TruGolf Simulator Packages Guide: a Detailed Comparison

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Bottom Line
  • TruGolf has been a premier golf simulator brand for over 30 years. 
  • The TruGolf Mini Simulator is an entry-level portable system for basic practice and entertainment. 
  • The Vista series offers mid-range simulation packages with the TruTrack2 sensor. 
  • The flagship APOGEE lineup uses stereo cameras for overhead tracking and TrueSim ball flight physics for maximum accuracy.
  • TruGolf systems range from under $3,000 for the Mini up to $20,000+ for custom APOGEE packages.
  • TruGolf provides industry-leading combination of accuracy, realism, features and quality for the price compared to competitors.
  • For authentic and premium indoor golf simulation, TruGolf's advanced tech and software deliver an unparalleled virtual experience.

TruGolf has established itself as one of the premier brands in the world of high-performance golf simulators. For over three decades, the company has been pushing the boundaries of simulation technology to deliver an exceptionally realistic and immersive virtual golf experience.

At the core of TruGolf’s industry-leading simulators are several patented technologies, including the advanced TruTrack2 optical launch monitor, TruFlight 2 photometric system and the highly acclaimed E6 Connect simulation software.

Golfers can take on everything from casual games to competitive online multiplayer matches on faithfully simulated courses like Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, and TPC Sawgrass.

This guide provides a detailed comparison of TruGolf’s simulator models and packages. It aims to help you understand the key differences and make an informed decision when investing in a TruGolf virtual golf system.

TruGolf Vista Series

The TruGolf Vista series represents the company’s core lineup of advanced golf simulator packages. Available in 8ft, 10ft and 12ft screen options, these bundles deliver robust simulation capabilities for home users. Please note that all Vista systems come in two variants – Base and Pro, with the latter providing some hardware and software additions and upgrades.

TruGolf Vista 8

trugolf vista 8 pro

The TruGolf Vista 8 represents an excellent mid-range golf simulator option with its compact size and powerful shot-tracking technology.

The system features an 8-foot impact screen with a 720p HD resolution to deliver vivid graphics and visuals. The included TruTrack2 launch monitor precisely measures critical shot data including ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate for accurate simulation of each shot’s flight. With its ability to detect these key performance metrics, the Vista 8 enables realistic practice and play.

With recommended space needs of only 12′ x 15′, the Vista 8 is designed to fit smaller simulation rooms and budgets starting at $9,895. TruTrack2 represents the core of TruGolf’s shot tracking, using advanced optical sensors to meticulously gather club and ball data at impact.

By combining the compact TruTrack2 sensor with a moderately-sized screen in the Vista 8, TruGolf manages to deliver high-end simulation capabilities for middle-of-the-road pricing and space requirements. For golfers constrained by space and budget, the Vista 8 represents a leading value-packed golf simulator option.

The Pro version of the sim also includes (in addition to the base model contents) a level 1 computer with simulator software preinstalled, side walls and nets for more safety and enhanced image quality, a 21″ touchscreen, a containment brim, and a premium fairway mat system. The Pro system costs an additional $2,755 over the Base model, bringing its total price to around $12,550.

TruGolf Vista 10

trugolf vista 10 golf simulator

The TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator is a higher-end system (compared to the Vista 8). It features a 10′ impact screen for a more realistic and immersive simulation experience.

Priced at $15,300 for the base version, it includes TruGolf’s E6 Connect software with access to 27 virtual courses. The package contains all necessary components like an enclosure, turf, projector, impact screen, TruTrack2 tracking system, etc.

The package’s main features include vivid HD graphics, a lightweight portable design, and an expansive course library. The included TruTrack2 precisely gathers shot data for realistic ball flight simulation. We were impressed by the accuracy of the system for skills training.

With its turnkey inclusion of high-end simulation technology and software in one bundle, the Vista 10 aims to deliver an exceptional virtual golf experience. This appeals to enthusiasts seeking convenience, performance, and realism without requiring extensive individual component purchases.

The package requires a recommended space of 15′ W x 18′ L, which means that it won’t be easy to install in smaller spaces. If you decide to go with the Pro version of the system, you need to pay an extra $1,350, but you will get a more powerful level 2 computer, a portable audio system, side nets, and side walls.

TruGolf Vista 12

trugolf vista 12

The Vista 12 Simulator is the brand’s premium simulation package for high-end performance (within the Vista series). With a starting price of around $18,000, it bundles all necessary components like a durable enclosure, turf, computer, HD projector, 165″ screen (12′ wide), and the TruTrack2 system. Vivid HD graphics and a library of 27 E6 Connect courses provide exceptional realism.

Customers praise the Vista 12’s graphics, accuracy, and overall performance. The extensive included equipment aims to deliver a professional-grade simulation experience out of the box.

For enthusiasts seeking to upgrade their home simulator without sourcing individual parts, the all-inclusive Vista 12 provides a turnkey high-end virtual golf environment. Its combination of renowned TruGolf technology, expansive software access, and premium accessories justifies the higher cost for buyers wanting maximum realism and convenience.

The recommended space to house the Vista 12 should be 18′ wide and 20′ deep, making it the largest in the Vista series of sims. Still, despite the huge size, it is (like the other two Vista sims) very portable and easy to assemble and take apart. The Level 1 computer comes with software pre-installed for your convenience.

The Pro version provides plenty of additional stuff for approximately +$3,600 (raising the total price to around $21,600). You get a better Level 2 computer, a 1080P full HD projector (instead of 720P), side nets and walls, a wide screen projector box, a 2-year subscription to E6 Connect with 47 playable courses (instead of one year and 27 courses), and a portable audio speaker. These additions raise the price of the system, but they provide great value for the money, as you get more than what you pay for in software and hardware components, making the entire experience much more realistic and enjoyable.

TruGolf APOGEE Series

The APOGEE is TruGolf’s cutting-edge flagship launch monitor system, representing the pinnacle of their simulation technology.

Trugolf Apogee Launch Monitor
Trugolf Apogee Launch Monitor


TruGolf positions APOGEE as their most advanced and accurate launch monitor available today. It captures unparalleled shot data through proprietary imaging sensors and algorithms.

Key features include:

  • Overhead installation on the ceiling for a cleaner setup and more safety
  • Ultra high-speed camera array for multi-angle ball tracking
  • INSTANT IMPACT image processing engine
  • Comprehensive shot metrics and analysis
  • High-definition video replay in slow motion
  • High simulation accuracy
  • Wireless connectivity


The APOGEE launch monitor alone is priced at $11,500. Complete APOGEE simulator packages are available through major online retailers with prices ranging between $15,000 and beyond $21,000 based on screen size and chosen configuration.

APOGEE-Based Packages

Trugolf’s Apogee is used to build all Trugolf packages such as their Max Series of simulators, their commercial systems and professional setups. These are top-quality systems with outstanding performance and accuracy, each built for specific purposes.

Additionally, you can get custom-built packages around the Apogee monitor; they are manufactured by renowned online retailers and include quality components to ensure a very realistic and immersive simulation. Here are our top recommendations:


trugolf apogee sig12 golf simulator package

TruGolf’s APOGEE SIG12 Golf Simulator Package, though quite expensive With a price tag of $17,555, provides excellent features and tremendous value for avid golfers seeking a premium indoor golf experience.

You’ll be impressed by the APOGEE launch monitor’s ultra-high-speed stereoscopic camera system and INSTANT IMPACT image analysis algorithm. It gathers comprehensive shot data, measuring ball speed, spin, launch angle, club speed, face angle, and path. The E6 Connect software completes the package with immersive 3D simulated courses, driving ranges, and mini games.

The SIG12 enclosure pairs exquisitely with real-time visual feedback on its tight-knit polyester screen. Despite withstanding even the hardest drives, the premium quality build ensures durability. Its full HD image fills the entire 12′ wide viewing area. You can upgrade the golf mat to larger options or go with the majestic SIG12 sim flooring, which provides a very large playing area to practice all types of shots.

With its smart sensor technology providing meaningful insights for honing your skills and the SIG12 enclosure delivering an authentic simulated environment, this package checks all the boxes. The accuracy and realism allow dedicated golfers to practice year-round and analyze their game to shave strokes off their handicap. Considering its capabilities and construction quality, the TruGolf APOGEE SIG12 Golf Simulator Package is a smart investment.

The system is also available in different sizes from the same retailer (Shop Indoor Golf) through their Apogee SIG8 and Apogee SIG10 sim packages.

Trugolf Apogee Swingbay

trugolf apogee swingbay golf simulator

The TruGolf Apogee Swingbay Golf Simulator Package offers an immersive, realistic golf experience. This system provides impressively accurate club and ball flight data for unparalleled game analysis and improvement.

The onboard processors and INSTANT IMPACT vision algorithms result in lag-free gameplay and remarkably precise measurement of critical shot metrics. The detailed impact data paired with E6 Connect’s extensive virtual golf course options gives you an exceptional training tool to perfect your swing.

The durable SwingBay enclosure with a high-grade ballistic impact screen can withstand even your most powerful drives. The premium turf mat mimics the feel of real fairways. The bright, high-definition projector renders the virtual courses in superb clarity. The convenient ceiling or floor mount and bundled cables allow a flexible, hassle-free setup.

With its combination of cutting-edge performance capture, realism, customization and quality construction, this simulator system lets you practice like a tour pro, analyze your game like a coach, and experience world-class courses in the comfort of your home. The package delivers unmatched value given the all-inclusive components and integrated performance.

TruGolf Apogee Retractable

trugolf apogee retractable golf simulator

The TruGolf Apogee Retractable Golf Simulator Package offers a revolutionary indoor experience with industry-leading accuracy and innovative convertible space. Powered by onboard processors and INSTANT IMPACT algorithms, the overhead Apogee launch monitor delivers true-to-life ball flight without delay. The retractable enclosure allows you to convert any room into an immersive simulator, and then retract the screen to restore multipurpose functionality.

With its combination of top-tier tech and flexible modular design, this package provides unmatched realism, convenience and playability. Paired with a short-throw full HD projector and ballistic grade screen, you’ll get professional-quality visualization of your shots rendered in real time. The included SwingTurf mat and E6 Connect software complete the comprehensive simulator setup.

The enclosure’s retractable impact screen makes it easy to alternate a space between golf practice and everyday use. Simply retract the screen when not playing to free up the room without hassle. This smart multifunctional design allows you to enjoy a sophisticated simulator without committing permanent space.

For golfers seeking the ultimate combination of high-tech performance, true-to-life simulation and flexible convertible space, the TruGolf Apogee Retractable Package represents the cutting edge. With precision analytics and adaptable modular design, this system delivers an unparalleled indoor golf experience.

TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator

The TruGolf Mini Simulator is an entry-level product system that delivers basic golf simulation capabilities at a budget-friendly price point.

It is the most affordable TruGolf simulator option. However, the Mini is not a full-fledged launch monitor system.

Key Features

  • Portable and lightweight design (‎800 Grams) for easy setup
  • Ball speed calculator
  • Wireless connectivity to display swing data on mobile devices
  • Practice simulation mode with on-screen ball flight
  • Compatible with Android and iOS apps

While the Mini Simulator can provide swing metrics and entertainment, it does not offer the comprehensive shot tracking and realistic ball physics of TruGolf’s Vista and APOGEE systems.

The Mini is better suited for casual entertainment and basic swing practice rather than hardcore simulation and game improvement. It lacks the ability to accurately measure spin, launch angle, clubface data and replicate precise ball flights.

Overall, the TruGolf Mini Simulator is a simple and affordable way to get started with indoor golf simulation. But serious golfers looking for comprehensive analytics and simulation fidelity should consider the more advanced TruGolf models (explored in the upcoming sections).

Software: E6 Connect

e6 connect

The E6 Connect software is the brains behind TruGolf’s immersive simulation experience. It is one of the best simulator software available today, with realistic graphics and game physics, engaging game modes and challenges, and faithful recreations of the world’s most popular courses.


Here are a few E6 Connect features that make it one of the best software options available today:

  • Built using TruGolf’s proprietary TrueSim ball flight model for accuracy
  • Recreates famous courses like Pebble Beach, St Andrews, etc.
  • 4K graphics rendering generates stunning visuals
  • Multiplayer options for remote tournaments and leagues
  • Skills challenges, driving ranges and mini-games
  • Track progress with performance analytics
  • Integrates with TruTrack2, APOGEE and other TruGolf hardware
  • Supported by the majority of simulators and launch monitors, regardless of the technologies employed – a display of E6 Connect’s immense popularity.

E6 Connect represents over 30 years of development by TruGolf to perfect simulated golf ball behavior. Complex physics calculations use shot data like spin, speed and launch angles to recreate authentic trajectories.

The state-of-the-art graphics engine renders vegetation, shadows, terrain details, and weather effects with exceptional realism. You feel transported onto the world’s best courses.

For competitive players, E6 Connect facilitates online matches and tournaments with other users around the world. This social element adds a new dimension to indoor golf.

Overall, E6 Connect provides the software foundation to complement TruGolf’s industry-leading hardware. It brings together best-in-class accuracy, graphics, gameplay modes, and analytics.

Buying Considerations

Purchasing a TruGolf simulator requires careful planning and consideration of several factors:


trugolf sim budget

TruGolf offers options ranging from under $3,000 for the Mini Simulator up to $21,000+ for a custom APOGEE package. Professional and commercial systems offered directly by Trugolf can exceed that price. Determine how much you can invest to know exactly which packages you can afford.

Space Requirements

Consider the room dimensions needed for the simulator screen enclosure and minimum hitting area. TruGolf provides recommendations for each package, so make sure you check those out and compare them to your available space to avoid nasty surprises.

Performance Needs

Casual practice and entertainment vs. hardcore simulation, lessons and training. This impacts the choice of a specific simulator technology: Vista vs. APOGEE. Consider your specific needs (and budget) to know which type of technology will be best for you.

Ongoing Costs

Account for software subscriptions, course packs and equipment maintenance when budgeting. When you buy a Trugolf package, you get at least a 1-year subscription to E6 Connect (sometimes 2 years, depending on the package). After that period, you will need to consider annual fees to continue using the software. If you like E6 Connect, you can even purchase a lifetime license for around $2500 for the PC version and $1500 for IOS.


golf sim financing

If you can’t afford to pay for your new package at once, you may consider financing options to split costs over time. All major retailers offer financing offers with low-interest rates:

Warranty & Support

Both TruGolf and other online retailers include warranty and support for peace of mind. Their customer services are the best, and they are always there to help you choose a package and fix any issues you might have after finalizing the purchase. You get One year of limited warranty that covers all the package’s components.

Carefully weighing factors like budget, performance, space and features will help you select the ideal TruGolf simulator package for your needs and budget.

Comparisons to Other Brands

When evaluating TruGolf simulator packages, it’s useful to compare them against competing products on the market. Here are some key alternatives to consider and how they compare to Trugolf’s offerings:

  • SkyTrak – Packages featuring the Skytrak and Skytrak + launch monitors are more affordable than Trugolf’s systems. They do provide accurate ball-flight simulation, but they lack TruGolf’s advanced features, tracking and technologies.
  • FlightScope Mevo+ – A portable launch monitor priced around $2,000, with great value for money. However, it has limited accuracy and functionality when compared to TruGolf’s more advanced systems. Mevo + packages are much more affordable than Trugolf’s, but they can’t compete against Trugolf’s complete experience with high quality software and hardware components.
  • Garmin Approach R10 – This is a budget-friendly launch monitor at $600, with the cheapest packages costing less than $2,000, offering unbeatable value. However, the R10 systems provide basic simulation capabilities that can’t compete against E6 Connect’s extremely realistic graphics and physics; also, the Approach R10 tracks basic metrics only, which may be an issue for more serious or professional players.
  • Full Swing – The company offers some high-end commercial-grade simulators for facilities. They are more expensive than TruGolf’s packages, as they can cost upwards of $60,000. Full Swings simulators are undoubtedly excellent, but are they worth the much higher costs, knowing that Trugolf provides systems with comparable performance for much lower price tags? The decision is yours to make!
  • AboutGolf – A Commercial simulator brand used by leading golf retailers. AboutGolf’s systems are among the most expensive in the sim business, and they provide extraordinary performance, accuracy and realism. AboutGolf’s systems are mainly business-focused, and might not be the best for personal home use (depending on what you want from your investment).
  • OptiShot – A basic infrared simulator with great value and a very affordable price point. Optishot systems are good for beginners and those looking for basic practice or fun, but they won’t suit the needs of more serious and advanced players seeking the highest levels of accuracy and realism.

While other options may cost less, TruGolf delivers a superior combination of accuracy, realism, features and quality for the price. Consider both your budget and performance needs before you decide which package to get.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s now answer some commonly asked questions about Trugolf as a brand and their available products and technologies to ensure everyone can make the best choice for their next Trugolf system.

What types of simulators does TruGolf offer?

TruGolf offers the Mini swing analyzer, the mid-level Vista series with TruTrack2, and the high-end APOGEE lineup with varying features and price points.

What is the TruTrack2 technology?

TruTrack2 uses advanced optical sensors and sonic triangulation to precisely measure club data like path and face angle for accurate shot simulation. This is the technology used in Trugolf’s Vista series of simulators.

Does TruGolf require a subscription?

The E6 Connect software is included for free initially (for the first year). Ongoing access requires a software subscription after the first year. In addition, optional virtual course packs can be purchased for additional fees.

How many courses are available on TruGolf systems?

Out of the box, with Trugolf packages, the E6 Connect software provides access to 27 virtual golf courses (47 for the Vista 12 Pro). Additional courses can be purchased.

Can you compete online with TruGolf simulators?

Yes, TruGolf enables online multiplayer events and tournaments against other golfers around the world through their E6 Connect simulator software.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

TruGolf offers a wide selection of high-performance golf simulator packages to meet varying needs and budgets. From the affordable Vista series to the premium APOGEE lineup, TruGolf leverages patented technology like TruTrack2 and Trueflight 2 technologies, coupled with their own E6 Connect software to deliver an exceptionally realistic and customizable simulation experience.

For golfers seeking competition and entertainment, TruGolf’s online multiplayer, tournament modes, and extensive course options excel. The built-in performance tracking empowers skills improvement across all facets of your game.

For those wanting the highest quality setup, the flagship APOGEE systems are recommended. They provide the pinnacle of accuracy through overhead stereoscopic cameras along with premium components. However, the Vista series offers excellent performance at a more affordable price point for budget-focused buyers. Whichever model you choose, TruGolf stands out as a top brand for immersive, authentic indoor golf simulation.

Make sure to check out our ultimate guide with reviews and comparisons of the best golf simulators in the market for every use and budget.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us through the comments section below.


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