SIGPRO Golf Mats Review

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Bottom Line
  • 5 models available from $699-$5,199 based on size, features
  • Realistic feedback & feel to practice & improve
  • Withstand heavy use, mimic grass, work with real tees
  • Target different users by space, budget etc
  • Excel in versatility, durability and value

The SIGPro series by Indoor Golf Shop offers high-quality golf mats designed to help you practice your swing and improve your game indoors. With five size options with varying price points, these mats provide ample hitting space to simulate real golf shots.

We tested out the full SIGPro product line to provide an in-depth review of each variant’s performance, durability, and value. Read on for a breakdown of the key features and differences across the mats to determine which best fits your simulation needs and budget.

Whichever SIGPro hitting mat you end up choosing, you’re guaranteed realism and accuracy. We’ll cover factors like mat thickness, turf type, foam underlay, and more so you can invest in the ideal SIGPro mat for your personal golf simulator setup.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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SIGPro Golf Mats Reviews

The following are our own reviews of Shop Indoor Golf’s high-end hitting mats. Please bear in mind that we are not providing a specific order of the mats (best to worst), as we believe that they are all good-quality options. Rather, we intend to give detailed reviews to help you decide which specific mat will be best for you.

To simplify your task, we will start with the most affordable of the five and go up to the priciest one.

    SIGPRO Turf Golf Mat ($699)

    sigpro turf golf mat

    The SIGPRO Turf Golf Mat is designed to be compatible with the company’s Bronze, Training, and Flex Space golf simulator packages. It offers golfers a versatile and durable hitting surface that can be used both indoors and outdoors for practicing all types of shots. Unlike traditional range mats, the SIGPRO Turf stands out for its continuous ball return system and outstanding durability.

    When hitting shots off the SIGPRO Turf, you’ll be able to comfortably strike everything from wedges to drivers without worrying about wear and tear. The mat provides a realistic feel and lets you generate authentic spin on approach shots. You can take full swings knowing the mat can handle repetitive strikes.

    Another handy feature is the continuous ball return system, which instantly feeds struck golf balls back to your hitting area. This saves time chasing scattered balls and allows you to focus on your swing repetitions. It’s a great addition for serious golfers looking to ingrain proper mechanics.

    The SIGPRO Turf’s heavy-duty construction gives it anti-fatigue properties that stand up well against divots over time. Compared to traditional mats, it has markedly better durability. When not in use, the mat conveniently rolls up for compact storage.


    • Compatible with multiple golf simulator packages
    • Performs well indoors and outdoors
    • Enables full swing practice with all clubs
    • Includes a continuous ball return system
    • Has outstanding durability compared to other mats


    • On the expensive end of golf mats
    • Lacks sloped lies or uneven terrain

    With its versatile simulated hitting surface and useful functionality, the SIGPRO Turf Golf Mat is an excellent choice for golfers looking for a good golf mat with great performance. Its durability provides exceptional value given how well it holds up over thousands of strike repetitions.

    SIGPRO 3D 5’X5′ GOLF MAT ($799)

    sigpro 3d 5x5 golf mat

    The SIGPRO 3D 5’x5′ Golf Mat is an impressively durable and comfortable hitting surface designed for high-traffic commercial use. The mat is built to withstand heavy swing volumes without compromising feel or playability.

    After testing, it is clear this mat delivers on its promises. The tightly woven turf has a vibrant, healthy green hue that looks fantastic inside a hitting bay. It also features four tee insert holes for use with specialized golf mat tees. Most notably, the construction quality is superb. An eco-friendly polyurethane glue layer gives it strength and stability during swings, while a shock-absorbing elastic fiber layer prevents joint pain.

    Compared to traditional abrasive range mats that quickly degrade club faces and provide an unforgiving hit, the SIGPRO 3D mat maintains its cushioned, high-performance feel swing after swing. It can truly handle heavy daily use from golfers across skill levels. While casual practice is enjoyable, the mat’s durability makes it ideal for intense training regiments targeting swing consistency.


    • Withstands high swing volume
    • Absorbs impacts for joint protection
    • Eco-friendly and weatherproof materials
    • Vibrant turf color and contrast
    • Built-in tee insert holes


    • Expensive for casual golfers

    For commercial facilities and passionate golfers wanting a premium range mat, the SIGPRO 3D is a fantastic investment. The unrivaled durability ensures years of consistent use, while the player-friendly performance enhances practice quality. If budget permits, look no further for an exceptional and enduring golf mat.

    SIGPROTM Softy 4′ x 7′ Golf Mat ($1099)

    sigpro 4x7 golf mat

    The SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat aims to address common complaints with existing golf mats to provide the perfect option for everyday golfers. After extensive research and testing, SIGPRO created a hitting mat that strikes a balance between durability and realism.

    The Softy mat features a replaceable hitting strip with innovative soft foam insert and plush Teeline turf to mimic the feel of grass. Three compression slots act as release valves to dissipate impact, delivering a smooth follow-through without sharp vibrations. The 1-inch thick turf also provides accurate feedback on good and bad shots.

    Additional advantages include the ability to use real tees, injury prevention via specialized turf density, durability to withstand daily use, and a lightweight custom foam backing for all-day comfort. The mat’s high-end aesthetics blend seamlessly into any golf setup.

    You’ll appreciate how the SIGPRO Softy gives a true tee-box feel, making it seem like you’ve brought the golf course home. It solves the common issues of mats feeling too firm, grabby, or forgiving. Instead, you get a realistic surface that performs beautifully with launch monitors and simulators.


    • Mimics actual grass with plush replaceable turf
    • Absorbs club impact to prevent joint pain
    • Lets you practice with real tees
    • Durable even with daily use
    • Visually appealing for any setup


    • Nothing we could think of

    For a versatile, durable, and great-feeling hitting mat, the SIGPRO Softy is a superb option. It provides unparalleled realism in an easy-to-use and maintain package. If you’re looking to bring the driving range home, SIGPRO has created the ultimate mat.

    SIGPRO SOFTY 4′ X 10′ GOLF MAT ($1199)

    sigpro 4x10 golf mat

    This mat excels in key areas that matter most to golfers. The proprietary blend of materials provides a soft yet realistic feel, unlike the overly firm or grabby surfaces of other mats. You can use an actual tee and adjust the height to match your stance. The flexible barrier absorbs impact to prevent joint pain or vibrations. Accuracy is also not compromised, with ball flight aligning cleanly with simulator data.

    In addition, the mat checks all the boxes in terms of must-have features. The turf density allows for daily, intensive practice sessions without rapid degradation. The hitting strip is easily replaceable, eliminating worries about swapping the entire mat over time. Weighing only 31 pounds, the mat offers premium shock absorption without being cumbersome to move. Visually, the mat looks like a high-end, natural addition to any golf setup.

    When using the SigPro Softy Mat, it truly gives the sense that there is no compromise between convenience and authenticity. The consistency, feel, and accuracy make it simple to improve your skills from home. It is perfect for those who need a wider hitting mat with centered aim.


    • Realistic turf feel and flexibility
    • Absorbs impact to prevent injury
    • Works with actual tees
    • Durable mat
    • Lightweight despite its thickness


    • Expensive upfront cost
    • Large size not ideal for small spaces

    The SigPro Softy Golf Mat delivers an elite practicing experience that captures the nuance and satisfaction of hitting off an actual course. The attention to detail in responsiveness, customization, and longevity make this a sound long-term investment for serious golfers.

    SIGPRO GOLF SIMULATOR FLOORING ($3899 – $5199) – The Premium Option

    sigpro golf simulator flooring

    The SigPro Golf Simulator Flooring combines the best features for practicing both full swings and short game. An integrated hitting strip allows you to work on drives and approach shots, while the surrounding putting green lets you work on chipping, pitching and putting.

    The proprietary hitting strip provides a realistic feel – it grabs the clubface enough for proper contact, yet with some forgiveness for off-center strikes. The turf density cushions blows to prevent joint pain from daily practice. And the tee line turf takes actual tees for authentic shot practice.

    Four cups cut into the putting green offer skill challenges, with a 2.5-inch ball drop into each hole for confidence feedback. Variable breaks and slopes enabled by the undulations kit add variety to perfect your green reading abilities.

    The flooring components interlock for simple home installation. Its durability supports consistent everyday use with an easily swappable hitting strip to refresh worn areas. Custom sizing pairs the floor with your simulator enclosure.

    There are three variants of the SIGPro golf mat that are compatible with Shop Indoor golf’s premium enclosures, namely the SIG8, SIG10 and SIG12 enclosures; they are compatible with the SIG8 Sim flooring, SIG10 sim flooring and the SIG12 sim flooring, respectively.


    • Realistic hitting strip feel
    • Prevents injury with proper turf density
    • Putting green for short-game skills practice
    • Interlocks for simple home install
    • Replaceable hitting strip extends life


    • Very expensive golf mat (but worth it if you can afford it)
    • Limited practice area size

    With authentic play simulation across all shot types, the SigPro Golf Simulator Flooring fully equips your indoor game improvement. The hi-tech hitting strip offers unmatched realism. Surrounding putting green variability will sharpen your scoring touch. Durable construction guarantees lasting training value. If you desire a comprehensive skills upgrade with no compromises, the SigPro system confidently deserves your investment.

    Identifying the Target User for Each SIGPro Golf Mat

    golf mat checking

    The SIGPro golf mat line offers options suitable for golfers across the skill and dedication spectrum. Based on the unique features and benefits highlighted in each review, we can determine ideal user profiles that would get the most value from each mat model:

    SIGPRO Turf – Avid golfers wanting home practice facilities. The continuous ball return and unmatched durability provide comprehensive training.

    SIGPRO 3D – Commercial indoor golf facilities. The mat withstands extremely high traffic and provides an appealing simulator experience.

    SIGPRO Softy 4′ x 7′ – Golfers who prioritize authentic grass feel with home simulators. Balance of durability and accuracy.

    SIGPRO Softy 4′ x 10′ – Golfers who need a wider mat with a centered aim point.

    SIGPro Golf Simulator Flooring – Golfers or businesses looking for the best golf mat available today. It excels in every aspect.

    For golfers interested in constructing their own simulation system, our guide on how to build a golf simulator helps you with careful planning around hardware, software, spacing needs and more, homebuilding a golf simulator can be a rewarding DIY project. The SIGPro mats highlighted here offer durable, realistic surfaces well-suited for home simulators at different budget levels.

    Final Thoughts

    After reviewing all models in Indoor Golf Shop’s SIGPro golf mat line, it’s clear why these are some of the most popular mats for home golf simulators. With options spanning from basic to deluxe, you can find a SIGPro mat tailored to your space and budgetary needs.

    The premium models truly emulate an authentic on-course feel thanks to details like multiple turf textures and thicker padding. Even the baseline mats excel at providing accuracy and durability.

    Focus on size, materials, and base padding as you determine the right SIGPro for your simulation goals. With minimal maintenance required, these mats are built to withstand regular golf practice.

    The Indoor Golf Shop brand remains the leader for simulation mats thanks to the unparalleled performance and realism across the SIGPro line.

    If you have any questions or commands, please contact us.

    Thanks for reading!


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