10 Best Virtual Golf Simulator Hitting Mats – Reviews & Guide

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Bottom Line

The Swingturf Golf Hitting Mat is our top pick for the Best Golf Simulator Hitting Mat. With unbeatable durability, realistic feel and feedback, convenient size options, and impressive value, this mat stands out for its high-quality construction and versatility to elevate any home golf simulator setup. The exceptional performance and practicality make it our top recommendation.

The quest for the perfect at-home golf simulator setup is filled with many critical decisions. One component that is often overlooked yet can significantly influence the experience is the golf mat.

As you will soon discover, not all golf mats are created equal. The material, weight, size, and other attributes differentiate the mediocre from the exceptional.

This guide will illuminate what to look for when selecting a high-quality mat that simulates an authentic golfing experience while avoiding injury. You will learn why the golf mat you choose matters more than you think, from impacting ball flight to affecting simulator accuracy.

This piece provides the essential factors to consider when determining the ideal mat for your unique needs. Your journey to golf simulator glory begins with insight into this foundational yet underappreciated element.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our Top Picks for Golf Simulator Hitting Mats of 2024

The following is a list of our top hitting mats you can use with your golf simulator. We have tested these personally and provided reviews to help you choose the best one for your needs and budget.

Note: This guide is for hitting mats, for those dedicated to improving their putting skills, exploring our guide to the best indoor putting greens will shed light on more options designed specifically for putting practice.

    SwingTurf Golf Mat

    swingturf golf hitting mat

    The SwingTurf Golf Mat is the best golf mat for simulators based on its unmatched realism, durable construction, and thoughtful design. The SwingTurf delivers an impressively realistic experience that makes you feel like you’re on the course.

    The SwingTurf mat excels at recreating the look and feel of real turf. The fibers and textures interact properly with your club at impact, giving you the satisfaction of crisp iron shots and the ability to hit wedges cleanly without getting tangled up. You can even use real tees thanks to the mat’s sturdy base. The fairway and rough sections provide varied lies to practice different shots.

    In terms of construction, the SwingTurf mat is built to last through seasons of heavy use. The durable fibers show minimal wear over time compared to other mats. You get a 3-year warranty for peace of mind. The mat stays firmly in place during swings thanks to the sturdy base. An optional anti-slip underlay provides extra stability on slick floors.

    Thoughtful design choices make the SwingTurf easy to use. It comes in convenient 4’x9′ and 5’x5′ sizes to fit most simulator setups. The neutral green color blends in nicely. Overall, the SwingTurf provides an ideal surface to work on your swing indoors or outdoors.


    • Impressively realistic turf interaction
    • Durable fibers withstand heavy use
    • Includes 3-year warranty
    • Sturdy base remains firmly in place
    • Convenient size options


    • More expensive than other mats

    When prioritizing quality and performance for your home simulator, the SwingTurf Golf Mat is a worthwhile investment. The unmatched realism enhances your practice sessions and takes your virtual golf experience to the next level. If you want the best hitting surface money can buy, look no further than the SwingTurf.

    SIGPRO Softy 4×10 Golf Mat

    sigpro 4 x 10 golf mat

    Our next pick- the SIGPRO Softy 4’x10′ provides the ideal foundation for any home golf simulator. With its spacious size and soft hitting area, you get a mat that enhances your practice experience. The overall construction balances durability, realism, and value for a simulator mat that invites you to play.

    The generous 10-foot length and 4-foot width give you ample space to set up and take full swings comfortably. Maneuverability is easy thanks to the light 31-pound weight. The neutral green blends seamlessly into your simulator room. The star of the show is the 28″ x 12″ hitting strip with impressively realistic turf feel. It interacts properly with clubs and takes real tees. Separate mats simulate lies from the fairway and rough. An inviting experience all around.

    Durability meets affordability with the SIGPRO thanks to the replaceable hitting strip, which withstands reasonable use but is designed to be swapped out periodically at a low cost. The foam base remains intact for years. The soft foam also provides a forgiving surface that is gentle on your body. The mat stays in place well during most swings. Adding an anti-slip underlay provides extra stability.


    • Spacious 4’x10′ size
    • Realistic turf hitting area
    • Replaceable hitting strip
    • Forgiving foam base
    • Neutral green color


    • May shift without anti-slip underlay

    With its blend of realism, durability, and value, the SIGPRO Softy 4×10 Golf Mat excels at creating an inviting practice space. The ample room and authentic turf allow you to practice and improve with ease.

    Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat

    country club elite golf mat

    The Country Club Elite Golf Mat is one of the top-selling golf hitting mats and boasts a near-perfect customer rating. This mat is ideal if you want the most realistic fairway-like feel possible for home use. It provides a true “real-feel” experience with minimal bounce, realistic turf interaction, and accurate shot feedback.

    The Country Club Elite mat is perfect for indoor home use or outdoor practice. It uses a specialized Long-Dense Fiber System to mimic the sensation of hitting off lush fairway grass. The dense fibers absorb and disperse the impact of iron shots. You can take real divots from the mat, just like on an actual course.

    Unlike most mats that cause club bounce, this one has no bounce thanks to the long, tightly packed fibers. You can swing down through the mat, allowing you to ingrain correct ball-turf impact dynamics. It also holds real tees firmly in place.

    You should strongly consider this mat if you tend to take divots or have a shallow swing plane. It works very well for chipping practice too.


    • Provides the most realistic fairway simulation available
    • Absorbs club impact with no bounce
    • Allows you to take real divots
    • Holds tees in place firmly
    • Easy to move around


    • Can aggravate joint pain for steep swingers
    • May shift during use without added weight

    For golfers wanting the truest fairway practice experience possible at home, the Country Club Elite Golf Mat is hard to beat. Customers love the realistic feel and divot action. Just be mindful of how the dense turf interacts with your swing path to avoid potential soreness. This is the ideal mat for shallow divot-takers seeking the most authentic home golf experience.

    FiberBuilt Hitting Mat and Putting Green Combo

    fiberbuilt 10 x 12

    Next on our list is FiberBuilt’s Hitting Mat and Putting Green Combo, which delivers a luxurious experience for your home simulator. With premium construction and expansive sizing, it’s the ultimate solution for avid golfers seeking unmatched realism. If you want the very best mat money can buy, this combo is worth the investment.

    At the heart of the FiberBuilt mat is the innovative Fiberbuilt Grass technology, engineered to mimic real turf interaction. The 1′ x 4′ replaceable hitting strip provides an authentic feel on full swings. Your clubs glide through the fibers as they would on the fairway. The Performance Turf stance areas complete the premium surface.

    The combo encompasses not just a hitting mat but an expansive putting green up to 10′ x 12′. Sinking putts on authentic turf makes practicing the short game a joy. Dual stance mats provide ample room to approach shots. The heavy-duty rubber base ensures complete stability during vigorous use.

    Given the premium construction, FiberBuilt provides strong albeit tiered warranties. The hitting strip lasts an estimated 300,000 shots or 1 year, while the full rubber base is covered for 5 years. Overall durability meets expectations for such a high-end mat.


    • Ultra-realistic Fiberbuilt Grass hitting area
    • Huge sizing with optional putting green
    • Heavy-duty stability
    • Tiered warranty coverage
    • Luxurious experience


    • Expensive investment
    • Overkill for casual users

    The unmatched realism and expansive sizing make the FiberBuilt Combo an excellent choice for dedicated golfers. If you want a luxurious, permanent simulator setup and the cost is no concern, this mat delivers an unrivaled experience worthy of your golf room.


    truestrike golf mat academy

    Continuing with our handpicked selections is the TrueStrike Academy Golf Mat, designed for home golf simulator setups requiring a centered hitting position. I can confidently say this is one of the best golf simulator hitting mats available today.

    With an affordable price of $1058, this unique mat prides itself on recreating fairway-like conditions. The core design allows the club to play through the surface as it would on real turf. Its “ruckable” top layer and gel-filled divot simulating subsurface accurately mimic shots off a natural fairway.

    During testing, we found the TrueStrike delivers excellent realism compared to other mats. Ball striking feels effortless, with impressive consistency in distance and control. You’ll notice tightened shot dispersion, especially with irons. The club face smoothly glides through impact, reducing fat shots. Drives launch with lower spin rates, mirroring real turf interaction.

    The mat itself exhibits superb quality and durability. Weighing 134 pounds, it remains firmly grounded during swings. Pieces connect easily, ready to use out of the box.


    • Mimics real fairway lies
    • Tightens shot dispersion
    • Reduces fat shots
    • Lowers driver spin
    • Fairly priced
    • Easy setup
    • Heavy and stable


    • Basic design

    For those wanting to improve their game or build a simulator, the TrueStrike Academy Mat is easily one of the top-rated hitting surfaces available today. Its unmatched realism empowers you to truly groove your swing as if on the course.

    SIG Fairway Series Golf Mat

    fairway series

    The SIG Fairway Series Golf Mat from the Indoor Golf Shop is an affordable and highly-rated hitting mat option. It provides a realistic fairway feel and is easy on the joints. The mat is completely covered in tee-line turf, allowing you to use real tees. It strikes a good balance between forgiveness, firmness, and traction.

    The Fairway Series mat has a foam base topped with turf designed to simulate real fairway grass. The turf density prevents injury while still providing good feedback. Weighing 41 pounds, the mat measures 5′ x 5′ with a 1.75-inch thickness. It is made in the USA and is portable and flexible.

    When standing on the mat, it feels soft and squishy underfoot. The Fairway Series may not be quite as joint-friendly as a premium mat, but it’s a great budget-friendly choice. It looks fantastic in any home simulator setup and is easy to integrate.


    • Affordable price point
    • Fairway-like feel and traction
    • Prevents injury with proper turf density
    • Fully covered in turf allowing real tees
    • Portable and made in the USA


    • Not as soft on joints as premium mats
    • Can shift around without added weight

    If you want an inexpensive home golf mat that provides a realistic fairway feel, allows real tees, and is forgiving, the SIG Fairway Series is an excellent option. It provides good value for money and works well for most swing types. Just add weight if you need to limit sliding. For an affordable and attractive fairway mat, this one hits the mark.

    The Net Return Pro Turf Golf Mat

    the net return pro golf turf

    The Net Return Pro Turf Mat is one of the most versatile and budget-friendly golf mat options on the market. It works as both a hitting mat and a putting green, allowing you to practice your full range of shots at home.

    This 6′ x 10′ mat provides ample room to swing freely. The turf is designed to pair with Net Return’s home nets for indoor and outdoor use. It’s portable and can be rolled up like a carpet for convenient storage.

    Rotating the mat periodically helps distribute wear evenly. You can also use inserts to modify the surface while maintaining automatic ball return. The Pro Turf mat ensures you can run through your entire bag from driver to putter.


    • Serves as a hitting mat and putting green
    • Large 6′ x 10′ size
    • Portable and easy to store
    • Pairs with Net Return nets
    • Durable turf with insert options


    • Not as thick as premium mats
    • Limited slope adjustability

    The Net Return Pro Turf Mat is highly versatile for home practice. The combination of hitting surface and putting green allows you to easily transition from any club in your bag. With its large size and durable turf, this mat is ideal for pairing with a golf net for backyard practice (or with an impact screen indoors). It provides great value at a budget-friendly price point. Just add weight for stability and you have an excellent multi-purpose home training mat.

    Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10′ Double Hitting Combo Golf Mat

    fiberbuilt 10 x 10

    The Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10′ Double Hitting Combo Mat is designed to provide you with a versatile indoor practice station. Combining a high-quality hitting mat and a realistic putting green allows you to sharpen your full range of golf skills in one space-saving unit.

    The hitting mat area is made by the respected Fiberbuilt brand, known for recreating true fairway launch conditions. The specialized turf and base are engineered to minimize fatigue and maximize swing consistency. The grain direction and stiffness mimic real fairways to engrain proper mechanics.

    Attached is a very large putting green with a stimpmeter speed of 9, suitable for improving touch shots and short game finesse. The turf texture requires careful pace control to sink putts, improving your green reading abilities. With multiple cup placements, you can practice pressure putts from different lengths and breaks.

    The turf is built to last over 300,000 swings before showing signs of wear. The modular rubber foundation gives a stable, flat surface on any flooring type. Assembly with the included instructions is straightforward.


    • Realistic ball flight off hitting mat
    • True-roll putting green improves touch
    • Withstands heavy use with 300,000 swing life
    • Combination mat convenient for practice
    • Versatile skills training in one station


    • Large size may not fit smaller spaces
    • Price at higher end for hitting mats

    For an all-in-one indoor training station, the Fiberbuilt Combo Mat is hard to beat. With comprehensive practice options, elite simulation, and unmatched durability, this premium mat is a top choice for the best golf simulator hitting mats. The combination of excellent performance and long-term value makes the investment worthwhile for serious golfers.

    The Indoor Golf Shop – SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring

    The Indoor Golf Shop SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring combines a durable hitting strip with a realistic putting green to create the ultimate indoor golf practice experience. The integrated design conserves space while allowing you to practice both your full-swing shots and short game.

    The SIGPRO hitting strip hits the sweet spot between durable and realistic. It has enough grab to hold tee shots without being overly firm or forgiving. Energy from chipped shots is absorbed and dispersed smoothly. Pairing the 3/8-inch thick putting turf with 2-inch interlocking base panels enables you to hear and see the ball drop into the cup. This puts the focus squarely on improving your stroke and reading those tricky breaking putts.

    Available in three sizes (small, medium and large), the SIGPRO Simulator Flooring pairs seamlessly with the SIG8, SIG10 and SIG12 golf simulator enclosures. Combined, they create a clean, professional look perfect for indoor golf practice. The space-saving design also reduces the footprint of the hitting area to maximize space dedicated to chipping, pitching and putting. This is where you sharpen your scoring skills.


    • Durable hitting strip provides realistic feel
    • Integrated putting green with 4 cups
    • Pairs with SIG8/10/12 golf simulator enclosures
    • Reduced footprint maximizes practice area
    • Rigorously tested for unmatched quality


    • Expensive compared to basic mats
    • Limited color and size options
    • No option for adjustable slopes

    With its integrated and space-efficient design, The Indoor Golf Shop’s SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring is arguably the best golf simulator hitting mat and putting green currently available. It delivers a comfortable and realistic indoor golf experience letting you work on every facet of your game. The SIGPRO mat’s durability and realism make it well worth the investment for serious golfers.

    Carl’s Place HotShot Golf Hitting Mat

    carls hotshot

    The Carl’s Place HotShot Hitting Mat is the result of extensive product testing to determine the optimal mat for home use. It strikes an ideal balance of affordability, comfort, realism, durability, and portability.

    This high-quality mat features a pre-cut hitting strip that can be replaced once worn. Carl’s Place sells replacement strips separately. The HotShot mat is available in three sizes – 4’x5′, 4’x9′, and 5’x7′.

    The 4’x9′ double-sided option accommodates both left and right-handed golfers. The mat has three holes for rubber tee holders, but you can also use wooden tees.


    • Gentle on joints and anti-fatigue
    • Realistic feedback and feel
    • Pre-cut replaceable hitting strip
    • Three sizes accommodate space needs
    • Works great with Carl’s enclosures


    • No slope or break adjustment
    • Limited to included tee holders

    This is an excellent all-around golf hitting mat for home use. It provides a comfortable standing surface while still giving realistic shot feedback. The replaceable strip substantially extends the mat’s lifespan. Carl’s first-rate customer service ensures you’ll be satisfied. If you want a durable and comfortable hitting mat, the HotShot is a terrific value.

    Buying Guide- Things to Consider While Choosing A Hitting Mat For Your Golf Simulator

    Choosing the right golf mat for your home practice space is key to improving your skills. With the wide range of options on the market, it can be difficult to select the best product for your needs and budget. This buying guide provides an overview of the key factors to keep in mind as you shop.

    golf hitting mat material

    Feel & Realism

    The texture and density of the hitting surface determine how realistic it feels to hit off of. Mats like the SIGPRO Softy and TrueStrike Academy closely mimic lush fairway turf for an authentic experience.

    Denser surfaces provide feedback on fat shots but can be harsh on the joints. Find the right balance of realism and forgiveness for your swing style.


    Frequency of use and swing mechanics determine how quickly a mat will show wear. Prioritize options with a sturdy foam backing and high-quality turf, like the Fiberbuilt mats, for an extended lifespan. Moreover, mats with replaceable hitting strips allow for refreshing worn sections over time.


    One of the most important considerations is the dimensions of the mat. Be sure to measure the space you plan to use it in and choose a size that fits well. Larger mats provide more hitting area and stance space, while more compact sizes can fit in tighter spots. Compare the length and width of mats to your available space.

    Here are a few examples of popular hitting mats with various size options:

    SIGPRO Softy4′ x 7′, 4′ x 10′
    Carl’s Place HotShot4’x5′, 4’x9′, 5’x7′
    SwingTurf Mat4′ x 9′, 5′ x 5′


    Consider whether you want a dedicated hitting surface or added features like a putting green.

    All-in-one systems like the Fiberbuilt Double-Hit Combo Mat allow practicing with full clubs. Portable and flexible mats offer convenience for indoor and outdoor use.

    Weight & Stability

    A mat’s weight impacts how stable and fixed it stays during swing practice. Heavier mats with anti-slip backing minimize sliding, rotation and movement.

    Lighter mats may shift more easily, throwing off ball data. Prioritize stability for accuracy, adding grip tape if needed. Mats over 20 lbs. tend to stay put well when anchored by stance.

    Beyond the stability of your golf mat, the overall success of your golf simulator DIY build project depends largely on the structure and setup you build around it.


    golf simulator hitting mats price

    There are quality mat options at every price point. Measure value not just by cost, but also longevity and feel. Avoid the cheapest basic mats, which sacrifice performance and durability.

    For serious practice, target mid-range to premium mats, or use financing if needed.

    Tees, Ball Trays & Other Accessories

    Look for mats designed to accommodate real tees, which provide an authentic feel. Holes to insert rubber tees also work.

    Also, integrated ball trays allow convenient ball placement while hitting. These are optional add-ons. Other useful accessories are impact screens for behind mats and returned ball ramps to feed balls back.

    Consider which extras would best complement your practice.

    By weighing these key factors against your golf practice goals, you can narrow down the mat that will provide the ideal home-hitting experience. Test customer reviews and shop with confidence.

    Final Thoughts

    Upgrading your simulator with a high-performance hitting mat is one of the best ways to enhance realism and protect your joints. Through extensive testing, our top picks deliver excellent durability, realistic response and a smooth hitting surface.

    For casual players, basic mats get the job done affordably, while serious golfers need premium turfs and sub-layering simulating course interaction. Extra padding shields your body as well.

    If you’re looking to create the ultimate golfing experience at home, finding the right enclosure or screen as outlined in this guide, is just as vital as selecting the perfect hitting mat. Discover a range of options that prioritize not only your gameplay but also the aesthetics of your gaming area. These enclosures offer a blend of convenience, durability, and enjoyment, ensuring a comprehensive upgrade to your at-home golf simulator setup without overlooking your budget constraints.

    Determine space needs, hitting frequency and your budget. While basic mats work for entertainment, premium mats are critical for skills practice. Read individual reviews carefully, as performance varies widely. For maximum realism and bodily protection, a quality mat is a sound investment.

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

    Thanks for reading!


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