can access crucial insights into how far each of your shots traveled, spin rates, launch angles, ball speed, and more.

Bushnell’s unit is more accurate and provides more metrics than Skytrak. However, it comes without simulation software while still costing much more than Skytrak. If you take the price of software into consideration, the price will substantially go up to the point of making this comparison pointless.

It all depends on what you need from your unit: Tour-level accuracy for outdoor practice sessions, or good accuracy with support for multiple simulation options and affordable price and upgrades. The moment you decide to add up the cost of simulation software to the units, the price of the Bushnell Launch Pro will go up to almost double (or more) what the Skytrak system with simulation software costs!

Garmin R10 Launch Monitor vs. SkyTrak

garmin approach r10 battery

We had the chance to compare the two devices in the past, and here are three key factors to consider when comparing the Garmin R10 Launch Monitor and the SkyTrak:

  • Accuracy: While we liked the lightweight feel and portability of the Garmin R10, overall results from SkyTrak seemed more accurate. If you’re serious about improving your game, accuracy is crucial.
  • Cost: The Garmin R10 is less expensive than the SkyTrak, making it a good option for those on a budget. However, if you plan on setting up a serious in-home golf simulator, investing in the more expensive SkyTrak may be worth it.
  • Portability: The Garmin R10 is incredibly lightweight and portable, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. On the other hand, while not as light as its competitor, SkyTrak still offers decent portability options.

We advise you to compare the features of both units before making your final choice.

My Top Tips to Get More out of SkyTrak

If you want to step up your game and maximize your performance, these top tips will help you get the most out of your experience with this amazing device.

First off, make sure you’re using real golf balls instead of foam or plastic ones. This’ll give you more accurate readings and a better feel for how your shots are performing.

Secondly, pay attention to the placement of the SkyTrak unit in relation to your hitting area. It should be parallel to your intended line of play and level with the hitting surface. Using alignment sticks can help ensure that it’s set up correctly. Also, try positioning your ball so that its logo/marking faces the SkyTrak for even more accurate spin readings.

Lastly, consider investing in the official SkyTrak metal case. This not only protects the unit but also comes with adjustable pegs to help you level it perfectly with your hitting surface.

And remember, while the SkyTrak produces the best results indoors, if you use it outdoors try keeping it out of direct sunlight as much as possible for more consistent measurements.


By now, you should have a good idea of what the Skytrak launch monitor is all about and how to set it up. You’re probably also aware of its best features and what it measures, as well as its play modes and features, and what it doesn’t measure.

Skytrak is a launch monitor with a great bang for the buck, and it is widely popular thanks to all the features and game modes it offers. Its accuracy is excellent, given its price point, and it can help you improve your game greatly without the need to invest too much money.

Software features and support for Skytrak are some of the best on the market today, and the majority of simulation software developers ensure support for this amazing piece of technology!

If you’re convinced Skytrak is the best unit to get, we encourage you to get it for any of your game improvement needs; you will not regret it.


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