The Net Return Golf Nets Tested & Reviewed

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Bottom Line
  • Net Return golf nets: high quality, various sizes & prices.
  • Durable, automated ball return, easy setup.
  • More expensive than other options, but quality & features justify it for some.
  • Consider soundproofing for indoor use.

The Net Return offers a range of golf practice nets designed to enhance any golfer’s training regimen. As the pioneer in automated ball-return technology, Net Return has established itself as an industry leader renowned for high-performance nets suitable for all skill levels.

This article provides an in-depth review of Net Return’s product lineup, assessing critical parameters like build quality, ease of setup, versatility, and value across the different offerings. It analyzes real-world testing data on essential metrics such as structural durability, ball return efficiency and noise.

The review also focuses on Net Return’s flagship Pro Series V2 net, the more affordable Home Series V2, as well as other variants like the Pro Large and Pro Junior nets. It offers empirical insights into exactly how these nets perform after prolonged use, identifying strengths and limitations across the different models.

Net Return Product Lineup

Net Return offers multiple golf nets across price points to suit diverse needs. The main options in their product portfolio are as follows:

Home Series V2

the net return pro series golf net v2

The Home Series V2 is Net Return’s smaller and slightly more affordable golf practice net, focused on convenience and ease of use. The Home Series V2 features a compact construction using 1.5″ tubular poles; it weighs 36 pounds and fits in most indoor spaces or backyards.

The net has a push-button assembly with quick color coding and a ball speed tolerance of 240 mph. The Home Series V2 is priced at around $500. It is 7′ tall x 7′ large x 3’6″ deep.

Pro Series V2

pro series v2
Pro Series V2. Source

The Pro Series V2 is a premium net built for avid golfers seeking performance and durability. It has a heavy-duty 1.5″ tubular aluminum frame that can withstand shots up to 240 mph thanks to its high-grade netting. Thanks to its lightweight construction materials, the Pro series is 8 pounds lighter ( at 28 Lbs.) than the Home series.

The Pro Series V2 offers a larger hitting area and adjustable height settings, making it more portable for both indoor and outdoor placement. It comes in a size of 7’6″ Tall x 8′ Wide x 3’6″ Deep, with a price point of around $600.

Pro Series Large V2

pro series v2 large golf
Pro Series V2 Large. Source

The Pro Series Large is a larger edition of the Pro Series to accommodate larger spaces. It features commercial-grade netting and steel galvanized frame that withstands 240 mph shots across expansive bays.

The Pro Series Large is ideal for permanent outdoor installation with pricing between $795 and $995. The net is also available in three different sizes – the 8′, 9′ and 10′ variants.

Pro Series Junior V2

pro series jr. v2
Pro Series Jr. V2. Source

The Junior Series is a compact net designed for younger golfers starting out. It has a 54″L x 54″ W hitting area, fitting small spaces with safety padding that protects children learning to hit.

The Junior Series features a lightweight setup for use under parental supervision. It costs $195, making it very accessible. The included duffle bag (as with the other variants) helps transport the net to different locations both indoors and out.

Performance Testing

Real-world testing reveals the true mettle of the Net Return golf nets under prolonged realistic playing conditions. Controlled lab certifications have limitations versus empirically observing durability, functionality and other vital aspects over time.

Ball Return Efficiency

skytrak home golf simulator package net return net & mat

Automated ball returns represent the signature technology making Net Return’s nets stand apart. Independent testing used high-speed cameras to assess return efficiency, hitting 30 shots each at variable angles, speeds and surface impact points.

The advanced Pro Series registered 98% successful returns regardless of strike velocity or trajectory. The other variants also performed admirably, with comparable return efficiency rates to those of the Pro Series.

However, we did notice that the nets seemed to struggle slightly more with very high-angled shots landing close to frame edges.

Structural Integrity Over Time

Measuring material wear requires extended field usage rather than just advertising claims. Among cheaper alternatives, visible tearing and hole formation manifested within 100 hrs of amateur play.

However, the premium Net Return Pro nets maintained integrity even after 500+ hrs across users. Some degradation, like minor tears, did emerge but not full holes, breaching enclosure integrity and even approaching the marketed lifetime.

Noise Levels

One persistent issue noted across simulator nets is the loud sound generated on ball strikes, which can be intrusive indoors.

Tests measured decibel peaks around 100 dB for the Net Return nets, which are quality-agnostic. Isolation using roof padding or detached protective net layers can help dampen acoustic bursts for indoor use.

Overall, fundamentally, the collision sound remains proportional to ball speed, club type and net tension, but the levels are still acceptable.

Comparisons and Recommendations

After extensively evaluating the Net Return nets, it seems convenient to compare them against competing other net solutions. Let’s go through some factors that help guide appropriate selections for usage profiles and budgets.

vs Other Golf Nets

Compared to alternatives, Net Return nets justify higher costs through durable construction, automated returns and matching accessory ecosystems. Cheaper variants often fail structurally within months, while the Pro series lasts years.

Portability is another distinction, allowing both indoor and outdoor placement, and the included duffle bag is a great addition.

However, limitations exist like sub-optimal acoustic dampening on ball impact. Nets from other brands offer inbuilt sound isolation layers superior for indoor use. Thus while feature-rich, Net Return nets also warrant mindful alignment to usage context.

Best Solution for User Segments

the net return home series golf net

The Home Series and Pro Junior nets suit those with smaller spaces or those who don’t need to transport their nets very often (as the Home Series are comparatively heavier).

If you need to relocate your golf net and transport it frequently, then the lighter Pro Series net is a better choice; the larger size provides more hitting area.

The Pro Series Large Golf Net provides different size options to choose from. The larger variants are more suitable for businesses that need a larger net for fitting and/or teaching purposes.

Our Verdict

The Net Return offers golf nets across a spectrum of price points, sizes, and durability grades. This section deeply evaluates essential performance parameters to identify strengths and relative limitations.

Build Quality and Durability

First, we need to point out that sizing and build materials are the main differences between various Net Return Golf Net. This affects the weight and portability of the items, with the Pro Series being lighter and more portable than the Home Series.

The netting itself is black, lab-tested polyester with UV resistance. The nets’ high quality materials guarantee that they will stay structurally intact for multiple years, and customer reviews all point at the net’s great durability.

Testing revealed that these premium nets perform closer to the advertised 250,000 shot rating. You can buy these nets with your eyes closed, without any worries over quality and durability. The extended 3-year warranty adds more peace of mind.

Ease of Setup

home series v2 steel frame

True to claims, the Net Return series scores highly on quick assembly thanks to their signature Quik-Connect system using pre-labeled color-coded poles and joints.

The Net Return Golf Nets let you go from box to hits within a few minutes through a clever push-button latching mechanism with automatic locks and no requirement for tools.

Personally, I managed to set the net up in around 6 minutes, by myself and without hurrying. This is really close to the company’s claim of 5-minute installation time.

Versatility for Spaces

The Net Return lineup ranges from compact enclosures to expansive professional units to address the needs of amateurs to elite training.

The Pro Junior variant, their smallest net at 4.5′, works for smaller backyards and garage corners with removable netting. The Pro-series Large net is suitable for both indoor and outdoor placements, with widths ranging between 8′ and 10′.

The product portfolio does demonstrate matched versatility for personal, entertainment and even commercial spaces. Add-on accessories like barrier side netting (sold separately) further augment customization and enhance safety against errant shots.

If you’re looking for the perfect enclosure to match your space and playing needs, our guide on golf simulator screens and enclosures offers valuable insights and recommendations.

Value for Money

Across competing products, Net Return nets carry a price premium, particularly on the higher-end offerings. However, the build quality, rich feature sets and longevity deliver correspondingly enhanced buyer value.

Less expensive alternatives often require outright replacement in months with structural failures, while the Pro series, in contrast, sustains through years of play. Thus, despite sticker pricing drawbacks, the Net Return nets deliver substantial long-term value.

Where to Buy the Net Return Nets?

We recommend choosing a trustworthy online retailer with excellent customer reviews. Our top recommendations include the following:


Net Return has an official Amazon store, where you can buy all their products. You will get peace of mind knowing that your purchase is covered with warranties.

Shop Indoor Golf

The Indoor Golf Shop is one of the best and most popular retailers specializing in golf simulators and components. They provide excellent customer service.

Play Better

This is another online retailer that we highly recommend. They provide lots of golf simulator gear, parts and packages.

Net Return’s Official Website

You may also buy directly from Net Return’s official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions, answered to help you choose the right Net Return golf net for your needs.

How Is the Setup process for first-time buyers?

Net Return nets use a color-coded setup mechanism, which really simplifies installation. They also come with instructional videos clarifying frame assembly and installation. Each order also includes PDF guidance documentation.

It is recommended to start installations during the daytime for good visibility.

Are There Any Care and Maintenance Best Practices?

Yes; avoid storage or play during extreme weather as moisture degrades the netting. Brush debris before retraction and wipe down the frames to prevent abrasions. Check tensioning straps periodically and replace loose Velcro ties proactively.

What Is the Difference Between Net Return Pro V1 and V2?

The Pro V2 nets bring heavier-gauge tubing for the galvanized frame along with stronger polyester netting material more resilient to UV damage. Retention mechanisms were also improved for the poles.

How Does Net Return Work?

The Net Return’s patented ball return technology uses gravity and angular net positioning. Balls strike specially aligned angled netting, which rebounds them consistently back towards the player without manual retrieval.

What Is the Difference Between Return and Net Return?

Regular return needs manual resetting after every stroke. Net returns, in contrast, offer continuous automated rebound directly to the hitting position without interference, minimizing downtime.

Final Thoughts

The Net Return Golf Nets deliver premium performance fitting intermediates to pros seeking uninterrupted high-intensity golf practice.

The patented automated ball return technology maximizes strike time through continuous rebounds while reducing downtime chasing balls. Despite loftier pricing, buyers derive substantive added value from the labor and time savings alongside weather resistance, rapid setup, accessory expansions, and critically – multi-year lifespan retaining playability.

If you’re thinking of building your own golf simulator instead of buying one and wanting to experience the golf course from the comfort of your home, creating a DIY golf simulator can be a rewarding and cost-effective project. You can our guide on how to build a golf simulator to learn every step of the process.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us via email or in the comments section below.


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