7 Best Golf Simulators for Hotels and Resort Amenities – Reviews & Guide

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Bottom Line

Our top pick for the Best Golf Simulator for Hotels and Resort Amenities is the HD Golf Ultimate Entertainment Package / Ultimate Training Package. This system is lauded for its high-definition graphics that offer stunningly realistic visuals of over 36 championship courses. It provides detailed swing analysis with over 30 data points, catering to both recreational and skill development needs with its dual entertainment and training configurations. Endorsed by professionals like DeChambeau, it's a premium choice for luxury venues seeking to offer guests an immersive golfing experience.

Golf simulators amplify upscale hotels and resorts, providing on-demand amenities amid stunning surroundings. They transport traveling golf enthusiasts to world-class courses, augmenting the total guest experience. But with endless products on the market, identifying which complete simulator package provides an immersive escape for resort properties is challenging.

This comprehensive guide analyzes the best golf simulator options for hotels and resorts based on realism, versatility, value, and support. In-depth reviews scrutinize top solutions from HD Golf, Full Swing, Trackman 4, Uneekor, etc., highlighting standout features for resorts. We will also evaluate critical aspects to consider while looking for simulators for hotel and resort use.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our Recommended Golf Simulators for Hotels and Resorts

The following is a list of our recommended golf simulators to use at a hotel or resort, tested and reviewed by our own team of passionate golfers and tech enthusiasts.

Please note that we recommend choosing a system with a fixed tracking unit(s), like an overhead launch monitor (that attaches to the ceiling) or tracking cameras that can be mounted on walls. This way, you can ensure your precious investment is safe from accidents and damage. These systems also allow for tracking both right and left-handed players’ swings.

    HD Golf Ultimate Entertainment Package / Ultimate Training Package

    hd golf sim ultimate entertainment

    Redefining the boundaries of possibility, the HD Golf Simulator delivers unprecedented realism through advanced technology aligned with a passion for the sport. HD Golf’s systems offer high-definition graphics, multidimensional swing analysis and professional endorsements to craft a profoundly authentic and insightful simulation experience.

    HD Golf accurately replicates over 36 championship courses down to the most minute detail (with more courses constantly added to the library). You will enjoy pinpoint visual accuracy accentuated by dynamic lighting and particles for an unparalleled virtual rendering. The simulator captures critical swing and ball launch data as well, using integrated sensors and processing for constructive evaluation.

    For both entertainment and improvement, HD Golf’s systems excel. Packages range from the feature-rich Ultimate Entertainment configuration designed for recreation to the Ultimate Training edition targeting skills development. With top pros like Bryson leveraging the same breakthrough equipment as discerning facilities, it accelerates performance gains through unprecedented insight.


    • Incredible HD graphics create stunningly realistic course visuals
    • Accurately measures spin, launch angle and over 30 other data points
    • Video analysis identifies subtle mechanics improvements
    • Huge variety of virtual rounds and practice challenges
    • Pinpoint accuracy and highly immersive simulation


    • Premium pricing
    • Minimum space requirement may constrain installations

    Between peerless graphics translating visions into virtual reality and club intimacy unveiling the inner workings of your swing, HD Golf makes every golfer better through immersion. For hotels enhancing amenities and travelers expecting luxury escapism alike, the HD Golf simulator started a new era of possibility for the sport.

    ForesightT Falcon SIG12 Golf Simulator Package

    foresight falcon sig12 golf simulator package

    The Foresight Falcon SIG12 combines best-in-class swing analysis with an enclosed premium simulator for virtual golf excellence. Foresight’s groundbreaking Falcon launch monitor has advanced Quadrascopic cameras to measure ball flight, club dynamics and over 30 other data points. Paired with Tour-trusted accuracy and visuals, the SIG12 package is an elite golf system.

    The package maximizes detail throughout the 12ft enclosure, with ultra-high density turf, professional grade netting, impact screen, and bright projector for true course emulation. The included FSX Play software renders your virtual rounds in rich fidelity across a growing library of championship tracks. For pros or resort guests alike, the SIG12 environment fosters entertainment, competition and refinement.


    • Falcon provides exceptionally precise, lag-free data
    • Complete premium simulator included
    • Enclosure protects the sensor and surroundings
    • Easy set-up in under 1 hour
    • Very high-quality components and simulation graphics


    • High price point
    • Additional course access requires subscription

    Further elevating the package are modular add-ons like pro-preferred golf mats or the highly acclaimed GSPro simulator software. While the SIG12 spans an imposing 12ft width, it provides a very immersive and realistic experience. Between breakthrough tech and refined design, Foresight ensures each Falcon-powered swing session blends seamlessly into discerning golfers’ lives, transported to legendary Scottish links at will.

    Full Swing Sport Series Golf Simulator

    sport series simulator
    Sport Series Simulator. Source

    Full Swing Golf’s Sport Series Simulator was engineered for unmatched realism and represents the pinnacle of indoor golf innovation. Combining high-speed cameras, dual tracking and expert craftsmanship, the Sport Series immerses enthusiasts in faithfully rendered courses with tour accuracy.

    Full Swing’s dual tracking methodology first captures intricate clubface data at impact before monitoring comprehensive ball flight. This multi-sensor approach enables precise shot analysis for any golfer, from beginner to elite.

    Furthermore, crisp, high-definition visuals powered by the Ball Flight Technology then transport players onto stunning virtual greens reaching from Pebble Beach to St. Andrews. Overall, the Sport Series is a very high-end system that will keep hotel or resort guests entertained and happy for long sessions of virtual golf, with serious golfers having the opportunity to practice and improve using the latest and greatest in golf simulation technology.


    • Extremely accurate with both club and ball flight data
    • Realistic course visuals and physics
    • Optimized for entertainment and refinement
    • Available in multiple sizes to fit any space
    • Turnkey installation and support


    • Premium-priced
    • Secondary lounge screen sold separately

    For commercial venues and travelers alike, Full Swing Golf redefines entertainment, engagement and profitability. With customizable sizing ranging between standard and widescreen configurations, the Sport Series sim slides seamlessly into any hospitality environment.

    Trugolf Apogee Swingbay Golf Simulator

    trugolf apogee swingbay golf simulator

    Our next pick – TruGolf’s Apogee SwingBay bundle spearheads the connected future of golf simulation with integrated sensors, dynamic swing analysis and extensive course variety for comprehensive refinement.

    The centerpiece overhead Apogee launch monitor employs high-speed tracking and onboard processing for lag-free precision on all shots. Critical club and ball metrics like face angle, smash factor and spin rates assist golfers in decoding swing mechanics for continuous improvement. Seamlessly paired E6 Connect software renders photorealistic visuals on 27 included championship courses, expanding to over 100 with the bundled 1-year subscription.

    The SwingBay enclosure ensures a protected, distraction-free environment for perfecting your game or enjoying a round with friends. Side netting contains errant shots, while the durable impact screen displays sharp imagery from the included short-throw projector. For hospitality venues with flexibility needs, integrated portability empowers relocation.


    • Apogee provides extremely accurate, real-time swing/ball data
    • All-inclusive turnkey simulator package
    • Massive E6 Connect course library included
    • High-performance mat for authentic turf feel


    • E6 Connect subscription must be renewed

    With elite technology and comprehensive included equipment, TruGolf’s Apogee SwingBay Golf Simulator Package provides a very enjoyable experience with excellent hardware and software components included. Trugolf is one of the big names in the industry of virtual golf, and their expertise clearly shows through their included Apogee launch monitor and E6 Connect simulation software.

    Foresight Sports GCHawk SIG10 Golf Simulator

    foresight sports gchawk sig10

    Blending groundbreaking ball flight analysis and enclosed simulation spaces, the GCHawk SIG10 from Foresight Sports actualizes excellence in virtual golf. Built around Foresight’s Tour-calibrated GCHawk photometric launch monitor, the simulator accurately tracks critical shot data like launch angle, curvature and speed mid-flight using integrated cameras and sensors.

    With the included professional 10ft x 10ft enclosure and SIGPRO screen, the simulator environment transports users to Foresight’s growing library of world-famous courses rendered in vibrant detail by FSX Play software. GCHawk’s comprehensive coverage of all things golf —from mechanics to visualization—secured Golf Digest’s Best in Golf award for good reason.


    • Unparalleled accuracy measuring ball flight characteristics
    • Complete premium simulator studio included
    • Trusted by many Tour pros
    • Large enclosure protects equipment and surroundings
    • Fast setup process


    • Add-ons can raise the price substantially

    For resorts and aficionados seeking the highest simulator fidelity, the GCHawk SIG10 delivers. With elite swing and ball flight intelligence unlocking game improvement insights, Foresight provides a solid virtual golf experience. Surround that with professional enclosure quality and software visuals transporting you from the clubhouse to the Masters with one seamless, grin-filled swing.

    Uneekor Performance Optix x Carl’s HotShot Golf Package

    uneekor performance optix

    Next on our list is the Uneekor Performance Optix bundle with Carl’s Pro Enclosure, a system that allows for comprehensive golf improvement through integrated photometric and infrared sensors, ultrarealistic mats and enclosed protection.

    Uneekor’s overhead EYE XO2 launch monitor uses triple integrated cameras to measure ball flight characteristics down to 1/10,000th of a second for extreme accuracy. The included face-on and down-the-line Swing Optix cameras complement by capturing high-definition swing videos from multiple angles, spotlighting mechanics areas needing refinement.

    Carl’s professional 10 x 13 ft enclosure then unifies the sensors, Balance Optix pressure mat and ding-resistant HotShot hitting mat into a protected golf space. Side netting secures errant shots while the rigid frame pipes withstand even the most aggressive swings. Add in BenQ’s 4K projector displaying Uneekor’s sensor data overlays for a profoundly modernized training experience.


    • EYE XO2 provides extraordinarily precise ball/club metrics
    • Complete pro enclosure & mat package included
    • Swing video analysis from multiple angles
    • Durable, authentic hitting mat surface
    • BenQ 4K projector included


    • Swing camera video sync might need refinement

    For hotels and resorts pursuing excellence through technology integration, Uneekor’s Performance Optix bundle aligns elite sensors with professional enclosure quality for unmatched performance. Analyze signature swings through detailed video side-by-side your weight transfer map overlay in one seamless display. With accuracy driving progress and comprehensive protection ensuring reliability, this Uneekor EYE XO2 package is an excellent choice.

    aG Curve Golf Simulator

    ag curve sim
    aG Curve Sim. Source

    aG’s Curve golf sim reshapes traditional boundaries through custom-tailored enclosures augmenting any hospitality venue. The Curve’s contoured screens cast an expanded peripheral view to amplify immersion while the adjustable enclosure footprint conforms to the most unique spaces.

    At the core, aG’s validated 3TRAK launch monitor solution uses high-speed cameras and sensors to accurately track both club and ball data like speed, launch angle and spin. Combined with high-density turf mats, it ensures precision and realism to rival the most advanced systems on the market. With over 90 included software courses and alternate sports like baseball available, the Curve will keep your clientele happy.

    For activities beyond swinging clubs, the 4K-ready projection system easily transitions into a private screening room at the touch of a button, thanks to integrated A/V equipment.


    • Fully customizable enclosure and screen design options
    • Fitting for unusually shaped hospitality spaces
    • Suite of golf and multi-sport simulation software
    • 4K home theater display support as well
    • Trusted 3TRAK sensors for accurate shot tracking


    • Multi-sport options less developed than core golf offering

    For resort owners pursuing that elusive “wow” factor to distinguish their property, the Curve encourages imagination without constraint. The simulator’s environments effortlessly transition from refining your swing to enjoying a film and more with curved style with a single button.

    Buying Guide – Factors to Consider in Golf Sims for Hotels and Resorts

    There are certain key factors to keep in mind while looking for a golf simulator for a hotel or resort. Let’s explore those one by one.

    Quality & Durability

    commercial golf simulators

    With the constant guest turnover expected at hotels and resorts, durability and reliability are paramount in a golf simulator system. Pay careful attention to construction quality—prioritizing metal over plastic housing, for example—as that generally correlates with equipment lifespan under regular use.

    Additionally, opt for top-of-the-line launch monitor technology and graphics engines that can withstand aggressive play while providing consistently accurate shot analysis and visualization.

    Higher price tags often accompany better quality in the simulator market, but that amplified initial investment translates to dramatically extended operational lifetimes compared to consumer-grade alternatives.

    For resort owners weighing expenses, reducing maintenance costs and total cost of ownership should be factored into purchase decisions rather than purely focusing on upfront pricing.

    Size and Space

    The appeal of golf simulators resides heavily in their immersive, exciting environments. But crafting those multi-sensory escapes requires adequate space, especially for larger player groups. Be sure to precisely measure the target installation spaces in the resort before evaluating products, referencing both width and depth specifications. Also, account for ancillary factors like lounge seating arranged behind the enclosure so onlookers can relax while awaiting for their turn.

    Ideally, the resort space also allows the configuration of both food and beverage stations nearby without congesting simulator access. If sizing permits, include a separate training area for guests to practice while games wrap up.

    For constrained areas, prioritize detachable screens that enable transforming simulator bays into event hosting when not in use.

    Tracking Technology and Mounting

    When installing simulator equipment, hotel owners must decide between in-ground and overhead tracking solutions. Ceiling-mounted launch monitors undoubtedly provide the most protection from wayward shots and reduce the need for adjustments between left and right-handed players.

    However, portable in-ground units offer more placement flexibility if space limitations arise. Their mobility also empowers relocation if the resort wants to periodically alternate the simulator location.

    Most resort configurations commonly opt for ceiling-mounts for safety, consistency and cleaner aesthetics. Still, make sure you notify sales representatives about any modularity or portability requirements upfront before finalizing a purchase.


    golf simulators for hotels and resort budget

    Be realistic about the expected revenue generation relative to the sizeable capital investment required. If possible, take advantage of financing programs spreading payments over months or years to ease initial cash flow burdens. Also, ask the vendors about budget-conscious bundles or discounted previous-year models with comparable performance.

    When projecting operational budgets, sufficiently account for ongoing expenses like software licenses, course access fees, maintenance contracts, and equipment replacements. While vital to guest experience, neglecting these recurring costs jeopardizes profitability.

    Optimally, the incremental income from simulator booking offsets these obligations; still, carefully model worst-case scenarios as well during planning.

    Software & Game Variety

    Arguably, the most vital component of modern golf simulators is the virtual experience rendered. With ultra-realistic software like HD Golf’s and TrackMan’s, guests feel truly transported onto legendary courses.

    Choose a simulator software that has immersive and realistic graphics to make the experience more enjoyable for your customers. Game modes, challenges and playable virtual courses should also be diversified to ensure clients are not bored and that they become returning customers.

    the golf club 2019

    More premium packages usually provide software with ongoing updates, upgrades and new content; they also offer multiplayer and online play. However, even more budget-friendly systems and software can still provide a lot of fun and variation. One great example is TGC2019, which has a huge course library of over 150,000 virtual courses faithfully recreated in stunning visual detail and graphics.

    Final Thoughts

    Implementing golf simulation at hotels, resorts and luxury apartments transcends amenities. It elevates the total guest experience by actualized exclusive escapes anytime. As highlighted through leading options, today’s golf simulator packages blend cutting-edge course realism, reliability and service essential for venues. They transport travelers to championship rounds globally with just a swing.

    Hotels must balance immersion, value and simplicity when selecting systems. This guide, including compiled pros and cons and knowledge of crucial factors, simplifies identifying solutions fitting various needs.

    As we conclude this guide on implementing golf simulation at hotels, resorts, and luxury apartments, it’s essential to consider how these systems can also enhance amenities in sports bars. For those specifically looking to cater to the needs of sports bar environments, we have a dedicated resource on golf simulators that are convenient for sports bars. This article delves into top-rated systems that excel in high-traffic bar settings, offering a blend of entertainment and realism.

    We hope we managed to simplify the task of choosing a commercial golf sim for your business and that now you can make the best choice for your needs and those of your clientele. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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