SkyTrak Plus SIG8 Golf Simulator Packages Review

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Bottom Line
  • The SkyTrak Plus launch monitor uses advanced radar technology to precisely track club and ball data for 11 shot parameters.
  • It pairs with the SiG8 enclosure that has a sturdy aluminum frame, hitting mat, and projector mount.
  • Setup takes 2-3 hours to assemble the frame, screen, side netting, mat, and projector.
  • The package is compatible with SkyTrak's built-in software options as well as third party simulator software.
  • Independent tests show the SkyTrak + SiG8 combo achieves 1% or better accuracy for key ball flight metrics.
  • The bundle provides excellent performance and value at the base $7,700 price point.
  • Upgrades are available for larger enclosures, premium mats, and additional software.
  • Overall, this customizable and accurate package enables serious golfers to experience realistic simulation at home.

For golfers looking to improve their game or experience playing legendary courses year-round, an advanced golf simulator is an exciting option. The SkyTrak Plus SiG8 Golf Simulator Package combines high-end launch monitor and simulation technologies for a realistic simulation experience right at home. The compact size allows for installation even in smaller indoor spaces.

In this package, SkyTrak’s excellent accuracy and consistency meet SiG8’s adaptable enclosure and graphics capabilities. The result is a high-performance virtual golf simulator, perfect for serious golfers to improve their skills and enjoyment of the game. With the ability to get analysis on every shot and play unlimited rounds on world-famous courses, the SkyTrak and SiG8 bundle delivers a great home simulator experience.

Let’s explore what makes this package one of the best available in terms of value and performance.

How SkyTrak Plus Works

SkyTrak Plus utilizes advanced Doppler radar technology to measure critical ball flight data with a high degree of accuracy and consistency. This launch monitor uses a series of rapid radar pulses to track both the club head and the ball immediately after impact.

features of skytrak

The SkyTrak Plus analyzes the ball’s movement in three dimensions to calculate key metrics. It is capable of directly tracking 11 parameters that are then used to calculate additional data points:

Shot Data

  • Angle of Descent
  • Max Height
  • Carry, Run and Total Distance
  • Distance Offline

Ball Data

  • Back Spin
  • Side Spin
  • Ball Speed
  • Side Angle
  • Launch Angle

Club Data

  • Club Path
  • Angle of attack
  • Smash factor
  • Face to path
  • Face to target
  • Club head speed

Advanced algorithms factor in shot traits like launch angle and spin to calculate the predicted ball flight characteristics. Within seconds, the shot data is processed and displayed on the connected mobile app or simulator software. You can quickly review your spin rates, smash factor and other metrics to understand your swing performance.

SkyTrak’s radar-based approach delivers highly precise and consistent data, even for indoor use. The technology enables it to maintain accuracy across thousands of swings, giving golfers the reliable feedback they need to improve their skills over time.

SiG8 Simulator Specs and Setup

The SiG8 simulator enclosure pairs with SkyTrak to provide an immersive golf simulation environment. Here are the key components and setup steps.

What’s Included?

Unboxing the SiG8 reveals the main pieces:

  • Sturdy aluminum frame bars and impact screen
  • Large hitting mat with rubber tee holders
  • Side netting to enclose the bay
  • Projector ceiling mount bracket
  • Assorted hardware, cables, and accessories
  • User manuals and installation guides

The frame assembles into a footprint around 8’4″ x 8’4″ x 13’7″. The 7′ 7″ by 7′ 7″ screen provides a 4:3 aspect ratio image that can be 100% filled by the projected image.

Step-by-Step Setup

Assembling the SiG8 takes 2-3 hours with two people. The main steps are:

  1. Construct the frame and attach the SIGPRO screen using the included ball bungees and velcros
  2. Mount the projector to the ceiling bracket above the mat using the included mount
  3. Level the mat surface and unfold the side netting
  4. Connect the computer to the projector via HDMI cable
  5. Calibrate the launch monitor and optimize display settings

Once built, the simulator is ready for SkyTrak calibration and virtual course play! Just follow the included quick installation guide for the specific steps to go through the calibration process.

Simulator Software Options

One of the appeals of the SkyTrak Plus SiG8 package is the variety of simulator software options available. You can choose the graphics, game modes, and course library that best fits your needs.

SkyTrak Built-In Software

SkyTrak comes with basic software – The Basic Driving Range Subscription Plan that provides essential practice range and gameplay functions, including:

  • Target practice with shot trace overlays
  • Driving range with distance challenges
  • Skills challenges and mini-games
  • Basic 3D shot tracers

While limited compared to full simulator software, the built-in option is simple, affordable, and covers the basics. Skytrak also offers the Game Improvement Plan for $99/year. This plan offers additional challenges, modes and features for game improvement purposes.

The third Skytrak software is the Play & Improve Plan, which adds playable courses, multiplayer and online games. It comes with 15 playable WGT courses, in addition to another 15 E6 Connect courses. This plan provides plenty of game modes and playable courses to keep you busy for a long time to come. This is the plan included with the Skytrak SIG8 package, It costs $199,99/year, but you get the first year free.

Compatible Third-Party Software

creative golf 3d software graphic

For more advanced simulation, the package can integrate with leading golf simulator software like:

  • The Golf Club 2019
  • Trugolf’s E6 Connect
  • Creative Golf 3D
  • WGT Golf
  • Pro Tee Play

These offer high-definition graphics, famous course recreations, multiplayer support, tour pro modes, and more. The Golf Club 2019 is a top pick for its realistic physics modeling and expansive course options (with a 150,000+ course library still growing).

Choosing simulator software comes down to factors like desired gameplay, graphics fidelity, and cost. The SkyTrak Plus SiG8 provides the flexibility to select the software that creates the optimal virtual golf experience.

Simulation Gameplay and Features

The combination of SkyTrak Plus’s accuracy and the software’s graphics capabilities enables realistic simulation gameplay with a wide range of options.

Play Real-World Courses

The simulator software allows players to tee it up on recreations of famous courses like Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, and TPC Sawgrass with accurate layouts and contours.

Practice Range and Skills Games

The simulated practice range is perfect for dialing in your game with feedback from SkyTrak. Range games let you work on timing, accuracy, shot shaping, and more.

Head-to-Head and Online Multiplayer

You can play against friends in the same room or compete against others online through tournament and match play options.

With its realism and variety, the SkyTrak Plus SiG8 package enables everything from casual entertainment to hardcore skills training at home.

Accuracy of the SkyTrak + SiG8 Combo

A key question for any launch monitor and simulator is just how accurate and consistent it is. Tests show the SkyTrak + SiG8 bundle provides high precision across a range of shots and conditions.

skytrak on driving range

Ball Flight Accuracy

Multiple independent studies have shown SkyTrak Plus ball flight data to be accurate to within 1% or less compared to professional systems like TrackMan. This applies to key metrics like ball speed, launch angle, backspin, etc.

The radar-based technology ensures consistent readings across thousands of swings as long as the sensor view is unobstructed. During our own testing, we were really impressed with the unit’s high accuracy levels.

Realistic Ball Physics

With advanced simulator software, the actual ball flight and roll closely matches SkyTrak’s predictions. The combination of accurate initial data and physics modeling creates true-to-life shot results.

For the price, the SkyTrak and SiG8 bundle achieves impressively precise and consistent swing analysis and ball flight recreation throughout different use scenarios.

Pros and Cons of the Package

The SkyTrak Plus SiG8 golf simulator bundle provides excellent performance and value but also has some limitations to consider.


  • Highly accurate club and ball data
  • Large hitting area and enclosed netting
  • Adaptable and expandable simulator setup
  • Compatible with leading simulator software
  • Realistic graphics and game modes
  • Complete package at a reasonable price point


  • Software upgrades and add-ons can get expensive ( Game Improvement plan or better required even for 3rd-party options integration)

While not perfect, the positives of versatility, accuracy, and realistic simulation gameplay make the SkyTrak Plus SiG8 package stand out in its price range category.

Price & Where To Buy

skytrak plus sig8 golf sim

The base package currently costs $7,700, with all the necessary components to build your system. You also have a few upgrade paths for software and hardware.

You can upgrade the 5’x5′ Fairway Series golf mat to the 4’x7′ SIGPro version or even go with the SIG8 Golf Simulator Flooring to have an aesthetically better and more comfortable system. Still, the SIG8 flooring will substantially increase your initial investment by an additional $3,200.

Software-wise, you can integrate TGC2019 with your purchase for $895, or you can go with Trugolf’s E6 Connect available in two versions: An IOS version for $1,500 or the PC version costing $2,500.

From the starting price of $7,700, the package price can go up to as high as $13,400, depending on the additional upgrades you choose.

Since this package is provided by our friends at the Indoor Golf Shop, it only makes sense to purchase it from them. They are professionals with a lot of love for the game and willingness to assist fellow golfers; they also offer great customer assistance and support.

If you can’t afford to pay for the entire investment at once, Shop Indoor Golf offers easy financing options with low-interest rates (as low as 0%).

Closest competitors

The closest competitors to the Skytrak + SIG that are based on the Skytrak Plus launch monitor include its bigger siblings- the SIG10 and SIG12, the Skytrak + Swingbay and the Skytrak + Perfectbay, with differences in the included software and enclosure.

Skytrak Plus SIG10 / SIG 12 Packages

skytrak plus sig10 golf simulator

These two packages are offered by the same retailer – Shop Indoor Golf. They provide the same durability, quality, included software, etc. The main difference is the enclosure size. SIG12 is the Indoor Golf Shop’s largest enclosure to date, with a 12′ wide screen to allow for the most immersive experience possible. The SIG10 is the middle ground between the SIG8 and SIG12, and it includes a 10′ wide screen.

We have reviewed both packages in different articles. Checkout the SkyTrak+ SIG12 review here, and the the SkyTrak+ SIG10 review here.

With its SIG series of enclosures, Shop Indoor Golf provides options to cover a wide range of spaces, from small areas usable with the SIG8 to the larger sim studios with the SIG12 and anything in between.

Skytrak Plus Swingbay

skytrak+ swingbay golf simulator

This package is provided by our friends at Rain Or Shine Golf, and it embarks their premium enclosure- Swingbay, with its durable construction that allows it to withstand your fastest shots. The side walls are blacked to help provide the best possible image quality.

You can opt for some upgrades, from a larger golf mat to including a landing pad turf and an optional gaming laptop powerful enough to run your sim software in max graphics settings.

This package only comes with a 1-year subscription to the Game Improvement Plan, which doesn’t include playable courses, but only features and challenges aimed at game improvement. You can integrate 3rd-party software or upgrade to the Play & Improve Subscription plan if you want to enjoy full course play both individually and in multiplayer modes.

Skytrak Plus Perfectbay

skytrak plus perfectbay™ golf simulator package

This is Top Shelf Golf’s top offering, with their premium golf sim enclosure paired with the Skytrak Plus launch monitor. What we love about Top Shelf Golf is their available upgrade options available for almost all the package components.

You get to choose between two different projectors and use ceiling or floor-mount enclosures. You also get to choose between numerous quality mats from the Net Return or Fiberbuilt with different sizes available.

Software options range between the Basic Range plan, the Game Improvement Plan, or the combination of the Game Improvement Plan with other software like WGT 2019 and E6 Connect. You can also choose the Play & Improve Plan with WGT; all upgrades cost extra fees.

The Perfectbay is also available in different sizes to accommodate different spaces, from the 10.5′ wide Perfectbay, to the 12′ wide Perfectbay Plus and 13.5′ wide Perfectbay Wide.

Final Thoughts

The SkyTrak Plus launch monitor paired with the SiG8 enclosure represents an exceptional golf simulator package for the price. The package provides industry-leading ball-flight analytics in a compact, affordable device.

Together, their high accuracy, seamless integration, and software compatibility enable everything from working on your swing to playing virtual rounds on famous courses. While an investment, the bundle offers performance rivaling systems costing far more.

Overall, the SkyTrak Plus SiG8 Golf Simulator Package delivers unmatched value and capabilities for the money. It’s a smart investment that can help you improve your game in no time.

Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions, or check our ultimate guide for the best golf simulators if you want more options.

Thanks for reading!


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