7 Best Inflatable Golf Simulator Tents – Reviews & Guide

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Bottom Line

Our top pick for the Best Inflatable Golf Simulator Tent is the Golf GPD “The All Weather” Enclosure, known for its spaciousness and built to accommodate serious golfers and their friends with its 26’L x 16’W x 13’H dimensions. It's weatherproof and compatible with all floor-based launch monitors, highlighting its adaptability and suitability for year-round training. Despite requiring two people to set up and carrying a higher price tag, its portability and capacity to host up to 8 people make it a stellar investment for those looking for a top-tier golfing experience.

An inflatable golf simulator tent creates an outdoor driving range experience allowing golfers to practice their swing or play virtual rounds anytime. These portable pop-up enclosures use air beams and durable fabric to quickly set up a spacious, weather-proof practice area in your backyard.

Advanced inflatable bays include swing analyzers and impact screens to provide performance metrics and simulate play on famous courses. When researching options, key considerations are space needed, the quality of enclosure materials, included hitting mat, side netting, and portability.

Prices range widely from under $1000 for basic practice bays to over $4000 for high-tech portable units. We’ve compiled reviews of the top-rated inflatable golf simulator tents from leading manufacturers.

Read on for a breakdown of the critical specifications and real customer experiences with inflatable golf simulators.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our Top Picks For Inflatable Outdoor Golf Sim Tents

Based on our own testing, research and experience, the following are our picks for the best inflatable golf simulator enclosures you can buy today. These belong to different price and size ranges, and they will suit buyers with different needs, preferences and constraints.

    Golf GPD “The All Weather” Enclosure – Best Premium, Huge, US-Made Option

    golf gpd the all weather enclosure
    Golf Pro Delivered. Source

    The All Weather, from Golf Pro Delivered, is a leading contender for the title of “best inflatable golf simulator tent.” Its impressive features and versatility make it a compelling choice for serious golfers seeking a year-round, portable training facility.

    This inflatable behemoth boasts a generous size of 26’L x 16’W x 13’H, offering ample space for practice swings and full shots. You can comfortably play with a few friends or host tournaments within its spacious interior. The recommended white exterior and black interior provide a neutral backdrop for your virtual gameplay, enhancing the realism and focusing your attention.

    The All Weather lives up to its name, designed to withstand various weather conditions. Its robust construction and inflation system ensure a stable and secure environment for your immersive golfing experience.

    Setting up the All Weather requires two people capable of moving heavy objects. While the inflation time itself is a swift 2 minutes, the complete setup, including technology installation, takes about 10 minutes. The weight of 225 lbs may require additional assistance for transport and storage, but the deflated size of 4’L x 3’H x 3’W ensures portability and easy storage.

    The All Weather excels in its versatility. Its compatibility with all floor-based launch monitors allows you to tailor the simulator to your existing equipment or preferences. Additionally, it can accommodate up to 8 people inside, making it ideal for group activities and social gatherings.


    • Spacious interior (26’L x 16’W x 13’H)
    • Weatherproof construction
    • Compatible with all floor-based launch monitors
    • Accommodates up to 8 people
    • Portable and deflates for easy storage


    • Requires two+ people for setup
    • Higher price point compared to other inflatable units

    The All Weather represents a top-of-the-line inflatable golf simulator tent. Its size, versatility, and durability suit the needs of demanding golfers seeking a high-performance training environment.

    With a price tag of $12,550 plus tax and shipping, the All Weather is a significant investment. However, its premium features, spacious interior, and weatherproof design justify the cost for dedicated golfers seeking a professional training experience.

    ASI Inflatable Golf Sim Enclosure – Best Customizable Option (US-Made)

    inflatable golf simulator enclosure
    Inflatable Golf Simulator Enclosure. Source

    This inflatable golf simulator enclosure delivers a portable and quick-setup solution for avid golfers lacking sufficient indoor space. In just 5 minutes, you can inflate the sturdy PVC frame and attach the blackout waterproof cover to start playing your favorite courses.

    The enclosure’s 12 x 16 x 10 ft. dimensions provide ample room for full swings off a hitting mat. Its convenient features like a projector screen, rear impact net, anchor loops, accessory hooks, and electric pump simplify setup. You can easily customize the system by adding turf, launch monitors, and other golf accessories suited to your budget. Spectators can view the action through the side windows while staying protected from errant shots.

    In terms of portability and cost, this inflatable enclosure beats alternative permanent structures. The unit conveniently packs down into a portable bundle for storage or transport. At around $3,000, it offers an affordable starting point for aspiring home golfers lacking the space for an indoor enclosure.

    You will enjoy lighting-fast setup time compared to assembling traditional framing. Just roll out the deflated bundle, hook up the pump and watch it inflate before your eyes in minutes. The versatility to use it outdoors or in a garage also adds year-round functionality compared to fixed installations.


    • Inflates fully in 5 minutes for quick setup
    • Lightweight and portable compared to permanent structures
    • Optional front banner and curtains provide light control
    • Versatile for indoor/outdoor use
    • Relatively cost-effective starting point for home golf simulation
    • Easy to deflate and pack away after use


    • Limited weather protection
    • No included flooring solution

    This inflatable enclosure delivers on convenience, portability and cost. With some DIY spirit, you can transform it into a fully customized home golf simulator space ready to play in minutes. This ingenious product offers the fastest route to playing virtual golf without permanent construction.

    Pettool Inflatable Enclosure + Customizable Banner – Best for Business or Publicity

    The Inflatable Golf Simulator Tent from Pettool offers a versatile and portable virtual golf experience. Made from durable PVC, the inflatable design packs down for easy transport and storage. At 12 x 10 x 10 feet, it provides ample room to practice drives, chips, and putts. The included projection-supported curtain works with any projector to simulate various golf courses and settings.

    In terms of advantages, portability ranks first. Deflate in minutes for storage or transport to alternate locations with minimal hassle. The spacious interior also accommodates multiple golfers. Also, the projection system offers customized simulation at a fraction of built-in simulator costs. Factor in the authentic experience and this tent facilitates substantial improvement.

    Moreover, the company offers the inclusion of a banner with a logo you choose for free, which allows you to use the enclosure for your business and have additional advertisements.

    Properly inflating the structure while also aligning the screen and projector takes some trial and error. Once calibrated though, the inflatable design provides durable service with Pettool’s 2-year warranty as reassurance.


    • Portable and easy to transport
    • Spacious interior fits multiple golfers
    • Projection screen included
    • Durable PVC construction


    • Complex initial setup

    If you want an inflatable enclosure to use with your golf simulator for business use, this is your best bet. The enclosure is relatively affordable and includes a banner that can be used to promote your business by including its name.

    Milazul Inflatable Golf Sim Enclosure – Best Value

    Our next pick, Milazul’s Inflatable Golf Training Cage is an excellent option for those looking to practice their swing at home. Made from durable PVC material, it is easy to set up and take down. The inclusion of a screen to attach your own projector creates a realistic simulated golf environment.

    Weighing 117 lbs, the cage offers ample space at 11.8ft x 9.84ft x 9.84ft to accommodate full swings. While primarily designed for outdoor use, the portable and space-saving design also enables indoor practice. This makes the Inflatable Golf Training Cage versatile for use in backyards, garages or other practice areas.

    The inflatable structure and airtight design ensure the cage is convenient to store when not in use. The lightweight portability also allows you to move the simulator to any location with ease.


    • Durable PVC construction built to withstand frequent use
    • Inflatable design enables easy portability and storage
    • Attachable screen for use with projectors
    • Ample sizing for full swings and shot technique practice
    • Versatile for indoor or outdoor use


    • Enclosed cage limits certain full-shot types

    For golfers seeking an affordable and portable home simulator, this Inflatable Golf Training Cage offers an outstanding solution. The durable construction guarantees longevity and value. The smaller size guarantees the enclosure fits in tighter spaces (indoors and out), but it may not be suitable for exceptionally taller golfers.

    18x15x15ft. Inflatable Golf Simulator Bay – Best All-White Option

    With its massive 18ft x 15ft x 15ft interior space, this unique, all-white inflatable indoor/outdoor golf simulator tent provides ample room to take full swings with any club in your bag without fear of damaging walls or surroundings.

    Set-up took less than 30 minutes – simply roll out the thick PVC material, attach an air pump, and let it inflate. The durable construction can hold air steadily even on windy days. Inside, the netting creates a protective barrier so you can swing freely while keeping the balls contained.

    In terms of performance, we loved the versatility this tent offers. Take it in the backyard for casual practice sessions, set it up indoors for winter training, or pack it along for tournaments when you want to warm up your swing before teeing off. For amateurs and pros alike, this is an extremely useful tool.


    • Massive interior hitting space
    • Thick durable PVC construction
    • Sets up fast and packs down small
    • Indoor and outdoor versatility
    • Protective netting contains balls


    • The price is quite high
    • The white color may require frequent cleaning

    With unmatched interior space and impressive portability, this inflatable simulator tent makes an excellent addition for serious golfers to practice their swing technique any time of year. It is well-built with a catchy white color.

    Air Tight Inflatable Indoor Outdoor Golf Sim Tent – Multiple size options

    With custom sizing up to 18 ft tall and made of durable Oxford cloth over an air tight PVC frame, this tent is ideal for practice swinging no matter the weather.

    The first thing I noticed upon setting up the simulator tent was how quick and easy assembly is. The included blower pumps it up in minutes, and the ropes, pegs and sandbags make securing it simple. Stepping inside, I was pleased by the ample room for full swings with any club thanks to the exceptional height clearance. Ventilation is also great despite the enclosed design.

    Putting this simulator tent through numerous practice sessions, I’ve been very impressed with the durability. It stands up well to repeated hard hits without compromise. The portability also makes it great for taking to the course or anywhere you want to work on swing.

    If you’re looking for the perfect versatile all weather golf simulator tent, I can’t recommend this product enough. The quality and performance are unmatched, making it arguably one of the best inflatable golf simulator tents available.


    • Roomy interior for full swings
    • Quick and simple set up
    • Withstands heavy use
    • Great for indoor/outdoor use
    • Improves ball striking skills
    • Portable and easy storage
    • Available in multiple sizes


    • The carrying case could be more padded

    This inflatable simulator tent is an exceptional training asset. You will reap real results working with it, and the quality ensures it will be a long-lasting golfing companion for years to come. This is absolutely one of the best inflatable golf simulator tents you can buy. The same tent with the same size variations is also available in a black & metallic color scheme.

    Inflatable Indoor Outdoor Golf Practice Swing Simulator Net Cage – Best Unusual Shape

    This inflatable golf simulator tent offers amateur and professional golfers an affordable way to practice their swing anytime and anywhere. Made from durable oxford cloth, it comes in a variety of customizable sizes to accommodate both indoor and outdoor use.

    This simulator tent includes all the essential accessories – blower, ropes, pegs, sandbags and a carrying case. The blower needs to stay on to keep the structure fully inflated, but it allows the tent to be set up and taken down within minutes.

    The sizing is useful for assessing space requirements, although custom sizes are available for an extra fee. The stock black/gray color scheme ensures high visibility during swings and ball tracking, but other color options can be requested from the seller as well.

    Overall, this simulator tent enables you to practice your swing technique and accuracy anytime without leaving home. The 360-degree ball return feature is perfect for solo practice sessions.


    • Durable oxford cloth material
    • Customizable sizing and colors
    • Includes all setup accessories
    • Easy inflatability with blower
    • Indoor and outdoor versatility


    • Plain color scheme

    For golfers prioritizing convenience, versatility and affordability, this inflatable golf simulator tent delivers on all counts. The compact size and quick setup make it easy to use for practice swings anytime, anywhere. Those with larger spaces can go with the 18’x15’x15′ version.

    Buying Guide – Factors to Consider When Buying An Inflatable Outdoor Golf Simulator Tent

    While looking for an inflatable golf sim bay, it’s important to navigate through an array of variables to ensure that your investment aligns perfectly with your needs. The following are a few factors you should keep in mind so as to make an informed purchase.

    Tent Size & Available Outdoor (Yard) Space

    When selecting an inflatable golf simulator tent, understanding the interplay between the tent’s size and your available outdoor space is crucial. The proper dimensions ensure you can swing freely and maximize the simulator’s benefits. Cheaper models may fit compact yards with a 10’x10′ space, whereas more elaborate setups could extend up to 20’x20′ feet or more.

    yard space

    Considerations for Tent Size & Yard Space:

    • Spatial Harmony: The foundation for your simulator, the yard space must perfectly accommodate the tent. Analyze not just the base dimensions but also the safety buffer—the recommended additional 10 feet around the structure to safeguard against stray shots.
    • Vertical Dynamics: Take heed of overhead clearances; a 12-foot clearance is typically necessary to prevent tent abrasion and damage from any tree branches in the yard.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Verify local zoning laws and homeowners association mandates to ensure building such a structure is permissible.

    When searching into the realm of golf from the comfort of your backyard, having a simulator that can withstand the elements is essential. If you’re intrigued by the idea of honing your skills outdoors and want equipment that’s specifically designed to perform under the sun, our article on the best outdoor golf simulator systems offers an in-depth look at the latest models that cater to various preferences and price points.

    Included Components (Blower, Screen, Etc.)

    Check whether you’ll get the tent only, or if you get any other components. A powerful blower maintains the tent’s structural integrity; a high-quality screen and projector duo serve as the canvas for your virtual links, and specialized hitting mats help have a more comfortable and realistic experience.

    The following are things to consider in your included components:

    • Blower Type: Match the blower power to the tent’s volume requirement, ensuring consistent air pressure and structural stability. Make sure the blower is strong enough to maintain the tent shape, but not too powerful to the point of causing issues.
    • Display Clarity: Minimum projector luminosity is pegged at 3000 lumens, while high-end options push the visual envelope with 4K resolutions and ultra-short-throw lenses. If a screen is included, make sure it is built with quality materials to ensure longevity.
    • Surface Reality: Hitting mats should mimic the authentic feel of the course—choose from fiber turf to rubber tops based on the experience you wish to have.

    Build Quality & Durability

    The longevity and resistance of your inflatable golf simulator tent to environmental factors boil down to build quality and materials.

    Top-tier tents use Oxford polyester or PVC walls capable of withstanding UV rays, moisture, and gusts. Look for tents designed with multiple anchor points to withstand severe weather conditions.

    Don’t forget to inquire about warranty coverages provided by the manufacturer, just to be on the safe side.

    Ease of Setup & Takedown

    Opt for a tent that balances spatial grandeur with ease of assembly. Quick inflating systems can have your setup operational within minutes, while more elaborate systems necessitate longer setup times and additional hands.

    Moreover, consider storage solutions and protective covers that shield against the elements when the tent is not in use.

    Price Point & Budget

    golf tent budget

    Your budget will delineate the range of inflatable golf simulator tents accessible to you. From rudimentary tents valued under $1,000 to advanced units costing over $4,000, the price range is wide.

    Set your spending threshold and weigh the features that align with your available budget.

    Final Thoughts

    Inflatable golf simulator bays offer amateur players and driving range enthusiasts an opportunity to practice their swing or enjoy a realistic simulation of legendary courses anytime in their backyards.

    While enclosed golf tents require more space and investment than other backyard practice options, they provide reliable protection from errant shots, weather and debris. For those looking to take their practice to the next level from the convenience of their home, exploring our main golf simulator packages guide will provide a more comprehensive and immersive golfing experience.

    Use this guide to compare the essential features, components and brand reputations of the best inflatable golf simulator tents. Consider the available space in your yard, included tech features, overall durability, and ease of setup when deciding on the right option for your home driving range needs and budget. With regular care and maintenance, a quality inflatable golf simulator is a long-term investment that lets you make the most out of your practice, no matter the season.

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