HD Golf Simulator Review and Analysis – 2023 Update

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Bottom Line

During our tests, the HD Golf Simulator impressed with its extensive data, real-time visual feedback, weight transfer and balancing statistics, and accuracy. It has been used and praised by top PGA Tour players like Bubba Watson. The simulator offers lifelike realism and a wide range of features, including multiplayer gaming modes and access to famous golf courses. With its high-quality software and customer support, the HD Golf Simulator is a top choice for golf enthusiasts. Keep reading for more details.

Since 2003, HD Golf has built and installed thousands of virtual golf simulators in over 50 countries, establishing itself as the World’s Most Amazing Golf Sim manufacturer. The company’s golf systems deliver visual on-demand golf, combining unmatched realism, accuracy, and long-term dependability, enhancing the entire experience for players.

Due to its technological leadership and rapid expansion, It is routinely chosen by top PGA Tour players, premium hotels & resorts, discriminating homeowners, and top-ranked golf clubs.

In this article, we’ve done a thorough HD Golf Simulator review, and we explored how it can improve your game. 

Keep reading for more!

hd golf simulator
HD Golf Simulator. Source

First Impressions 

The HD Golf Simulator is capable of almost everything that can be imagined. With its extensive data, real-time visual feedback, weight transfer and balance statistics, and powerful software, it is certain to please any user.

Some of the world’s finest golfers have also utilized HD Golf. This includes PGA Tour pro Bubba Watson, who considers it the most realistic simulator he’s ever used.

This system contains some of the most advanced, accurate and technologically advanced simulator components money can buy.

HD Golf Simulator Features Overview

High Definition Golf set a new benchmark for indoor golf accuracy and realism. Utilizing cutting-edge computer vision technology, the system provides the most exhaustive and accurate shot analysis in the market.

They also use a new 3D modeling technique. This groundbreaking method combines high-resolution digital photos, satellite data, and geophysical data to generate 3D models that are not only photorealistic but also accurately depict the actual courses.

Set Up and Use

High Definition Golf simulators are available in both “soft-wall” and “hard-wall” variants.

In “soft-wall” implementations, the retractable curtains allow the space to be utilized for various purposes. Also offered is a portable/temporary installation type with a framed enclosure and awning.

Installing HD Golf does not need sensors on the floors or walls or the creation of a subfloor. The frame/screen is self-supporting and attaches to the floor; no alterations to the walls or ceiling are necessary.

Additional “integrated” components for video swing analysis, swing dynamics (shaft flex), and weight transfer/balance are available.

Leading golf equipment manufacturers build and test their products using HD Golf measuring technology.

hd golf simulator package
HD Golf Simulator Features. Source

Parameters and Features

The HD Golf Simulator packages use Computer Vision Technology and high-speed cameras to provide detailed and highly accurate measurements of your club and ball data points.

Tracked metrics include the launch angle, ball speed, club head speed, distance, smash factor, impact angle, swing path, angle of attack, ball position, load factor, tempo, apex, etc.

It also features the following:

  • Overall Shaft Flex
  • Angle of Attack
  • Club Head Acceleration
  • Position of Maximum Clubhead Speed
  • Swing Tempo
  • Wrist Cock (side hinge)
  • Load Factor

Looks Real and Plays Real

HD Golf provides lifelike realism with unique and patent-protected image processing software. It incorporates High-Resolution Digital Imaging, Satellite, and Geophysical Data with 3D models to create a completely real golf setting.

Their renowned prestigious golf courses look and play the same as if you were visiting the course in person. To mimic the genuine course experience, every tree, bunker, and hazard has been carefully recreated.

An HD Golf Simulator is undoubtedly unmatched if you’re seeking a jaw-dropping experience and want to become a better golfer.

hd golf simulator features
HD Simulator Screen. Source

Simulator Screen

The golf courses and practice ranges may be projected into a life-size screen, with all relevant information, like the hole, distances, etc., displayed.


The device analyzes each shot a player executes on the simulator by measuring important input and ball data. At least four cameras are catching their swing. They examine spin, club head speed, launch angle, swing path, object contact (heel/toe), club face (open/closed), and smash factor.

The simulator’s Computer Vision Technology uses four high-speed cameras (at least) to record club and ball data in exquisite detail and accuracy. Measurements like the club face angle are exceedingly precise- to within 1/10 of a degree.

Multiplayer Gaming Modes

multiplayer gaming modes
Multiplayer Gaming Modes. Source

With various challenges and activities, including Long Drive, Darts, Closest-to-Pin, and Tic-Tac-Toe, HD Golf provides competition and game modes that your friends, coworkers, and family will enjoy. The games are simple to set up and play and suit all age categories. There is more than enough variety to satisfy everyone.

The HD Golf Multi-Sport provides access to more than 30 entertaining sports and games. Add multiplayer sports and activities, cheering spectators, and a theatrical stadium to your HD Golf Simulator easily. Offer fun and excitement when practicing, playing, and competing with family and friends.

There are also changeable difficulty settings so that everyone, ages 8 to 80, can enjoy the games.

In-Flight Tracking

HD Golf was one of the first companies in the golf and multi-sport simulator business to implement Computer Vision Technology. Their patent-protected intelligent cameras capture more accurate measurements than any other simulator provider and track movement across the whole playing field.

Their software processes these measurements in real-time and during the ball’s flight into visually realistic shot results that keep players coming back for more.


HD Golf offers a superb selection of renowned courses from across the globe for full golf course play.

Keep in mind that the visuals are of the highest caliber. HD Golf combines high-resolution photographs with geophysical and satellite data to generate a photorealistic, high-definition 3D model that is so crystal clear that you’ll feel you’re truly on the course. No other simulation comes close to the realism and immersion provided by HD Golf.

The golf course allows for simultaneous multiplayer.

The HD GOLF™ Software package includes:

  • Championship golf courses
  • Complete practice facilities
  • Competitions
  • Games such as Mini Putt, Tic Tac Toe, and many more
  • Advanced ball/club tracking and trajectory analysis
  • Player statistics
  • Equipment comparison (clubs/shafts/balls)
  • Club fitting
  • Tournaments

Launch Monitor Data are metrics characterizing the golf ball’s trajectory and the club head’s movement. The data may be further subdivided into speeds, spins, distances, angles, impact characteristics, and performance measurements such as dispersion.

Balance & Weight Transfer Analysis

High Definition Golf Weight Transfer/Balance Analysis offers instructors a complete set of balance data recorded during each stage of a student’s swing, including Balance, Weight Transfer, Center of Gravity, and Tempo.

Their Pressure Mat (with Sensor Technology from BodiTrak) gives you the best and most thorough analysis (based on 600 sensors) that identifies important pressure spots, enabling golfers to witness micro-movements that cannot be captured on camera.

This data is completely linked and synchronized with Video Swing Analysis, allowing you to assess your swing at any stage, including Address, Transition, and Impact. Just pause the video, and you’ll get all the important data related to that specific moment.

All information, including graphs and weight distribution patterns, is shown on the touch screen and the large screen for simple examination.

st andrews old course
St Andrews Old Course. Source

Available Courses

There are several famous golf courses in the world to see and play. You can experience them all with HD Golf without ever purchasing a plane ticket.

The assortment of golf simulator courses includes authentic Championship Courses from across the world. Muskoka Bay Resort in Canada is a colorful and rustic destination. Cape Kidnappers in New Zealand offers stunning views of the ocean. Discover the history of golf at the Old Course at St. Andrews.

The collection of HD Golf courses allows you to visit dozens of golf’s most renowned locales with picturesque landscapes. The simulator also provides information on golf simulator courses and how you may experience them for yourself.

The courses that are included are the following: 

  • Pebble Beach
  • St Andrews Old Course
  • Bethpage Black
  • Kiawah Island
  • Pinehurst No. 2
  • Torrey Pines
  • Medinah
  • Rich Harvest Farms
  • Doral Blue Monster
  • Troon North
  • Pacific Dunes
  • Karsten Creek
  • Harbour Town
  • Quail Hollow
  • French Lick
  • PGA National Golf Club
  • Bay Hill
  • Cabot Links
  • Wooden Sticks
  • Jasper Park Lodge
  • Princeville
  • Wolf Creek
  • Spyglass Hill
  • Spanish Bay
  • Nicklaus North
  • Banff Springs
  • St Andrews Castle
  • St Andrews Jubilee
  • Casa De Campo
  • Cabo Del Sol
hd multi sport
HD Multi-Sport. Source

The developers team is constantly working to improve the quality of the virtual courses, and new ones are added to extend the HD Golf course library.

HD Multi-Sport

Add HD Multi-Sport to your HD Golf Simulator with ease. It transforms your sim into a stadium with limitless game options and multiplayer fun. In addition to golf, other sports are included, like football, soccer, baseball, hockey, sport shooting, lacrosse, and dodgeball.

It is also the place for on-demand indoor sports, whether you’re an expert coach working with players or enjoying carefree fun with friends.

They make it simple for you to play and always add more sports to enjoy. Players like using authentic sporting equipment and the simulator’s remarkable realism. It’s an unparalleled on-demand athletic experience.


  • Indoors, in a controlled environment. No wind, rain, or freezing snow, and if it’s hot and muggy outdoors, there’s air conditioning!
  • Excellent instant feedback with every golf swing.
  • You can use all the clubs in your bag.
  • A simple approach to playing golf you’ve never played before.
  • Unparalleled realism and pinpoint accuracy.


  • You may hit a “bunker,” but escaping it is not equivalent to playing in the sand.
  • The price is too high for the majority of golfers.

HD Golf Support and Warranty

HD Golf provides 24/7 Customer Support and remote diagnostics. One phone call connects you with the team of engineers and technicians that planned, constructed, and installed your simulator. They will help you fix any issues you’re facing remotely.

Their proprietary and industry-first remote diagnostics grant the technicians fast access to your simulator upon your approval. The crew can connect through the internet to update software, add games, and diagnose and resolve any issue in real time.

The industry-leading 2-year warranty offered by HD Golf is more than just a warranty. It safeguards every part of the simulator and grants you free access to sports and games. With an active warranty, HD consumers enjoy a constant flow of “extras.” Extended warranties are also offered for a low recurring fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains common questions regarding HD Golf Simulator. 

What Space is Required for the HD Golf Simulator?

The HD Golf Simulator Entertainment Package can fit into the majority of places.

The absolute minimum space requirements for the two HD Golf packages are as follows:
– HD Golf Ultimate Entertainment Package: 16′ width x 22’6″ depth x 10′ ceiling height.
– HD Golf Ultimate Training Package: 15′ width x 20′ length x 10′ height.

Ensure you can comfortably swing your longest clubs in your selected place, as your swing may require ceilings higher than 10 feet. You may always position your golf simulator setup in a room or area that exceeds the minimum space requirements of 16′ width and 22′ 6″ length.

How Much Does an HD Golf Simulator Cost?

Starting at $50,000, HD golf simulators may cost as much as $70,000. In HD golf, courses and tournaments of international fame are accessible within this pricing range.
The Ultimate Entertainment Package is their pricier system, with a selling price of around $70,000. It includes multi-sport support.
The Ultimate Training Package is limited to golf practice, and is thus relatively less expensive; it costs around $56,500 (currently discounted- the Undiscounted price is $60,000).

How Does HD Golf Compare to Other Simulators

The price of HD Golf packages puts them in the category of premium golf sims and in direct competition with the industry’s leaders, including Trackman, Full Swing, Golfzon, etc.

HD Golf still stands out of the lot, thanks to the amount of innovation and creativity invested in the designs of their systems. Their accuracy is on par with the big names, but the visuals and graphics quality are clearly superior in HD Golf systems.

Also, HD Golf’s proprietary technologies place them ahead of the competition. For instance, the pressure-sensitive hitting mat allows the calculation of data related to stance and weight shifting.

Moreover, the Multi-Sport support means that the packages will be attractive for golfers and non-golfers alike; the entire family can find something to do with an HD Golf system. The huge enclosure can also double up as a home entertainment system to watch movies or play your favorite games on the huge display.

According to HD Golf [1], some professionals using HD Golf Simulator are US Open Champion Bryson Dechambeau and PGA Tour Pro Tommy Fleetwood. This indicates that the quality and accuracy of the systems is more than enough, even for the most demanding professional players.

HD Golf vs. Full Swing

full swing kit training golf simulator
Full Swing KIT Training Golf Simulator. Source

Full Swing is the golf simulator for information addicts; it delivers all the data necessary to enhance your game and gives you the finest opportunity to play like Tiger Woods.

The only simulator combines infrared lightwave technology with high-speed cameras to display your actual ball’s trajectory in real-time. With the proper 4K laser projector, this golf simulator can provide a very realistic experience. On the other hand,  HD Golf boasts its 3D golf course models (which are superior, in my opinion).

Full Swing Golf is one of the market’s leading providers of high-end golf simulators. There are Pro series and Sport series available.

Full Swing offers Pro Series Simulator starting at $54,900; the Sports Series feature Dual-Tracking Technology and start at $44,900; the Virtual Green simulator uses patented technology to change slope and undulation to mimic any putting contour in golf and has a starting price of $70,900. 

The world’s best golfers use the company’s products, which are renowned for their excellence. Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods are advocates for the simulators. However, the pricing range puts them among the most expensive golf simulators. Additionally, they provide fewer courses than some of the competitors.

HD Golf vs. aG (About Golf) Simulator

AG Golf Simulator
AG Golf Simulator. Source

The topography, trees, and greenery of aG’s golf courses exist in three dimensions similar to HD Golf. Their indoor golf simulators provide a true-to-life experience from the tee box to the green.

Prices for aG simulators range from $20,000 to $92,000. The aG Trainer’s high-end products include curved displays, several courses, and software. You see, it does come close to (or even exceeds) the price range of the HD Golf Simulator.  

aG provides an authentic golf experience with reputable golf courses, vivid visuals, data collecting throughout each stroke, and a custom-designed facility that will improve your game. No other golf game is as enjoyable for both professionals and novices.

There is a great deal of depth to the aboutGolf platform. Three video cameras capture the swing from behind, front and the side, while a pressure plate measures the weight distribution under the feet.

HD Golf vs. TrackMan

Trackman golf simulator
Trackman Golf Simulator. Source

Trackman has established itself as a leading brand in golf over the past decade. Their radar-based launch monitor is another excellent option for home simulator installations. 

Because Trackman uses radar to detect the golf ball, it requires a considerable amount of room. Trackman suggests up to nine feet behind the ball and fifteen feet in front of the player, for a total of twenty-four feet. Many golfers regard this as a deal-breaker.

The recommended room size is 15 by 25 feet, which is enormous! The HD Golf also has an enormous minimum space requirement of at least 16 by 22.6 feet. 

The launch monitor is equipped with dual radar technology, which allows the device to track simultaneously the clubhead and the ball. As a result, the Trackman can include a greater number of data points into its calculations and give you more precise information.

Without a doubt, the Trackman 4 is the most advanced launch monitor available. However, this results in a premium price, which is frequently out of reach for the typical golfer. Because of this, the Trackman 4 is more prevalent among golf simulator industry professionals than among recreational golfers. In the same manner, as the Foresight GCQuad, Trackman may be utilized outside of your setup and range.

Check out HD Golf if you have a large budget and a large area and want someone to come to your home and create the greatest simulator setup money can buy.

The HD Golf Ultimate Training Bundle has everything. For the sum of $56,400, you will receive everything imaginable. A more advanced HD Golf simulator package, HD Golf Simulator Ultimate Entertainment Package retails for a hefty price of $69,035. You’ll be sure to experience the top of the line golf simulator system. A crew will visit your home to construct a simulator that will make your friends drool.

Multiple cameras will record your swing and the ball’s flight. The simulator has a pressure-sensitive mat for monitoring weight transfer and balance. It also has the most expensive turf, projector, impact screen, and software available.

HD Golf Cheaper Alternatives

It is a given that the HD Golf Simulator experience comes with a hefty price, be sure to check out some cheaper alternatives below. 

Foresight Sports GCQuad SIG 12 Golf Simulator

foresight sports gcquad sig12
Foresight Sports GCQuad SIG12. Source

The Foresight Sports GCQuad SIG12 Bundle combines the GCQuad with the  SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure and is ideal for players seeking a superior full-screen simulation experience.

Your GCQuad SIG12 package has everything you need to improve your game, including real-time visual feedback and ball performance data with direct screen output.

Even though there are several famous brands in the premium golf simulator class, such as Trackman, Foresight Sports’ products are among the best simulators available. In contrast to Trackman, Foresight solutions provide dependable and precise data regardless of the size of your location.

The pricing of the Foresight Sports GCQuad SIG12 Golf Simulator is $21,499.99.

The SIG12 screen and enclosure complement the GCQuad wonderfully. The SIG12 display is able to endure repeated impacts from the most powerful golf strokes. Unlike other displays, the SIG12 was created such that the image fills the whole screen in Full HD for the best viewing experience.

When discussing the most dependable golf launch monitor, Foresight Sports GCQuad is the first name mentioned. And when Shop Indoor Golf combined GCQuad with a projector, enclosure, and extras like a hitting surface, landing pad, and ceiling mount, it became one of the finest golf simulators on the market.

FlightScope X3 SIG 10 Golf Simulator Package

flightscope x3 sig12 golf simulator
FlightScope X3 SIG12 Golf Simulator. Source

This golf simulator package is loaded with the FlightScope X3 Launch Monitor and the SIG10 Golf Simulator Enclosure and is ideal for golfers seeking a quality full-screen simulation experience.

The FlightScope X3 Launch Monitor combines 3D radar tracking and image processing for unparalleled data accuracy. The X3 offers you the tools you need to take your game to the next level.

Over 50 full-swing, chipping, and putting data characteristics can be measured with the X3. It employs the patent-protected Fusion Tracking technology, which combines 3D radar and image processing for extraordinary precision.

The cost of this package is $20,850.00.

The FlightScope X3 launch monitor is adaptable to every circumstance. It is extremely accurate. It allows you to account for the weather when collecting measurements. It is compatible with a wide selection of applications and golf simulator software, including E6 Connect, TGC2019, GSPro, Creative Golf 3D (& Golfissimo), and Awesome Golf.

The FlightScope X3 SIG10 golf simulator is constructed with only premium-grade materials. The impact screen can resist 250 mph ball impacts. For a true golfing experience, it gives real-time feedback from the data points collected at impact straight to the screen.

Where can I buy HD Golf’s simulators?

Both packages of HD Golf’s simulators are available exclusively at the Indoor Golf Shop. They are highly professional and provide excellent customer service and warranty. They are our recommended golf sim retailers.

To get the HD Golf Ultimate Entertainment Package, follow this link.

For the HD Golf Ultimate Training Package, click here.

As these are very expensive systems, you may want to consider paying over an extended period of time. Shop Indoor Golf provides financing plans with very low interest rates (as low as 0%). Make sure you check out their offers if you are interested.

If you are a business owner, then visit their Business Financing plans.

Final Verdict

HD Golf is the finest interactive golf simulator available for purchase. Incredible realism, precision, and usability provide an unparalleled experience: Play Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, or any one of dozens of other authentic Championship Courses. Their golf simulators are ideal for indoor golf centers, fitness complexes, and other facilities.

You may also put HD golf simulators in your house, business, hotel, resort, or e-sports bar to play golf virtually. Whether you’re looking for an HD golf simulator for your home, company, or recreation center, this golf experience ensures fun and excitement for all ages. Explore HD Golf now to learn more about the great experiences awaiting you!


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