8 Best Virtual Reality Golf Games – Tested & Reviewed

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Bottom Line

Our top pick for the Best Virtual Reality Golf Game is The Golf Club VR due to its hyper-realistic graphics, physics engine that mirrors real-life ball behavior, and an impressive catalog of over 100,000 courses. While it poses a challenge that requires practice to master due to its advanced physics, the depth and addictive gameplay offer an unparalleled immersive solo VR golfing experience, even though it currently lacks multiplayer options.

With virtual reality technology enhancing gaming experiences, new opportunities emerge for golf enthusiasts. Lifelike simulations now allow players to practice drives, chips, and putts through immersive VR worlds. For novice and seasoned golfers alike, these realistic environments build skills in engaging ways.

We have compiled our top VR golf titles based on realism, gameplay, challenge, and overall enjoyment. These games showcase the expansive potential of the medium. Quality VR golf offers dynamic options for golfers craving a high score or seeking to improve for their next round.

In the following article, we will showcase Virtual Reality Fairways’ standout VR golf games, including classics as well as new releases so that readers can discover which titles best fit their needs and interests.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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What is Virtual Reality? And What Do You Need To Enjoy VR Golf?

Virtual reality (VR) refers to computer-generated simulations of three-dimensional environments that users can interact with in realistic and immersive ways using specialized electronic equipment.

Unlike traditional video games displayed on flat screens, VR uses stereoscopic displays and motion tracking to make users feel like they are present inside the simulated 3D worlds.

For VR golf specifically, specialized motion-tracked controllers improve the simulation experience by letting players swing virtual golf clubs that feel natural in their hands. So by acquiring a headset, controllers, and capable computer system, you can enjoy highly immersive rounds of golf in elaborately rendered VR worlds.

To enjoy virtual reality golf, you need the following:

  • a compatible VR headset such as an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, which provides 3D stereoscopic visuals and head tracking technology that makes looking around the VR golf course feel natural.
  • You also need a sufficiently powerful computer (or console) capable of rendering complex graphical environments without performance issues. The unit connects to the headset to generate the VR visuals and sync them to your head movements.
  • Handheld motion controllers mimic golf clubs, allowing you to swing your virtual club by swinging the controller.

With quality VR equipment, virtual reality golf offers an extraordinarily realistic and engaging golf simulation experience not possible with traditional games. The sense of presence on an immersive simulated golf course makes VR golf a must-try for golf enthusiasts.

An Overview of the Main Virtual Reality Platforms Available Today

There are currently three major virtual reality platforms that offer VR golf games – the Oculus platform from Meta, SteamVR and Sony’s Play Station VR.


The Oculus platform utilizes the Oculus Quest headsets to deliver a completely standalone wireless VR experience, without the need for an external computer or wires. To play VR golf titles like Golf+ or Everyday Golf VR on Oculus Quest, you just need the headset itself and Oculus Touch controllers.

The headset has integrated displays, sensors and computing power built-in, providing 6 degrees of freedom tracking for an immersive room-scale VR experience. The Oculus Touch controllers act as your golf clubs. With everything self-contained in the wireless headset, Oculus Quest allows playing VR golf anywhere.

The latest version of the platform to date is the Oculus Quest 3.

Steam VR

SteamVR headsets like the HTC Vive, Valve Index or Windows Mixed Reality headsets do require a high-end gaming PC to connect to. The PC handles rendering the graphics while the headsets focus on display and tracking. SteamVR headsets typically offer better graphics, wider play areas and more precise tracking than standalone options. But you must connect them with several cables to a VR ready desktop or laptop to play games.

On the SteamVR platform, golf titles like The Golf Club VR and Everyday Golf VR offer realistic simulations where you swing physical controllers armed with tracking sensors to hit the ball. The benefit is highly immersive VR environments powered by your PC’s performance.

Play Station VR

Sony also offers a popular virtual reality gaming system with its PlayStation VR (PS VR) headset. The Sony PS VR operates differently from standalone headsets like the Oculus Quest or PC-powered systems like the Valve Index.

The PlayStation VR is designed specifically for use with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 gaming consoles. Rather than having onboard computing hardware or connecting to a gaming PC, the PSVR headset plugs directly into a PS4 or PS5 via USB and HDMI cables. This allows the PlayStation console to handle rendering the VR visuals which are then displayed on the PSVR headset’s screen.

The PSVR also uses the PlayStation Camera accessory to track both head movements and PlayStation Move motion controllers. For VR golf games, you swing the Move controllers to hit the ball, just as you would swing regular golf clubs. Top golf titles on PSVR include Hot Shots Golf VR and The Golf Club VR (both reviewed here).

Our Top Virtual Reality Golf Games Picks Of 2024

Based on our own testing and experience, these are our top VR golf games you can play today. These provide different experiences from the fun-oriented experience best for quality time with friends and family to the more serious and graphically immersive one needed by enthusiasts. The picks also vary in price, as you can get a VR game anywhere between $9 and around $90.

    The Golf Club VR

    the golf club vr
    HB Studios. Source

    The Golf Club VR offers one of the most realistic and immersive golf experiences in virtual reality. With over 100,000 courses to choose from, created by the developers or user-generated, you’ll never run out of new layouts to explore. The moment you put on your VR headset, you’ll be transported onto stunning, photo-realistic courses with lush vegetation, rolling hills, and crystal-clear water hazards.

    Every detail contributes to making you feel like you’re truly outdoors on an expertly manicured golf course. The advanced physics engine ensures that shots behave exactly as they would in real life, bending and curving properly based on your club selection, swing plane, and impact point on the ball. This level of accuracy takes some practice to master, but learning to shape precise shots around trees and doglegs is incredibly rewarding.

    While The Golf Club VR offers limitless solo play, one drawback is the lack of multiplayer and social functions at this time. You won’t be able to tee it up with friends or join tournaments to test your skills against others. However, even playing solo, the remarkable course variety, realism and VR immersion will keep you coming back.


    • Hyper-realistic graphics and physics
    • 100,000+ courses to explore
    • Accurate club and ball behavior
    • Addictive, rewarding gameplay
    • Limitless variety for solo play


    • No multiplayer options currently
    • Physics takes practice to master

    For golf fans seeking the ultimate virtual reality experience, The Golf Club VR is our top recommended choice. With unmatched realism, endless replayability and the ability to lose yourself completely in majestic courses, this is the definitive VR golf game.

    Electronic Arts’ PGA Tour

    pga tour ea sports
    PGA Tour. Source

    As an officially licensed PGA Tour game, EA Sports’ latest virtual reality golf title authentically replicates championship experiences. Crisp visuals powered by Frostbite technology recreate tour staples like Augusta National and Pebble Beach down to the vivid greenside details. Signature holes challenge players with sloping lies and deep bunkers before tracking statistics through a robust career mode. Budding tour pros can also customize equipment and unlock cosmetics during the quest for major glory.

    While some golf simulations lean more arcade-like with boosted drives and easy putts, PGA Tour impresses purists with its dedication to realism. Powered by ShotLink data, the game’s Pure Strike mechanic ensures proper club dynamics, ball flights, and outcome reliability from all lies. So rather than artificially low scores, players must execute finesse chips, confident flop shots, and perfectly aligned putts to excel. Developing mastery here helps amateurs visualize and internalize proper technique.

    Supplementing the solo campaign, daily online events keep gameplay fresh with new rivals and leaderboards. Dynamic pin positions and changing weather continuously alter familiar courses to prevent repetitive rounds. Players also appreciate the quick resume features when time runs short. However, the title’s sprawling file size may preclude installation for players with storage limitations.


    • Accurately simulates PGA Tour courses & mechanics
    • Robust career mode with cosmetic unlocks
    • Pure Strike physics for reliable club & ball physics
    • Daily online events with fresh pin locations
    • Visuals powered by Frostbite technology


    • Large file size requirement
    • Steep learning curve for beginners

    Thanks to comprehensive details and reliable gameplay, PGA Tour belongs in every virtual reality golf fan’s library. Both veterans and newcomers can appreciate the title’s commitment to professional tournament standards.

    Golf 5 eClub

    golf 5 e club
    Golf5. Source

    Golf 5 E Club is a virtual reality golf game that offers an immersive and realistic experience. With multiple gameplay modes like a full 18-hole course, driving range, putting green, and mini-golf, this title provides ample opportunities to practice your skills or enjoy a casual game with friends.

    When playing on the Dunes course, you can feel as if you are truly on outdoor links. The physics engine accurately simulates the flight and roll of real golf shots. As a result, you must carefully consider elements like wind, elevation changes, and green speeds just as you would on an actual course. The graphics and terrain also match what you might see on a seaside track. Ultimately, the simulation is so authentic that closing your eyes makes it easy to forget you have a VR headset on.

    The training features also shine with accurate ball behavior. Perfect your drives on the expansive virtual range before taking them onto the course. And be ready for a challenge when putting as the greens run fast. The mini-golf option even makes Golf 5 E Club a family-friendly title.


    • Immersive course simulation
    • Realistic ball physics
    • Driving range for practice
    • Family-friendly mini-golf
    • Visually appealing graphics


    • Only one course option
    • Fast putting greens

    For golf fans seeking a visually pleasing VR experience and multiple game modes to enjoy alone or with their family and friends, Golf5 eClub is a great choice. You will have a lot of fun playing this VR golf game. We hope more 18-hole courses will be added in the future, as this will make this game even more appealing.

    Walkabout Mini Golf VR

    walkabout mini golf vr
    Mighty Coconut. Source

    For a refreshingly unique take on virtual reality golf, look no further than Walkabout Mini Golf. This game transports you into a vibrant, miniature golf world filled with traps, tunnels, teleporters, and other creative obstacles between you and the hole.

    The courses impress with their eye-catching themes and elaborate layouts – from pirates to dinosaurs to mystical forest creatures. Combined with silky smooth VR movement and physics that behave exactly as you’d expect when putting, it’s easy to lose yourself completely in these clever designs for hours on end.

    A driving range and practice green let you have practice shots before tackling the courses themselves. While there are special balls and clubs to discover across environments, the satisfaction comes from navigating holes in as few strokes as possible. This engrossing challenge system gives Walkabout excellent replay value.

    Playing against real human opponents locally or via online cross-platform multiplayer makes for exciting competitions. But even solo, this game impresses with plenty to experience across continually expanding environments.


    • Cleverly designed novelty courses
    • Realistic ball and club physics
    • Practice area to hone techniques
    • Cross-platform online multiplayer
    • Tons of discoverable collectibles


    • Not a simulation of real golf
    • Focus is on putting over other shots

    For a mini golf game that delights across countless creative holes, Walkabout Mini Golf is a hole-in-one. With multiplayer support, unlockables and smooth VR implementation, it’s easy to spend hours in these bright and joyful environments.

    Sony Hot Shots Golf (Play Station)

    hot shots golf
    Sony Interactive Entertainment. Source

    Hot Shots Golf by Sony offers a stellar virtual reality golfing experience as one of the best options for VR golf games. With realistic 3D graphics and full motion control support, Hot Shots Golf immediately transports you onto beautifully rendered courses. Once there, you have complete command over your golfer’s swings thanks to precise PlayStation Move integration. Lining up putts and drives feels intuitive, allowing you to focus on skill rather than controls. And the graphics engine renders these swings smoothly, maintaining immersion throughout matches.

    In terms of game modes and customization, Hot Shots Golf shines as well. You can take on tournaments against computer or human opponents, with plenty of courses to master. The creative options for customizing your golfer’s looks also make the game more personal. And for anyone needing help with the basics, there is an in-depth tutorial mode on hand.

    When judging Hot Shots Golf strictly on being an interactive, virtual reality golf simulator, it checks all the boxes. The graphics, control precision, and wealth of options come together into a package perfect for PS VR owners. It captures an authentic golf experience better than any other VR golf offering. You feel fully transported onto the virtual courses, wth the ability to dictate precise swings with motion controllers. In this department alone, Hot Shots Golf has no equal among VR golf titles.


    • Realistic 3D graphics with stunning course visuals
    • Full motion control integration for immersive swings
    • Numerous game modes against computer or friends
    • Deep character and course customization
    • Helpful tutorials for mastering controls


    • Can take time to adjust to motion controls
    • Course variety less than traditional Hot Shots games

    For PlayStation VR golf fans, Hot Shots Golf should be the top choice. No other VR golf offering can match its blend of control, customization, and impressive visual flair. Stepping onto the virtual courses feels like you are there owing to the realistic graphics and motion integration. Ultimately Hot Shots Golf delivers an authentic and highly polished golf experience that immerses you into its vibrant world.

    Cloudlands: VR Minigolf

    cloudlands vr minigolf
    Futuretown. Source

    Our next pick – Cloudlands: VR Minigolf delivers an exceptionally realistic and immersive virtual reality mini golf experience. With beautifully designed courses spanning across three picturesque seasons, it transports you to fantastical islands in the sky. The innovative control system maps your real-life movements to the in-game club and ball for intuitive 1:1 interaction. Once you get a feel for the natural physics, your skills translate directly into the game.

    The base package includes 18 skill-testing holes with bridges, cannons, spinning wheels, and multi-island challenges. Compete on global leaderboards or go head-to-head with friends in 4-player online and local multiplayer. The unlimited user-generated content adds tremendous replay value, letting you design imaginative new holes or download endless community creations.

    As one of the best VR golf titles, Cloudlands stands out for its stunning environments, smart course design, and seamless controls. The physics takes some adjustment from traditional golf games but ultimately flows smoothly. With enjoyable gameplay modes and unlimited content, it engages players of all skill levels.


    • Stunningly realistic VR graphics and physics
    • Intuitive 1:1 motion controls
    • 18 holes with seasonal themes and challenges
    • Multiplayer for up to 4 players locally and online
    • Unlimited user-generated holes and courses


    • Base package only has 1 course

    For VR golf fans, Cloudlands is easily an excellent choice. The smart design, natural interactions, and endless content make hitting the greens endlessly enjoyable. It sets the bar for immersive, social, and accessible virtual golf.


    Golf Plus VR. Source

    Next on our list, Golf+ delivers a very authentic and enjoyable VR golf experience. Immediately, you’ll notice the impressive visual fidelity as you step onto photorealistic recreations of legendary layouts like Pebble Beach. Smooth tracking and natural motion capture make each swing feel genuine. The Callaway clubs in the game function precisely like their real-world counterparts, enabling you to shape a variety of shots just as you would outdoors.

    While the courses alone provide exceptional gameplay, Golf+ shines thanks to its variety of additional modes. Compete on global leaderboards, join a club to take on rivals, or meet new playing partners through online matchmaking. When you need a quick golf fix, games like Target Golf and Mini Golf offer casual fun. And for new golfers, the driving range and putting green help develop your skills.


    • Incredibly realistic simulation of world-famous golf courses
    • Fluid swing tracking and Callaway club integration
    • Multiplayer modes, leaderboards, clubs, and weekly events
    • Relaxed games like Target Golf and Mini Golf
    • Practice area to develop your technique


    • Graphically demanding, requiring a capable gaming PC
    • Requires large open space for room-scale VR

    For any golfer seeking the most realistic and engaging VR golf experience, Golf+ is an excellent contender. Its unparalleled course quality, balanced game modes, and smoothly integrated multiplayer make every round immensely enjoyable. I enthusiastically recommend Golf+ as one of the best virtual reality golf games available today.

    Golf It!

    golf it
    Perfuse Entertainment. Source

    Golf It! delivers a one-of-a-kind mini-golf experience focused heavily on social play. With eight diverse courses, thousands of player-created maps, and customizable avatars, it offers endless content for you and your friends. The comprehensive editor provides all the tools to design imaginative holes shaped by your creativity. Whether going solo or playing with a large group, Golf It! guarantees a thrilling, lighthearted golfing adventure.

    The selection of wacky-themed courses sets this game apart from traditional golf titles. Each level incorporates unique mechanics into the classic mini-golf formula, including pirate coves, alien planets, etc. Alongside the seasonal leaderboards, these courses provide replayability even after you’ve mastered them. But the real star is the community workshop, packed with thousands of player-made holes reaching new levels of creativity.

    As a definitive social experience, Golf It! shines when playing with others. Matches can include up to 32 simultaneous players for chaotic fun. The goofy avatars, emotes, and ability to hit other players only add to the laughter. Local multiplayer requires just one VR device, increasing accessibility.


    • Zany theme park-style courses
    • Thousands of player-created holes
    • 32-player online multiplayer
    • Customizable avatars and cosmetics
    • Accessible local co-op mode


    • Graphics and UI feel dated
    • Steep learning curve
    • Limited tutorials for new players

    For a refreshing take on mini golf, Golf It! delivers endless creative courses alongside pure social fun. The wacky experience stands out from traditional golf simulations while bringing out your silliest side. Grab some friends and let the laughter tee off.

    Final Thoughts

    Virtual reality golf games provide enthusiasts with immersive and enjoyable practice environments. The titles covered here offer realistic simulations where you can work on everything from your short game to long drives. These virtual reality experiences let you have fun while improving your techniques.

    Their rich simulations and variety of gameplay modes in VR titles ensure there are always new skills to build and new holes to conquer. As technology continues advancing, we can expect even more lifelike and engaging golf games.

    Additionally, for those who wish to take their golfing experience beyond the realm of virtual reality and into a comprehensive home-based practice setup, finding a reliable simulator is key. We’ve assessed various options to present you with the top golf simulator systems, helping you create the perfect indoor golf environment to enjoy all year round.

    We welcome you to share your own VR golf experiences below. Which games or features stood out to you? Are there any courses or gameplay elements you would like to see in the future? Please let us know in the comments section below.

    Thanks for reading!


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