8 Best Overhead Launch Monitors of 2024 – Tests, Reviews & Guide

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Bottom Line

Our top pick for the Best Overhead Launch Monitor is the Trackman iO. With its cutting-edge Optically Enhanced Radar Tracking technology and high-speed cameras for unmatched accuracy, access to numerous features like virtual courses and games, and an embedded infrared light system for easy setup, the Trackman iO delivers an exceptional indoor golf experience.

Overhead launch monitors have revolutionized the way players analyze and improve their game. They offer a cleaner practice area, with everything attached to the ceiling.

As the demand for these tools continues to grow, so does the number of options available on the market, which complicates the task of finding the best overhead launch monitor on the market.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to test and review the top models of 2024, bringing you an in-depth look at their features, performance and value. We’ll showcase the best overhead launch monitors and provide a detailed buyer’s guide to help you make the best decision.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our Top Picks for Overhead Golf Launch Monitors

We tested numerous overhead monitors and came up with a list with the best 8 options you can get in 2024. Our picks include premium options as well as more affordable ones (and anything in between) so that you can find one that fits your budget.

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

    Trackman IO

    trackman io launch monitor

    The Trackman iO Launch Monitor is an excellent overhead launch monitor that’s set to elevate your indoor golf experience. With its cutting-edge technology and precision tracking, the Trackman iO is our top recommendation.

    The Optically Enhanced Radar Tracking (OERT) system, which combines radar, infrared and high-speed camera technologies, delivers unparalleled accuracy in ball data. The dual high-speed camera system, capable of capturing up to 4,600 frames per second, ensures that every shot is analyzed with precision. Additionally, the embedded infrared light system eliminates the need for external lighting, making setup a breeze.

    The Trackman iO offers a comprehensive performance studio, packed with features such as full 18-hole world-class golf courses, driving ranges, target practice, on-course practice, tournaments, online play, and impact video. You can immerse yourself in iconic courses like St. Andrews, Valderrama and PGA National, all rendered and mapped to perfection using drone flyovers.

    With the Home Complete Solution, you gain access to an extensive library of over 270 courses and all available games, along with ball data and complete club data. The first year of the software subscription is included with your purchase, ensuring you have everything you need to become a better golfer.

    Setting up and using the Trackman iO is hassle-free, as it doesn’t require any ball or club markings. Also, there are no minimum room dimensions or distance requirements, making it suitable for a wide range of spaces. All you need is enough room to swing your clubs comfortably.


    • Unmatched accuracy with OERT technology
    • No ball or club markings required
    • Access to a vast library of courses and features
    • High-speed camera system for precise shot analysis
    • Embedded infrared light system for easy setup


    • Requires a powerful PC setup for optimal performance
    • Very expensive

    Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a passionate amateur, the Trackman iO Launch Monitor is an outstanding choice for enhancing your indoor golf experience. With its precision tracking, immersive gameplay and user-friendly setup, it’s no wonder the Trackman iO is considered one of the best overhead golf launch monitors on the market today.

    Foresight Sports GCHawk

    foresight sports gchawk™ launch monitor

    The Foresight Sports GCHawk sets a new standard for overhead launch monitors, delivering unparalleled accuracy and seamless integration into any golf simulator setup. Utilizing advanced quadrascopic camera technology and infrared object tracking, the GCHawk precisely measures an array of ball and club data parameters, rivaling the performance of its portable counterpart, the GCQuad.

    The GCHawk has the ability to effortlessly accommodate both right and left-handed golfers without any manual adjustments. The sleek, ceiling-mounted design allows for a clutter-free hitting area, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial golf simulator environments.

    While the GCHawk’s installation process may require professional assistance to ensure proper mounting and calibration, the end result is a reliable and consistent tracking experience. The fixed overhead position minimizes the risk of alignment issues, giving the GCHawk an edge in terms of reliability compared to portable launch monitors.

    Compatibility is another area where the GCHawk excels, seamlessly integrating with Foresight Sports’ FSX software suite, including FSX 2020 and FSX Play. These software options provide an immersive experience with realistic course play, practice ranges and online competition. Additionally, the GCHawk supports third-party software integrations such as E6 CONNECT, GSPro, Awesome Golf, Creative Golf, and Swing Catalyst, offering a wide range of simulation and analysis options.

    Beyond golf, the GCHawk showcases its versatility with multi-sport capabilities, currently focusing on soccer simulation through the Skill Drill software. This add-on feature allows you to engage in various soccer training games and drills, adding an extra dimension of entertainment to the GCHawk experience.


    • Unmatched accuracy in ball and club data measurement
    • Seamless integration into golf simulator setups
    • Effortless accommodation of right and left-handed golfers
    • Wide compatibility with Foresight Sports and third-party software
    • Multi-sport capability with soccer simulation


    • Much higher price point compared to the GCQuad
    • Professional installation recommended for optimal performance

    Foresight Sports’ GCHawk is a premium overhead launch monitor that delivers exceptional accuracy and versatile features. While its premium price tag may be a consideration for most golfers, the GCHawk’s reliable performance and compatibility with a wide range of software make it a compelling choice for serious golfers and golf simulator enthusiasts.

    Foresight Sports Falcon

    foresight sports falcon launch monitor

    Foresight Sports has done it again with the Falcon Golf Overhead Launch Monitor, which brings professional-grade performance to your personal golf setup. Built on the same photometric technology as the renowned GCHawk (reviewed above), the Falcon delivers pinpoint precision and comprehensive data analysis in a sleek, compact design.

    The Falcon’s Quadrascopic High-Speed Camera System captures an impressive number of ball and club data points, providing valuable insights to refine your technique and understand your game on a deeper level. With metrics like ball speed, launch angles, spin, carry distance, club head speed, angle of attack, and more, you’ll have access to the same level of detail that pros rely on to perfect their swing.

    The automatic latching ceiling mount ensures a secure and stable setup, while the compact size (43″ long) and reasonable weight (26lbs) make it a practical choice for both commercial and residential settings.

    The Falcon comes loaded with an impressive suite of software, including 25 courses, FSX Pro Performance Software, Foresight Fairgrounds & Awesome Golf Lifetime Membership, FSX Play Software, FSX 2020 Software, and Clubhead Measurement. This comprehensive package ensures that you’ll have access to a wide range of virtual experiences and training tools to keep you engaged and motivated.


    • Advanced photometric technology for unmatched precision
    • Comprehensive ball and club data analysis
    • Sleek, compact design for easy installation
    • Impressive suite of software and virtual courses
    • Automatic latching ceiling mount for secure setup


    • High price point (but still cheaper than the GCHawk)
    • Not multi-sport capable, limiting versatility

    The Foresight Falcon Golf Overhead Launch Monitor is a powerful device that offers the tools and insights you need to improve your game. With its advanced technology, comprehensive data analysis and user-friendly design, the Falcon is a worthwhile investment for those committed to unlocking their full potential on the course.

    Uneekor EYE XO2

    uneekor eye xo2 launch monitor

    The Uneekor EYE XO2 packs impressive features designed to enhance your practice sessions. With its trio of high-speed infrared cameras, the XO2 meticulously captures ball and club data, providing precise metrics to analyze your swing and pinpoint areas for improvement.

    One cool included feature is the Performance Optix Package, which includes two additional swing cameras and a balance mat. This allows you to review your swing from multiple angles and track weight distribution throughout – invaluable for developing a powerful, controlled swing. The XO2’s larger hitting area over its predecessor (28″ x 21″) and ability to set up multiple hitting zones further enhance its versatility.

    Integrating seamlessly with top simulation software like The Golf Club 2019 and E6 Connect, the XO2 transports you to renowned courses worldwide. You can tee off at over 150,000 courses in TGC 2019, complete with realistic physics and stunning visuals, or challenge your golf buddies to a round at one of E6 Connect’s meticulously rendered real-world courses.

    Uneekor’s proprietary software suite is equally impressive, offering slow-motion swing analysis, club-fitting data and a wealth of training aids to help you perfect your game.

    As an overhead launch monitor, the XO2 offers several advantages over portable alternatives. Its fixed placement ensures consistent calibration and accommodates both left and right-handed golfers with ease. The weather-resistant construction also makes it suitable for garage setups.


    • Highly accurate ball and club data
    • Includes Performance Optix Package (swing cameras, balance mat)
    • Integrates with top simulation software
    • Versatile hitting area with multiple zones
    • Weather-resistant for garage use


    • Requires minimum 9′ ceiling height
    • Higher price point than some alternatives

    While the Uneekor EYE XO2 commands a premium price, its advanced features and expansive capabilities justify the investment for serious golf enthusiasts. With its cutting-edge camera system, in-depth data analysis and immersive simulation options, the XO2 is a top contender in the overhead launch monitor market.

    Please note that the Uneekor EYE XO is another great option that was not included since the EYE XO2 is an upgrade. However, if you are budget-conscious, then going with the original EYE XO is still a great choice. You won’t be losing much in terms of performance, but you can save around $5,000.

    Trugolf Apogee

    trugolf apogee launch monitor

    The APOGEE’s camera-based system, powered by the innovative “Instant Impact” algorithms, provides accurate and instantaneous data without the need for marked balls or club stickers. This convenience factor is a significant advantage, as it allows for a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

    The inclusion of the E6 Connect software with a 27-course license and a 1-year expanded subscription is another notable feature. While the APOGEE is currently limited to working with E6 Connect, the software itself offers an impressive library of courses, practice ranges and game modes to keep you engaged and challenged. It is one of the best golf simulation software available today.

    One aspect that sets the APOGEE apart is its user-friendly features, such as the APOGEE Control Center (ACC) and the Laser Indicator. The ACC provides easy device management tools, while the Laser Indicator projects a clear “Tee Box” to ensure proper ball placement. These features streamline the process and minimize distractions, allowing you to focus on your swing and technique.

    The APOGEE’s voice command functionality is another impressive function, enabling you to navigate gameplay settings hands-free. This innovation adds a level of convenience and efficiency to your practice sessions, as you can make adjustments without interrupting your flow.

    When it comes to space requirements, the APOGEE’s mounting position is closer to the hitting area compared to some of its competitors, such as the Uneekor EYE XO. This compact design makes it a viable option for those with limited space in their home or studio setup.


    • Accurate, instantaneous data without marked balls or stickers
    • User-friendly features like ACC and Laser Indicator
    • Voice command functionality for hands-free adjustments
    • Compact design suitable for limited space setups
    • Comprehensive E6 Connect software with numerous courses and modes


    • Limited to working with E6 Connect software

    The TruGolf APOGEE launch monitor is a high-end, feature-rich option for serious golfers seeking a comprehensive simulation experience. While it is currently limited to the E6 Connect software, its user-friendly features, accurate data capture and compact design make it a great ceiling-mounted launch monitor.

    ProTee VX

    protee vx monitor

    The ProTee VX Launch Monitor, a highly anticipated release in 2023, is a relatively more budget-friendly option that still offers impressive features and the potential to revolutionize golf simulators.

    The ProTee VX’s dual high-speed camera system accurately measures both club and ball data. This ceiling-mounted device accommodates both right and left-handed golfers, eliminating the need for constant recalibration. The generous 25″ x 21″ hitting zone ensures a more enjoyable experience for all players.

    The ProTee VX comes equipped with the user-friendly ProTee Play software, displaying comprehensive data on ball, club and flight metrics. Real-time video replays of club-at-impact and ball spin allow for immediate swing analysis and adjustments. Leveraging AI and machine learning, the software swiftly projects data, enabling players to fine-tune their technique without delay.


    • Dual high-speed cameras for accurate data tracking
    • Accommodates both right and left-handed golfers
    • User-friendly software with real-time data analysis
    • AI and machine learning for swift data projection
    • Compatible with The Golf Club 2019 software


    • Nothing we could think of

    The ProTee VX Launch Monitor is a technologically advanced and highly promising addition to the world of launch monitors/simulators. With its comprehensive data tracking, user-friendly interface and compatibility with popular software, it offers a powerful tool with great potential for improvement and enhanced enjoyment of the sport.

    Uneekor QED

    uneekor qed launch monitor

    The Uneekor QED boasts many impressive features, starting with its dual high-speed camera technology. Operating at a blistering 3000 frames per second, these cameras capture every nuance of your swing, from club path to ball flight. This level of precision is essential to fine-tune your technique and make data-driven improvements.

    The QED’s photometric technology directly reads both ball and club data through advanced sensors. This translates to superior accuracy compared to other sensor-based systems on the market. You can trust that the numbers you see on the screen are a true reflection of your performance.

    Unlike ground-based launch monitors that require manual repositioning for left and right-handed golfers, the QED’s overhead placement allows for easy switching between players. This is a huge plus for those who frequently practice with friends or family members of varying handedness.

    In terms of data output, the QED provides plenty of ball and club data points, including carry distance, total distance, launch angle, ball speed, spin rates, smash factor, club path, and more. This comprehensive data set empowers you to analyze every aspect of your swing and make targeted improvements.

    The Swing Optix feature is another notable highlight, offering real-time swing motion analysis with replay, drawing and analytic functions. Compatible with third-party cameras, this tool allows for detailed frame-by-frame analysis of your swing from multiple angles. It’s like having a virtual coach by your side, helping you identify and correct any flaws in your technique.

    When it comes to software, the Uneekor QED offers a range of options to suit different budgets and needs. The Player, Pro and Champion packages come with varying levels of features and capabilities, ensuring that there’s a suitable option for every type of golfer. The QED Ignite + TGC 2019 software combo is particularly noteworthy, granting access to over 100,000 courses and a thriving online community for global competition.


    • Highly accurate dual high-speed camera technology
    • Photometric sensors for precise ball and club data
    • Ceiling-mounted design for easy left/right-handed use
    • Comprehensive data output for targeted improvement
    • Swing Optix feature for detailed swing analysis


    • Requires marked balls for optimal performance

    Uneekor’s QED launch monitor offers an immersive and insightful practice experience with its advanced technology, user-friendly design and robust feature set. Its uncompromising accuracy and versatility make it a winning investment for those committed to mastering the art of golf.


    nvisage launch monitor

    The NVISAGE N1 is the most budget-friendly overhead launch monitor. With its compact design, it brings the benefits of professional-grade technology to the average golfer looking to improve their game.

    The dual high-speed cameras of the N1 capture precise ball data from multiple angles, ensuring a comprehensive analysis of your performance. The advanced PhysX 6D Physics Engine also contributes to the accuracy and realism of the feedback you receive.

    Another advantage of the N1 is its compatibility with third-party golf analysis and simulation software. This flexibility allows you to choose the software that best suits your needs and preferences, whether it’s GSPro for its realistic graphics and online community or E6 Connect for its versatility in teaching, training and entertainment.

    The overhead mounting of the N1 is a significant benefit for those with limited space. It stays out of the way of swinging clubs and stray shots, allowing for uninterrupted practice sessions. The generous 24-inch by 20-inch hitting area also contributes to the ease of use and mounting flexibility.


    • Affordable overhead launch monitor
    • Dual high-speed cameras for accurate data
    • Compatible with third-party software
    • Generous hitting area for ease of use
    • Compact design for mounting flexibility


    • Requires specifically designed marked balls
    • Not compatible with Apple iOS or Mac OS

    The NVISAGE N1 Launch Monitor offers some great features at a price point that makes it accessible to a wider range of golfers. Its accurate feedback, compatibility with popular software and space-saving design make it a compelling choice for those looking to invest in their game without breaking the bank.

    Buying Guide – Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing an Overhead Launch Monitor

    Overhead launch monitors are usually more expensive than other portable options, with the cheapest offerings costing around $5,000 and premium units with all the bells and whistles costing over $34,000. That’s why it’s important to choose wisely.

    The following are some crucial factors you have to keep in mind while choosing a ceiling-mounted unit so that you can make the best choice for your budget and needs:

    falcon golf overhead launch monitor

    Ease of Installation and Setup

    One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an overhead launch monitor is the ease of installation and setup. A user-friendly system can save you time, frustration and potential installation costs.

    Look for models that come with clear, step-by-step instructions and all the necessary mounting hardware. Some launch monitors even offer pre-assembled mounting kits, making the installation process easier.

    Additionally, consider the complexity of the software setup. A launch monitor with an intuitive, user-friendly interface will allow you to quickly configure the system and start using it without any hassle. Make sure to choose a model that is compatible with your computer or mobile device and offers seamless integration with your preferred golf simulation software.

    Accuracy & Reliability

    The primary purpose of an overhead launch monitor is to provide accurate and reliable data to help you analyze and improve your game. When evaluating different models, pay close attention to the quality of the sensors and the advanced algorithms used to calculate ball flight metrics.

    High-end launch monitors often employ state-of-the-art camera systems or radar technology (or both) to capture precise measurements of ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and other essential parameters.

    Look for models that have been extensively tested and validated for their accuracy, ensuring that the data you receive is consistent and trustworthy. Reading customer reviews and professional in-depth analyses like our in-depth analysis of top-rated golf launch monitors can give you an idea of the real-world performance of various launch monitors

    Data Parameters

    The range and depth of data provided by an overhead launch monitor can greatly impact its usefulness for your specific needs. Pay attention to the key metrics that are most important to you and your game.

    Basic parameters include ball speed, clubhead speed, launch angle, and carry distance. More advanced models may offer additional data, such as spin rate, smash factor, shot dispersion, and angle of attack. Some launch monitors even provide detailed club and ball impact data, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of your swing.

    Determine which data points are essential for your improvement goals and make sure the launch monitor you choose offers those metrics. Keep in mind that more data parameters often come at a higher price point, so prioritize the ones that align with your budget and requirements.

    Space Requirements and Mounting Options

    Before investing in an overhead launch monitor, assess the space you have available for installation and use. Ceiling-mounted launch monitors require sufficient clearance and a stable mounting surface. Measure the dimensions of the unit and the recommended installation height to ensure compatibility with your space.

    Additionally, evaluate the mounting options provided by different models. Some launch monitors offer fixed mounts, while others feature more adjustable mounts for added flexibility.

    Also, consider the aesthetics of the installation and whether the launch monitor will blend seamlessly with your existing setup.

    Durability and Build Quality

    protee vx overhead launch monitor

    An overhead launch monitor is a significant investment, and you want to ensure that it will withstand regular use and maintain its performance over time. When evaluating different models, pay attention to the materials used in construction and the overall build quality. Look for launch monitors with sturdy housings, well-protected sensors and durable mounting components.

    In addition, check the expected lifespan of the unit and whether it comes with a warranty or guarantee. Reading customer reviews can provide valuable information about the long-term reliability and durability of specific models. Also, inquire about the manufacturer’s customer support and repair services in case you encounter any issues down the line.

    Price and Value

    Overhead launch monitors come at various price points, ranging from entry-level models to high-end, professional-grade systems. When determining your budget, consider the features and performance you require.

    Higher-priced models often offer advanced sensors, more data parameters and superior accuracy. However, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get a reliable launch monitor. Many mid-range options provide excellent value, offering a balance of accuracy, features and affordability.

    Consider your specific needs and skill level when evaluating the price-to-value ratio. If you’re a beginner or casual golfer, a more affordable model with basic data parameters may suffice. On the other hand, if you’re a serious player or a professional, investing in a high-end launch monitor with advanced features might be worthwhile.

    Final Thoughts

    As we conclude our exploration of the best overhead launch monitors of 2024, it’s clear that these devices have come a long way in terms of accuracy, functionality and user-friendliness.

    From the advanced features of high-end models to the affordability and portability of entry-level options, there’s an overhead launch monitor to suit every golfer’s needs and budget. We advise you to bear in mind the factors discussed in our buying guide before finalizing your purchase to ensure you make the best choice. Investing in one of these top-rated overhead launch monitors is a decision you won’t regret.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or comments; we will be glad to help out.


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