What Golf Simulator Has the Most Courses?

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Bottom Line
  • TGC2019 leads the market with the most extensive virtual golf course library.
  • It features officially licensed PGA Tour courses, iconic locations, and an expansive range of user-created courses.
  • Continuous course updates and community engagement keep the experience fresh and diverse.
  • Common launch monitors compatible with TGC2019 include Skytrak, Uneekor models, Garmin Approach R10, and FlightScope X3.
  • Simulator packages vary, catering to different budgets and preferences, all supporting TGC2019.

There are a few leading golf simulator software packages on the market, with names like The Golf Club 2019, E6 Connect, and WGT Golf being some of the most well-known. This article will explore some key questions related to these simulator software options, including:

  • Which golf simulator software offers access to the largest number of high-quality virtual golf courses to play? Some boast absolutely massive libraries with over 150,000 courses.
  • What are the standout features and capabilities of the TGC2019 software compared to alternative simulator packages?

Answering questions like these will provide insight into the key factors to weigh when evaluating different golf simulator software platforms and shopping for your own system. This article will cover the strengths and weaknesses of the popular TGC2019 option to help determine if it is the right fit.

So, What Golf Simulator Has The Most Courses?

To answer this question, we need to rely on the included simulator software and check which one includes the largest course library.

Based on the number of included courses, no other sim software comes close to TGC 2019’s whopping 150,000+ virtual courses, with an active worldwide community that helps the library grow and improve.

After that, we need to determine which launch simulators support TGC2019 software, either officially or unofficially (through tech-savvy users building links for the software and unsupported devices to work together without issues.

This is what we will be covering in the upcoming sections.

The Golf Club 2019 Simulator Software – 150,000+ Courses

the golf club 2019

When it comes to the sheer number of high-quality golf courses available to play, the TGC2019 software stands head and shoulders above the rest. This incredible software package grants access to over 150,000 photorealistic virtual golf courses spanning famous real-world layouts.

Massive TGC2019 Course Library

The TGC2019 course count tops 150k thanks to user-created designs and official recreations of legendary tracks. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Over 90 licensed PGA Tour courses
  • Iconic designs like Pebble Beach, St Andrews, Pinehurst, Spyglass Hill, etc.
  • Major championship venues including Augusta National and TPC Sawgrass
  • 37,000+ user-created courses shared online
  • User rating system to help choose the best user-created courses to play

Whether you want to play renowned courses you may never get the chance to see in real life, take on PGA Tour stops from the comfort of your simulator room, or explore imaginative user designs, the possibilities are endless with TGC2019’s industry-leading course count.

Realism Through Partnerships

The Golf Club’s vast official course roster is possible through partnerships with groups like the PGA Tour and The R&A. Using advanced digital scanning, they produce highly precise recreations of courses like Bay Hill and Carnoustie complete with accurate topology, lifelike visuals, and true-to-form turf for an ultra-realistic experience.

Constant Expansion

New TGC2019 course releases happen regularly as more scans become available. You’ll never run out of world-class courses to conquer. Play through the 150k landscape, master your favorites, and revisit old courses made even better through enhancements.

With over 150,000 courses and growing, TGC 2019 offers perhaps the most compelling reason to invest in its software – the ability to play almost any famous track you can name without leaving your golf simulator room.

Golf Launch Monitors That Support TGC2019

To enjoy TGC2019’s industry-leading course count and simulation capabilities, you’ll need a compatible launch monitor that can precisely track ball flight data and integrate it into the software. Many top golf launch monitors on the market fully support TGC2019.

Here are some of the most notable launch monitors that pair seamlessly with TGC2019 software:

Skytrak & Skytrak+ Launch Monitors

features of skytrak

Skytrak + is an accurate photometric launch monitor that provides detailed analytics on all critical ball flight metrics including ball speed, spin rates, launch angles, carry distance, and more. The Skytrak+ model adds Doppler radar tracking for enhanced performance and accuracy and the ability to capture sidespin data; it also includes enhanced shot reports and graphics for an even deeper analysis. Both integrate smoothly with TGC2019.

Please note that TGC2019 can be integrated with Skytrak’s launch monitors through Skytrak’s official website.

Uneekor Models – QED, EYE XO, EYE XO2 and EYE Mini

uneekor eye xo 2

Uneekor’s suite of high-end launch monitors like the QED, EYE XO, EYE XO2, and EYE Mini are considered top-of-class photometric options when it comes to precisely tracking comprehensive shot data. They utilize ultra-high-speed camera sensors and advanced algorithms to generate tour-level accuracy on every drive and approach.

Uneekor launch monitors pair effortlessly with TGC2019 to create the complete simulated golf experience. The precision tracking data will help you get the most out of TGC’s Course Forge editor too.

Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor

garmin approach r10 launch monitor

While more compact and affordable than some other options, the Garmin Approach R10 launch monitor remains an excellent choice for home simulators.

Using Doppler radar technology, it can accurately map the entire trajectory of any shot and provide feedback on distance, ball speed, launch angle, and more. The approach R10 offers great bang for the buck while meeting the data demands of TGC2019.

FlightScope X3, Mevo+

mevo plus

For those looking to invest in top-grade launch monitor hardware, models like the FlightScope X3 and Mevo+ represent quality choices with TGC2019 integration (with the Mevo + being much more affordable).

The X3 uses high-precision 3D Doppler radar sensors to generate unparalleled accuracy on full shot trajectories along with spin axis, angle of attack and other measurements. In fact, the X3 is capable of tracking over 50 metrics related to full swings and short game, including chipping and putting with tour-level accuracy.

Similarly, the Mevo+ captures all the critical ball flight metrics you need to complement TGC2019’s simulation capabilities.

Both FlightScope’s professional X3 and more value-oriented Mevo+ launch monitors sync reliably with TGC2019.

Protee United VX Launch Monitor

protee vx launch monitor

As a versatile launch monitor solution, the Protee United VX is another model that warrants consideration. Using advanced stereo camera tracking technology, this launch monitor provides accuracy on par with some of the leading industry brands when it comes to ball flight measurements and shot analysis statistics generated through TGC2019.

Foresight Sports GC Series – GCHawk, GCQuad, GC3 Unofficial Support

foresight sports gchawk™ launch monitor

Foresight Sports produces high-quality launch monitors including the GC3, GCQuad and GCHawk models that all sync reliably with TGC2019.

Utilizing innovative camera-based sensors, these launch monitors provide accurate shot data and ball flight visualization to complement TGC2019’s vast gameplay capabilities. Foresight Sports is considered by some to manufacture the best and most reliable photometric launch monitors on the market.

Out of the box, Foresight’s products come with their proprietary software suite: FSX2020, FSX Play, FSX Pro. However, if you are a fiddler, you can follow guides and threads on how to integrate TGC2019 using the Pro Tee interface.

This list covers some of the highest-performing launch monitors on the market that integrate smoothly with TGC2019’s industry-leading simulator software. Ranging from budget to pro-grade models, these launch monitors can fulfill the ball flight data demands that complement TGC2019’s vast course options and immersive gameplay.

Golf Simulator Packages with Launch Monitors That Support TGC2019

Now that you understand the launch monitors capable of integrating with TGC2019’s industry-leading software, it’s worth exploring full simulator packages that bundle compatible hardware together for convenience. Here are some notable ready-to-install golf simulators packing launch monitors that sync smoothly with TGC2019’s vast course library and realistic simulation.

The packages we suggest all offer the possibility to include TGC2019 with your order on the purchase page. Our selection of packages will also be diversified in terms of price and size so that everyone can find a system that suits their own needs.

Skytrak & Skytrak +

skytrak plus sig12

Here are our suggested Skytrak packages to choose from:

Uneekor Bundles

uneekor eye xo2 swingbay

These are some of our favorite Uneekor packages that support TGC2019 and its huge course library:

Flightscope Packages

flightscope x3 sig12 golf simulator package

The following are our recommended Flightscope packages to enjoy the TGC2019 experience:

Garmin Approach R10 Packages

garmin approach r10 flex space golf simulator package

The Approach R10 provides great value for the money, and packages based on the R10 will be much cheaper than the competition; here are our recommendations:

Please note that we didn’t include any complete packages for the Protee VX launch monitor because, as of the time of this writing these lines, no major retailer offers the launch monitor with a complete package. We also didn’t provide packages with Foresight launch monitors because they do not officially support TGC 2019 and involve some tinkering (and thus are not suitable for everyone). All the packages we have recommended here do support TGC2019 software officially, and you won’t have any issues integrating it with any of them. We can confidently say that the packages we recommended are the systems that have the most courses in today’s virtual golf market, simply because they support TGC2019.

Final Thoughts

TGC2019 represents the industry gold standard – delivering an enormous 150,000+ course portfolio alongside realistic physics and graphics. The software excels across the board while integrating smoothly with top launch monitors. That’s why any simulator with the largest number of virtual courses must have TGC2019 as its main software.

Investing in a high-precision launch monitor like Uneekor’s models ensures you get reliable shot data to complement TGC2019’s performance analysis. This takes the simulation functionality to another level.

In addition, carefully evaluate software, hardware, build quality, expandability and other elements as a whole when assessing simulator packages.

While TGC2019 offers an expansive range of virtual courses, those interested in creating a comprehensive at-home golf experience will appreciate our golf simulator’s detailed comparison guide. Find the perfect balance between a realistic golfing experience and the convenience of playing at home by exploring our top recommendations.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.


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