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Our top pick for the Best Indoor Putting Green is the SIGPRO Executive Putting Green which offers a realistic bentgrass feel on a spacious 13’9″ by 7’10” surface. This high-caliber choice features a true roll turf with a Stimp rating of 10 and adjustable practice options, including five cup placements and an optional foam undulation kit for more complex putts. Its solid assembly and durable design make it an outstanding investment for those seeking a premium, true-to-game practice environment.

The ideal putting green marries quality turf with functionality, presenting a wrinkle-resistant surface complete with realistic play for those crucial breaks. Combining a quality putting green with golf putting aids will help create an all-purpose system to practice all your game aspects. While the market offers lavish, elite models, it also presents some affordable options to suit various financial restraints.

Our article provides an in-depth analysis of the top contenders for the best indoor golf putting greens for golf simulators, scrutinized for every budget. We will provide insights to guide your selection for that perfect indoor putting green and go through crucial factors you need to consider before the final decision.

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Our Top Indoor Putting Greens for Simulator

Our teams have tested tens of putting greens to come up with a list of only the best options that will provide the best feel and performance for your money. Our selection includes options that cost more than entire setups alongside more budget-friendly options so that everyone can find a putting green that fits their budget and available space.

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

    SIGPRO EXECUTIVE PUTTING GREEN – Best Overall for Golf Simulator

    sigpro executive putting green

    When looking for a comprehensive indoor putting experience, the SIGPRO Executive Putting Green ranks as a serious contender. At first glance, its price point may seem steep, but the quality and features it brings provide ample justification. You’re looking at a generous 13’9″ by 7’10” putting surface, designed to accommodate the skill-enhancement needs of a dedicated golfer in a spacious indoor environment.

    One of the SIGPRO Executive’s best features is its realistic feel, which mimics a well-maintained bentgrass green. Its true roll turf offers a stimpmeter reading of 10, creating a practice environment that translates well to actual greens. Furthermore, the turf’s premium quality not only supports a true ball roll but also facilitates the addition of undulations and breaks using the optional foam undulation kit.

    The innovative design with five cup placements allows for diverse practice routines. You can shift focus from straight putts of just a few feet to challenging, lengthy strokes that span the breadth of the green. Such versatility in practice setups is crucial for a golfer aiming to improve all aspects of their putting game.

    While some assembly is required, the Executive’s interlocking high-impact polymer plastic tiles create a solid base that contributes to a realistic putting experience. The assembly process is straightforward with a smart numbering system, ensuring that you can put your green to use quickly without hassle.


    • Realistic bentgrass feel
    • Adjustable practice options
    • Stimp rating of 10 for true roll
    • Spacious and distinctive design
    • Simple assembly process


    • Requires significant indoor space
    • High-end price point

    The SIGPRO Executive Putting Green is a high-caliber choice for any golfer looking to replicate a true-to-game putting experience indoors. You can expect a reliable and long-lasting practice tool, thanks to its durable construction and carefully considered design. If room and budget are within your reach, the Executive is a worthy investment to sharpen your putting strokes effectively, anytime you desire.

    PuttView P7 Indoor Putting Green – Best Advanced Standalone Option

    puttview p7 interactive putting green

    Next on our list is PuttView’s P7 Indoor Putting Green, a sophisticated golfing tool aimed at perfecting the putting skills of both amateur and seasoned players. With a steep price tag of almost $17,000 for the Plus (and around $12K for the basic version), it targets a niche market of golf enthusiasts seeking premium practice equipment within their own premises.

    Interactive and engaging, the P7 offers a bevy of features designed to mimic real-life conditions. Its built-in camera, projector, and calibration software allow for precise putt tracking similar to broadcast technology seen in professional tournaments, giving you an immediate feedback loop to refine your stroke.

    Moreover, the P7 doesn’t skimp on fun. Immersive game modes such as Pong and tic-tac-toe, in addition to various putting courses, provide a plethora of interactive challenges to entertain and train players of all ages. It’s a tool that is just as much about training rigor as it is about leisure, tying putt accuracy to entertaining challenges that can involve family and friends.

    The upgrade to P7 Plus, which comes with a wireless tablet control and additional gaming features, offers enhanced convenience and an enriched technological experience for an extra $5,000. Those who opt for this advanced version can benefit from customizable settings and an expanded repertoire of game modes, aiming to make the system as user-friendly as possible.

    The system includes a comprehensive suite of tools and hardware required for setup, such as a 1080P projector and a camera, and it boasts a green size of 60 square feet with a tower height suitable for most indoor settings. With a Stimp rating indicating a fast green speed, users can practice on conditions similar to those found on challenging courses.


    • The most technologically advanced putting green
    • Built-in technology for accurate putt tracking
    • Engaging with various immersive game modes
    • Upgrade available for enhanced features
    • Full setup kit included with purchase
    • Stimp rating reflects real-course conditions


    • Significant space and ceiling height required
    • Price point may be exclusionary for some

    The PuttView P7 undeniably offers a cutting-edge golf simulation experience, creating a bridge between the convenience of home practice and the rigorous conditions of an actual course. Should you have the space and the budget, it presents itself as a great tool for serious improvement and enjoyable entertainment for the entire family. While its prerequisites and price may narrow its user base, for those intent on upping their game in style, the P7 puts the green right at your feet.

    FIBERBUILT 10′ X 10′ INDOOR PUTTING & Chipping GREEN – Best Square Footage

    fiberbuilt golf 10 x 10 putting green

    For serious golfers seeking to perfect their short game regardless of the weather, the Fiberbuilt Golf 10′ x 10′ Indoor Putting and Chipping Green is a substantial investment. Speaking from a golfer’s perspective, this green provides an excellent practice tool that mimics the conditions of an actual golf course.

    Its realistic feel underfoot is notably impressive; it emulates the true conditions of a green, allowing you to fine-tune your putting technique with confidence. The turf registers a 9 on the stimp-meter, which is indicative of a moderately fast green you’d encounter at many golf courses. Consequently, practicing on this indoor green can significantly help in adapting to the pace of different greens you might play on.

    Unlike other indoor greens, the Fiberbuilt model is designed to receive chips and short pitches with an authentic check and roll, providing an extra dimension to your practice sessions. The ease of assembly is a practical advantage, as it doesn’t require special tools or excessive time to set up, which means you’re ready to practice shortly after unboxing.

    The inclusion of metal cups adds to the overall authentic feel, as they reproduce the sound of the golf ball dropping in the hole, which is not just satisfying but also useful for psychological conditioning.


    • Authentic feel mirrors real course conditions
    • Allows for a variety of shots (putting and chipping)
    • No tools required for a straightforward assembly
    • Durable and water-resistant construction
    • Metal cups for an authentic sound and feel


    • A sizable investment for the average golfer
    • Requires significant indoor space

    For those planning to invest in an indoor putting and chipping surface, the Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10′ presents itself as more than just an accessory; it’s a comprehensive training tool. While the sheer size and cost may deter some, for the dedicated player, it is a reasonable expense for the unparalleled practice experience it provides. It is designed to help you refine your short game and can be a worthy addition to any golfer’s indoor training lineup.

    Big Moss Country Club Putting Green V2 – Best Value

    big moss country club putting green

    Our next pick – the Big Moss Country Club Putting Green V2 is an impressive option for golf enthusiasts looking to recreate the authentic experience of a golf course at home or office. With a firm focus on improving putting accuracy and the short game, this putting green is a useful training aid.

    When it comes to size, the green gives some flexibility, available in 6′ x 10′ and a slightly larger 6′ x 12′ variant. This space-conscious design allows for comfortable installation in larger indoor areas such as basements or covered outdoor spaces such as patios. You have the accolade of 3 regulation cups and a 3-inch reduced central hole, aimed at refining precision. The versatile design extends to chipping practice, with a backstop and the included chipping mat assisting with that aspect.

    The characteristic that sets the Big Moss Country Club apart is its ability to simulate natural breaks, thanks to the inclusion of the Break Snake accessory. This adjustable factor enhances the challenge, keeping practice sessions dynamic and productive. Furthermore, with a green speed rating of 10 on the stimpmeter, you can expect a realistic ball roll close to actual greens on many courses.

    As per its construction, the high-density foam backing material guarantees durability and stable ball roll over time. The included flagstick rounds off the feeling of being on a true course.


    • Realistic putting conditions
    • Configurable for various practice drills
    • Durable high-density foam construction
    • Offers both putting and chipping practice
    • Size options suitable for larger indoor spaces


    • Nothing we could think of

    The Country Club V2 provides an encompassing and stimulating environment to work on your short game. While the price may reflect its premium quality, the investment echoes in its potential to shave strokes off your game. Balancing out the considerable space requirement against its comprehensive practice opportunities, the Big Moss Country Club Putting Green V2 provides great value for the money.

    Fiberbuilt Combo Golf Mat & Putting Green – Best Mat and Green Combo

    fiberbuilt combo golf mat & putting green

    With a generous 10′ x 10′ base model that expands up to 10′ x 16′, this Fiberbuilt mat provides ample space for a full-swing setup and putting practice area, mimicking the feel of a high-end golf studio.

    The 2″ nylon fiber grass replicates the touch and resistance of fairway grass, providing a realistic experience for your chipping and full shots. Meanwhile, the half-inch putting turf offers a polyester/nylon blend that behaves much like the greens at premier golf courses, allowing you to refine your putting stroke with accurate feedback on each putt.

    The package includes a rubber foundation that does not require tools, stance mats, and integrated putting turf with pre-cut holes and cups. This means you can transition from assembling to practicing in a relatively short amount of time.

    The Fiberbuilt Combo Mat comes with a commendable warranty—1 year for the turf and 5 years for the rubber base—which reflects the company’s confidence in the durability and performance of its product.


    • Large multi-use practice area
    • Realistic fairway and green simulation
    • User-friendly assembly process
    • Durable with solid warranty coverage
    • Flexible indoor/outdoor setup options


    • Premium product at a premium price (especially for the larger options)

    Fiberbuilt’s Combo Golf Mat & Putting Green is a significant investment that can yield substantial returns in the form of game improvement. The realistic feel allows for an accurate transition of practice to on-course performance, especially for those with limited access to outdoor greens or during off-seasons.


    big moss competitor pro v2 putting green

    The Big Moss Competitor Pro V2 emerges as a notable option for those seeking an unparalleled indoor putting and chipping experience. Endorsed by PGA professionals and recognized for its exceptional quality, this handcrafted product is proudly made in the USA and offers a practical platform for practicing your short game within the confines of smaller spaces.

    Using Big Moss’ revolutionary True Tour Roll technology, you can experience an authentic surface that emulates real-world putting greens. This ensures a consistent roll every time. Additionally, the green is designed to be multi-layered and triple-stitched, leaning on its durability for long-term usability and with virtually no required maintenance.

    One of the Pro V2’s innovations is its wrinkle-free rubber-backed surface, now 28% heavier to prevent bubbling or bunching, ensuring it lays flat across various underlying surfaces, including carpeting.

    The inclusion of break pads introduces an element of versatility, allowing for hundreds of different terrain variations. These adjustments can mimic the unpredictable undulations one would face on an actual course, providing a comprehensive putting routine. The Competitor Pro V2 further boasts a higher-density removable foundation which offers a unique opportunity to work on dead flat putts.


    • Endorsed by PGA professionals
    • Authentic True Tour Roll technology
    • Heavy, wrinkle-free rubber-backed surface
    • Versatile with break pads for terrain variation
    • Durable, portable, and easy to set up


    • Limited to 3′ width

    In essence, the meticulous craftsmanship and intuitive design of the Competitor Pro V2 make it an excellent choice for serious golfers to perfect their indoor practice regimen. The green provides good feel and durability for a relatively much lower price point than the competition.

    Callaway Odyssey 12 Ft. Indoor Putting Green – Another Very Affordable Option

    Our last pick is another budget-friendly option from Callaway. The Odyssey is a 12-foot by 3-foot mat that feels like a significant step up from many other putting mats available without costing as much.

    The true turf surface of the mat offers a realistic putt, which is crucial because the feel under the putter can significantly affect your putt’s quality. The product’s high-quality backing also ensures the mat lies flat and remains crease-free to help you achieve a consistent roll.

    A particularly notable aspect of this mat is the ramp incline leading to the five recessed cups. These hole-fill inserts are a thoughtful addition as they provide feedback on your aim and speed control. This setup allows you to engage in a variety of putting exercises, ensuring your practice sessions are both versatile and productive.

    Optional foam wedges are also included, which you can use to simulate putts with breaks, adding an extra layer of realism and challenge to your practice. Such an option is often overlooked in other mats but makes a clear difference in advancing your skills.


    • True-turf surface emulates real green conditions
    • Quality backing ensures flat, consistent roll
    • Ramp incline and hole-fill inserts improve aim and speed
    • Optional foam wedges for practicing breaking putts


    • Limited to practicing putts up to 12 feet

    When it comes to indoor putting greens for golf simulators, this Callaway Odyssey offering is one of the most budget-friendly. Its size, quality, and additional practice features give you the tools you need to refine your putting stroke effectively.

    Buying Guide- What to Consider While Choosing a Putting Green for Your Simulator

    The market is flooded with putting greens to choose from, which can greatly complicate the task of choosing the best one for your needs. In this buying guide, we will examine the critical factors to consider when selecting an indoor putting green that can integrate with your golf simulator experience and help you improve all aspects of your game.

    puttview p7


    When choosing an indoor putting green, size matters. The extent of your practice area will determine the variety of putts you can execute.

    For small spaces, a compact option such as the Competitor (3 ft x 12 ft) will help you save space, while still offering Tour-quality training. On the other hand, larger options like the Fiberbuilt 10’x10′ promise the luxury of expansive putt lengths and diverse angles, mirroring the challenges faced on an actual course.

    Therefore, accurately assess your available space and desired practice routine to ensure your chosen putting green fits your available space and satisfies your long-term goals.

    Build Materials

    The construction of an indoor putting green influences its realism and durability. High-quality materials like the nylon turf used in the SIGPRO replicate the feedback and behavior of real greens, offering a true roll and consistency in your practice sessions, almost identical to real greens.

    It is crucial to seek out materials that resist wrinkling, stay flat upon setting up, and provide a consistent ball roll. Moreover, the backing of the putting green must not be overlooked – a rubberized backing, for example, can prevent the mat from slipping during use.

    When considering the expansion of your home golf setup, you might want to venture beyond a simple putting green. Crafting a custom golf simulator setup requires an understanding of different components, such as projectors, screens, and sensors, to fully capture the nuances of the game. This guide on how to build a golf simulator offers comprehensive guidance, ensuring you have all the necessary information to undertake this rewarding DIY project and enhance your overall golfing experience.

    Quality & Durability

    Durability is synonymous with longevity when it comes to indoor putting greens. You’ll want a product that withstands the test of time and frequent use. PuttView, SIGPRO and Fiberbuilt are great examples of putting greens designed with a premium feel and durability in mind, engineered for a realistic roll and made to last.

    Quality and durability are also reflected in the maintenance requirements of the green. A low-maintenance option is desirable, ensuring that your focus remains on improving your game rather than caring for the product. Look for greens that have a strong resistance to wear and are constructed with materials known for their longevity.

    Price & Budget

    putting greens budget

    As with any investment, the cost of an indoor putting green is a pivotal factor. Thankfully, the market offers options that cater to a wide range of budgets. While a high-end putting green like the PuttView Home Series P7 may offer sophisticated features, there are also cost-effective solutions like the Big Moss COmpetitor Pro V2 that provide solid practice without breaking the bank.

    It is essential to balance your financial plan with your golfing aspirations. Do not compromise on quality for a marginal price reduction, but also avoid overspending on features that do not necessarily contribute to your game improvement or your specific practice goals.

    Comfort & Feel

    Comfort and feel directly impact the practice experience on your indoor putting green. You want a surface that closely mimics the sensation of putting on a real golf course. This not only includes the roll and resistance of the mat but also the comfort underfoot as you practice. Products like the Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10′ Putting Green are engineered for a natural feel, accommodating comfortable and extended practice sessions.

    fiberbuilt golf 10x10

    Additionally, consider the ease of setup and storage – a putting green that is cumbersome to set up or store can detract from the overall comfort of use. Look for features such as easy-to-insert cups and a no-memory turf material that lays flat without hassle.


    Lastly, the features of an indoor putting green can revolutionize your practice routine. The availability of multiple cups allows for varied practice setups. Some greens may offer putt break capabilities, enabling you to practice uphill and breaking putts as well.

    Consider greens with built-in alignment aids, distance markers or different stimpmeter speeds for advanced practice. These features could aid in your stroke development and add a dimension to your practice regimen that purely flat greens cannot offer.

    Final Thoughts

    Finding the perfect indoor putting green for your system ultimately comes down to your needs and budget. If you want tour-quality feedback to improve your stroke, invest in a smart system like the PuttView. Casual golfers should consider more affordable options like the Big Moss Competitor Golf mat. Fitting putting sessions around your schedule is easier than ever with today’s options.

    To ensure the most realistic golf simulation possible, the choice of a golf simulator hitting mat becomes crucial. These specialized mats are designed to replicate the feel of the fairway and rough, providing you not only with the aesthetics but also with practical features that safeguard against injuries and improve your game.

    Keep your goals and available space in mind. While certain putting greens offer enough area for approach shots, serious simulator play requires a dedicated hitting bay. Pairing a high-end mat with an enclosure and swing tracker optimizes both experience and skill development.

    If you still have any questions or comments, please contact us by email, or leave a comment below.

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