The 7 Best Golf Simulation Software For Skytrak

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Bottom Line

Based on our tests, research, and experience, our top pick for the best golf simulator software for SkyTrak is E6 Connect. It offers excellent realistic graphics, a wide array of customizable settings, a range of mini-games and game modes, turn-based competition mode for up to eight players, and online multiplayer. The next recommended option is GSPro, which provides the most realistic physics and graphics on the market, a large selection of courses, a course builder, and robust online competition. The Golf Club 2019 is another great choice, offering a huge selection of courses, the ability to design your own course, robust online competition, and great graphics. The remaining software options mentioned are Creative Golf 3D, WGT Golf, Fitness Golf, and ProTee Play.

Skytrak is one of the most popular golf launch monitors/ simulators in the world; it is also compatible with the majority of available simulation software. Choosing the right software for your Skytrak package might be challenging due to the multitude of available options.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the 7 best golf simulator software for SkyTrak to simplify your task. We took into consideration many factors that can affect your choice, such as budget, graphics, features, etc.

So let’s dive in and find the perfect fit for you!

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No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

ProductFeaturesOur Rating

Our Top Picks For SkyTrak Software

Out of the box, the Skytrak system can include one of three subscription plans.

  • The Basic Driving Range Plan: provides basic functionality and the ability to practice on a virtual range and see 3D renders of your ball flights.
  • The Game Improvement Plan: Includes additional features over the basic plan; these include Skills Assessment, Bag Mapping and Practice Randomizer. $99.95/ year
  • The Play & Improve Plan: With full course play and the ability to play online against other players using World Golf Tour (WGT). $199.95/ year

Additionally, for additional fees, you can use Skytrak with other 3rd party simulation software options that offer a range of features, including realistic graphics and physics, multiplayer modes, customizable settings, and more.

Please note that some of the software on our list require a valid subscription to either the Game Improvement or Play & Improve plans to be integrated with your software setup.

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

    Trugolf E6 CONNECT

    e6 connect

    With E6 CONNECT, you’ll have access to a variety of courses that are mapped with LiDAR laser scanning technology for unparalleled accuracy. There are plenty of settings to customize your experience including wind speed, green elevation and break lines, ball size, and more.

    E6 CONNECT also offers a range of mini-games and game modes such as long drive, closest to the pin, stroke play, best ball, scramble, and henryett. You can even compete in turn-based competitions with up to eight players or online against players from all around the world!

    The graphics are very good with a realistic high-fidelity look that is 4K compatible. While they lack some contrast compared to other software options like WGT or TGC 2019 – the overall quality means you won’t be left wanting. The software’s forte is the multitude of playable courses and the number of available features and modes; it is considered by many to be the best software ever created.

    Product Specs

    • Compatible with SkyTrak Launch Monitor
    • Available for PC and iOS
    • Annual expanded subscription required for full access ($600/year)
    • Realistic course recreations mapped with LiDAR laser scanning technology


    • Excellent realistic graphics
    • Array of customizable settings
    • Range of mini-games and game modes
    • Turn-based competition mode accommodates up to eight players
    • Online multiplayer


    • Costly annual expanded subscription required for full access ($600/year)

    If you’re looking for a comprehensive virtual golf experience that offers realistic course recreations alongside fun mini-games and peer-to-peer play – then E6 CONNECT is an excellent choice.

    However, it’s worth noting that the limited number of base courses may require additional financial investment through purchasing an annual expanded subscription plan.

    To integrate E6 Connect, it is required to have an active subscription to the Game Improvement Plan or the Play & Improve Plan.


    gspro software

    Note: GSPro is not officially supported on Skytrak, but it can work flawlessly with a little fiddling. We will provide all the necessary steps required to use GSPro with a Skytrak launch monitor. In fact, while buying, choose the “other/Open API” option”, which will allow the software to be used on any launch monitor available, even those that are not supported officially. More detailed instructions will be provided below.

    GSPro is a highly realistic and affordable golf simulator software. It offers advanced ball physics and 4K graphics with over 490 high-quality courses available. With the most realistic physics and graphics on the market, GSPro delivers an ultra-realistic experience that golfers of all levels will appreciate.

    The LIDAR modeling used to create many of the course recreations results in some of the most accurate representations available. In addition to its impressive course selection, GSPro offers powerful community features including a course builder and online virtual tours.

    The software has four main modes: Local Match, Tournaments, Practice, and Online Match. Players can participate in various game modes including stroke play, Stableford, scramble, best ball, alternate shot, and match play. One unique feature we love about GSPro is that you can practice shots from any location on any hole of any golf course.

    Product Specs

    • Minimum system requirements include GTX 970 graphics card, 8GB RAM, and 4GB storage space
    • Four main modes: Local Match, Tournaments, Practice and Online Match
    • 490+ courses available for play


    • Most realistic physics and graphics on the market, with support of up to 4K resolutions
    • Affordable, compared to other simulator software solutions
    • Powerful community features including a course builder


    • Ball roll can feel unnatural on slow greens
    • Using GSPro with Skytrak requires fiddling around

    GSPro is an excellent choice for those looking for highly realistic golf simulator software without breaking the bank. With over 490 high-quality courses available for play and powerful community features such as a course builder and online tours, it’s easy to see why so many golfers prefer this option over others.

    Despite a few minor drawbacks, developers are continuing to improve their software with updates, making it an even more attractive choice for avid golfers everywhere. Let’s hope official support for more systems will be added very soon.

    On a positive final note, using GSPro (unofficially) with Skytrak won’t require any additional subscription to Skytrak’s software! This makes GSPro a great value software (with astonishing graphics); all it takes is a little fiddling.

    Here is a detailed video (7 min. 35 sec.) on how to make GSPro work with your Skytrak (or any other) launch monitor. Please remember to choose “Other/ Open API” while purchasing it to ensure it works.

    The Golf Club 2019

    the golf club 2019

    TGC 2019 offers a multitude of features, including a vast course selection and the ability to design your own course, making it a versatile and enjoyable option for golfers of all skill levels.

    With over 170,000 courses available, you can play on any world-famous course you can think of, from Augusta National to Pebble Beach. You can even customize everything in detail from theme to terrain and layout with the special editor that allows you to create your own customized course.

    TGC 2019 also has plenty of features, including local multiplayer and online competition, allowing you to play with others or compete in live worldwide tournaments.

    In addition to its impressive list of features, TGC 2019 also boasts great graphics with lighting and sound effects that make the game feel more realistic. It supports screen resolutions up to 4K UHD, which provides enough sharpness, clarity, and detailed environments. Moreover, with a $995 one-time payment, it’s relatively affordable, compared to other simulator software options.

    However, while some courses are premium courses, many are user-designed or slight variations or take on the same real-world course which could make it difficult at times to find the most accurate ones. Luckily, a rating system will help you choose only the best courses to play.

    Product Specs

    • Compatible with SkyTrak Launch Monitor with Game-Improvement Plan or above
    • PC (Windows) only
    • Over 170k courses available


    • Huge selection of courses
    • Ability to design your own course
    • Robust online competition and active worldwide community
    • Great graphics and immersive gameplay
    • Great value for the money


    • Only usable on PC (Windows)

    If you are looking for the best bang for the buck, we recommend investing in The Golf Club 2019, which is an excellent and versatile simulator software that offers a vast selection of courses along with the ability to create your own custom-designed ones.

    With its robust online competition feature and great graphics quality supporting high screen resolutions up to 4K UHD, it’s a perfect solution for golfers of all skill levels.

    Creative Golf 3D

    creative golf 3d software

    If you’re looking for a fun and unique golf software with entertaining game modes and decent graphics, Creative Golf 3D is an excellent option that can provide hours of entertainment. With its wide range of courses and game types, including fairy tale golf for kids and demolition golf, you’ll always have something new to try.

    The graphics may not be as photo-realistic as other software options, but the environments are still accurate based on elevation and satellite data.

    product specs

    • The base version comes with 15 real golf courses and 19 entertainment/practice courses
    • Additional purchase unlocks 140+ European/international courses
    • Modes include training, course play, challenges, mini-games, online play, and tournaments
    • Graphics are decent but not as good as other software options


    • Unique fun game modes
    • Online tournaments and games
    • Decent graphics but amazing game mechanics
    • Relatively affordable, compared to other simulator software options
    • Plenty of variety offered by the wide range of playable courses from around the world


    • Can only run on PC
    • Not the best if you’re looking for the most photo-realistic experience

    The purchase of Creative Golf 3D must be done through the Skytrak interface, and it requires an active license for either the Game Improvement or Play & Improve plan. You can get Creative Golf 3D through a one-time purchase of $ 1000, and get access to over 190 virtual courses, or you can go with an annual subscription of $250

    While there is an online community available through Discord, it may not be as active or extensive as communities for more popular simulator software (but it is constantly growing). Still, this is a very interesting software that is worth considering.

    WGT Golf

    wgt golf software

    You’re going to love the incredibly realistic graphics in WGT Golf—it’s like being transported to famous courses around the world! The recreation of each course is highly accurate and will have you feeling like you’re actually there.

    With 15 full-course plays and 6 closest-to-the-hole challenges, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. You’ll get access to some of the most famous golf courses such as St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Erin Hills, Bethpage Black, and Olympic Club.

    In terms of game modes, WGT Golf offers a practice range, stroke play format recreations of many of the most famous golf courses around the world, and closest-to-the-pin challenges.

    While settings and customization aren’t as extensive as E6 CONNECT, you can view various types of data such as green speed, wind strength & direction, pin locations, and ball data such as distance, speed, spin rate, and launch angle, among other metrics that can be measured by your SkyTrakdevice.

    Product Specs

    • Available only for iOS for online multiplayer play
    • Full course play on 15 WGT golf courses
    • Closest-to-the-hole challenges on 6 WGT courses
    • Compatible with iPad Air or later models


    • Incredibly realistic graphics
    • Software integrated with the Skytrak Play & Improve Plan
    • High accuracy in course recreation
    • Variety of game modes available
    • Good deal at 199.99 dollars a year


    • Limited camera features

    If you’re willing to overlook a few limitations, WGT Golf is definitely one of the best choices for SkyTrak users who want a realistic golf simulation experience.

    Its photo-realistic virtual environments, combined with high accuracy in course recreation make it an excellent choice for any golfer looking to improve their game without paying too much.

    Please note that WGT is included with Skytrak’s Play & Improve Subscription Plan. Purchasing the plan will grant you access to WGT and its features.

    Fitness Golf

    fitness golf software

    Get fit while playing golf with Fitness Golf, the software that requires physical movement to get to your shot and offers a variety of game modes and course options.

    You get to choose different modes: Fitness Golf, Fitness only or Golf only, which gives you more control over your practice sessions.

    With over 160 courses to choose from, including world-famous ones like Augusta National and Pebble Beach, you can experience a great workout while enjoying your favorite sport on a SkyTrak simulator.

    By attaching a sensor to both shoes (Garmin foot pods), you can get the exercise that would normally come with playing a real course without having to use a cart. These send signals to the USB stick attached to your computer and the software to monitor your performance.

    You can also use a dedicated bike sensor, which attaches to your bike (real or stationary) wheel to track your performance.

    In Fitness Only mode, you can walk, run or bike on any course without playing any golf; this is ideal if you want to study the layout of a course. Meanwhile, in Fitness Golf mode, your final score is determined by the number of strokes taken and the amount of time it took to complete the round.

    The slower you get to your shots, the higher your score will be, so watch as your scores go down as you get in better shape!

    Product Specs

    • Requires SkyTrak Game Improvement Plan subscription
    • One-time purchase for software license and full access to courses
    • Can only be run on PC
    • Three game modes: Golf Only, Fitness Golf and Fitness Only
    • Over 160 courses available


    • Great way to combine exercise with golf simulation
    • Wide range of course options
    • Continuously adding new courses at no extra cost
    • Options for walking/running or using a stationary bike


    • Graphics could be improved
    • Limited customization options beyond selecting holes/tees/pins/course difficulty

    If you’re looking for an engaging way to integrate exercise into your golf simulation experience on the SkyTrak simulator, Fitness Golf is your best bet. While there might be some room for improvement in terms of graphics and customization options, the variety of game modes and wide range of courses make it a fun way to stay active on your simulator.

    ProTee Play

    protee play golf software

    ProTee Play offers a unique and entertaining gaming experience for golf simulation. It has a wide range of games, including Zombie Golf and Pub Darts. This cloud-based system uses real-world golf physics to simulate ball flight and provide an immersive experience for players.

    With interactive touch screens and digital displays, ProTee Play can also be enjoyed by kids with its selection of family-friendly golf games. One of the best things about ProTee Play is its affordability, with a one-time payment option of $399 or an annual subscription fee of $149.

    It’s important to note that a SkyTrak Game Improvement Plan subscription ($99/yr) is also necessary to use this software. Additionally, new games and features are regularly added to keep the experience fresh for users.

    Product Specs

    • Runs in your web browser
    • Offers 20+ games including golf, soccer, American football, bowling, darts, carnival games, and more
    • Uses real-world golf physics to simulate ball flight


    • Affordable pricing options
    • Wide variety of entertaining games
    • Regularly updated with new games and features


    • No full course play available
    • Limited appeal for serious golfers looking for realistic simulation experiences

    ProTee Play offers an enjoyable gaming experience at an affordable price point. While it may not be the top choice for serious golfers seeking a realistic simulation experience on full courses, it provides plenty of fun for players seeking entertainment through their simulator setup.

    Major SkyTrak Golf Simulator Software System Requirements

    If you’re considering using your SkyTrak for golf simulation, it’s important to know the minimum system requirements for each software.

    Knowing these key points will help you choose the right software for your setup and ensure smooth gameplay.

    WGT Golf Minimum System Requirements

    To run WGT Golf on your iPad with SkyTrak, make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements listed in this section. These requirements include having an iPad with 3-D graphics support, such as an iPad Air or iPad Pro, and downloading the WGT Golf Mobile App from the App Store.

    The app is included in SkyTrak’s Play and Improve Plan subscription, which costs $199.95 per year.

    E6 Connect Minimum System Requirements

    e6 connect course selection

    Make sure your PC or iOS device meets the minimum system requirements for E6 Connect to fully enjoy the realistic virtual experience and accurate data provided by this software.

    For iOS, you’ll need an iPhone 8 or newer, a first-generation iPad Pro or newer, or an iPad Air 2019 with at least iOS Version 11 installed.

    Meanwhile, for PC users, you’ll need a processor that’s i3, i5, i7 – 2.0Ghz or faster with at least 4GB of RAM and Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or Windows 10 operating systems installed. In addition, make sure that you have at least 25GB free hard drive space and an Nvidia dedicated graphics GTX460 or higher with minimum video memory of 1GB RAM for optimal performance.

    If installing from a disc, make sure that you also have a DVD drive available. While TruGolf E6 is compatible with Windows 10 systems in general, some users have reported issues, so be mindful of this when choosing your platform.

    By meeting all these requirements before subscribing to E6 Connect’s annual or monthly fee plan on top of SkyTrak’s Game Improvement Plan ($99.95/yr), you can rest assured that you’ll get the most out of your investment.

    The Golf Club 2019 Minimum System Requirements

    the golf club 2019 course

    Here are the minimum system requirements for The Golf Club 2019:

    • Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-760 @2.80GHz or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia GTX 670 or equivalent

    In addition to these specifications, it’s important to have a broadband internet connection and DirectX11 compatible sound card.

    Along with these requirements, The Golf Club 2019 also requires a license for SkyTrak’s Game Improvement Plan.

    Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Picking Software For SkyTrak

    When it comes to picking software for your SkyTrak simulator, there are four key points that you need to consider: features, compatibility, graphics, and budget.

    Keep these factors in mind when making a decision on which SkyTrak simulator software to invest in.


    If you’re looking for more than just a basic practice range, the Features section will help you determine which third-party software is best suited to your needs.

    Here are some of the features that you should consider when picking a software option for your SkyTrak:

    1. Multiplayer: If you want to play with family or friends locally, look for software that offers multiplayer modes.
    2. Game Modes: Stroke play and match play are two popular game modes that simulate real-life golf tournaments.
    3. Chipping and Putting: If you want to practice around the green, look for software that includes chipping and putting games.
    4. Challenges: Closer-to-the-pin and long-drive challenges are fun ways to test your skills and compete against others. If challenges are important to you, investing in a software upgrade will be necessary.
    5. Online competitions: If you want to compete online and play against players from around the world, make sure your selected software supports it.

    Consider these features when picking a golf simulator software for your SkyTrak system. By doing so, you’ll be able to choose one that best aligns with what you want out of your virtual golf experience.


    To ensure a seamless experience with your virtual golf setup, it’s important to check the compatibility of any third-party options you’re considering before making a purchase – after all, you don’t want to end up with software that doesn’t support your system.

    As mentioned earlier, the operating system you use for your SkyTrak setup will determine what software options are available to you. If you prefer using Windows on your laptop, then TGC 2019, E6 CONNECT and Creative Golf 3D are some great options. On the other hand, if you’re an iOS user looking for tablet-compatible software, WGT Golf is one that stands out.

    It’s worth noting that not all software solutions support Android devices at this time. This can limit your choices considerably if you rely solely on an Android device for your SkyTrak simulator setup.

    For maximum flexibility and choice in terms of software options and compatibility, it’s highly recommended to opt for a Windows PC as your operating system when using SkyTrak. Regardless of which device or operating system you choose, however, make sure to check minimum system requirements carefully before investing in any specific software solution.


    creative golf 3d software graphic

    You may prioritize either ultra-realistic graphics or feature-rich software for your virtual golf experience, but keep in mind that more graphically demanding options will require powerful hardware.

    If you want to feel like you’re actually on the course, E6 CONNECT, GSPro, and WGT Golf are your go-to choices with their support for 4K graphics display. These simulators offer a photo-realistic experience that will make you forget you’re not playing outside.

    However, if you value features over graphics or don’t have high-end hardware, then TGC 2019 is an excellent option with its very good graphics and expansive course library.

    Other software such as Fitness Golf and Creative Golf 3D also offer interesting features such as fitness tracking and mini-games without being graphically impressive or requiring a beast of a PC for processing.

    Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what kind of experience you want.


    golf simulator budget

    As mentioned earlier, simulator software programs can be quite expensive and not all of them are worth the investment, especially if you’re only looking for basic features like a driving range or challenge modes.

    It’s important to remember that the less money you spend, the less content and quality you will typically receive.

    While some software may offer one-time purchase licenses costing upwards of $1000 or course packs in the hundreds, others provide financing options to help make purchasing a SkyTrak Launch Monitor more feasible.

    Ultimately, it comes down to how much you value having access to a wide range of courses and other features versus sticking with the default SkyTrak software plans.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Many players have questions concerning Skytrak software options; let’s answer the most frequently asked ones!

    Can SkyTrak software be used with other golf simulators or is it only compatible with SkyTrak?

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible. If you’re considering using Skytrak software with a different golf simulator, it is specifically designed to work only with the Skytrak launch monitor. Here, we are talking about Skytrak’s software only, including the Basic Driving Range plan, the Game Improvement plan, and the Play & Improve plan with WGT.

    However, the other 3rd party golf simulator software options supported by Skytrak can also be used with different brands of launch monitors including Trackman, Foresight Sports, Flightscope, and more. These include E6 Connect, TGC2019, Creative Golf 3D, GSPro, and Fitness Golf.

    Please note that most software upgrades should be made through Skytrak’s interface. If intended for a different system, the purchase must be made using the manufacturers’ websites or software. An E6 Connect license for Skytrak will not work for another system, and vice versa.

    Is it possible to customize the course conditions in SkyTrak software?

    The answer is yes!

    With Skytrak, you can adjust various factors such as wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, and even altitude. This allows you to simulate playing on different courses under varying weather conditions.

    You can also customize the type of grass on the fairways and greens to match specific golf courses around the world. Overall, Skytrak offers a comprehensive and customizable golf simulator experience that caters to your preferences and helps improve your game.

    How many courses are included in the SkyTrak software and are they regularly updated?

    The answer to this question depends on which software you choose.

    The Basic Driving Range Plan, for instance, doesn’t contain any playable courses. The Game Improvement Plan adds challenges and features but still lacks full course play. The Play & Improve software with WGT is the one that integrates course play both offline and online.

    Concerning E6 Connect, you can opt for either the Basic Subscription, with a limited number of available courses (between 5 and 10), while the Expanded Subscription Plan offers more playable courses and features for additional annual fees.

    TGC 2019 is the software that offers the largest course library among all supported software, with its 170,000+ courses available with a one-time purchase of 995 dollars.

    All in all, all 3rd party software offer a number of playable courses in addition to the ability to purchase additional courses individually or in packs (for better value). How many courses you get depends on your subscription type.

    Does SkyTrak software require an internet connection to function properly?

    Yes, the Skytrak software requires an internet connection in order for your Skytrak to work properly.

    This will allow you to access all of the features and functionality that come with the software, including firmware and course updates, and online play.

    While it may seem like a hassle at first, having an internet connection will ultimately enhance your experience with Skytrak by providing you with more options and opportunities and an overall better and more stable experience.

    Can multiple users play on the same SkyTrak software program simultaneously?

    If we’re talking about a group of players using Skytrak software in offline multiplayer mode, then yes, up to four players can join in on the fun, making it a great choice for groups or families.

    Not only does this feature promote social interaction and healthy competition, but it also makes it easier to share the cost of purchasing the software.

    However, if we are talking about the same license being used across multiple systems (with different setups), then the answer is no. Your software license needs authentification and activation, which links your license to your actual Skytrak device, making it unusable with other systems.

    How Can I Integrate a 3rd Party Software With My Skytrak System?

    First, you need to know that different versions of the same software that are intended for different systems may require different integration methods. For Skytrak, you can purchase the software from their website and integrate it through their own software. This way, you’ll ensure compatibility and guaranteed functionality with your system.

    The best thing to do is visit Skytrak’s official web page where you will find all their software partners listed, with different subscription plans for 3rd party software available.


    So there you have it, the 7 best golf simulator software for SkyTrak! Each of these options comes with its own unique features and benefits, so be sure to consider your personal preferences when making a choice.

    Before making a purchase, remember to check the system requirements carefully. You don’t want to end up with software that won’t run on your computer or device. Also, keep in mind that some of these programs may require additional hardware, such as a projector or screen, for full functionality.

    Now, it’s time to choose your favorite Skytrak software and start having fun!

    Thanks for reading!


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