The 10 Best Commercial Golf Simulators

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Bottom Line

Based on our tests, research, and experience, our top pick for the best commercial golf simulator is the HD Golf Ultimate Entertainment Golf Simulator. This system stands out due to its innovative design, high-quality graphics, and realism achieved through computer vision technology. It offers a wide range of virtual sports and games, and is endorsed by professional PGA Tour players. The simulator also provides excellent customer support, including 24/7 service and remote diagnostics. Despite its high price tag, the HD Golf simulator offers a premium, immersive experience that is unmatched in the market.

Even if it can be very pricey, a quality commercial golf simulator can help grow your business and attract more customers looking to enjoy the ultimate virtual golf experience. The question is, how can you choose the best system among the countless options available on the market?

To answer this question, we’ve tested a huge number of golf sims suitable for business use and rounded up the 10 best commercial golf simulators available in the market as of 2024, with features and benefits for both business owners and individuals looking for their own personal systems.

There are plenty of options that will fit your budget and provide you with a top-notch golfing experience so as to keep you and your customers happy!

Read on to learn more about these incredible pieces of technology!

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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The 10 Best Commercial Golf Simulators

The following are the top 10 golf sims for business use, selected based on our own experience and testing. These will all provide a premium virtual experience, so no matter which one you choose in the end, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

    HD Golf Ultimate Entertainment Golf simulator

    hd golf simulator ultimate entertainment package

    This package includes a 16ft wide, 22.5ft deep and 10ft high simulator designed for both residential and commercial use. Endorsed by Bryson Dechambeau and Ben Roethlisberger (multi-sport system), among other pro PGA Tour players, this system provides pinpoint accuracy with computer vision technology for amazing graphics and realism.

    The Multi-Sport software package offers 30+ different virtual sports and games to choose from, including golf courses for a full round of play, practice facilities, competitions and customizable difficulty settings for multiplayer gaming modes.

    What distinguishes the HD Golf Ultimate Entertainment Package from the competition is the amount of innovation invested in the design and creation of their simulators. For instance, you can measure pressure and weight shift and distribution thanks to the pressure-sensitive sensors integrated into the system’s hitting mat.

    In addition, the simulator software is not a videogame-like replica of actual courses, but is rather a faithful recreation that is almost indistinguishable from reality. This is achieved by combining satellite data, geophysical data and high-resolution images into 3D models of the courses. No other simulator comes even close to the visual quality and graphics of HD Golf.

    The comprehensive customer support includes a dedicated project manager to ensure shipping and installation are done right the first time around as well as onsite training that covers all aspects of the simulator after installation.

    Customers have access to 24/7 customer service with remote diagnostics if there are any issues that arise with the system which will be handled quickly with active warranty coverage along with free sports and games provided by HD Golf.

    Other perks include a price match guarantee on products and free shipping within the lower 48 states along with a 30-day hassle-free return policy if need be.

    Product Specs

    • 16ft width, 22.5ft length, 10ft height golf simulator
    • Multi-Sport software package with more than 30 sports and games to enjoy
    • Revolutionary image processing software
    • Computer vision technology for accuracy
    • Patented technology that makes certain data points exclusive for HD Golf systems


    • Endorsed by Bryson Dechambeau and Ben Roethlisberger, among other professionals
    • Excellent customer support
    • Remote diagnostics available for quick assistance
    • Price match guarantee on all products


    • High price tag – almost $70,000
    • Requires a significant amount of space

    Virtual golf doesn’t get any better than what HD Golf has to offer. This pricey package provides the best components to achieve a premium, realistic and immersive experience.

    Whether you can afford to use it as your own home sim or intend to use it for your business, the HD Golf will be a winning investment, despite its price. The Multi-Sport support will ensure everyone is satisfied, even non-golfers.

    If you want to limit your system to virtual golf only, then the HD Golf Ultimate Training Package will be a great alternative that provides all the good stuff while being limited to golf.

    TruGolf Vista 12 Golf Simulator

    trugolf vista 12

    The TruGolf Vista 12 Simulator is portable, durable, and provides an amazing luxury experience.

    This simulator is available in both Base and Pro versions, and is fully equipped for any golfer who wants to improve their skills. It requires a minimum space of 15′ width, 10′ height and 20′ depth and comes with a free shipping offer to the lower 48 states. You can also get easy instant financing if needed.

    With its high-definition graphics on the E6 Connect software and up to 8-player simultaneous multiplayer, this simulator offers all the features you need for a complete golfing experience. You will have access to the world’s most renowned courses, and the Pebble Beach Resort Course Pack is accessible, too, for a limited time!

    The TruGolf Vista 12 Golf Simulator is packed with features that make it stand out from other simulators on the market. Its huge screen size allows you to practice all your game aspects, including full swings and short game in stunning visuals.

    The Trutrack 2 Tracking system can track enough ball and club data parameters to monitor your performance and progress. Accuracy is guaranteed thanks to the three rows of optical sensors used in the system, and E6 Connect will help you make sense of the collected data.

    Product Specs

    • Available in Base and Pro versions (with the latter offering a more powerful PC and a 2-year subscription to E6 Connect
    • Space requirements of min. 15′ width, 10′ height, 20′ depth
    • Free shipping on all orders
    • Up to 8-player simultaneous multiplayer as well as online play
    • Includes 27 virtual courses & Pebble Beach Resort Course Pack (limited time)
    • More packages can be bought separately


    • Portable & durable design
    • High definition graphics
    • Lightweight & portable
    • Easy instant financing available


    • May be too expensive for some
    • Subscription cost may be required after the initial purchase

    The TruGolf Vista 12 Simulator is a huge system that still provides a great deal of portability and ease of setup. It includes some good-quality components to provide the best virtual golf experience possible. The company’s E6 Connect software is considered by many to be the best software available today; it has beautiful graphics, ball and club physics and game mechanics as well as many game modes and challenges to choose from.

    This majestic-looking package will be perfect for business use!

    Uneekor Eye XO2 Swingbay Golf Simulator

    uneekor eye xo2 swingbay

    The Uneekor EYE XO2 SwingBay Golf Simulator is designed for golfers of all skill levels and offers cutting-edge technology. This all-in-one package includes a launch monitor, a quality simulator enclosure, a projector, a short-throw projector, and a golf mat.

    The EYE XO2 is equipped with three high-speed IR cameras for accurate ball flight data and stunning graphics powered by realistic physics. It also features a larger hitting area (28″ x 21″), allowing you to set up multiple hitting zones such as tee position, fairway, rough, and bunker.

    Prices range from around $18,000 to above $21,000 (for all the bells and whistles), depending on the configuration and included add-ons. You can even include a gaming laptop bundled with TGC2019 and enjoy 150,000+ virtual courses and many other software features without the slightest freeze or lag.

    You can also content yourself with the included Uneekor View software without investing in any upgrades.

    The sturdy screen and enclosure come with blacked side and top walls to ensure the best graphical quality possible. The side netting provides additional safety by stopping any mishits or errant balls.

    Rain or Shine Golf is an authorized Uneekor dealer and one of the top resellers worldwide that offers customers a simple purchasing and installation process. They provide live customer service along with secure order processing, fast shipping, and reliable recommendations to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

    Product Specs

    • Uneekor EYE XO2 Launch Monitor
    • Swingbay Simulator Enclosure
    • 10180P Short-throw Projector
    • Hitting Golf Mat
    • 3 High-Speed IR Cameras
    • Larger Hitting Area (28 wide x 21 deep)


    • Cutting Edge Technology
    • Stunning Graphics & Accurate Ball Flight Data
    • Realistic Physics
    • Opportunity to upgrade some components
    • multiple simulation software to choose from
    • Overhead design to save floor space


    • For Indoor Use Only- Forgzt portability

    The Uneekor EYE XO 2 sim package is an excellent system that includes Uneekor’s latest and greatest overhead launch monitor and provides pinpoint accuracy, beautiful graphics and good-quality components to make the entire experience enjoyable.

    We simply loved the system during our tests, and we recommend it for both home and commercial use!

    Uneekor QED PerfectBay Golf Simulator

    uneekor qed perfectbay

    This package includes the QED launch monitor, Uneekor’s first and more affordable monitor; it is different than the EYE XO or EYE XO 2 in that it requires specially marked balls to track your metrics, so you will be obliged to use specific balls for your training sessions.

    The PerfectBay Golf Simulator Screen Enclosure comes with Side Nets for more safety and is made of premium screen fabric with three layers of heavy-duty, tight-knit impact-resistant polyester. The cushion center layer quiets noise from the ball hitting the screen while still being able to withstand shots up to 250 miles per hour.

    The PerfectBay enclosure shades both sides and top with black walls to achieve the brightest image and color quality possible and is available in 3 sizes: PerfectBay, PerfectBay PLUS, and PerfectBay WIDE..

    Uneekor also offers optional upgrades such as their Refine Software and Refine+ ( formerly called Succeed) Software. The Refine Software includes 5 fundamental training modes and 5 18-hole courses while the Refine+ Software has 20 18-hole non-U.S. golf courses in addition to all of the features included in the Refine Software.

    QED is a ceiling-mounted launch monitor, which helps keep the sim floor cleaner, which will be perfect for commercial use as customers will enjoy the view and simulator structure without any obstructions on the way (especially if you mount the projector to the ceiling, too).

    Product Specs

    • Includes the QED overhead launch monitor & PerfectBay Golf Simulator Screen & Enclosure
    • Three-layer screen for more sturdiness
    • Quiets noise from the ball hitting the screen
    • Withstands shots up to 250 miles per hour
    • Optional upgrades such as Uneekor Refine & Refine+ software
    • Wide software compatibility, besides the in-house option: TGC2019, E6 Connect, Creative Golf 3D, and GSPro.


    • Overhead setup for a cleaner look
    • Powerful launch monitor with accurate readings
    • Beautiful and sturdy enclosure
    • Excellent visual quality


    • Must use marked balls (included with purchase)

    The Uneekor QED is the company’s more budget-friendly option, which still performs phenomenally well if compared to the EYE XO or EYE XO 2. You get most of the software and hardware capabilities of the pricier models. The included enclosure is flawless and will help make the experience more realistic.

    You must use marked golf balls to get accurate readings, which may be a deal breaker for some players. But for others, it is a small compromise to make so as to save some money that can be invested in other components or in better software with more features and playable courses.

    Foresight Sports GCHawk SIG12 Golf Simulator

    foresight sports gchawk sig12

    The Foresight Sports GCHawk SIG12 Golf Simulator features quadrascopic and infrared technology for unparalleled accuracy and detailed ball and club data. This state-of-the-art system can accommodate both right and left-handed golfers, and it comes with a full screen experience that’s sure to bring the golf course to life.

    The GCHawk launch monitor uses the same camera configuration as Foresight Sports’ portable GCQuad, which ensures you get the best possible quality and accuracy in an exclusively indoor overhead system. The monitor is capable of tracking all aspects of your game, including full swings and short game (chipping and putting).

    You get plenty of data points to improve your game, but if you invest in the club head analysis addon, you can get some more metrics, and the optional Putting Analysis addon will add some more data related to putting and short game. These will add a considerable amount of money to the already high price point of the package, but it will be extremely beneficial for professional club fitters and coaches, making it a winning investment to help your business flourish.

    This far in the article, the SIG12 enclosure needs no introduction. It is one of the best golf simulator enclosures available for purchase today, and it will help a lot in making the entire experience more realistic and immersive.

    The included FSX 2020 and FSX Play software will provide enough playable courses, challenges, game modes, and online competitions to keep you (or anyone using the setup) entertained while improving your game.

    The GCHawk SIG12 package includes the following:

    • GCHawk launch monitor
    • SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure
    • FSX Simulation Software
    • Club Head Analysis Add-On (optional upgrade)
    • Soccer Multisport Add-On (optional upgrade)
    • Several types of golf mats to choose from
    • SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring (upgradable to the SIG12 flooring)

    The enclosure dimensions are 12’2″ width by 9’4″ height by 16′ depth with a screen size of 11’5′ width by 8’7′ height. Additionally, this system is equipped with object recognition and imaging technology that measures critical club data without any extra hardware. You’ll also gain access to the Foresight Sports Online Network where you can compete in 10 courses as well as long drive and closest-to-the-pin competitions!

    Product Specs

    • Quadrascopic & infrared technology
    • Ball & club data
    • Accommodates left & right-handed golfers
    • State-of-the-art object recognition & imaging tech
    • Measures critical club data w/o extra hardware
    • Delivers true-to-life golf simulation


    • Overhead launch monitor – the best and most advanced to date
    • Beautiful and sturdy SIG12 enclosure
    • Plenty of game modes and challenges in FSX 2020
    • Jaw-dropping graphics in FSX Play
    • Opens the door to multi-sport game experiences


    • Ceiling height & room width should be checked before installation
    • Very expensive, especially if you include all the bells and whistles

    The Foresight Sports GCHawk SIG12 simulator is a premium package that only provides the best software and hardware components. It is a professional-grade system that offers all kinds of features, from engaging in fun games and course play to professional teaching and club fitting!

    The package is expensive, which makes it exclusive to a few select individuals or businesses, but the benefits and performance far outweigh the price. You can expect to pay between $26,600 to $36,400 based on the components you include with your purchase.

    Golfzon Premium Golf Simulators

    vision premium golf simulators

    Golfzon’s premium golf simulators use the latest in golf simulator technology to help customers enjoy an immersive experience that will help them perfect their game.

    These packages come equipped with cutting-edge technology, such as dual high-speed cameras that track every detail of your swings and a 24-position moving swing plate to recreate actual course contours.

    Additionally, their included proprietary software (Vision) allows you to play over 200 courses with mesmerizing visuals and unparalleled realism. The software can track ball speeds up to 200 mph and spin rates up to 10,000 rpm.

    Moreover, the multi-surface hitting mat provides a realistic playing surface for all types of lies. And with Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity, you can upload your game statistics online or directly onto your phone or tablet anytime you want.

    The simulator features a user-friendly interface that allows players to adjust various settings, including tee height, weather conditions, and wind speed. The simulator also offers multiplayer capability, as it can accommodate up to four players at a time, making it ideal for group play. It also supports online play.

    Product Specs

    • Dual high-speed cameras to track every detail
    • 24-position moving swing plate to recreate course contours
    • Proprietary software (Vision) with over 200 courses
    • Multi-surface hitting mat for a realistic playing surface
    • Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity for uploading/downloading data


    • Proven top quality – Awarded four times in a row as the best simulator in the world by Golf Digest
    • Cutting-edge technology used throughout all packages
    • every shot is recorded accurately
    • Immersive experience thanks to the use of moving swing plates and multi-surface mats
    • Free training videos and tutorials offered through partnership with David Leadbetter academy


    • Expensive – starting price around $29,000 for the basic model

    The Golfzon Premium Golf Simulator is another big name in the world of premium simulators. It employs the latest technologies to create one of the most immersive and realistic experiences possible.

    The icing on the cake is the partnership with a golf instruction legend- David Leadbetter to provide online training videos to help you improve and be a better golfer.

    Uneekor EYE XO SIG12 Golf Simulator Package

    uneekor eye xo sig12

    The EYE XO launch monitor features non-marking ball technology (allowing you to use any golf ball you prefer) and mounts overhead on the ceiling to provide a clean-looking setup. Club head stickers are provided and can be used to ensure the club-related data is extremely accurate.

    With access to realistic virtual courses (mainly from Asia, since Uneekor is a Korean company) and optimization features that offer insight into club and ball properties and more, this simulator package is perfect for anyone looking to improve their game or just have some fun.

    Just like the other Uneekor products, the EYE XO is compatible with a variety of golf simulation software, including the Refine (upgradable to the Refine +), TGC2019, E6 Connect, GSPro, and Creative Golf 3D. These are some of the best golf simulator software available today.

    The majestic SIG12 Enclosure is Shop Indoor Golf’s best and largest sim enclosure; it is made from sturdy materials and components to guarantee durability and provides a realistic playing area with real-life-like feel turf to help you enjoy the game even more.

    You get to choose between different golf mats, from the included Fairway Series 5′ x 5′ Golf Mat and SIGPRO Softy 4′ x 7’/4′ x 10′ Golf Mats to the amazingly aesthetically pleasing SIG12 Golf Simulator Flooring that makes the system much better looking (but adds to the initial investment).

    Product Specs

    • Price ranges from $16,399.99 – $23,099.99 depending on the components chosen
    • EYE XO photometric launch monitor with dual camera tracking
    • SIG12 simulator enclosure
    • 1080P short-throw simulator projector for the best visual quality
    • Compatibility with the top simulator software


    • Overhead mounting = clean setup & peace of mind
    • Non-marking ball technology
    • Six different modules available for correcting shots
    • Access to plenty of courses & optimization features
    • Excellent customer service


    • Detailed instructions for setup could be improved upon

    This is another great sim package for commercial use. The combination of the overhead EYE XO launch monitor and the SIG12 sim enclosure (and if possible the SIG sim flooring) provides a very aesthetically pleasing setup.

    The package excels in all aspects: accuracy, realism, looks, practicality (no ball marking), and durability. This is a highly recommended system for business use.

    Uneekor QED SwingBay Simulator Package

    uneekor qed swingbay

    This package comes with everything you need for a top-of-the-line golf simulator setup. It includes the Uneekor QED launch monitor and golf simulator with an excellent short-throw projector and a hitting mat that provides a feel similar to real turf.

    The two Hyper-Speed cameras capture over 3000 frames per second each, providing superb accuracy and instant feedback and shot display. You can view super slow-motion footage of your club through impact – something only available in this system. Also, it comes integrated with Refine+ and the option to upgrade to E6 Connect or TGC 2019.

    Installation is easy; simply mount the launch monitor in a 9′ H x 12′ W x 16′ D indoor space (at least), plug in all necessary cables, download any required software online, and register it to start playing.

    Customers have experienced significant improvements in their ball striking, distance control and accuracy when using this system – so you can trust that it’s worth every penny! You get access to world-class courses in stunning quality thanks to the combination of super-fast data processing, ultra-realistic simulation graphics, the included quality projector, and the Swingbay enclosure – they all work together to provide the best simulation possible.

    Product Specs

    • Uneekor QED launch monitor
    • 2 hyper speed cameras (3000+ frames per second)
    • Swingbay Golf simulator enclosure/projector/golf mat
    • Refine+, E6 Connect & TGC 2019 software compatibility.


    • Quick installation & setup
    • Easy registration & download process
    • Superb accuracy & instant shot display
    • Real measurements (not calculations)
    • Very good software and hardware components


    • Requires Wi-Fi connection for simulation

    The Uneekor QED SwingBay Simulator Package is yet another QED-based system that made it to our final list. It combines some of the best and most durable components and supports multiple options of simulation software.

    Whether you want a personal indoor home system or one to use to grow your business, this is an excellent option that is worth every penny you invest in it!

    Full Swing Sports Series Golf Simulator

    full swing kit sig8

    If you’re looking for a simulator that’s officially licensed by the PGA Tour, the Golf Chanel and used by top pros like Tiger Woods, then look no further than Full Swing’s Sport Series Simulator. You’ll get an incredible camera-based technology that can measure clubhead speed, launch angle, ball speed, and much more with pinpoint accuracy.

    The Sport Series Simulator comes with:

    • High-speed linescan cameras
    • An Ion3 high-speed camera
    • A solid wood platform and enclosure
    • A cinema-quality projector
    • An energy-absorbing diffuser screen
    • Industrial-grade hitting golf mat and carpeting

    It also comes in over 60 different size configurations so you can find the perfect fit for your space. Generally, it comes in standard or widescreen models; the widescreen can reach up to 16 feet wide!

    The combination of the ION3 overhead camera and the Linescan cameras is what allows the accuracy of this package to reach incredible levels. Software-wise, the system uses the company’s in-house software – Full Swing Golf, which has some of the most stunning graphics and game mechanics in any software. You can play famous courses and engage in online competitions against players from around the world.


    • Officially licensed by the PGA Tour
    • Used by top pro golfers such as Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth and Gary Woodland
    • Measures plenty of club and ball data points
    • Extremely accurate readings


    • Quality comes at a high price!

    The Full Swing Sport Series golf sim is one of the top players in the world of virtual golf. No wonder the package provides an unforgettable performance, as Full Swing works closely with Tiger Woods in the design and production processes of all their products. The system follows Woods’ high standards of quality and performance.

    This is a high-end professional package that will be at home when used as a professional, business system. It is an investment that you will never regret making!

    TruGolf Vista 8 Pro Golf Simulator

    trugolf vista 8 pro

    The TruGolf Vista 8 Pro is the more budget-friendly option of the Vista series of sims. This simulator is packed with features that make it the perfect choice for serious golfers looking to up their game while having fun.

    The included Trutrack 2 system is integrated into the mat and provides a lot of useful and accurate data. The screen measures 114″ diagonal and has a 4:3 aspect ratio, and the included projector provides high-definition images that fit the screen perfectly.

    The Trugolf E6 Connect provides a great virtual experience and multiple game modes, features and challenges to enjoy either in single-player, multiplayer or online modes.

    Here are some of its standout capabilities:

    • Superior accuracy and realism with the Trutrack 2 system and E6 Connect
    • Flexible software compatible with PC and iOS devices
    • Matte box design with ambient light-blocking technology
    • Tension system in the screen for crystal clear images


    • Large selection of virtual courses accessible through E6 Connect
    • Large projection screen
    • Affordable, compared to the Vista 10 or Vista 12
    • Easy-to-use interface


    • Limited customization options

    This simulator offers unbeatable value at an accessible price point. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to set up and transport.

    This is a great option even for smaller businesses wishing to integrate virtual golf with the services they provide their customers. It will provide a fun time while improving your game and working on any issues you may have!

    Buyer Guide: Things To Consider When Choosing A Simulator For Business Use

    When it comes to choosing a commercial golf simulator for business use, there are several things to consider. Let’s explore the most crucial ones.

    Size & Space

    size and space measurement

    Before you invest in a commercial simulator, take the time to measure your available space and make sure it meets the minimum space requirements for whatever setup you’re considering – after all, you don’t want your customers feeling cramped!

    Additionally, try to give yourself some extra stance space so that two people can play simultaneously without overcrowding each other.

    Finally, don’t forget about furniture such as chairs and tables for those who’ll be waiting for their turn or just want to socialize while playing. All these factors should be taken into consideration when deciding on the best commercial golf simulator for your business.

    If you have extra space, you may even build a separate practice or putting area for the players to use while waiting for their turn.

    Also, having a drink and food area will be a good addition, as it makes it easier for customers to get beverages and snacks (and you to make an extra profit) without them leaving the building.


    For a truly immersive experience, it’s important to invest in a quality system that can stand up to the rigors of constant use and provide precise readings.

    Quality commercial golf simulators offer accurate ball tracking with in-flight, spin and direction data, as well as ball retrieval capabilities. These top-of-the-line systems use advanced technologies such as high-speed cameras and infrared sensors for real-time feedback on your shot mid-flight.

    The software also typically includes more features that make the simulation much more realistic than cheaper alternatives. Overall, investing in a quality commercial golf simulator is essential if you want to get the most out of your investment and provide an enjoyable experience for all who use it.

    Overall, the quality of both software and hardware components will need to be higher. This will make the initial investment higher but will be a better purchase in the long run.

    Ground Vs. Ceiling Tracking

    qed golf launch monitor

    Now that you know the quality of commercial golf simulators, let’s discuss another important aspect: ground vs. ceiling tracking.

    When it comes to setting up a business or commercial golf simulator, many people decide to go with a ceiling projector and launch monitor mount. This setup offers an immersive environment for your customers, as well as maximum protection for your hardware from accidents or mistakes that may occur during play.

    Ceiling mounts are also much more efficient when it comes to setting up at driving ranges because they don’t require any handling or repositioning depending on the player’s handedness. Ultimately, overhead launch monitors provide the best overall experience but come at a high price tag compared to floor-mounted portable units.

    However, if you’re willing to invest in one of these high-end systems, you will be rewarded with a professional-grade simulation system.


    coin towers

    No matter what your budget is, you can find a golf simulator that will work for you. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level system or a more expensive and advanced one (or something in between), there are plenty of options available.

    Quality systems will cost more than a mid or entry-level one. The price is directly affected by the number and quality of components included in the system.

    Another important factor to consider is the customer bill size, or how much you will charge customers for the virtual rounds. An expensive model will mean imposing higher bills, which may not be a great idea (fewer customers will decide to pay).

    It will be best to strike a balance between your initial investment and customer bill; choose a system that will allow you to ask for reasonable fees. If you’re wondering about the potential profitability of such a business, you might find our article on whether is a golf simulator business profitable helpful.

    Don’t forget to include ongoing maintenance costs in your calculations, as your system(s) will require frequent maintenance and potential component replacements to keep them running perfectly.


    e6 connect

    Choosing the right software for your golf simulator is essential, as it can make all the difference in creating an enjoyable and realistic experience for your customers.

    Skytrak offers more affordable software that can be purchased in one of three different plans: Basic, Game Improvement, and Play & Improve. If you’re looking for a simulation with great visuals and realism, then HD Golf’s software will be a great choice, especially if you opt for the Multi-Sport option.

    Other good options include Uneekor’s View and Refine software, E6 Connect by Trugolf, Foresight Sports’ FSX 2020 and FSX Play, Creative Golf 3D, Awesome Golf, GSPro, and WGT Golf.

    All these software have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to consider those before choosing a package.


    carrying box

    If mobility is a priority for your operation, consider investing in a model such as Trugolf’s Vista 8, which can easily be mounted and disassembled. It features a smaller screen than HD Golf’s packages, making it easier to move around.

    If you want a more permanent setup, then any of the options on our list, especially those with overhead launch monitors; the setup will be cleaner and safer even with extensive use!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The following are some of the most frequently asked questions related to commercial golf simulators.

    What kind of maintenance is required for commercial golf simulators?

    Maintaining a commercial golf simulator is important to ensure it stays in top condition and gives you the best experience.

    As part of regular maintenance, you should perform a visual inspection and clean the components regularly. You’ll also want to make sure that all software updates are installed and that any hardware issues are addressed quickly.

    Furthermore, check all connections to make sure they’re secure and properly calibrated. With regular care, your commercial golf simulator will provide years of enjoyment!

    Are commercial golf simulators suitable for all skill levels?

    Absolutely! Commercial golf simulators are designed to accommodate players of any ability.

    Whether you’re a novice or an experienced pro, you can take advantage of the high level of accuracy and precision offered by a commercial golf simulator.

    Moreover, with the use of different software features, it’s easy to customize your experience to match your particular playing style.

    Golfers of all skill levels can benefit from using such advanced technology!

    How often should the software be updated on commercial golf simulators?

    You should update your software as soon as you get notifications. These updates are usually intended to fix issues or add new features to the existing software.

    The frequency of suggested updates can vary depending on the type of system you have.

    This will ensure that your simulator stays up-to-date with the latest technology and features, providing an optimal playing experience for yourself and your customers.

    What is the best way to determine the size of a simulator for a particular space?

    Choosing the right size golf simulator for your space is an important decision. The size of the simulator will determine its accuracy, portability, and overall usability.

    Your available space must correspond to or exceed the manufacturer’s minimum or (preferably) recommended space requirement to avoid surprises.

    It’s important to consider the size of the room you’re using it in and its purpose. For example, if you’re looking for a simulator to use in a pro shop or at an indoor range, then you should look for something that’s large enough to accommodate multiple users and has enough accuracy to help improve their game.

    On the other hand, if you’re looking for a portable solution that can easily be moved from place to place, then you’ll want something smaller and more compact that won’t take up too much space.

    Are there any safety considerations when using commercial golf simulators?

    When using commercial golf simulators, safety should always be a priority. Make sure you understand the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation and use of the simulator in your space.

    Using safety side nets and cushions around the simulator enclosure frame will stop errant balls from ricocheting and causing damage or injury.

    It’s also important to inspect all components of the system regularly for any damage or wear that could lead to accidents or injuries. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to have a spotter nearby while using a golf simulator as an extra precaution against potential hazards.


    It’s clear that investing in a commercial golf simulator can be a great decision for your business, personal use, or even to add excitement and fun for your company employees in the office.

    Whether you seek a golf simulation setup to elevate the entertainment in your sports bar, enhance your hotel’s amenities, upgrade your indoor golf facility, or add a good attraction to your real estate showcase, this comprehensive guide offers valuable insights into the essential factors to consider when choosing the perfect system for your needs.

    With so many amazing options available, like the HD Golf Ultimate Entertainment Golf Simulator and TruGolf Vista 12, you’re sure to find one that meets all of your needs.

    While making your choice, it’s important to consider factors like price and features. Doing so will ensure you get the best possible experience from your purchase.

    If you want to start a golf simulator business but are unsure about all the steps involved, be sure to check out our helpful guide on starting a golf simulator business. It provides valuable information on everything from choosing equipment to marketing your new business.

    If you still have questions, you can contact us via email or by leaving a comment below. We will be glad to help out!


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