7 Best Golf Simulators For Putting – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Bottom Line

Our top pick for putting practice is the Exputt RG Real-Time Putting Simulator. This simulator focuses exclusively on putting and offers a real-time virtual course experience, mimicking weather conditions, green speeds, slopes, and breaks.

With modern technology, putting in a simulated environment is not only possible but increasingly popular. However, it’s not without its challenges.

Many of today’s top simulators are engineered to replicate the thrill of full shots, leaving the subtleties of putting somewhat neglected. The slow, deliberate nature of a putt can be tricky for some systems to interpret accurately.

In this article and buying guide, we’ll explore the world of simulators with a special focus on putting. We’ll review and compare various options across different budget ranges, guiding you to the perfect setup to hone your putting skills.

If the idea of practicing your putts in a virtual environment intrigues you, read on, and let’s find the ideal simulator for you!

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our Top Picks For Golf Simulators For Putting

The following is the list of the best systems for putting practice based on our own tasting.

    Exputt RG Real-Time Putting Simulator

    exputt real time putting simulator

    Topping our list is the Exputt RG Real-Time Putting Simulator. Designed exclusively with putting in mind, the Exputt RG aims to revolutionize your indoor practice sessions.

    What strikes you first about the Exputt RG is its simplicity and focus on putting. Unlike many other simulators, it’s not burdened with extras; it’s a putting simulator, pure and simple. Its innovative setup consists of a 48″x13″ putting mat with a backstop, and a high-speed camera that precisely measures and analyzes your putter and ball movements.

    The Exputt RG doesn’t just simulate putting; it offers a real-time virtual course experience. With its ability to mimic weather conditions, green speeds, slopes, and breaks, the simulator provides a realistic and immersive experience.

    The latest version brings additional features like Explorer Mode, allowing you to customize the locations of the holes and balls, Wi-Fi connectivity for updates and online play, and compatibility with mobile devices.

    Ease of setup is crucial for any simulator, and the Exputt RG does not disappoint. The process involves rolling out the putting mat and connecting it with the camera and TV or mobile device. Detailed instructions guide you through syncing and alignment, ensuring accurate operation.

    The innovative feature of using your putter like a mouse, selecting options directly from the putting mat, adds to the unique and engaging user experience.

    You’ll find the real-time feedback incredibly useful for honing your skills, and the virtual environment enriches the practice experience. You can measure improvements in your putting, explore different courses, and even challenge yourself with varying conditions.


    • Exclusive focus on putting with realistic simulation.
    • Affordable compared to full simulator packages.
    • Easy setup with detailed instructions.
    • Innovative use of putter for control.
    • Can be used with TV and mobile devices.


    • Limited to putting, lacking full golf shot features.

    The Exputt RG Real-Time Putting Simulator is a unique and specialized tool that offers an engaging and authentic putting experience. It’s an ideal choice if you are dedicated to enhancing your putting skills, without needing additional shot simulation.

    The Exputt RG is worth exploring. Its focus on putting, combined with a reasonable price point and outstanding performance, makes it a noteworthy addition to our list of top products. But remember, it’s a specialist tool, so make sure it aligns with your specific needs and expectations before making the investment.

    Uneekor Eye XO / EYE XO2 Perfect Bay Golf Simulator Package

    uneekor eye xo eye xo2 perfectbay golf simulator package (1)

    The Uneekor Eye XO Perfect Bay is composed of high-quality components with innovative technology, geared to provide an experience as close to the actual game as possible. The stunning visual realism offers an engaging practice session, ensuring that you can focus on perfecting every aspect of your game, including short game.

    The system’s accuracy is one of its crowning achievements, especially when it comes to the short game. Whether you’re chipping or putting, the Eye XO Perfect Bay delivers data with pinpoint precision. This is an invaluable asset for those looking to enhance their skills, as it gives immediate insights into areas of strength and weakness.

    But it’s not just about practicing; the playing experience is also to be noted. The clean playing area and the abundance of game modes and features make sure that you’ll never get bored, creating a balance between practice and fun. The choice of upgrade options offers flexibility, letting you tailor the experience to your needs.

    The EYE XO2 adds a third camera to the photometric tracking system, as opposed to the EYE XO’s dual cameras, which enhances accuracy and provides a larger hitting area. If you want the improvements brought by the newer EYE XO2, you will need to pay extra (around $4,000).


    • High-quality components for a realistic experience.
    • Guaranteed accuracy in both short and long game.
    • Stunning visual quality that enhances immersion.
    • Multiple hitting mat options to choose from.
    • Plenty of upgrade options from the guys at Top Shelf Golf.


    • Price might be a barrier for some hobbyists.

    The Uneekor Eye XO / EYE XO2 Perfect Bay is an advanced system that brings professional-grade practice to your doorstep. Its focus on accuracy, especially in the short game, sets it apart as an excellent choice for serious golfers looking to hone their skills. It’s good to note that all available hitting mat options from the Net Return and Fiberbuilt offer uninterrupted ball roll, which is perfect for putting practice. Both the projector and launch monitor can be ceiling mounted to leave a perfectly smooth mat between the hitting point and the screen to practice putting.

    FlightScope X3 PerfectBay Golf Simulator Package

    flightscope x3 perfectbay golf simulator package

    The FlightScope X3 PerfectBay simulator package is more than just a device for casual practice. With its dedicated short game app, it offers one of the best putting and chipping tracking capabilities on the market. The integration with the FS Short Game app delivers an in-depth analysis of your putting technique, offering customizable data and multiple camera views for video playback.

    What makes this simulator package special is its range of features and the quality of components included. The base package offers a powerful X3 launch monitor, a quality full-sized screen enclosure, and a turf mat that can accommodate putting. The PerfectBay enclosure is designed with durability in mind, able to withstand ball speeds up to 250 mph, providing a resilient platform for rigorous practice sessions.

    The versatility of this package is evident in the available upgrades. Whether it’s choosing a larger enclosure, opting for one of three Fiberbuilt hitting mats, adding a projector, or upgrading to an expanded software package, there are options that fit various preferences and budgets.

    The FlightScope X3 launch monitor is a technological marvel in itself. When it comes to putting, you are offered instant feedback on the path, speed, face orientation, and more. The D-Plane data helps in improving consistency, and the slide-controlled pin placement provides a more flexible practice experience.


    • Detailed putting and chipping tracking
    • Durable and capable of handling high-speed impacts
    • Highly customizable with numerous upgrade options
    • Includes comprehensive feedback through the FS Short Game app
    • Suitable for practice with every club in the bag


    • Can be overwhelming for beginners
    • Steep price, especially with additional upgrades

    The FlightScope X3 PerfectBay Package offers a rich and engaging experience. Its multitude of features, detailed analysis, and customizable options position it as a valuable investment for anyone serious about improving their game. While it might require a steep learning curve for novices and the price could be a barrier for some, its quality and performance validate it as a solid choice among top simulators.

    HD Golf Simulator Packages

    hd golf simulator ultimate entertainment package

    Renowned for its quality, innovation and precision, HD Sports delivers a package that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of both professional and amateur golfers alike.

    With the HD Golf Simulator Packages, you’re getting a system that prioritizes accurate data and an enjoyable experience. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, this package brings innovations to virtual golf that are genuinely impressive. The accurate data collection, coupled with jaw-dropping simulation quality, makes it a tool that can be instrumental in elevating your game to the next level.

    The realism offered by the HD Golf Simulator Packages is truly remarkable. The stunning visual quality goes hand-in-hand with the plethora of game modes and features that ensure you’ll never get bored. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your putting skills or enjoy a full practice experience, the immersive graphics and functionalities of this package provide a comprehensive solution.

    The Computer Vision Club and Ball Tracking System in the package stand out as features that can help greatly with chipping and putting practice. This system’s impressive size and the enclosure provided are well-suited for both short game practice and a full simulation of various courses.

    One of the distinct advantages of the HD Golf Simulator Packages is the balance between the high-tech features and the user-friendly nature of the system. Even with its advanced capabilities, you won’t find yourself lost or overwhelmed. The attention to detail in its design makes it suitable for golfers of all skill levels; the price, on the other hand, makes HD Golf’s packages highly exclusive, and only a few lucky ones will be able to buy them.


    • Mesmerizing quality and performance
    • Very innovative features used in making this technological wonder
    • Stunning simulation quality for a realistic experience
    • Multiple game modes and features
    • Accurate data collection aids in skill improvement
    • Cutting-edge technology for virtual golf
    • Suitable for both chipping and putting practice


    • Requires a very spacious setup area
    • The higher price point is a barrier for the majority of players

    In the dynamic world of golf where practicing makes perfect, having a simulator that mimics the real-life experience as closely as possible can be a game-changer. With the HD Golf Simulator Packages, you can confidently practice your swings, chips, and putts, knowing that the technology is honed to help you refine your skills.

    The balance of accuracy, variety, and cutting-edge technology in this package can make your practice sessions not only productive but also thrilling. You can choose between the Ultimate Entertainment Package ($69,035), with support for more than 30 virtual sports simulations and game modes, or the Ultimate Training Package, which is a tad cheaper but limited to golf simulation only (but still very expensive- $56,420).

    SkyTrak Plus Flex Space Golf Simulator Package

    skytrak plus flex space golf simulator package

    The SkyTrak+ system is not primarily renowned for putting, but it manages to perform admirably in this regard when adequately set up. What truly sets it apart, however, is its efficiency in handling every club in the bag. Thanks to the incorporation of dual Doppler radar, the SkyTrak+ measures club data with enhanced speed and accuracy.

    One of the notable features of this package is the state-of-the-art retractable screen and enclosure. This design allows for swift repurposing of a room, and the flexibility to adapt it to different settings. For those on a budget, the SkyTrak+ presents itself as an attractive option, especially considering that most units in its price range lack putting functionality altogether.

    Included in the SkyTrak Plus Flex Space Package are key accessories like the launch monitor, Play & Improve software, ProScreen 180, a short throw projector, SIGPRO landing turf, hitting mat, and projector floor mount enclosure. These contribute to an engaging experience with access to 15 world-class WGT courses and 15 E6 CONNECT courses.

    The HomeCourse ProScreen 180’s new side walls made of ballistic material and optional extended Pro Arms showcase thoughtful design, and the wireless retractable screen enhances the user’s comfort and convenience.

    The cherry on top, the screen is battery-operated and can be deployed and retracted with the push of a button on the included remote control. No need to dedicate space to your simulator package anymore!


    • Dual Doppler radar and camera tracking for enhanced accuracy
    • State-of-the-art retractable screen
    • Affordable without compromising functionality
    • Versatile and value-packed
    • Compatible with third-party software integrations


    • If you opt for third-party software, you still need an active subscription to the Game Improvement or Play & Improve plans.

    What makes the SkyTrak Plus Flex Space Simulator Package a winning investment is its commitment to offering an all-around golfing experience. From the innovative retractable screen to the advanced club and ball data measurement, it suits the needs of various skill levels and preferences.

    The minor cons don’t overshadow the fact that this package represents a thoughtful integration of technology and functionality that will likely resonate with both the occasional golfer and the more dedicated player.

    Foresight Sports GCQuad Retractable Screen Package

    foresight sports gcquad retractable screen golf simulator package

    The Foresight Sports GCQuad is renowned for its exceptional accuracy, employing a combination of quadruple camera and Infrared configuration to meticulously track both the ball and club. This ensures precise numbers that rival any existing launch monitor on the market. One notable feature is the ability to place club markers on the putter face, thereby augmenting the tracking of putts—a fundamental detail for serious players.

    The package’s software offerings, FSX 2020 and FSX Play, boast some of the finest graphics and features, allowing users to immerse themselves in virtual games with resolutions up to 4K. For those looking to delve deeper into metrics, there are optional add-ons, such as Clubhead Measurement and the Essential Putting Analysis, which provide invaluable data for refining putting skills. The latter, though costly at around 2,500 dollars, might be an investment worth considering for those seriously invested in the game.

    Convenience is another aspect of this package. The screen enclosure and the Net Return Pro Golf Mat have been designed for swift setup and disassembly. The retractable design is particularly appealing for those with space constraints, as it can be deployed and stowed in seconds. Moreover, the portability of the unit facilitates its use both indoors and outdoors.

    The quality, however, comes at a premium. This package’s cost may be prohibitive for some (mainly due to the premium-grade GCQuad monitor), but it’s important to recognize the unparalleled value it brings, especially for professional golfers or those aiming for significant improvement in their game.


    • Amazing accuracy and beautiful graphics for increased realism
    • Retractable design to save space
    • Separate Putting Analysis addon to improve your putts
    • Professional-grade performance
    • The device screen can be used to display metrics; very useful, especially outdoors


    • High cost, especially with addons

    While the price tag might be a deterrent for some, the Foresight Sports GCQuad Retractable Screen Package offers a splendid combination of accuracy, immersion, and convenience.

    For those who can overlook the financial investment, this package provides a rewarding and unparalleled golf simulation experience. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your putting skills or simply enjoy the game in the comfort of your space, this system is worth considering. Its retractable nature and adaptability to different environments make it a fitting choice for various settings.

    Trugolf Apogee SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

    trugolf apogee sig10

    Next up is the Trugolf Apogee SIG10 Simulator Package, an advanced system that combines Trugolf’s reputation for quality and innovation in simulator technology.

    The photometric technology used in the Apogee, equipped with ultra high-speed cameras, creates a new level of precision in tracking both club head and ball. The overhead monitor, installed on the ceiling, is a unique feature that not only provides more room but enhances the overall playing experience. Unlike their earlier reliance on the Trutrack 2 Tracking system, this innovative change ensures a cleaner playing area.

    Trugolf has consistently impressed with the quality of their components, and the ease of installation with the Apogee is commendable. Their simulator software, E6 Connect, stands out for its immersive realism, and the Apogee makes full use of its capabilities.

    You’ll find the Point OF Impact (POI) system simplifying your shots, with the designated area for the ball providing slow motion recording at the time of impact. This, combined with Trugolf’s patented INSTANT IMPACT image analysis algorithm, offers immediate feedback—a feature that can help take your game to the next level.

    With 27 courses and an expanded 96-course subscription, the Apogee brings challenges and features that can be enjoyed in various ways. Its 13 short game ranges and putting analysis functionality are vital tools that can help you refine your putting.

    The SIG10 enclosure, though slightly smaller than the SIG12, offers the same robust quality and reliability. The option of upgrading to the SIG10 Simulator flooring, although on the pricier side, can transform your home setup into a putting and short-game haven.


    • Clean playing area
    • Accurate and powerful launch monitor
    • Realistic and immersive simulation
    • Great for short game practice
    • Varied game modes and features


    • Premium pricing
    • Optional flooring can be very costly

    The Trugolf Apogee SIG10 package provides a realistic simulation, good quality build and accurate immediate feedback for a comprehensive experience that supports your entire game, from putting to chipping. Though the pricing may be a consideration, the quality and capability of this system are aligned with its cost, making it a good investment for dedicated golfers.

    Buying Guide: Selecting the Ideal Golf Simulator for Putting Performance

    Investing in a simulator that excels in putting performance is a significant endeavor that demands scrutiny and thoughtful evaluation. The decision-making process is multifaceted, involving an examination of various factors to guarantee that the chosen simulator corresponds with your goals, prerequisites and ambitions.

    Check Also: How Does Putting Work on a Golf Simulator?

    A golfer trying out an indoor golf simulator setup

    1. Full Simulator Vs. Putting Only: Understanding Your Needs

    Do you want a simulator designed solely for putting, or one that allow both full shots and putting?

    With putting-only simulators, options might be confined to specific products like the Exputt, which is a great system limited to putting practice (and that’s why it’s our top pick).

    On the other hand, full shot and putting simulators offer a wider range of options, varying widely in price from under $1000 to over $70,000. They allow practice with every club but may not be specifically tailored to enhance putting, making it vital to evaluate this aspect.

    You need to decide what you are interested in practicing (putting vs full game), and then choose your setup accordingly. Check out our guide of the best golf simulator packages with full shot tracking and putting capabilities.

    2. Size: A Critical Consideration

    Size is a key factor in selecting the right simulator. Simulators for putting do not necessarily correlate cost with footprint. What’s most important is that you have enough space for the simulator setup.

    You need to assess the width, length, and height of the available space to make sure they align with the simulator’s specifications. Depending on the type, space requirements may differ. Full package setups usually require more room, emphasizing the need for precise planning, and ensuring that the setup will fit comfortably in your chosen location.

    3. Portability: Moving with Ease

    Portability is another critical factor to consider when selecting a simulator. The ease of transport, whether moving between rooms or locations, must be evaluated if you foresee relocating the simulator.

    Some options, like the Exputt simulator, are highly portable and easy to move, while others, such as the Uneekor EYE XO SIG10 package, will be less portable due to their complexity and mounting requirements. If you reside in areas with distinct seasons and prefer outdoor golfing at times, consider the storage and portability aspects carefully to ensure convenience.

    4. Software: Enhancing the Experience

    The software aspect of a simulator enhances the overall user experience. Different simulators support varied software, each offering unique features and functionalities.

    Products like Exputt’s in-house options, Uneekor’s three tiers (Ignite, Refine and Refine+), and SkyTrak’s membership levels offer a plethora of features, requiring careful evaluation to match your specific needs.

    Consideration of software that aligns with your preferences will ensure a rich and engaging experience that adds value to your practice and enjoyment.

    Curious about the intricacies of how a golf simulator interprets your putts? Check out our detailed guide on “How does putting work on a golf simulator?” to get an in-depth understanding.

    5. Budget: Aligning with Your Investment

    Budget is a paramount consideration when choosing a golf simulator. They span various price ranges, and understanding what each price point offers is essential.

    best golf simulators for putting budgeting

    Evaluate what you receive in terms of hardware and software, keeping in mind that cost may correlate with quality and features. If the upfront cost is a concern, consider financing options that allow gradual payment. This approach enables you to acquire the right simulator without financial strain, aligning with both your golfing needs and fiscal responsibility.

    Luckily the three major retailers that we recommend all offer financing options. Click on the buttons below to check each vendor’s offers:

    Final Thoughts

    Finding the perfect simulator that excels in putting support is indeed an achievable goal. However, it’s essential to recognize that putting, while an integral part of the game, is often not the primary focus of many simulators. For those solely interested in perfecting their putting skills, an indoor putting green might be a more targeted solution.

    That said, simulators offer a rich and versatile experience, allowing you to practice with various clubs and enjoy virtual courses from the comfort of your home. The options we’ve reviewed in this article cover different needs and budgets, each providing excellent value. The choice is yours to make.

    Now, we’d love to hear from you! Do you have any thoughts, experiences, or questions about sims for putting? Feel free to leave a comment below. Your insights can enrich our community and help others on their golfing journey.

    Happy putting!


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