8 Best SkyTrak Plus Golf Simulator Setups – Reviews & Guide

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Bottom Line

The SkyTrak Plus Studio Pro Package is our top pick for the Best Golf Simulators With SkyTrak. This complete SkyTrak setup includes an accurate launch monitor, high-impact screen, hitting mat, enclosure, and immersive simulator software. With its massive course library, realistic simulation, and steel frame, this package provides an ultra-realistic golf experience at home for serious golfers looking to practice and play year-round. Based on the durable components and meaningful data analysis, we highly recommend this product.

In the world of golf simulators and launch monitors, SkyTrak has established itself as a leading brand loved by golfers for its accuracy, affordability, and accessibility. With the launch of the new, feature-packed SkyTrak Plus (ST+) in 2023, SkyTrak has raised the bar even higher.

To build the ultimate golf simulator with your SkyTrak, having the right accompanying gear is just as critical. From impact screens to simulator software to hitting mats and more, we break down the best equipment packages to pair with SkyTrak for building your dream golf simulator setup.

From capturing swing data to playing simulated rounds at world-class courses, this guide will highlight the key considerations and top recommendations for accessorizing your SkyTrak for maximum functionality and enjoyment.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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A Note on the Included Systems – Skytrak Vs. Skytrak+ Plus

The original SkyTrak launched in 2014 as one of the first affordable launch monitors available for home use. It utilized photometric tracking to measure key ball flight metrics like carry distance, ball speed, launch angle and more. SkyTrak’s sensor technology and simulation software made personal golf simulators achievable for enthusiasts.

Now, SkyTrak Plus (ST+) launch monitor aims to take performance tracking to the next level. The 2023 model incorporates dual Doppler radar tracking in tandem with photometric sensors to improve accuracy. For the first time, SkyTrak Plus captures comprehensive club data like club speed, path, face angle and smash factor without needing markers on the club head. This provides even more meaningful swing analysis. SkyTrak Plus also enables use outdoors thanks to the dual tracking methods, expanding its versatility.

While the original SkyTrak offered groundbreaking ball flight analytics for its time, the new SkyTrak Plus enhances the experience even further. By combining radar tracking and refined sensor tech to capture club metrics too, it delivers a more complete picture of every shot. For golfers seeking maximum insight into their games, SkyTrak Plus represents the next evolution in affordable launch monitor technology.

With that said, the original Skytrak is still very relevant in the launch monitor and simulator market, especially for the budget-conscious consumer. The new Skytrak Plus is better in terms of performance and versatility, but the original unit still offers great performance for its price (around $1,000 cheaper), and will be a great choice if you have a limited budget.
That’s why we decided to review systems with the new Skytrak+, and will also include their original Skytrak counterparts, with the only difference being the launch monitor.

The Top SkyTrak Golf Simulator Setups

After ample testing, our team came up with a list of the best golf sim packages based on the very popular Skytrak and Skytrak Plus launch monitors. Our selection includes systems with varying price tags, complete setups, retractable systems, and portable practice packages that can be used indoors and out to ensure suitability for different needs and preferences.

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

    Skytrak Plus Studio Pro Package – An All-Skytrak Package

    The SkyTrak+ Golf Simulator Studio Pro Package is a complete setup that includes all components from the same manufacturer – Skytrak. Unlike other packages from other retailers that combine the launch monitor with components from many different brands, this one is put together by the Skytrak company.

    After setting up the durable steel framed enclosure, we were immediately impressed with the high-impact screen that delivered a clear image and held up well after repeated shots. The SkyTrak+ launch monitor accurately tracked all our shots, providing detailed feedback on ball speed, launch angle, backspin, etc. The included hitting mat replicated a real fairway lie and allowed us to work on all aspects of the game.

    The immersive simulator software made us feel like we were playing on an actual course. With the enormous library of famous courses, you will be able to practice for an upcoming trip or play a casual round with friends. The simulation was incredibly realistic down to the sounds and visuals.

    Though the enclosure takes up a decent amount of space, the experience is well worth it. The package is also available in different sizes to allow for installation in different spaces. You can get the Studio 10′ enclosure ( 10ft W x 8ft 6in H x 5ft 4in D), the Studio 12′ ( 12ft W x 8ft 6in H x 5ft 4in D), the Studio 13′ ( 13ft W x 10ft H x 5ft 4in D), or the Studio 13′ Deep which is the same height and width as the 13′, but is 10′ in depth.


    • Accurate launch monitor tracking
    • Massive course library
    • Realistic simulation experience
    • Quality hitting mat and netting
    • Different enclosure sizes available
    • Easy to assemble steel frame


    • Requires large room

    For golfers serious about improving their skills from home, the SkyTrak+ Golf Simulator Package is one of the best solutions available. The top-notch launch monitor provides meaningful data to analyze your swing. Combine this with the immersive simulation software and you have an ultra-realistic golf experience without leaving your home. I would highly recommend this product to low handicap golfers or anyone looking to enjoy their passion year round.

    Alternatively, you can opt for the same package but with the Original Skytrak launch monitor and save some bucks by buying the Skytrak Studio Pro Package.

    Skytrak Plus SIG 12 Golf Simulator Package – Our Favorite Simulator Enclosure

    skytrak plus sig12 golf simulator

    Next on our list, the SkyTrak Plus SIG12 Package delivers an immersive experience with very high-level swing analysis. This complete setup transforms any (large) space into a private golf system.

    This package is perfect for people who want to spend four figures or less, get a lot of value for their money, and have enough room for a slightly bigger setup.

    At the core is the new SkyTrak Plus launch monitor, which combines radar and photometric tracking for unrivaled accuracy. Comprehensive swing and ball data pinpoints areas to improve your game. This pairs with the SIG12 enclosure crafted for durability, created by one of the most trusted names in golf simulation. The 12’ wide screen and barrier netting fully envelop you in the virtual courses.

    Vivid graphics are projected in full HD with the included Panasonic projector optimized for simulation. It is ceiling-mounted to keep it out of ball strike range. For an authentic playing surface, customize with turf options like the SIG12 simulator flooring which combines a hitting area with a spacious putting green.

    The included software subscription provides access to renowned real-world courses and practice ranges to work on your game. Between the precision of SkyTrak Plus and realistic visuals, the SIG12 Package makes you feel immersed in the virtual round.

    The package comes with the Play & Improve software and WGT for full course play, and you can still integrate it with other major simulation software options. You can choose between TGC 2019 and E6 Connect either for IOS or PC for additional fees. To integrate other software, you will need to do it through Skytrak’s official website.

    Please note that the SIG12 package requires a large room for installation; if you have a smaller space available, you can opt for the smaller variants without compromising on quality or performance: Skytrak Plus SIG 10 or Skytrak Plus SIG 8.


    • SkyTrak Plus provides excellent performance and accuracy
    • Durable and immersive SIG12 enclosure
    • Panasonic projector displays HD-quality graphics
    • Customizable turf options to replicate course feel
    • Variety of digital courses and practice ranges
    • Multiple simulator software supported


    • Additional software purchases can be costly

    For the ultimate golf experience, the SkyTrak Plus SIG12 Package delivers unmatched realism and performance. With precision sensors and authentic course visuals inside a huge dedicated hitting bay, it brings the course to your home.

    Again, the same package is available with the original launch monitor; check out the Skytrak SIG12 Simulator Package. It is also available with the SIG10 and SIG8 versions for smaller spaces.

    Skytrak Plus Swingbay Package – Rain Or Shine Golf’s Best Enclosure

    skytrak+ swingbay golf simulator

    For an all-in-one golf simulator built to withstand daily use, the SkyTrak Plus SwingBay Package delivers. With accurate swing analysis and durable construction, it provides immersive simulation at home.

    The package is centered around the upgraded SkyTrak Plus launch monitor which provides both radar and camera tracking for the highest accuracy possible. It captures comprehensive club and ball data to work on your game. Surrounding the sensor is the rugged SwingBay enclosure, built in the USA from aluminum framing and a ballistic-grade polyester screen to withstand high-speed impacts of up to 250 MPH.

    The included short-throw projector is optimized for simulation and displays stunning visuals in full HD. Bundled cables and mounting solutions make setup seamless. The SwingTurf mat replicates the feel of real turf. For full floor-to-screen coverage, you can add the optional artificial turf.

    The included basic riving range package software offers range practice and stats tracking. Upgrades to the Game Improvement or Play & Improve options unlock more training tools, realistic famous courses, and multiplayer modes for full immersion. 3rd-party software options are also supported.


    • Premium SwingBay enclosure built to last
    • Short throw projector displays vivid graphics
    • SwingTurf mat mimics real fairway feel
    • Software options range from practice to full course play


    • Additional software purchases required for full course and online play

    For a durable, simulation-ready package with precision tracking, the SkyTrak Plus SwingBay Bundle delivers. With comprehensive analytics and an enclosure purpose-built for golf by the guys at Rain Or Shine Golf, it provides unmatched realism.

    You can also get the Skytrak Swingbay Sim Package to save some money you can invest in better equipment or software with more features, game modes and playable courses.

    Skytrak Plus Perfectbay Package – Top Shelf Golf’s Premium Enclosure

    skytrak plus perfectbay™ golf simulator package

    The PerfectBay package from Top Shelf Golf delivers an excellent enclosure and software solution. Pairing the high-precision SkyTrak Plus with a durable American-made PerfectBay enclosure, this package provides a complete setup for simulator play.

    The PerfectBay’s sturdy triple-layer impact screen withstands shots up to 250 mph, providing a realistic visual for projected ball flight without damage. The included driving range software activates the immersive simulator experience, while ample room for upgrades like expanded courses and hitting mats allows you to customize to your needs. With minimum space requirements of 12′ x 9′ x 16′, the enclosure accommodates most home simulator spaces.

    For the price, Top Shelf Golf packs this system with value. The base configuration gets you started under $6,000 without a projector, a budget-friendly entry point for a full enclosure simulator. While the starter software is limited, upgrade options make available larger course libraries and performance analysis. With the high-end SkyTrak Plus serving as the brains and engine, you have a system designed for accuracy and maximizing your practice.


    • Powerful and precise SkyTrak Plus monitor
    • PerfectBay’s durable triple-layer screen
    • Noise-dampening, ballistic-grade enclosure
    • Affordable base price under $6,000
    • Ample room for upgrades


    • Base software limited

    If you seek a versatile and future-proof SkyTrak simulator package that leaves room to grow, the PerfectBay solution merits strong consideration. Top Shelf Golf’s excellent reputation and Top-Tier support inspire confidence in the product’s quality and longevity. You get solid core components ready for enhancement down the road. For those craving authentic practice and play at home, this package delivers realistic simulation with the top SkyTrak Plus launch monitor as its engine.

    Again, you can also get the same package but with the original unit with the Skytrak Perfectbay Sim Package.

    Skytrak Plus Retractable Package – Best Retractable Package

    skytrak+ retractable golf simulator

    For golfers lacking dedicated space, the SkyTrak Plus Retractable Package enables temporary simulation. With just the click of a button, the included retractable screen unfurls to transform any room into a virtual golf environment.

    At the core is the upgraded SkyTrak Plus launch monitor, which combines radar and camera tracking for unrivaled swing and ball flight data. Comprehensive club and ball metrics pinpoint areas needing improvement. In addition, the package comes with the HomeCourse retractable impact screen which extends and retracts smoothly with the included remote. The hitting mat is also easy to roll and keep safe when not in use.

    Pair the enclosure with the included short-throw projector to display realistic course graphics in full HD. Bundled cables and mounting plates enable quick setup and takedown. The high-quality SwingTurf mat mimics real turf feel for a more authentic experience, with the ability to have full floor-to-screen coverage using optional turf.

    To unlock skills training, famous courses, and multiplayer modes, you may choose to integrate SkyTrak’s Play & Improve simulation software or third-party options. This will add more comprehensive training tools and complete immersion. Note that the system comes with a one-year subscription to the Game Improvement Plan.


    • The retractable screen enables temporary simulator
    • Vivid HD graphics from the included projector
    • SwingTurf mat mimics real fairway feel
    • Software ranges from practice to full simulation
    • The screen is battery-operated


    • Investing in software is needed for full course play

    With quick deployment and retraction, the SkyTrak Plus Retractable Package transforms any space into a temporary simulator. It brings advanced analytics and authentic simulation without a permanent commitment.

    Also, you can get the original Skytrak with the same components with the Skytrak Retractable Package.

    SkyTrak Plus Flex Space Golf Simulator Package – Another Awesome Retractable Package

    skytrak plus flex space golf simulator package

    The Flex Space package stands out with its retractable HomeCourse enclosure, enabling easy transformation of your simulator space. With the top-rated SkyTrak Plus launch monitor paired with a wireless, retractable screen, you get robust performance and the convenience of repurposing your room anytime.

    The included Play & Improve software opens up skills challenges, recorded swing review and virtual rounds on famous courses. The HomeCourse ProScreen 180 enclosure features durable ballistic side walls and extends to an immersive widescreen format.

    The game-changer is the wireless retractable screen that can be controlled remotely with the click of a button. This allows you to quickly convert your simulator back into a garage, spare room or whatever other space when not in use. The straightforward setup and ceiling or wall mounting maximizes placement flexibility.


    • Wireless retractable screen enables room repurposing
    • Durable HomeCourse enclosure with widescreen option
    • Flexible ceiling or wall mounting
    • Simple and easy installation process
    • Play & Improve with WGT included out of the box
    • High-quality components


    • Nothing we could think of

    For golfers wanting the power of SkyTrak simulation along with the ability to reclaim space when needed, this package is a very good choice. The convenience of the retractable enclosure is a potential game-changer if space versatility is important to you. While more affordable fixed screen options exist, the value of room re-purposing can be worth the cost. With best-in-class tech like SkyTrak at the core, this system will provide years of high-level training regardless of ceiling height or room layout.

    The same system is available with the Skytrak Flex Space Package, which costs less thanks to the inclusion of the original launch monitor.

    Skytrak Plus Practice Package – Best Training Package

    skytrak+ practice golf simulator package

    For those seeking a high-tech practice station, the SkyTrak Plus Practice Package is one of the best options available. With tour-level accuracy and durable components, it enables skills training at home or outdoors.

    The package provides comprehensive club and ball data to precisely diagnose your swing. You can choose one of the premium hitting nets to contain shots indoors or out. The net options are:

    • GoSports ELITE Net: 7.5′ x 7.5′, comes with a sturdy steel frame for better durability, features an automatic ball return function, and can withstand up to 225 mph fast shots.
    • RS Tour Golf Net: 7′ x 9′ – More affordable than the GoSports, easy to assemble, and provides a hanging hitting target to help work on aiming and precision.

    The included SwingTurf mat provides the feel and response very close to those of real fairways, while the optional turf extends the hitting area. To get the most out of your training, SkyTrak’s Game Improvement simulation software unlocks skills challenges and training modes. It also opens the door for 3rd-party simulation software integration for competitive online and full course play. The basic package focuses on range practice while upgrades add more in-depth training tools.

    With the practice-enhancing features of SkyTrak Plus, included net options built to last, and authentic mats, this package will definitely help improve your skills training.


    • Durable net options for indoor/outdoor use
    • SwingTurf mat mimics real fairway feel
    • The software allows for practice and 3rd-party simulation integration
    • Very portable for indoor and outdoor use


    • No included impact screen or courses
    • Additional software purchases will add cost

    For unmatched swing analysis and durable practice station components, the SkyTrak Plus Practice Package delivers the ultimate skills training experience. Take your game to the next level at home with comprehensive feedback without paying premium for all the bells and whistles.

    SkyTrak Plus Training Golf Simulator Package – Also a Great Training System

    skytrak plus training golf simulator package

    The SkyTrak+ Training Golf Simulator Package provides everything needed to transform any space into a high-tech golf simulator for comprehensive training and game improvement simulation.

    The inclusion of the latest SkyTrak+ launch monitor is a real advantage, and being able to take the entire system outdoors or use the launch monitor on the driving range or local golf course is a bonus.

    Setting up the simulator is straightforward with the protective netting, turf mats, and accessories all designed to work together seamlessly. The net catches balls softly without damage, while the turf mat simulates real course conditions. The simulation software completes the experience, letting you play rounds on realistic virtual courses, with the Play & Improve included in the total price of the package.

    If you prefer other software like E6 Connect or TGC 2019, you can easily use them with your system, and they will work flawlessly on PC; E6 Connect can also be used on IOS in case you want to use it with your IPhone or IPad.


    • Great accuracy for game improvement
    • Comprehensive swing analysis and training
    • Realistic and engaging simulation gameplay
    • Convenient indoor/outdoor functionality
    • Complete package with all accessories


    • Practice package- no projector or screen.

    With its versatility, convenience, and performance, the SkyTrak+ Training Golf Simulator Package is hands-down an excellent solution for creating a cutting-edge simulator setup using SkyTrak technology. This bundle provides in-depth training capabilities that are ideal for serious golfers with game improvement in mind.

    To save some money, you can invest in the Skytrak Training sim package.

    Buying Guide: What to Consider in Your Skytrak-Based Golf Simulator?

    Investing in a SkyTrak powered golf simulator requires considering several key factors to select the ideal setup for your needs. With models ranging from the original to the new SkyTrak Plus, plus customizable enclosure and software options, narrowing the choices can be a challenge. We suggest using this guide when deciding which SkyTrak package will deliver the experience you want.

    Launch Monitor Choice: Skytrak or Skytrak +

    using skytrak launch monitor

    A major decision is which SkyTrak model to choose. The newer SkyTrak Plus (about $1000 more) offers valuable enhancements like a faster processing chip for lag-free data, club data such as club path and face angle, vastly improved outdoor use in sunlight, and additional premium software courses.

    However, the original SkyTrak still provides highly accurate shot data like ball speed, launch angle, and shot shape. The price difference also makes it a relevant and solid choice even after the release of the upgraded version.

    Carefully compare the features and capabilities of each and decide if the Plus upgrades and improvements warrant the extra cost for you or if the original will be enough.

    Simulator Type: Full Setup Vs. Retractable Vs. Net Practice System

    You’ll also need to determine the type of hitting setup and enclosure you want or need to purchase.

    Packages like the SkyTrak Plus PerfectBay include full screen enclosures for a more immersive, lifelike simulator environment. The enclosure surrounds the hitting area and allows your shots to be projected onto the screen. This creates a realistic simulated golf experience.

    Retractable setups like the Skytrak Plus Flex Space Package offer the possibility to use your setup anywhere you want without dedicating the space to the simulator. These use retractable screens that can be deployed in seconds and retracted once you finish playing. The included hitting mats can also be roled and stored away when not in use.

    However, more affordable net setups like the SkyTrak Practice package still enable simulation play while saving significantly on cost. The net contains your shots while allowing shot data and visualization on a connected tablet or computer.

    Consider your available space, budget, and preferences around realism when deciding between net and screen options.

    Simulation Software – Basic Driving Range Vs. Game Improvement Vs. Play & Improve Vs. 3rd-Party Software

    The included software plan also affects the simulator experience. While basic packages focus primarily on driving range practice, upgraded plans like the Play & Improve offer a lot more realism and entertainment options.

    This includes the ability to play full rounds on digitally rendered famous courses, track your skills progression through performance metrics, and access mini-game modes for fun contests and challenges.

    There are also plenty of 3rd-party software compatible with Skytrak, including TGC2019, E6 Connect, Creative Golf 3D, Awesome Golf, etc. They can all be integrated through Skytrak’s website and interface. If you plan to use 3rd-party simulation software, bear in mind that an active license for the Game Improvement Plan or the Play & Improve Plan is required. In this case, unless you are interested in WGT software and its included courses, we suggest saving money and going with a system with the Game Improvement Plan, which is cheaper and allows for 3rd-party sofytware integration, too.

    Before choosing, carefully weigh your priorities around focused skills training versus having an immersive and experiential simulated golf environment.

    Simulator Size & Available Space

    Carefully measure the maximum dimensions of your potential simulator space. Though minimum requirements for full enclosures are often around 9′ high x 12′ wide x 16′ deep, you can scale down if needed.

    More compact screen options like the SIG8 enclosure are designed to accommodate tighter room sizes. Consider the limitations of your space before selecting a simulator package. The general rule when it comes to simulator space room is “the larger, the better”.


    golf simulators with skytrak budget

    With complete SkyTrak simulator packages ranging from a few thousand dollars to over ten thousand dollars, it’s important to set a comfortable budget cap and find options that fit within it.

    Financing can help split costs over time rather than paying everything upfront. Focus your spending on the features that are most important to your goals, and look for deals on add-ons that are lower priority.

    Here are our recommended financing options from major online retailers:

    With the right research and planning, a customized SkyTrak simulator package can transform your game without breaking the bank. Keep your needs, space, budget and priorities in mind through the selection process, and the perfect setup will emerge!

    Final Thoughts

    With the release of SkyTrak’s next-generation Plus launch monitor, golfers now have an even more powerful yet affordable option for building high-quality golf simulators.

    This guide has outlined top-rated simulator packages to pair with both SkyTrak models to create your ideal system. From portable net enclosures to full-screen and projection setups, there are options to meet a range of budgets and space requirements.

    Carefully consider your goals, software needs, and budget when deciding which package will provide the optimal experience. While investment is required, the ability to improve your skills anytime and take virtual trips to world-famous courses far outweighs the investment.

    We invite you to share your own SkyTrak simulator recommendations and experiences in the comments below. With the right planning and equipment selection, a SkyTrak-powered simulator can bring all the excitement of golf right into your home.


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