The 10 Best Golf Simulator Packages for 10 Feet Width

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Bottom Line

The SkyTrak+ SIG8 Golf Simulator Package is our top choice for the Best Golf Simulator Package for 10 Feet Width due to its precision SkyTrak+ launch monitor and immersive SIG8 enclosure, offering detailed swing analysis, realistic course simulation, and durable construction for under 10 feet spaces. With options for additional customization and software to play over 30 legendary courses, this package is a comprehensive solution for indoor golfers seeking exceptional value.

Navigating narrow installation spaces poses unique constraints for golf simulator configurations. But just because an area is only 10 feet wide doesn’t mean simulation enthusiasts must sacrifice quality or compromise on critical functionality.

This detailed guide compiles the leading enclosure, sensor and software solutions fitting for tight 10-foot wide environs without forfeiting accuracy or enjoyment.

We will scrutinize top packages from industry giants like Skytrak and Foresight Sports validated for more confined areas. Key factors like expandable enclosure designs, compact sensors and space-saving hitting mat layouts demonstrate how innovation makes immersive simulation attainable regardless of square footage.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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A Note on Golf Simulators for 10 Feet Width

Before proceeding with our reviews of the packages that can fill in a 10-foot wide space, it’s important to note that the packages we tested come with enclosures and screens/nets that fit in such a limited wdith.

That’s why we included training packages as well as complete systems that come with either the SIG8 enclosure from Shop Indoor Golf or the Retractable Enclosure by Homecourse.

With the retractable screen/enclosure, the system will fit in a 10-foot wide area, but the side arms can’t be fully deployed. The side arms will still provide protection from errant shots, but you won’t be able to extend them and enjoy a larger screen.

Also, some very popular enclosures such as the SIG10, SIG12, Swingbay, and Perfectbay had to be overlooked, as they physically require a width that is larger than 10 feet.

You may also want to check more options on our dedicated guide on packages convenient for limited spaces here.

Alternatively, for a detailed guide on building your own golf simulator within these space constraints, check out our article on how to build a golf simulator.

Our Recommended Golf Simulators for 10-Feet Width

The following are our favorite golf sim packages to install in a 10-foot wide space. We have thoroughly tested them to help you choose the best system for your needs and budget. The first pick provides the best balance of price and performance, and the rest of the list includes premium systems as well as more budget-friendly options to suit all budgets.

    SkyTrak+ SIG8 Golf Simulator Package – Best Overall

    skytrak plus sig8 golf sim

    The SkyTrak+ SIG8 bundle provides an affordable, feature-packed indoor golf simulator ideal for spaces under 10 feet wide. With the high-precision SkyTrak+ launch monitor and the compact (but sturdy) SIG8 enclosure, you get comprehensive club and ball tracking paired with realistic course simulation.

    The star of the show is the SkyTrak+ itself. Its dual Doppler radar and photometric systems capture all critical shot data without club face stickers or special balls. The updated software and Shot Optimizer also give you the tools to analyze each swing and improve your game. You can take it outside for range practice, then bring it back in for a virtual round at world-famous courses.

    You’ll be impressed at what the SIG8 enclosure offers, especially considering the price. The tight 8×8 foot impact screen takes even your hardest swings in stride, protected by foam barriers and sturdy powder-coated aluminum. Vivid HD graphics fill 80% of the surface, providing immersive visuals paired with the included 1080p projector.

    The whole frame is Made in the USA, built to last years of regular use. Add side netting, specialized flooring, and other accessories for a customized professional build.

    For software, a one-year subscription to Skytrak’s Play & Improve software is included; E6 Connect and World Tour Golf unlock 30+ simulated courses. You may also go with other software like Creative Golf and The Golf Club 2019, giving you plenty of options to play legendary layouts or work on skills training.


    • Accurate dual tracking technology
    • Optimized swing analysis tools
    • Durable 8×8 impact screen
    • Over 30 simulated courses included
    • Customizable flooring available
    • Excellent value for the money


    • Limited 1-year software subscription

    With unmatched feature sets in its class, the SkyTrak+ SIG8 bundle delivers high performance at a reasonable cost. The simulator gives you the complete experience whether honing your swing indoors or playing virtual rounds with friends. For golfers needing pinpoint accuracy in tight home spaces, this SkyTrak package hits the mark.

    Full Swing KIT Retractable Golf Simulator Package

    full swing kit retractable golf simulator

    Full Swing’s KIT Retractable Golf Simulator Package delivers a robust and adaptable golf experience. Featuring the well-regarded Full Swing KIT launch monitor, it measures a wide range of ball and club data with tour-level precision, thanks to patented Doppler radar and HD camera technology. You gain key insights into ball flight, launch angle, spin rate, club speed, and more. In Tiger Woods’ own words, he “asked Full Swing to make a launch monitor that I could trust every shot”—and they delivered.

    That precision pairs perfectly with E6 Connect’s selection of courses and practice ranges. It brings virtual golfing realism to tight indoor spaces with a retractable screen enclosure and short-throw projector system. This turnkey package transforms in a snap—ideal when you must share the space. The remote-controlled screen and durable, high-quality materials hold up well. The included SwingTurf mat feels impressively realistic. For full corner-to-corner turf coverage, add the wider pad.

    With easy setup guided by an intuitive interface, the Full Swing KIT Retractable Package targets golfers needing tour accuracy in limited space. This adaptable, high-performing system suits dedicated golfers with an analytical eye, especially those new to in-home simulation.


    • Tour-caliber ball and club data precision
    • Adaptable setup retracts to save space
    • Realistic SwingTurf mat with optional full-turf add-on
    • Easy to set up with an intuitive interface
    • Complete package with short throw projection


    • Limited compatibility with simulation software

    The Full Swing Retractable Package stands clearly among the best golf simulator options for tight home spaces. Its retractable width, expansive accurate data, and adaptable setup create a specialized solution perfect for dedicated golfers aiming to simulate the tour experience at home.

    Flightscope X3 Bronze Golf Simulator Package

    flightscope x3 bronze golf simulator package

    Continuing with our handpicked selections is the FlightScope X3 Bronze Golf Simulator Package from Shop Indoor Golf. This Doppler radar-based launch monitor bundle provides unmatched swing analysis for golfers looking to step up their game with tour-level performance and accuracy without breaking the bank.

    With fusion tracking technology that combines radar and image processing, the FlightScope X3 in this package captures over 50 metrics across full swings, short game shots and putting. The included E6 simulation software also packs plenty of practice options with 5 virtual courses and 17 driving ranges. Wrap all that in the SIGPRO netting system, impact screen, turf, and projector setup, and you have a relatively affordable way to play virtual rounds or perfect your technique year-round.

    The X3 itself offers 6+ hours of portable battery life along with environmental optimization and wedge D-plane measurements. Its rechargeable battery, multiple software options, and over 50 tracked parameters make it an excellent option. The side net barriers provide a realistic 9-foot swing depth as well. Ultimately, this bronze bundle provides great functionality considering its current sub-$13,000 price tag.


    • Highly accurate Fusion Tracking technology
    • Portable launch monitor
    • E6 software is highly realistic and immersive
    • Sturdy SIGPRO net and screen
    • Optimized for long and short game practice
    • Battery lasts 6+ hours


    • Limited to 5 virtual golf courses; additional courses cost extra

    The X3 monitor punches above its weight class, while the included simulator gear maximizes functionality. For golfers focused on improving through solo practice and virtual rounds, this bronze bundle should check all the boxes at a very fair price point. Compared to higher-end systems, it does lack some group teaching capabilities – but remains a tremendous value proposition for dedicated individuals and those with professional aspirations.

    Uneekor EYE MINI Practice Golf Simulator Package

    uneekor eye mini practice golf simulator package

    Our next pick – the Uneekor EYE MINI is an innovative portable launch monitor well-suited for golfers looking to practice both indoors and out. Utilizing dual high-speed cameras and infrared sensors, it accurately measures essential ball and club data.

    You’ll be amazed by the convenience of Uneekor’s View software, compatible with PCs and iOS devices. It displays the metrics clearly after each shot and integrates with top simulation software like The Golf Club, E6 Connect, and Uneekor’s own impressive library. The package bundles a durable hitting net and premium turf mat to withstand repetitive use.

    As a golfer with limited space, you’ll value the package’s accommodating dimensions. It suits garages, sheds, basements, and backyards. The portable design also makes storage and transport effortless compared to fixed overhead rigs.

    When used with simulation software, the Uneekor EYE MINI offers an exceptional golf experience. You can play photorealistic global courses, compete with others virtually, and use the instant feedback to develop your skills over time.


    • Accurate dual-camera tracking
    • Portable and transportable
    • The monitor works great indoors and outdoors
    • Impressive built-in course library
    • Easy integration with top simulation software


    • Software subscriptions add ongoing costs

    The feature-packed Uneekor EYE MINI hits a sweet spot for golfers needing reliable data to maximize their practice within limited space. Its portable design, expansive software integrations, durable components, and unmatched accuracy make it one of my top recommendations among golf sims to use in limited spaces.

    Bushnell Launch Pro Training Golf Simulator Package

    bushnell launch pro training golf simulator package

    Bushnell’s Launch Pro Training Package provides an affordable entry point into launch monitor-based golf simulation. With accurate ball and club data measurement, software integration, and a realistic hitting environment, it has compelling features for home use.

    The system revolves around Bushnell’s newest launch monitor. It uses high-speed cameras to precisely track critical shot metrics. While the base unit only displays ball data, club data like club speed and attack angle can be unlocked later.

    Supplementing the launch monitor is an enclosed hitting bay with a golf net and your choice of mats up to 10 feet wide. The net catches shots softly and barriers prevent stray balls. The included SIGPro turf also protects floors.

    For simulation play, a 14-day trial of Bushnell’s FSX Gold software is included. It syncs the launch monitor to visualize shot trajectories in 3D while letting you play 25 famous courses. Multiplayer contests, stat tracking and club recording make for an interactive experience.

    As a mid-market package built around a versatile launch monitor, the Training Bundle hits a sweet spot. It brings accuracy and real ball flight indoors, opening up possibilities for practice, entertainment and even club fitting. While it may lack some bells and whistles of premium systems, it delivers where performance matters most.


    • Accurate launch monitor measuring key shot data
    • Realistic enclosed hitting area with golf net
    • 14-day trial for interactive simulation software
    • Upgradeable setup scales over time
    • Value pricing for features


    • Hitting area may feel small for some

    Golfers prioritizing accurate feedback over flash will see how the Bushnell Launch Pro Training Package warrants close consideration. It brings indispensable launch monitor technology and authentic simulation within reach.

    Foresight Falcon SIG8 Golf Simulator Package

    foresight falcon sig8 golf simulator package

    Next on our list is the Foresight Falcon SIG8 Package – the smallest and most compact option from Foresight Sports for setting up a high-performance golf simulator in tight spaces. With its ceiling-mounted launch monitor and 8’4″ x 8’4″ screen enclosure, it can fit into areas as small as 9′ wide without sacrificing playability or accuracy.

    At the heart of this package lies Foresight’s patented Quadrascopic technology, providing unrivaled ball and club data measurement trusted by touring professionals. You get the same exceptional performance found in Foresight’s flagship GCQuad or GCHawk monitors but optimized for smaller simulation bays.

    The included FSX software further enhances the experience with photorealistic course simulation, driving ranges, online competitions, and more.

    Despite the compact footprint, the Falcon still offers unmatched shot analysis. It also comes bundled with critical enclosure elements like an impact screen, side netting, turf, and your choice of hitting mats. For those truly constrained on space but unwilling to compromise on quality, the SIG8 configuration is a great choice.


    • Accurate Quadrascopic technology
    • Realistic and fully featured software
    • Trusted by touring professionals
    • Fits in 9′ wide spaces
    • Side netting protects walls


    • Narrow screen might have image spillover

    The Foresight Falcon SIG8 Package offers an attractive high-end solution perfectly suitable for use in tighter spaces. With stone-cold reliability, expansive features and minimal footprint, it provides an elite experience for restricted bays. If your priority is unmatched performance per square inch, this is your ideal golf simulator package.

    Uneekor EYE XO2 Retractable Package

    uneekor eye xo2 retractable

    The Uneekor EYE XO2 Retractable Golf Simulator Package is one of the best golf simulators for 10 feet width. Despite its price tag of $19,099, this system is still fairly priced for its premium features.

    You get instant shot feedback and accurate in-depth data from the advanced triple-camera launch monitor. The overhead design works for both left and right-handed golfers, while the weather-resistant construction handles garage use. Transform any space into a golf simulator in minutes using the retractable screen enclosure system.

    Play world-class courses in true-to-life graphics and physics on the included Golf Club 2019 software. With the synthetic turf mat and projector setup, this bundle delivers a very realistic simulation experience.


    • Tri-camera launch monitor provides superb accuracy
    • Flexible and portable retractable enclosure
    • Advanced simulation software with multiplayer
    • Durable, high-quality hitting mat
    • Easy installation and weatherproof design


    • Requires some technical know-how for setup
    • High initial cost

    With astounding precision, an adaptable format and immersive software, the Uneekor Retractable Golf Simulator Package provides excellent performance and accuracy. This exceptional bundle makes virtual golf possible even in tight home spaces, earning its place among the best.

    Garmin Approach R10 Bronze Golf Simulator Package

    garmin approach r10 bronze

    Next on our radar is the Garmin Approach R10 Bronze Package, which offers an affordable entry-level golf simulator optimized for small spaces under 10 feet wide. Centered around Garmin’s Doppler-based R10 launch monitor, it packs an impressive array of features into a convenient, lightweight, and portable package.

    Setting up the simulator is simple with the included net, side barriers, impact screen, turf mat, short-throw projector, and cables fitting into a slim 8.5′ by 9′ footprint.

    The Garmin Approach R10 monitor has a rechargeable battery lasting up to 10 hours of continuous swing analysis. It seamlessly pairs with the Garmin Golf app on your mobile device, enabling neat functionality like automatic swing recording and metric overlay on videos. This lets you visually correlate swing adjustments to performance gains.

    With the R10 tracking over a dozen metrics and the app’s detailed analytics features, you have all the tools necessary to improve your game.


    • Packed with features at an affordable price
    • Portable and quick setup for limited spaces
    • Automatic swing video and stat capture capability
    • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
    • Excellent Garmin Golf analytics app


    • Limited accuracy compared to premium launch monitors
    • Basic graphics and course visuals

    The Garmin Approach R10 Bronze Package’s smart sensor technology, seamless mobile connectivity and focus on actionable metrics make it the ideal compact simulator for fact-based training. Given the package’s unmatched feature set for its price and space requirements, it firmly deserves the title as the best budget-friendly golf simulator for 10 feet width spaces.

    TruGolf Apogee Retractable Golf Simulator Package

    trugolf apogee retractable golf simulator

    The TruGolf Apogee package delivers an excellent virtual golf experience. Powered by high-speed cameras and infrared sensors, the overhead launch monitor captures incredibly precise shot data for over a dozen metrics without any lag or delay.

    You get the full trajectory from impact to simulated flight instantly. The level of detail in smash factor, spin rates and club angles is unmatched. Reviewing the slow-motion video feedback after each shot is useful for diagnosing swing issues.

    The package pairs the Apogee with Rain or Shine’s retractable enclosure that essentially converts any room into a customizable golf space. The ceiling-mounted launch monitor and retractable woven polyester screen allow the enclosure to extend or retract as needed.

    The included turf mat and short throw projector provide a realistic in-round experience. With Apogee’s E6 Connect software and sensor accuracy, it truly feels like you’re analyzing shot data from a top-level launch monitor at your local country club.


    • Lag-free, precise shot data from overhead sensor
    • Realistic trajectory simulation and video feedback
    • Fully retractable enclosure for room conversion
    • Includes turf, projector, and E6 Connect software
    • Customizable sizing with additional landing pads


    • Short throw projector has lower lumen count

    If you need the best of both worlds in terms of leading accuracy and multipurpose space flexibility, it doesn’t get better than the TruGolf Apogee retractable simulator package. This is one enclosure that can keep pace with any player’s game.

    Flightscope Mevo Plus Bronze Package

    flightscope mevo+ bronze golf simulator package

    The FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze Package is another affordable golf simulator well-suited for narrower spaces under 10 feet wide. Centered around the Mevo+ launch monitor that earned Golf Digest’s Editors’ Choice awards, it captures over 20 ball flight metrics to help analyze and improve your game.

    With included netting spanning 8.5 feet wide and an impact screen stretching a tad under 10 feet wide, the Bronze configuration fits rooms too narrow for larger enclosure-style golf simulators. The Mevo+ neatly mounts behind the hitting area instead of above, keeping the setup compact. Side barrier netting also catches errant shots.

    For software, 10 virtual golf courses come with the included E6 package to play full rounds or practice on the range. Combined with the Mevo+ data overlay and short throw projector displaying on the impact screen, it creates a realistic indoor golf experience.


    • Fits in 10 feet wide or narrower spaces
    • Portable components easy to set up and stow
    • Mevo+ launch monitor captures 20+ ball data points
    • Hitting net catches shots with side barrier netting
    • E6 software has 10 courses and driving ranges


    • Nothing we could find

    For a versatile and affordable home golf simulator in very limited space, the FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze Package offers tremendous value. With accurate ball flight data to work on your game and portability to set up or stow as needed, it creates a realistic golf experience in tight home spaces under 10 feet wide.

    Buying Guide – Things to Consider in Your Golf Simulator for 10-Foot Wide Space

    We have compiled a list of the most crucial factors to keep in mind while choosing a golf sim to use in your 10-foot area. These will ensure your new system will be usable and enjoyable even in such a limited space.

    Evaluating Width Compatibility

    diy golf sim final inspection

    When short on horizontal space, precision measuring ensures your preferred golf simulator enclosure and components physically fit within the 10-foot constraint. Consider flanking buffer space for unencumbered swings based on your unique mechanics.

    Account for landing mats, side netting and other accessories when budgeting usable square footage as well. For a detailed analysis of the minimum recommended width for comfortable and safe swings in a golf simulator setup, check out our article here.

    Modular barrier netting proves essential for maximizing play area despite close quarters. Dynamic solutions like Uneekor’s adjustable panels expand usable width when deployed yet retract when not in use. This optimizes the swing range and encapsulates all hooked shots without concession.

    Assessing Total Space Requirements

    While width poses the primary limitation, assessing overall height and length is also essential for complete simulator suitability. Standard enclosures demand 10+ foot ceilings for full driver swings and at least 15 feet length for balls to fully land.

    Ensuring enough space for a comfortable and realistic golf simulator experience is crucial. While 10+ foot ceilings and 15 feet of length are ideal, don’t despair if your space falls slightly short. For expert guidance on maximizing your available space and strategically planning your golf simulator layout, regardless of dimensions, check out our guide on golf simulator room size.

    For constrained areas falling slightly short, however, adjustable composite barriers and hitting mats located against back walls preserve critical functionality.

    When space limitations persist across multiple dimensions, prioritize dynamic components that morph to environment sizes over ill-fitting static configurations. Scalable enclosures, reducible mats and multi-angle cameras can help alleviate these confines.

    Comparing Tracking Technology

    Compact sensors with minimal footprints become crucial for preserving playability. Streamlined, ceiling-based launch monitors maximize room for swings compared to bulkier in-ground units.

    However, with limited width, you might need to install your hardware at an angle – not aligned or centered with the screen to have extra space for your backswing. In this case, having a portable launch monitor will help, as you can adjust its placement as needed.

    Additionally, four-camera enclosed models provide corner-to-corner ball tracking without requiring extra open space. Weigh precision, data outputs and physical dimensions in tandem when assessing system fit.

    Prioritizing Quality and Durability

    Build quality correlates strongly with simulator lifespan, particularly important given niche size constraints magnifying wear friction between components and balls. Construct enclosure frameworks from steel or aluminum instead of plastic composites and seek hitting nets and impact barriers made from high-density, ballistic fabrics. These amplify tensile tear strength.

    Vet tracking sensors specifically for long-term consistency as well. Inconsistent readings over the years rapidly affect confidence and enjoyment while making swing adjustments challenging. Multi-year assurance programs help safeguard tight-space investments.

    Cost Considerations Given Constraints

    golf simulator packages for 10 feet width cost

    Simulator precision and functionality inherently align with pricing. But when squeezing into 10-foot spots, foregoing aspects less essential to the core experience can direct savings to premium spacing optimizations.

    Consider holding off on ancillary launch monitors for clubs and hand motions in favor of flawless ball flight accuracy, for example.

    Providers frequently offer financing assistance as well to ease upfront investment burdens associated with high-performing gear. Here are our recommended financing solutions from major online retailers:

    Final Thoughts

    This article highlighted solutions fitting 10-foot wide areas without concession on enjoyment. Maneuvering mats against walls, implementing flexible barriers and installing streamlined sensors optimize gameplay flow.

    We weighed critical considerations like accuracy, realism and upgradeability against product dimensions and room requirements so enthusiasts can identify the ideal balance of performance and practicality.

    When installation dimensions seem unaccommodating, remember the packages showcased here. With strategic design and modular components, the joy of golf persists regardless of available width.

    If you have questions or comments, please contact us.


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