SkyTrak Plus SIG12 Golf Simulator Package Review

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Bottom Line
  • The SkyTrak Plus launch monitor uses radar and photometric tracking to measure shot data like ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance, etc.
  • The SIG12 enclosure has a 12' wide screen and sturdy aluminum frame for realistic simulations.
  • The package includes hitting mats, turf, cables, ceiling mount for the projector.
  • Software provides access to virtual courses, practice ranges, challenges.
  • Multiplayer options allow remote competitions against other users.
  • The system is customizable with screen size, software, and hardware add-ons.
  • Overall, the SkyTrak + SIG12 combines excellent ball tracking accuracy with immersive simulation for a premium home golf experience.

The SkyTrak + SIG12 Golf Simulator Package combines SkyTrak’s top-rated launch monitor technology with a professional-grade simulator enclosure system to provide golfers with a premium simulation experience. This complete package includes all the key components needed – from the launch monitor itself to impact screens, hitting mats, software access, and more.

In this detailed review, we will examine the technology behind the SkyTrak Plus launch monitor, the design and capabilities of the SIG12 enclosure, additional components included in the package, the simulator software ecosystem, and the overall value proposition of the SkyTrak + SIG12 system.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your home golf simulator or planning your first setup, read on to learn if the SkyTrak + SIG12 can fulfill your virtual golfing needs.

skytrak plus sig12

First Impressions

Upon receiving the SkyTrak+ SIG12 package, I eagerly unboxed the components to begin setting up the simulator. The sleek SkyTrak+ launch monitor itself immediately impressed me with its compact yet sturdy construction.

The quick start guide provided clear instructions for getting started. I connected the included USB-C charging cable to power up the device fully before first use. During the charge time, I assembled the other pieces like the impact screen, hitting mat, and projector per the detailed manuals.

Connecting the SkyTrak+ to my phone and computer was simple using the step-by-step directions in the mobile app and software. The intuitive interface and seamless Bluetooth connectivity made establishing the initial link effortless.

Before hitting balls, I carefully calibrated the sensors through the software prompts to ensure maximum accuracy. The quick process tuned the radar-based tracking to my play environment.

With the physical setup complete and the device calibrated, I immediately started analyzing my swing in the new simulator. My initial impressions of the SkyTrak+ and accompanying SIG12 enclosure were overwhelmingly positive. The quick assembly, intuitive software, and sleek styling had me excited to dig into the comprehensive features and feedback.

SkyTrak Plus Launch Monitor

The SkyTrak + Launch Monitor lies at the heart of this impressive golf simulator package. Using advanced radar technology and algorithms, the monitor provides accurate shot data and analysis to help golfers improve their game indoors and outdoors.

skytrak on driving range

Technology and Features

The SkyTrak utilizes a patented dual Doppler radar system and photometric technology to precisely track both the golf ball and club head through the impact zone. It measures around 16 data points including:

Ball Data

  • Ball speed
  • Smash factor
  • Launch angle
  • Angle of descent
  • Backspin and sidespin rates
  • Apex height
  • Carry distance
  • Run distance
  • Total distance
  • Flight time
  • Descent angle

Club Data

  • Club Speed
  • Club Path
  • Face to Path 
  • Attack angle
  • Face to Target

This comprehensive shot data enables SkyTrak + to analyze each component of the swing in fine detail. Since no club tags or specially marked balls are required, you can use your own equipment while getting useful feedback.

The launch monitor seamlessly connects wirelessly via WiFi to iOS and Android devices, and Windows or macOS computers. The accompanying mobile app and software suite allow you to view results in real time, track progress over time, share data, and participate in skills challenges.

Another standout feature is the SkyTrak’s versatility. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and the portable design makes it easy to set up in any large open space.

Ease of Use

Setting up the SkyTrak launch monitor is quick and straightforward. After placing the sleek unit, you simply proceed through the initial one-time calibration process.

The mobile app and computer software have intuitive interfaces displaying shot results, swing analysis, and progress tracking in easy-to-understand graphical and statistical formats. Data, videos, and images can be conveniently saved for review later.

While the SkyTrak + excels right out of the box, additional in-app purchases unlock more detailed analytics and training programs to further refine your skills over time. Examples include subscription plans with more features and playable courses, support for 3rd party software, etc.

Accuracy and Reliability

With its high-speed ball tracking capabilities, the SkyTrak + provides professional-level accuracy within a tenth of a degree. It generates highly repeatable and consistent data so you can trust the results when dialing in your swing.

using skytrak launch monitor

The sturdy, weather-resistant construction also makes the SkyTrak Plus suitable for long-term daily use. Many PGA tour professionals and instructors rely on SkyTrak + launch monitors for analyzing and improving their clients and students’ performance.

The SkyTrak Plus Launch Monitor included in this package offers very high precision paired with excellent software and connectivity features to take your virtual golf training to the next level.

SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure

The SIG12 golf simulator enclosure is designed by the Indoor Golf Shop to provide an optimal environment to get the most out of the SkyTrak + launch monitor. With its durable construction and expansive projection surface, it enhances the realism of the virtual experience.

Design and Construction

The SIG12 features a 12′ wide high-definition polyester impact screen capable of withstanding repeated club strikes of up to 250 MPH. Thick foam padding surrounding the screen protects it from damage and the users from errant shots ricocheting against the frame.

The sturdy powder-coated aluminum frame assembles with ease and can be easily taken down if you ever need to. Side barrier netting is also included to catch errant shots and prevent damage. The color-coded pipe frame system further simplifies the setup process, and the use of ball bungees to mount the screen makes it simpler and increases its capacity to absorb shock and reduce impact noise.

Despite the sizable footprint, the enclosure components are relatively lightweight and straightforward to set up or take apart as needed.

The SIGPro premium screen measures 11’5″ W x 8’7″ H (14’3″ diagonal), while the enclosure is 12’2″ W x 9’4″ H x 16′ D, so you must measure your available space to ensure it can host the beast. Also, make sure your space is a bit larger than the enclosure for easier installation.

Simulation Experience

The generous 12-foot width of the SIG12 screen immerses you in a realistic virtual environment. Visual elements like terrain and hazards appear life-like in scale. The high-definition polyester material displays simulator graphics and ball flight with excellent clarity.

The included PANASONIC PT-VZ580U 1080P short-throw projector helps by providing excellent and clear image quality despite any ambient lighting thanks to its 5,000-lumen rating.

Since the enclosure fully surrounds the hitting area, the SIG12 helps block outside distractions for a focused experience. It also contains mishits within the structure to avoid unwanted property damage.

The SIG12 pairs seamlessly with leading golf simulator software and graphics engines. Out of the box, you get Skytrak’s Play & Improve software with playable courses through WGT and E6 Connect software. You get a generous course library that will surely keep you busy for a long time- 15 playable WGT courses and another 15 playable E6 Connect courses, in addition to multiple game modes and challenges for game improvement purposes.

gspro software

The system also supports multiple major simulation software like TGC2019 and its whopping 150,000+ course library, Creative Golf 3D, GSPro, etc.

Multiplayer and online competitions allow you to compete locally against friends or family or play full rounds against other players from all around the world.

Customization Options

Through the Indoor Golf Shop website, you can customize your setup with a few hardware and software options.

You can choose between the included 5’x5′ hitting mat or opt for a larger one based on your available budget. You also get to choose additional software like E6 Connect for IOS or PC or TGC 2019, while almost all other major software are available through the Skytrak website.

Additional Components

In addition to the SkyTrak launch monitor and SIG12 enclosure, the SkyTrak + SIG12 golf simulator package includes other vital components for a complete setup.

Hitting Mats

High-quality hitting mats simulate the feel of real grass and provide a consistent surface to hit shots indoors. Options include:

  • Single-sided mats with a tee area and padded base
  • Double-sided mats that can be flipped to extend durability or used for right and left-handed golfers.

This specific package comes with the Fairway Series 5’x5′ hitting mat, upgradable to the SIGPro 4’x7′ or SIGPro 4’x10′ mats. There is also the possibility to get the SIG12 Simulator flooring, which costs around $4600, quite costly, but it offers the best experience in terms of comfort and feel and the ability to practice different types of shots, including putts with its four putting cups positioned around the mat.

Whichever hitting mat you end up choosing, the premium quality will be there, as they all provide a real life-like feel and experience.

Protective Case

skytrak+ protective case

A durable protective case for your Skytrak + launch monitor is included with the package. It will protect your unit from accidental hits with balls or clubs.

The case also provides easy access to the buttons on the unit and comes with adjustable legs to help you level or rise the Skytrak + to ensure maximum tracking accuracy.

Landing Pad Turf

Rather than leaving an empty gap between the hitting mat and the simulator screen, the specially designed landing pad turf completes the space for a polished, professional appearance.

This artificial grass turf spans the floor region between the impact screen and your stance mat. More than just improving aesthetics, it serves the important functions of protecting your flooring and providing a realistic surface for golf balls to land.

Without the landing pad filling it in, stray balls could damage flooring or roll away awkwardly. The lifelike turf ensures shots remain in play while also blending seamlessly with the hitting mat to create the look and feel of a real course. This continuous turf coverage maximizes function and enhances the simulator’s realism.

Ceiling Projector Mount

A sturdy steel ceiling mount provides a secure suspension for the sim projector. This keeps the unit safely overhead and out of the hitting zone, so you will be more comfortable hitting your fastest drives without the fear of damaging your pricey equipment.


You will get all the cabling needed to operate the components of your package.

The 15′ HDMI cable connects the system to your projector or display. Long USB cables allow positioning the SkyTrak + further away. Power cables for the monitor and projector are also included to keep your components powered on.

In addition, an HDMI to Lightning adapter is included, too, to help connect your system to any IOS device like your iPhone or iPad.

Software Overview

e6 connect course selection

The SkyTrak + SIG12 golf simulator package includes software that unlocks the full capabilities for practice, play, and analysis.

The Play & Improve one-year subscription provides access to:

  • 15 virtual golf courses with WGT – Play realistic simulations of top real-world courses. Courses are rendered in vivid detail with accurate terrain and physics.
  • Another 15 virtual courses with E6 Connect – including Oakmont, Torrey Pines, Loch Lomond, Pelican Hill, etc.
  • Driving ranges and practice modes – Dial in your clubs on virtual ranges. Practice specific skills like bunker shots or putting.
  • Access to six 9-shot challenge courses – with challenges playable on virtual courses.
  • Multiplayer and competitions – Compete remotely against other golfers. Compare scores on daily leaderboards.
  • Statistics tracking and progress updates – View trends in your swing and game over time. Set improvement goals and track them.
  • Video swing recording – Capture and review swing videos to analyze your mechanics.
  • Skills challenges – Take part in chipping, pitching, putting, and driving challenges to work on your techniques.

The SkyTrak software also integrates with other popular third-party simulator platforms to provide additional gaming and practice options.

With the included software package, the SkyTrak + SIG12 combo enables you to play simulated rounds on photorealistic courses year-round. The analysis tools help ingrain proper swing mechanics through focused practice. It’s an invaluable system for dedicated golfers looking to continue improving their skills off the course.

Skytrak + SIG12 Alternatives

The Skytrak Plus SIG12 is an excellent package that provides excellent performance with a premium enclosure for a more realistic and immersive experience. The included software is also feature-rich and filled with different game modes and challenges to ensure diversity. Still, there are some (equally) impressive packages on the market you can opt for, all based on the Skytrak + launch monitor. Here are a few examples:

Skytrak + SIG8 / SIG10 Golf Simulators

skytrak plus sig8 golf simulator

These are other packages provided by the same manufacturer- Shop Indoor Golf that are built with the same sturdy materials and durable components. The software components and upgrades are identical to the SIG12 package, and you can upgrade to larger hitting mats or even the luxurious SIG flooring.

However, these systems are smaller than the SIG12, with the SIG8 package sporting a smaller enclosure with an 8′ screen, allowing it to fit in smaller spaces. The SIG10 package is the middle ground when it comes to size, and it comes with a 10′ screen.

The main difference between all three packages is the size of the enclosure, which in turn makes the price difference between them marginal (a $1,000 difference between the SIG8 and SIG10, and the same difference between the SIG10 and SIG12).

Skytrak Plus Perfectbay

skytrak plus perfectbay™ golf simulator package

This package is built around the Skytrak Plus, too, and it uses Top Shelf Golf’s Perfectbay enclosure (upgradable to different sizes).

The main selling point of the Perfectbay Package is its multiple customization and personalization options, as almost everything can be customized, from the choice of the projector to the enclosure size, included software bundles, ceiling and floor mounts for the projector, etc.

This is our recommended package for anyone looking for a highly customizable system.

Pricing & Recommended Seller

The basic Skytrak Plus SIG12 package (with no upgrades) comes at around $9,400, and its price can go as high as $16,500 with all the bells and whistles included (depending on which upgrades you decide to include).

The package includes a 1-year subscription to the Play & Improve software (with WGT); after the first year, the software costs around $250. You can also pick TGC2019 for an additional $895 one-time payment, or E6 Connect for IOS for $1,500, while the PC version of E6 Connect costs $2,500.

The Skytrak + SIG12 sim package is available exclusively through Shop Indoor Golf- a major online retailer. Their excellent customer support will guide you through the entire purchase process and beyond.

The Indoor Golf Shop also offers financing options to limit the financial impact of your purchase. They have individual financing options as well as Business financing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the SkyTrak + SIG12 Golf Simulator Package:

What are the main benefits of the SkyTrak + launch monitor?

The SkyTrak + provides an excellent accuracy level for shot data and analysis without requiring any club tags or special marked balls. It also has excellent connectivity features to integrate with mobile devices and computers.

The device also comes at a competitive price, providing outstanding performance and accuracy with great value for money.

Does the SIG12 enclosure require permanent installation?

The answer to this question is complicated; while the huge size of the enclosure is a better fit for permanent installation, and it’s not very portable, the SIG12 frame is designed for quick and easy assembly as well as takedown.

So, if you want to occasionally move the setup to a different place, it is doable thanks to the simple frame installation system. Still, we don’t recommend taking down the enclosure too frequently.

Is professional installation required for the SIG12 enclosure?

No, the enclosure is designed for convenient DIY assembly. All required hardware and components are included along with detailed instructions.

Can I adjust settings like weather, hole locations, etc. with the simulator software?

Yes, you can fully configure the simulator software to mimic real course conditions. The adjustability allows you to tailor the difficulty to your skill level.

How often does the SIG12 screen need to be replaced?

The durable ballistic polyester material is made to withstand thousands of impacts. Most users get 3-5 years before needing replacement.

Does SkyTrak+ require a PC or can I use it with my phone/tablet?

The SkyTrak+ is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows/Mac PCs so you can view data on your preferred device platform.

Is the SIG12 enclosure suitable for outdoor installation?

No, the SIG12 is designed for indoor use only. The frame and screen materials are not intended for outdoor installation and weather conditions.

Final Thoughts

The complete SkyTrak + SIG12 Golf Simulator Package provides an exceptional combination of accurate ball-tracking technology and immersive simulation enclosure to improve your golf skills at home.

The SkyTrak + Launch Monitor uses advanced Doppler radar and photometry to measure your shots with tour-level precision. It generates comprehensive data to analyze your swing without requiring any club tags or special balls. Wireless connectivity and intuitive software make accessing metrics and making improvements convenient. The SIG12 enclosure complements the SkyTrak + unit perfectly. Its durable construction and expansive hitting area create a realistic simulation environment.

The combination of industry-leading ball tracking and simulation enclosure makes the SkyTrak + SIG12 package a very compelling option. Ultimately, it’s a worthwhile investment that will help you achieve lower scores and more enjoyment of actual courses.

If you have any questions or comments about this outstanding simulator package, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you the best we can.


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