9 Best Virtual Reality Golf Clubs – Reviews & Guide

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Bottom Line

Our top pick for the Best Virtual Reality Golf Club is the ZHGM VR Golf Club Attachment for Meta Quest 2. It offers a compelling blend of real-world sensation and compatibility, enhancing precision in virtual golf through its ergonomically designed controller cup that mitigates wobble. The aluminum alloy shaft and rubber grip add durability and a realistic feel, supported by versatility across various VR golf titles, making it an attractive choice for avid VR golfers.

Welcome to the digital fairway! As virtual reality technology revolutionizes how we play and experience sports, golf enthusiasts are now teeing off from the comfort of their own homes without the need for huge enclosures or screen/projector combos.

Embracing this immersive trend, our article swings into action, showcasing the leading VR golf club handle attachments that bring the precision and enjoyment of the course into virtual spaces.

Our comprehensive reviews evaluate the top contenders on the market, while our buyer’s guide navigates the factors to bear in mind to ensure you select the best virtual iron for your virtual bag.

Prepare to refine your virtual handicap and experience the greens like never before!

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our List of The Top Virtual Reality Golf Clubs

We have tested and reviewed tens of VR Golf Club handle attachments to bring you only the best of the best. Our selection includes products of different price points and are compatible with the most popular VR handles to make sure everyone finds what they’re looking for.

    ZHGM VR Golf Club Attachment for Meta Quest 2

    Our top pick, The ZHGM VR Golf Club Attachment( priced at $33.99), bridges the gap between virtual play and real-world sensation. Out of the box, the package includes the essential golf club handle, a strap for stability, and a rubber band to secure the controller’s grip button. It’s compatible with the Quest 2, a popular virtual reality headset, promising accessibility for a large user base.

    Upon closer examination, the attachment’s design is prudently in sync with the ergonomics of the Meta Quest 2 controllers. The molded controller cup works in accordance with the shape of the controllers to prevent any wobble during fierce swings, which directly impacts the precision and realism of your virtual strokes.

    In terms of material quality, the VR golf club handle feels sturdy, with an aluminum alloy shaft and a rubber grip that simulates the feel of an actual golf club rather well. The lack of plastic components translates into longevity and reassurance that your device can endure the passionate swings of a competitive VR golf match.

    Compatibility with a variety of VR golf games such as Golf+, Golf 5 eClub, and Walkabout Mini Golf expands the scope of use, ensuring that you won’t be limited in your virtual golfing endeavors. This versatility is vital when considering the fragmented nature of VR content across different games.


    • Perfectly compatible with Meta Quest 2
    • Quick and easy installation process
    • Sturdy with no plastic parts
    • Stable grip reduces controller wobble
    • Supports a variety of VR golf games


    • Grip texture may not suit everyone

    The ZHGM VR Golf Club Attachment is an enticing addition to any VR golfer’s arsenal. The product’s overall build quality, easy setup, and compatibility make it a strong contender among the best virtual reality golf clubs.

    DeadEyeVR DriVR – Virtual Reality Golf Club Accessory

    DeadEyeVR’s DriVR is another inventive accessory that brings the golf course to the virtual world with an impressive degree of authenticity. Retailing at $52.95, this product is highlighted by several key features designed to enhance the virtual reality (VR) golfing experience.

    Crafted with a 7-inch sturdy iron core, the DriVR is customized to provide a weight that closely mirrors that of a traditional club, adding that essential realism to every swing.

    The inclusion of a PGA quality grip is particularly notable, as it’s textured to provide the same tactile feedback you would expect from a high-end golf club. This thoughtful feature gives you the confidence to make swings without second-guessing the feel in your hands.

    A crucial consideration for any VR accessory is how securely it maintains its connection during dynamic movements. That’s why DeadEyeVR integrates a dual-clasp controller cup designed to hold your controller firmly in place. This security feature ensures the device remains attached, preventing potential accidents or game interruptions.


    • PGA quality grip mimics real golf club feel.
    • Iron core adds weight for realistic swinging.
    • Dual clasp secures controller during vigorous movements.
    • Suitable for left and right-handed users.
    • Golf+ integration for enhanced VR golfing experience.


    • May require adjustment period for new users.
    • Only red color available.

    With the DeadEyeVR DriVR, You’ll find that the attention to detail, from the weight of the iron core to the texture of the grip, sets it apart from other VR golf accessories on the market. While there’s always a small learning curve when adapting to new equipment, the DriVR’s intuitive features make that transition smooth.

    Glistco G-Iron – Virtual Reality Golf Club

    The G-Iron’s design prioritizes realism in every aspect. The PA12 sintered controller cup securely holds your controller, while the textured rubber golf grip provides a familiar feel. The inclusion of a weighted coupling at the end of the aluminum shaft perfectly replicates the weight distribution of a real golf club, further boosting the immersive factor.

    In addition, this attachment is compatible with Meta Quest, Quest 2, and Rift S, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of VR gamers. The ambidextrous design caters to both left and right-handed players, making it a truly universal solution.

    The installation process is straightforward, requiring only four simple steps. The sturdy nylon strap securely locks the controller in place, offering maximum protection during your virtual rounds.


    • Genuine golf grip for enhanced realism
    • Weighted coupling simulates real club feel
    • Universal compatibility for various VR headsets
    • Ambidextrous design for left and right-handed players
    • Simple and secure installation


    • Limited color options

    The G-Iron undoubtedly delivers a significant boost to your VR golf experience. The combination of realism-enhancing features, compatibility, and affordability makes it a compelling choice for any VR golfer seeking to refine their game and maximize their enjoyment.

    ZHGM VR Golf Club Attachment

    Designed exclusively for the Quest 2 controllers, this weighted club attachment provides a realistic golf swing sensation that mimics the feel of a real golf club.

    The custom silicone cup firmly secures the Quest 2 controller while dual straps lock it in place to prevent slipping or flying out mid-swing. Meanwhile, the aluminum alloy shaft and rubber grip make it durable and comfortable to handle. The highlight is the removable 0.5lb counterweight that takes the club’s mass up to 600 grams, similar to a real driver. This weighted design transforms an otherwise weightless controller into a club with some heft for far more realistic in-game shots.

    When using this attachment, you can swing confidently without worrying about losing grip of the controllers or damaging them. The installation takes under 5 minutes by just strapping in the controller and adding weights as needed. For the price, you get excellent value along with free returns in case you change your mind.


    • Weighted design feels like real golf club
    • Securely holds the controller in place
    • Durable aluminum and rubber construction
    • Easy and quick to install
    • Affordable price point


    • Only for right-handed play
    • Extra weight may tire some users
    • Straps could be longer

    For Quest 2 golfers wanting an authentic experience, the ZHGM VR Golf Attachment is a must-buy accessory that will instantly enhance your swings. By adding critical weight and grip, it provides unmatched realism that makes virtual rounds much more enjoyable. For the affordable price and high quality, this club attachment is easily one of the best investments you can make.


    Our next pick, GIMMEVR’s Oculus 2 Club handle, is compatible with the popular Oculus Quest 2 and Rift S headsets; this accessory transforms your regular controller into a realistic, weighted golf club.

    The rubberized grip and iron core provide authentic flex and swing momentum just like using real clubs out on the course. As an avid golfer, I appreciate how the longer shaft and balanced design allow fuller backswings and faster swing speeds. The secure controller cup and reinforced straps ensure stability so you can swing aggressively without worrying about the controller slipping out. This attachment works seamlessly with most gaming apps, making it perfect for playing traditional driving ranges and full 18-hole courses, as well as casual mini-golf games.

    With the weighted feel and pivot in your hands, you’ll finally forget you’re in your living room. The realistic practice transfers well, too – You will certainly notice improvements in your real-world golf swing and scores after using this club regularly.


    • Authentic rubber grip provides a non-slip hold
    • Iron core creates balanced, weighted feel
    • Longer shaft enables fuller backswing
    • Reinforced straps secure the controller safely
    • Works with most VR golf games


    • Can feel heavier than a real club
    • Set-up takes a few extra minutes

    For the best virtual reality golf experience, I highly recommend the GIMMEVR Oculus Golf Club Attachment. With its premium design and materials simulating real club dynamics, you’ll be transported onto the course like never before – all from your living room.

    ZYBER VR Golf Club Attachment For Oculus Quest 2

    Stepping into the virtual green, the ZYBER Golf Club Attachment instantly elevates your VR golf experience. The innovative quick-lock buckle design ensures seamless attachment and secure fit, eliminating the frustration of loose Velcro straps. Crafted with ABS-reinforced plastic, solid aluminum tubes, and a professional golf grip cover, the ZYBER handle boasts remarkable sturdiness and comfort. Holding it feels like gripping a real club, adding a layer of authenticity to your virtual swing.

    But the unit doesn’t stop at replicating the look and feel. Weighing in at a total of 13 ounces, it mimics the actual weight distribution of a 7-gauge golf club, further enhancing the realism and enhancing your swing mechanics.

    For golfing beginners, the ZYBER includes a thoughtful addition: a golf posture correction kit. This helps you refine your technique and develop proper swing form, setting you on the path to virtual golfing mastery.


    • Quick-lock buckle design for easy and secure attachment
    • Premium materials for sturdiness and comfort
    • Realistically weighted like a 7-gauge golf club
    • Includes golf posture correction kit for beginners
    • Two transparent silicone protective rings for controller protection


    • The price point may be a deterrent for some
    • Not compatible with all VR golf games

    Despite its minor drawbacks, the ZYBER Golf Club Attachment is still a top contender in the VR golf accessory market. Its commitment to realism, user-friendliness, and comfort all make it a great VR golf club attachment.

    FamiJeeny Aluminum Golf Club Attachment

    FamiJeeny’s VR Golf Club Handle is a lightweight aluminum handle that attaches securely to your Oculus Quest or Rift S controllers, transforming them into a familiar golf club shape. The soft, non-slip rubber grip feels surprisingly authentic, offering a comfortable and secure hold while swinging.

    The locking mechanism ensures your controller stays put, even during vigorous swings. The added weight distribution of the aluminum shaft provides a natural balance, improving swing control and accuracy.

    This handle isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about performance. The ability to swing a real club-like object in VR significantly enhances the immersion factor. It feels more intuitive and translates your real-world muscle memory into the virtual environment, leading to more consistent and powerful shots.


    • Realistic grip and weight balance
    • Secure controller attachment
    • Enhanced immersion and swing performance
    • Compatible with multiple VR headsets
    • FREE returns


    • Velcro straps can be uncomfortable

    The FamiJeeny VR Golf Club Handle is a solid choice for dedicated VR golfers seeking to work on their game. The realistic feel, improved control and enhanced immersion make it a worthwhile investment, especially for those who want a more authentic virtual golf experience.

    Amavasion VR Golf Club Handle

    The Amavasion VR Golf Club Handle accessory for the Meta Quest 2 VR headset is crafted from quality PC+ABS plastic with a rubber golf grip cover, the VR golf club handle firmly fixes your controller in place. No need to worry about making contact or losing control even with the hardest swings. The grip and added weight perfectly simulate wielding a real golf club.

    This handle accessory promises significantly increased enjoyment across a variety of compatible golf games, from favorites like Golf+ and Walkabout Mini Golf to newcomers like Golf 5 eClub.

    The handle makes these virtual rounds more exciting and helps with your swing technique. The ability to stand and swing naturally rather than sitting with a controller builds golf skills that even transfer to the real course. This controller add-on aims to capture that thrill no regular gamepad can provide.


    • Enhances realism and enjoyment of VR golf
    • Quality construction and materials
    • Firmly fixes controller during swings
    • Works across multiple golf games
    • Builds actual golf technique


    • Only for Meta Quest 2
    • Could be pricier than some may like

    For Meta Quest 2 owners serious about their virtual golf, this accessory represents an excellent way to heighten immersion. The Amavasion handle allows swinging with impressive freedom once set up properly. It makes your VR rounds feel thrillingly lifelike.

    Hoolalas VR Golf Club Attachment

    The Hoolalas Left Controller Golf Club Attachment delivers an impressively immersive virtual golf experience for Meta Quest 2 users. With its ergonomic design and precision engineering, this accessory transforms your controller into a high-performance golf club that feels natural in your hands.

    Secured by a double fastening system, the controller stays firmly attached to prevent it from disconnecting mid-swing. This enhances safety, prevents damage, and enables fluid motions. The scientifically calculated length also matches that of a real golf club, facilitating accurate tracking between your headset and controllers.

    Each swing feels smooth and powerful thanks to the optimized grip and weight distribution. An adjustable angle feature customizes the clubface orientation to your stance, maximizing impact and performance. Ultimately, this attachment enhances your skills, intensifies gameplay, and makes virtual rounds more rewarding.


    • Enhanced safety from secure double fastening
    • Natural feel and swing motion
    • Precisely calibrated for accuracy
    • Angle adjustment optimizes impacts
    • Intensifies gameplay and skills


    • Specific to left controller
    • Can obstruct certain in-game actions

    With its smart design and precision calibration, the Hoolalas Left Controller Golf Attachment takes your Meta Quest 2 virtual golf experience to the next level. It intensifies gameplay immersion so you can play your best round yet. Considering its specialization for left-handed play, this accessory excels as the premier virtual reality golf club for lefty players.

    Buying Guide – Things to Consider in Your VR Golf Club Attachment

    To maximize the realism and enjoyment of virtual reality golf, a high-quality VR golf club attachment is essential. This guide will walk you through the key factors to consider when choosing the right VR golf club accessory for your needs.

    vr golf guide


    The first thing to check is whether the VR golf club attachment is compatible with your VR headset and controllers. Most attachments are made for specific VR platforms like the Meta Quest 2 or valve index controllers. Make sure to verify compatibility before purchasing to avoid returns or exchanges.

    Popular Compatible VR Platforms include the following:

    • Meta Quest 2
    • Valve Index
    • HTC Vive/Vive Pro
    • Oculus Rift S

    Make sure the attachment you are buying is compatible with your system. Otherwise, check if you can find adapters to secure your controllers to attachments made for other controllers. The majority of available handles are compatible with Meta’s Oculus and/or Quest sets (because they are very popular), but there are also options that support the Valve Index platform out of the box.

    Design & Build Quality

    You’ll be swinging the VR golf club vigorously, so structural integrity is vital. Look for attachments made from durable metals and plastics that securely fasten to your controllers. Key areas to evaluate are:

    • Controller Locking Mechanism: This needs to clamp down firmly on the controller handle without slipping during swings. Straps, clamps, and custom-molded cups are common solutions.
    • Shaft & Grip: These core components should feel sturdy. Aluminum alloy shafts and rubberized grips are ideal for durability. They also provide a more natural feel.
    • Weight Distribution: Proper balance, similar to a real golf club, enhances swing mechanics. Counterweights can help achieve this.

    Sturdy materials will also ensure the longevity of your attachments.

    Immersion Factors

    Beyond basic function, you want an attachment that convinces your senses you’re holding an actual golf club. Consider these immersive traits:

    • Grip Texture: Advanced handles mimic real golf grip patterns for intuitive holding and swinging.
    • Custom Weights: Added tip weights simulate the feel of swinging a physically weighted driver or iron.
    • Grip Circumference: Bulkier grips approximate the size of standard golf grips for natural wrist action.
    • Vibration Motors: Some handles feature haptic feedback for enhanced tactile sensations.

    Make sure the handle you buy has all those elements to make the virtual experience as immersive and realistic as possible.

    However, if you’re looking to enhance your overall home golfing experience beyond VR accessories, you might want to consider investing in a real golf simulator setup. These systems offer a more holistic simulation and can help improve your game significantly.


    Since people have varied heights and golf stances, being able to tweak the attachment is handy for achieving your optimal setup (that perfectly fits your needs). Adjustments to consider include elements like:

    • Shaft Length: Extendable shafts accommodate different user heights.
    • Lie Angle: Altering the angle between the shaft and clubface allows matching your stance.
    • Handedness: Swappable components convert attachments between left and right-handed orientations.
    • Controller Angle: Rotating the controller itself finetunes the impact angle for a more accurate simulation of your shots.


    vr golf clubs cost

    VR golf club attachments range in price from $20 for basic handles to $100+ for premium accessories loaded with advanced features, such as ZYBER’s Golf Club Attachment & Charging Dock for Meta’s VR Controllers.

    Consider how often you play VR golf and your budget ceiling. Casual users may opt for more affordable basic handles while devoted golfers can justify pricier pro-level attachments.

    By evaluating these key criteria – compatibility, build quality, immersion factors, adjustability, and price – you’ll be equipped to select the ideal VR golf club attachment to bring a new level of realism and enjoyment to your virtual reality golf experience. Happy swinging!

    Final Thoughts

    After meticulously assessing the best VR golf club handle attachments, our exploration concludes, but your journey is just beginning.

    Armed with our top recommendations and insightful buying tips, you’re ready to select the ideal companion to embark on your VR golfing experience. Remember, the right digital club can remarkably enhance gameplay, providing not only realistic feedback but also contributing to overall enjoyment and skill development.

    With factors like weight, grip authenticity, and motion tracking precision in mind, your choice will significantly influence your virtual drives down the fairway. Enjoy the swing, revel in the virtual birdies, and maybe even land an elusive hole-in-one.

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

    Thanks for reading!


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