7 Best Golf Simulator Software Of 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Bottom Line

Based on our tests, research, and experience, our top pick for the best golf simulator software of 2024 is E6 CONNECT by TruGolf. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows and works with a wide range of golf launch monitors. Our second recommendation is UNEEKOR Refine, which provides essential training modes and 18-hole courses, allowing you to practice different aspects of the game. The third product on our list is Foresight Sports FSX 2020, known for its superior simulation experience and game-improving tools. Other notable golf simulator software options include TGC 2019 (The Golf Club). Keep reading to explore more options and make an informed decision.

The distance, loft and direction of your strokes can be mimicked by golf simulators using a set of sensors that pick up the speed and movement of your club or ball, take a series of photographs, or use radar technology. The degree of precision that these methods can achieve varies.

Golf simulators are designed with the latest technology and they make golfing more fun and easy. Here we have listed the top 7 best golf simulator software of 2024, which can help you improve your game to a new level.

Best Golf Simulator software of 2024

The following is a list of our top choices for the best golf simulation software in 2024.


E6 connect Software

There is no question that E6 CONNECT by TruGolf is currently among the best golf simulator software that can be purchased. It is not to be confused with E6 Golf, an older software from the same company- TruGolf, that was developed by the same team that developed Links, the best-selling PC sports title ever.

It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows, which means it is the ideal complement to your mobile device and your personal computer. It is compatible with practically any golf launch monitor that is currently on the market.

On the official compatibility list are the names SkyTrak, TrackMan, Uneekor QED, Ernest Sports, TruGolf, GSA, Title X, FullSwing, and FlightScope, in addition to many other names. It is extremely versatile and flexible, and as a result, it provides you with a wide variety of possibilities from which to choose.

In addition to the standard practice area and driving range, there is also the option to play a complete course, participate in minigames, engage in real-time competition with other players, and take part in online tournaments.

In the E6 software, whether you play by yourself, with family and friends or online against players from other parts of the world, there is no question that you will have a lot of fun while improving your game.


The E6 Connect has the most different game modes out of the different software options. Because there are over 40 different multiplayer modes,  you and your friends will never run out of new things to do against one another. E6 also excels at catering to players of varying skill levels by including a wide range of software features such as variable gimmie ranges, course conditions, boost mode (which causes the ball to be hit farther), and the ability to change tees.

You have the ability to alter gameplay variables such as pin locations, and the speed of the green, wind, and camera options, just like you do with the majority of the software’s other features.

You can even modify the settings of your putter so that it displays the change in elevation and the break line of your putt. You can choose a hole to practice chipping and putting in the E6 practice area, or you can hit some shots on the driving range. E6 gives an excellent practice area.

E6 Connect is one of the most visually stunning sim software today; you get to play Pebble Beach, Augusta National, St. Andrews, Pine Valley, Torrey Pines, etc. as if you were actually there!


Trugolf’s E6 Connect is available both for IOS and Windows (PC); the IOS version is limited and is only supported on Skytrak and Mevo+ sims. The Windows version is more widely supported.

To run it on Skytrak, the Game Improvement software (or Play & Improve), as well as a subscription to E6 Connect, is required. You need to get it via the Skytrak software environment to avoid issues.

Flightscope (Mevo+ and X3), Uneekor and Trackman owners can purchase a license directly from Shop Indoor Golf (from the link below); If you own a different system, then E6 should be purchased from the launch monitor manufacturer’s website to ensure compatibility.

2. UNEEKOR Refine

Uneekor Refine Simulator

With five different essential training modes and five different 18-hole courses, or twenty different courses in total if you choose the Succeed level, Uneekor’s Refine makes the most realistic and comprehensive golf practice facility easily accessible to you.

Refine lays the groundwork for you to practice with a sense of direction, whether that means focusing on your short game to get those wedges just right or playing an 18-hole practice round with some buddies to engage in some healthy competition. By adding Refine to either your QED or EYE XO system, you can improve your performance both on and off the course.

Course Selection

There are five golf courses at Uneekor Refine, each with 18 holes. At the moment, these are as follows: Golf Seoul, South Village, Two Rivers, Bay Hill Korea, and Moon Bay CC. 

These golf courses are certainly not considered to be among the most renowned in the world. On the other hand, if you upgrade to the Refine+ software tier (previously called Succeed), you have access to fifteen additional courses—many of which are well-known, including Bay Hill—at no additional cost.

Creatz, Inc., a firm with its headquarters in South Korea, is the owner of Uneekor. This is the reason why a significant number of the available course selections in the software are Korean.

Uneekor is constantly updating and improving its software solutions, and the Refine is compatible with all Uneekor monitors, including the QED, EYE XO and the latest EYE XO2 launch monitors.

Here is a video (13 min. 24 sec.) that explores the Refine and Refine+ simulation software:

Uneekor Refine/ Refine+ software overview

Uneekor’s Refine software has beautiful graphics that can compete with the industry’s greatest; during our tests, we noticed a few glitches, with bunker textures looking weird, and unrealistic ball landings and roll.

The rest of the simulation is simply jaw-dropping. We do feel that those graphical issues can be easily addressed through an update, and by the time you read this review, they might have already been fixed!

Game modes include Course Practice, Stroke Play, Short Game Complex, Challenge, Driving Range, and the all-new Quick Mode, which includes exercises to help you fix any golf swing issues you might have.

The minimum system requirements (PC) are 64-bit Windows 10 (or 11), 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen CPU or 8th-Gen Intel, 8 GB of RAM, and a GTX 1060 or better graphics card. Of course, a better system will allow you to have a smoother and stutter-free experience with the highest graphical details and resolution.

3. Foresight Sports FSX 2020 (& FSX Play)

FSX 2020 Simulator

The software offered by Foresight Sports called FSX 2020 has been acknowledged as the most superior example of its kind that is currently on the market. In the world of golf technology, Foresight Sports is a name that is held in extremely high esteem.

In a similar vein, the software that is provided by the reputed brand provides not just the most realistic simulation experience possible but also a number of game-improving tools that will give you the most enjoyable and fulfilling experience possible when playing indoor golf.

Foresight Sports’ newest and most advanced golf simulator software version- FSX 2020, was developed specifically for the company’s line of commercial golf launch monitors, including the GC2, GC3, GCQuad, and GCHawk.

This software was developed solely for personal computers (Windows), and it provides users with a broad variety of skill tests, game types, and opportunities to participate in online competitions. Not to mention the fact that you can play on any one of the virtual golf courses that are available from all over the world. It possesses a multitude of additional benefits and is the ideal golf companion.


The whole spectrum of ball launch data is made available by FSX 2020. This includes tabularized shot data as well as graphical shot shape, distance, and dispersion.

The Data Analysis function helps you make sense out of your gathered data (related to the golf ball and club), including club path, club head speed, launch angle, angle of attack, smash factor, ball flight data & properties, ball speed, ball spin rate, flight time, etc. so that you know what to modify to improve your game.

Fitters and instructors are able to acquire the full depiction of useful club data possible while also enabling consumers to have the most authentic and realistic golf simulation experience possible.

Because it is integrated with the GCQuad’s Essential Putting Analysis, FSX 2020 makes it possible for both professionals and beginners to evaluate and enhance their performance in every facet of the game.

FSX 2020 is the company’s feature-packed software, but it lacks a bit of graphical quality, compared to E6 Connect or TGC 2019. That’s why Foresight now bundles its launch monitors (in addition to FSX 2020) with the newer FSX Play, which is intended to provide much better graphics in up to 5K resolutions.

FSX Play currently doesn’t provide as many features and virtual golf courses as FSX 2020, but the developing team is constantly working on that, with the objective of making all playable modes and courses of the FSX 2020 available in FSX Play.

Course Selection

Several conventional golf courses, including some of the most famous courses in the world, such as Broken Tree, Teton Pines, and Willow Crest, have been recreated in FSX 2020. On these courses, using FSX 2020, you may anticipate coming face to face with every bunker, hazard, and lie in exact detail.

In total, FSX 2020 offers over 110 highly detailed courses for players to enjoy. The courses are available for individual purchase, which will add up to your investment.

Game modes include Play Mode (full courses), Compete Mode (with a set of skills challenges to help you improve) and improve (mainly for serious club fitting and practice sessions on the range, with all crucial data displayed on screen).

To run FSX 2020, you need a computer with a Gen6 Core i7, a GTX 1050 ti or better GPU, running on Windows 7 or better. FSX Play, on the other hand, needs a beefier config, with Windows 10 64 bits, a 7th Gen Intel CPU or better, 16 GB of RAM (Recommended to use Swing/ Camera Catalyst), and a Geforce RTX 3060 or better GPU.

4. TGC 2019 (The Golf Club)

The Golf Club Simulator

This golf simulation software platform is one of the most interesting options now available on the market. There are more than 150,000 different courses from which to pick. That is indeed how it should be read.

The Golf Club is completely one of a kind due to the fact that players are able to create their own golf courses. After that, the members of their online community vote on them, and you can then download the courses that received the highest ratings. This software has the capability of being integrated with a SkyTrak launch monitor.

This requires the Game Improvement package, which costs $99 per year, in addition to a software charge of $479 per year. However, if you pay the one-time charge of $895, you will have access to the software package for the rest of your life.

The software is also officially supported on Flightscope systems (Mevo+ and X3), Uneekor’s QED and EYE Xo as well as other monitors from other brands.

Golfers who are interested in having access to a substantial online community, as well as a vastly expanded library of courses will find this to be an excellent choice.


There is a large selection of courses available to you (over 150,000), and you will have the opportunity to test your abilities in virtually every conceivable setting.

It is essential that you are aware that The Golf Club is a computer simulation. You have the ability to construct your own course using these options, or you can make use of any and all of the courses that are available to you (which update with new courses from time to time).

Support for TGC 2019 has been expanded beyond PC, as the software now supports consoles like the Play Station 5 and Xbox Series X after they were released. It can also be used on both the Xbox One and the PS4.

In spite of the fact that it is a “game” for your computer or console, it is based on real-world physics and will help you improve your golfing skills.

One of the best aspects is Multiplayer. You actually get to compete against your friends as if you were all out on the course together, which not only makes for some entertaining times but also gives you the opportunity to improve through competing against players of the same skill level as yours.

Because you are able to view your surroundings with 4K visuals more clearly, the whole virtual experience is enhanced.

Running this on a personal computer doesn’t require a beast of a PC, as one with a 3.2 GHZ Core i7 (or equivalent), 8 Gb of RAM, and a GTX 1060 graphics card will be good to run it in 1080P. To run the simulation in 4K without issues, a more powerful GPU is recommended – an Nvidia GTX 1080 or better is required.

Course Selection

Because a significant number of courses are protected by a paywall, selecting courses can be a time-consuming and complex procedure. This is a premium edition that you pay for on an as-you-go basis, and it enables you to access these courses and utilize them any way you see appropriate.

The fact that the price isn’t particularly high, compared to the competition, you should give TGC2019 some thought. It is our recommended option for the great value it offers.

5. Creative Golf 3D

Creative Golf 3D Simulator

No matter what problem you’re experiencing with your game, Creative Golf 3D is here to assist you in resolving it to the best of its abilities. This software features a number of different modes, the most important of which is skill development.

You are able to engage in a wide variety of games that are integrated into the software. These games give the impression that you are simply having fun playing golf, but they truly provide educational benefits such as repetition learning and isolated learning. You are essentially going over the same material multiple times but doing so in a way that is entertaining, participatory, and imaginative.

It is much more than that; you can play on a number of different courses, each of which features expansive landscapes and beautiful scenery. The graphics are a little bit dated, but they serve their purpose well enough. The only drawback to the courses is that you are only provided with five of them right out of the box, which can become repetitive very soon.

Course Selection

Additional courses can be purchased, which, if done one at a time, might result in a significant financial investment. The expanded course library costs $500 and gives you access to an additional 130+ virtual courses. If you want the whole family to have fun, you can include the Golfissimo software, which also costs $500; it provides fun games for children and non-golfers. If purchased, Golfissimo will be accessible through the software’s main menu.

The silver lining to this is the fact that Creative Golf 3D isn’t nearly as pricey as other systems; thus, you get to keep the cash you save and determine how to spend it. It is quite possible that it will go back into courses, but you do not have to purchase the entire store of over one hundred different course models.

6. WGT (World Golf Tour)

WGT Simulator

When it comes to golf simulator technology, the term SkyTrak is likely the one that is recognized the most. The reputable company also offers World Golf Tournament (WGT) Golf, which is widely considered to be among the most cutting-edge simulator software currently on the market. It provides state-of-the-art technology as well as a variety of great features, all of which have the potential to make your practice sessions more interesting.


WGT’s primary emphasis is placed on the stroke play format, while additional features include driving range and closest-to-the-pin competitions. As a consequence of this, it lags behind slightly in the field of features, offering relatively few additional ‘fun’ game aspects in comparison to the other software solutions available.

WGT does allow gameplay customization options, such as numerous tee boxes, pin locations, wind conditions, and green speeds. The main restrictions consist of the game being compatible with the iPad alone and having only a single-player mode (and no offline multiplayer). Still, it offers online tournaments and competitions.

Course Selection

You’ll get access to some of the most well-known golf courses in the world when you play WGT Golf, including Pebbles Beach, Chambers Bay, Valhalla, St. Andrews, Pinehurst 2, Congressional Country Club, and Bethpage Black, to name just a few. When paired with the SkyTrak golf simulator, the online mode of WGT Golf provides access to 12 extra full-range courses that you can play.

WGT Golf provides you with an additional six courses to play in its challenge mode. These courses are designed to help you improve your game. Because of SkyTrak’s outstanding image quality and high-end graphics, the courses provide the most realistic experience that one could hope to find in a golf simulator. 

WGT is included in the Skytrak Play & Improve Plan, which costs almost $200 over the initial price of the launch monitor (and the basic software plan that it comes with).

7. GSPro

gspro golf simulation software

GSPro is an advanced golf simulation software that comes with ultra-realistic ball physics and astonishing 4K graphics. It is highly regarded in the golfing community due to its exceptional features and affordability compared to other simulator solutions.

GSPro provides a vast selection of world-class courses that are created by users with the Open Platform Course Designer. Each recreation is of exceptional quality and uses LIDAR modeling to produce accurate representations of the courses.

Graphics & Payments

Graphically speaking, with its 4K graphics support, GSPro is beautiful; it is on par with the big names in the industry such as E6 Connect and FSX 2020. 

The good thing is that a mid-level gaming PC can handle it without issues: you need a GTX 970 or newer GPU, 8 GB of RAM and 4 GB of free space on your storage device. 

There are two different payment methods for GSPro: 

  • You can pay 250 dollars a year, but if you ever cancel your subscription, you lose access to the updates, and your license is revoked.
  • 550 dollars for the first year, and 250 dollars/ year, starting from the second year; this grants you access to the software and updates, and canceling revokes access to updates while you can keep using your software. 

Course Selection & Game Modes

You get access to over 490 virtual courses with GSPro. OPCD (the built-in course designer) allows the community to keep the course library growing. 

You will get some famous courses, including Valhalla, Whistling Straits, Torrey Pines South, Pebble Beach, Royal St. George’s, etc. 

You can also play online, using the SGT (Simulator Golf Tour) to compete in tournaments, or you can play other game modes like Practice modeLocal match, or Online Match (to play and/ or host individual rounds against players worldwide).

The software is currently officially supported on Uneekor and FlightScope launch monitors, but we expect compatibility to be expanded to other models.   

Players can participate in stroke, Stableford, scramble, match play, alternate shot, and best ball modes.

Overall, GSPro is a high-quality golf simulator software that provides realistic gameplay and graphics at an affordable price. It is a top choice for golf enthusiasts looking for an immersive and enjoyable virtual golf experience.

Buyer Guide: Things to Consider When Selecting Golf Simulator Software

It is very vital to make a financial investment in high-quality software for your golf simulator/ launch monitor that will cater to your preferences. It can definitely put a damper on your enjoyment if the software you’re using does not contain the features that you desire, such as multiplayer or challenges that test your talents, for example.

The launch monitor will provide you with reliable measurements of the mechanics of your swing and assist you to identify the factors that contribute to the ball taking such a dramatic curve. Golfers make far too many educated guesses about the nature of the issues plaguing their games, and as a result, they frequently arrive at ineffective “solutions.”

When deciding which simulator software to purchase for your system, the following are the most significant considerations you need to give careful thought to:


When it comes to acquiring software for your simulator system, compatibility is definitely the most crucial issue to consider because it restricts your available selections.

Some systems, such as TruGolf Vista and Foresight Sports, only provide a few (and frequently only their own) software options to choose from. Foresight Sports has recently incorporated E6 CONNECT and Creative Golf 3D into their software ecosystem; however, in order to use any of these applications, a license for FSX 2020 is required.

It is frequently possible to force the installation of software that is not officially compatible with a system by using something like the ProTee interface; however, not everyone will wish or have the tech knowledge to do this.

The compatibility of simulators such as the Uneekor EYE XO is improved, allowing users to set up View/Refine/Succeed, Creative Golf 3D, E6 CONNECT, GSPro, or TGC 2019.

The software compatibility of the SkyTrak is among the best that is currently available, and it offers at least seven different possibilities. Keep in mind, however, that some of these solutions can only be utilized on a single platform, such as an iPad or a personal computer.

It is of the utmost importance that you confirm that the software you are interested in can be run on your simulator system, that you have the necessary hardware, and that you meet the minimum requirements for doing so. While certain types of software are not particularly resource-intensive, others can be quite demanding.


If viewing your data and improving your ball striking on the range is your only objective, then it’s possible that you won’t want any additional software at all. For example, the SkyTrak comes equipped with a 3D practice range right out of the box. On this range, you can observe a shot tracer, replays, and all of the data pertaining to the performance of your ball.

Find out what you can accomplish on your system even if you don’t have any software installed. This applies to any operating system you might be running.


E6 connect Golf simulation software
E6 Connect Golf simulation software graphics. Source.

How important do you think it is for graphics to be really realistic? When you play a duplicate of a famous golf course, do you want the experience to be as photo-realistic as it possibly can be?

If this is the case, your best option is to go with E6 CONNECT (which supports mind-blowing 4K graphics), GSPro, Uneekor Refine, or WGT Golf, provided that these applications are compatible with your system.

On the other hand, if the functionality of the software is of primary importance to you, then you should consider Creative Golf 3D, FSX 2020, or TGC 2019. The art style of Awesome Golf is distinctively cartoonish and was not created with photorealism in mind.

Keep in mind that more powerful computer hardware is often required for applications that have more demanding graphics requirements.


Budgeting using calculator

There are solutions available that fall well below $5,000 (for the entire package), which is excellent because not everyone can afford golf simulator kits that cost more than $12,000 in total.

Having said that, it is essential to be aware that the less money you spend, the less you will typically get, both in terms of hardware and software. 

In this guide, we’ve made an effort to cover high-quality golf simulator software at a variety of price points to cater to the diverse financial circumstances of golfers. The best part, on the other hand, is that you won’t have to shell out the total price of a simulator all at once.

Knowing that the simulation software (and upgrades) is usually included in the purchase price, financing can be the chance for you to invest in better simulation software.

Here are some financing options that may help you: 

Amazon Financing 

The fantastic thing about Amazon is the extensive variety of goods that they have available for purchase. You may purchase your launch monitor, computer, projector, hitting pads, and underlayment (if necessary), and then wrap the financing into their 24-month schedule to pay for it all.

Amazon allows you to build your full golf simulator through their website. They usually provide interesting offers to help with your purchase.

For instance, there will be no accumulation of interest if the balance is paid in full within a period of 6, 12, or 24 months. 

Rain or Shine Golf Financing Options

Rain or Shine Golf not only offers golf simulator package deals, golf nets, mats, rangefinders, and other golfing accessories at prices that are competitive in the industry, but they also provide customers the opportunity to pay for these acquisitions on a monthly basis.

When all of the costs associated with building your golf simulator are added up, you should plan on spending between $5,000 and $7,000 for a quality home-built golf simulator and explore potential opportunities to improve your game.

They are currently providing a promotional APR of 9.99 percent on orders ranging from $799 to $9,999.

Check out Rain or Shine Golf’s financing options.

Shop Indoor Golf Financing Options

The Indoor Golf Shop is one of the biggest retailers of golf equipment and simulators. You can find anything you need to play golf (indoors or outdoors) in one Place.

You can acquire the game software as well as any other necessary components for building your golf simulator by visiting the website. All you need to do is apply for financing, and you get an answer in no time. The price can be paid in 6, 12 or 24 months, with 0% interest rates for up to 12 months.

Check Shop Indoor Golf’s financing options and offers.

Credit Card Company Financing Options

Credit card finance

Your other option is to apply for a new credit card or utilize one that you already have that provides 0% interest on purchases made between 12 and 18 months after the initial purchase. This will enable you to pay for the build of your golf simulator in 12 to 18 months and will save you from placing an early strain on your bank account.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, choosing the right golf simulator software can be a daunting task, but it ultimately depends on your needs and preferences.

The best software should provide accurate data measurements, and customizable features. It also has to be graphically immersive, realistic and enjoyable.

While it may come at a higher price point, it offers a comprehensive golfing experience that caters to players of all skill levels.
However, it is important to note that investing in a golf simulator software is a long-term commitment, and thorough research and consideration should be made before making a purchase.
Thanks for reading!


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