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GolfSimulatorAdvisor.com is a site dedicated to bringing you the best golf simulator reviews and advice on how to improve your game.

As an online hub of the world’s leading virtual golf technologies, we help golfers choose the right golf simulator and provide information on how to choose the best golf sim for their needs.

Golf Simulator Advisor was founded on the premise that golf simulators can be used to help players improve their swing, so the site was designed to focus on providing comprehensive reviews of the different golf simulation devices out there.




Our team has a database of over 300 golf simulators, all tested and reviewed by real players. But when it’s not possible to try out some units, we rank these based on their user feedback; We take the guesswork out of choosing the suitable golf simulator by reviewing over 1,000 golf sim reviews and providing in-depth information on each product. We’re always adding new thoughts and guides, so check back often!



Our equipment guides are designed to help you get a complete summary of all major options for any given product or equipment.Our golf simulator reviews are written from the perspective of the consumer. They are comprehensive and give you a realistic view of the different products on the market.

The information provided here is accurate and up to date. We sometimes segment our buying guides by handicap or gender; We also provide equipment recommendations based on your skill level, swing style, and playing conditions.

And because the golf industry is constantly evolving and improving, we often provide buying guides for new seasons or when a new quality product is launched.

You can help Golf Simulator Advisor out by clicking on any of the retailer links, and if you make any purchase, the retailer will contribute a small portion of the sale to help support this site. It won’t cost you anything extra, and it’s a simple way to help us fund our equipment reviews; see more in our Affiliate Disclaimer. Thanks!In our reviews, we implement price comparisons from leading retailers.

Our Golf Equipment Review Process is:

  • Acquiring the product, when possible by purchasing it with our own money or receiving a free unit from the manufacturer.
  • If the manufacturer sends us the product for free, we will let you know at the top of the article.
  • Testing the product under different conditions over the following weeks.
  • Doing an In-depth, online, and offline topic research
  • Expert reviews from users and pet owners
  • Customer feedback from other platforms
  • Comments on other legit review sites and retailers (Amazon, BBB, Yelp, etc.)
  • User feedback from social media channels

Meet The Team

Walter J. Wilfong

Walter J. Wilfong


I am a golf enthusiast and a huge fan of virtual golf. My interest in the game dates back to my childhood growing up in Florida.

In my professional career, I began working in the golf industry in the 80s. I currently work as the Director of Operations for a company specializing in golf training and equipment sales.

I started this website to share my passion for golf simulators and help you choose from all the major golf simulator manufacturers with the ambition of helping you pick out the best for your needs and working with you to find a great deal without confusion.

I’ve been in the golf simulator industry since the 90s and enjoy testing them out for myself and my friends.

Email Walter at: walter@golfsimulatoradvisor.com

Emilia Carrillo

Emilia Carrillo

Outreach Specialist

My name is Amilia Carillo, and I am a marketing specialist and a golfing enthusiast. I’ve been working in the golf industry for over 10 years, and am proud of my achievements and success in this industry. I love golf and am passionate about it, and that is what has driven me to join this team.

I was born and raised in Miami but currently reside in California. I have two children, a 7-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old son. When I’m not working on business marketing, I enjoy playing golf with my kids and hanging out with friends. I also enjoy attending charity events, participating in fundraising, and supporting my favorite sports teams, including the Miami Dolphins.

Email Amilia at: amilia@golfsimulatoradvisor.com

Alex Coles

Alex Coles

Content Manager

What’s up? I’m Alex. I am a golf enthusiast and a proud golf simulator fan.

I love the challenge of making a good shot, the fact that you can practice in your own home, simulate various courses under different weather conditions, and practice the same swing over and over until you nail it.

Everything started when I tried TruGolf in the country club for the first time back in 2015. At that time, I had no idea how valuable these simulators would become. It was an instant hit, and it became one of the best moments I can remember! It’s definitely a great way to have some fun and get some exercise all at the same time.

Email Alex at: alex@golfsimulatoradvisor.com