SkyTrak Plus Swingbay Golf Simulator Package Review

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Bottom Line
  • The SkyTrak Plus Swingbay package offers an affordable home golf simulator.
  • It includes the SkyTrak Plus launch monitor to analyze your swing and shot data.
  • The Swingbay enclosure provides a durable indoor space to swing.
  • A mat, screen, projector and software are included for realistic golf simulation.
  • The system is easy to set up and can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • It competes well with other affordable simulator packages.
  • For passionate golfers, SkyTrak Plus Swingbay is a step up from basic mats and sensors.
  • It brings professional-level simulation home at a reasonable price.

In-home golf simulators have grown tremendously in popularity in recent years, allowing golfers to practice and play virtual rounds year-round. As technology has advanced, high-performance launch monitors and simulation software have become more accessible and affordable.

The SkyTrak Plus SwingBay Golf Simulator Package aims to deliver a comprehensive, high-quality simulation experience at a reasonable price point for home use.

The SkyTrak SwingBay bundle provides all the key components needed to set up a functional golf simulator bay. The package includes:

  • SkyTrak + Launch Monitor & Simulator
  • SwingBay Enclosure and Protective Netting
  • Hitting Mat and Impact Screen
  • Short Throw 1080p HD Projector
  • Simulation Software Options
  • Computer Simulation Kit (optional extra)

This all-in-one package is designed to offer high-performance and authentic simulation conveniently at home. With a current retail price of $9,099, it provides serious golfers with an affordable way to practice, analyze their game, and play virtual rounds year-round.

skytrak plus swingbay golf sim

Skytrak Plus Launch Monitor Overview

Let’s start by exploring the Skytrak + launch monitor and what makes it a great investment with incredible value for the money. It is the core of this package.

Setup and Compatibility

The SkyTrak+ has a straightforward setup that takes very little time to create an account, download software, and pair with mobile devices. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and PCs, providing flexibility across devices.

The compact design (almost the same size as the original Skytrak) uses high-speed camera tracking and patented dual Doppler technology to provide excellent performance and enhanced accuracy (more accurate than its predecessor and offering a roughly 40% larger hitting area).

Performance, Tracking Technology and data parameters

skytrak challenge

Using photometric and dual Doppler radar tracking, the SkyTrak+ captures ball and club data without requiring stickers or markings. This advanced and very accurate tracking system comes at an affordable price point.

Even though the new unit still has a little shot delay (like the original), it is by no means intrusive and doesn’t affect the enjoyment of the great experience it provides. The delay is shorter, but it’s definitely still there.

Skytrak Plus is able to track the following ball, club and shot data parameters:

  • Ball Speed
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Carry, Run and Total Distance
  • Launch Angle
  • Smash Factor
  • Angle of Descent
  • Back Spin
  • Attack Angle
  • Distance Offline
  • Side Spin
  • Club Path
  • Max Height
  • Side Angle
  • Face to Path
  • Max Height
  • Face to Target

Competition and Value

The SkyTrak+ competes well with other affordable launch monitors like the FlightScope Mevo+, Uneekor EYE MINI and Bushnell Launch Pro. Despite limited simulation options, its compact size, performance and software make the SkyTrak+ a strong value.

The main advantage of Skytrak + over its closest competitors is the use of hybrid tracking technology (photometric and radar) to track data points. This is usually reserved for higher-end units of the likes of the GCQuad, X3, Trackman 4, etc. That’s why the new Skytrak offers the best value for money in the launch monitor market today, with performance comparable to that of premium units while keeping the cost down.

SwingBay Enclosure and Accessories

The SwingBay enclosure is a key component included in the SkyTrak Plus simulator package. This sturdy enclosure creates a defined hitting area for the simulator, enhancing safety and the overall golf experience.

Enclosure Specifications

The Swingbay simulator enclosure is a premium offering from the guys at Rain Or Shine Golf. It is one of the best enclosures available on the market today.

The enclosure provides a durable and customized space for indoor golf simulation. Constructed from powder-coated steel, it is built to last with a sturdy steel frame designed to withstand regular golf swings.

With generous internal dimensions of 12′ wide x 16′ deep x 9′ high, Swingbay provides ample room to take full golf swings with any club in your bag, including the driver. The included protective barrier netting stretches across the sides and back of the enclosure to catch errant shots and prevent damage or injury.

With its durability, customization and ample interior space, the Swingbay enclosure offers an ideal environment for golfers wanting to improve their skills or have fun with golf simulation at home year-round.

Hitting Mat and Impact Screen

skytrak plus hitting mat and impact screen

The included ‘x5’ SwingTurf hitting mat provides an authentic stance and ideal turf interaction. A high-quality impact screen attaches to the enclosure frame to display simulator graphics in stunning detail. The blacked side and top walls help the projected image pop out with vibrant colors. Here are a few properties of the mat:

  • High-quality hitting mat with realistic grass texture
  • Optimal turf flex and resistance for full swings
  • 5′ x 5′ removable impact screen

Moreover, the mat can be upgraded to a larger 4′ x 9′ option, with the possibility to include a landing pad turf to cover the area between the tee point and the screen.

Projector Mounting

A ceiling projector mount is included to install the short-throw HD projector provided. This allows images to be projected directly onto the impact screen. The mount is heavy-duty and adjustable to allow for better positioning of the projector. We tested the mount ourselves, and we assure you that it is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the projector (and much more) without any risk of it falling or damaging the ceiling.

Additionally, you can opt for the Swingshield projector floor enclosure to install the unit on the floor while also keeping it safe from any mishits or accidents.

Software Compatibility and Requirements

The SkyTrak Plus device and simulation software are integral components that bring the golf simulator experience to life. The SwingBay package is compatible with leading software to replicate famous courses and practice ranges.

Skytrak’s software is available in three distinct subscription formats:

  • Basic Practice Range Plan: Provides a virtual practice range to work on your swings and get 3D renders of your shots, with the ability to display your data points. The software is included in the price of any Skytrak system you buy.
  • Game Improvement Subscription Plan: Provides more features, challenges and game modes to help you practice and improve your game. It is mainly intended for serious practice with accurate data. It also opens the door for 3rd-party simulation software. It costs $99/ year (but you get the first year free with the Swingbay package).
  • Play & Improve Subscription Plan: Allows for virtual course play, with 15 courses playable through WGT software. This plan costs $199.99/ year.

As mentioned above, with the Skytrak + Swingbay package, you get a one-year subscription to the Game Improvement plan.

Supported 3rd-party Simulation Software

SkyTrak pairs seamlessly with many acclaimed simulation programs:

  • The Golf Club 2019 and a huge 150,000+ course library.
  • Trugolf’s E6 Connect and its industry-leading mechanics, graphics and physics.
  • GSPro with extremely realistic graphics (though not officially supported, it works great)
  • Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf
  • Creative Golf 3D
  • Pro Tee Play

These provide ultra-realistic course graphics, accurate ball physics, scoring and statistics. Different software options offer distinct features, course libraries, game modes, and practice tools. Just remember to integrate any of the software through Skytrak’s official website to avoid compatibility issues.

PC System Requirements

For optimal graphics and lag-free performance, the included simulation software requires the following:

  • Windows 7, 8, or 10 (Win. 10 is recommended)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo with 2.0GHz core speed or higher
  • 2GB of RAM capacity or more

While not a necessity to run Skytrak, a powerful PC unlocks the full potential of the simulator software for the best visuals and gameplay.

The minimum requirements for major compatible 3rd-party software options are as follows (Please note that WGT is IOS only, and thus requires and iPad Air or better to run):

E6 Connect

e6 connect
  • Intel i5 CPU
  • 8 GB RAM
  • An NVidia 1070 graphics card or better (GPU with DirectX 11 support)
  • free HDD space of 25 GB
  • Windows 10
  • Stable Internet connection (for updates and online play)

The Golf Club 2019

the golf club 2019
  • 64 bit Windows 7, 8, or 10,
  • Intel Core iS-760 or better (2.8 Ghz)
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • NVidia GTX 670 or equivalent
  • Stable internet connection
  • 30 GB of H.D.D space available
  • DirectX 11 compatible sound card

Setting Up the SkyTrak Plus SwingBay Simulator

Once all the components have arrived, you can get started setting up your SkyTrak SwingBay golf simulator. Proper assembly and installation are important for functionality and safety.

Space Needed

The minimum recommended space is 12′ wide x 16′ deep x 9′ high, which allows for full driver swings and comfortable play. Bear in mind that having extra space will be ideal for additional safety margin

Garages, basements and spare rooms are well-suited. The enclosure can also go outdoors if you have enough space, but outdoor installation will require extra planning and precautions to keep your investment safe.

Assembly and Installation

When assembling the enclosure:

  • Construct the frame according to the included instructions. Connect the 1.5″ aluminum framing with the included ball bungees.
  • Use Velcros (included) to attach the side netting and impact screen
  • Install the projector mount and the hitting mat (with the projector requiring a professional if you’re not into fiddling)

The modular steel design allows for DIY assembly. The side and top walls are not required but provide extra ball containment.

Connecting and Calibrating

To connect and calibrate your Skytrak Plus, you need to:

  • Place the SkyTrak Plus device in front of the hitting area, parallel to the target line.
  • Connect the device to wifi and install the latest firmware updates. These usually improve stability and provide new content.
  • Calibrate the launch monitor by following the instructions in the menu settings and using alignment sticks. Whenever the position of the unit is changed, you will need to recalibrate it to ensure optimal tracking accuracy.

Using the Simulator: Indoor vs Outdoor

One of the benefits of the SkyTrak Plus device is its versatility for use both indoors and outdoors. While designed primarily as an indoor simulator, it can also be used on a patio or in the garage with some precautions.

Performance Indoors

The SkyTrak Plus SwingBay Package provides an exceptional indoor golf simulation experience thanks to its combination of accurate performance tracking and realistic visuals inside a protected environment.

When set up with the SwingBay enclosure, the SkyTrak Plus launch monitor leverages its high-speed camera and radar tracking to deliver highly accurate and consistent measurements of all shot data. This precision shot analysis enables you to improve your game. The included high-lumen projector displays stunning course visuals in full HD on the enclosure’s impact screen.

Together, they create impressively realistic ball flight and graphics to make you feel immersed in famous courses. The durable SwingBay enclosure surrounds the hitting area to safely contain wayward shots. This protects your indoor space from damage while also improving the accuracy of the simulator by eliminating outside interference.

Outdoor Capabilities

skytrak plus outdoor

A key advantage of the SkyTrak Plus over permanently installed units is its portability for outdoor use. The launch monitor’s compact size and mobility make it easy to use outside on a patio or raised platform during nice weather. While outdoor use does require purchasing an impact screen or protective net to contain shots and provide a projection surface, the SkyTrak Plus can connect wirelessly to your tablet or laptop placed nearby. This enables you to view the same extensive shot data outside while taking advantage of real-world conditions. The unit can also be used in the driving range or actual course.

The outdoor portability is ideal for warm weather practice and compliments the simulator capabilities indoors. You can alternate seamlessly between refined indoor simulation and authentic outdoor play. This flexibility to use the high-precision SkyTrak Plus launch monitor both inside and out expands possibilities for skills training.

Overall Value of The Package

Based on extensive customer feedback and hands-on testing, the SkyTrak Plus Swingbay golf simulator package represents an excellent value for golfers seeking high-performance simulation starting under $8,000.

On retail sites and forums, common feedback praises the system for its accuracy, realistic ball flight, ball and club metrics and large course library accessible through the included software packages. Users also note the high-quality durable construction of the Swingbay enclosure itself and the ease of assembly out of the box.

The enclosed system provides both great entertainment and valuable skills practice. While some point out the extra ongoing costs of software subscriptions, the package still packs pro-level simulation at a more affordable price point than advanced systems over $10,000.

Our own use and testing confirm the ability to generate tour-caliber swing analysis with precise data. With plenty of famous course options unlocked through the panoply of supported software, it’s a comprehensive virtual golf experience.

For serious golfers, the SkyTrak Plus Swingbay bundle represents an accessible upgrade over basic sensors and mats, enabling game improvement across skills training at home.

Competitor Comparison

The SkyTrak SwingBay package compares well to offerings from other retailers. It provides comprehensive simulation on a budget and an unparalleled value that is hard to beat.

Some close competitors to the Skytrak Plus from other retailers (based on the same launch monitor) include the following:

Skytrak Plus SIG series of simulators – SIG8, SIG10, SIG12

skytrak plus sig8 golf simulator

These are Shop Indoor’s premium enclosures combined with the Skytrak Plus launch monitor. You’ll get the same performance from the excellent monitor, and the difference will be the accompanying enclosure. Another difference is the inclusion of the Play & Improve software out of the box, which allows for virtual course play out of the box; you get access to 15 WGT courses playable on IOS devices and another 15 courses on E6 Connect.

The enclosures are all made with high-quality materials for enhanced durability, and the hitting mats offer an excellent feel, with the possibility to upgrade to the SIG simulator flooring and enjoy an extremely immersive and realistic experience.

While the SIG series of simulators are more expensive than the Swingbay system, they provide our favorite enclosures in terms of comfort, feel and realism.

Skytrak Plus Perfectbay Simulator Package

skytrak plus perfectbay™ golf simulator package

This package combines the Skytrak Plus with Top Shelf Golf’s premium Perfectbay simulator enclosure.

The PerfectBay enclosure features a premium heavy-duty golf impact screen engineered for both durability and exceptional image quality. With its 4:3 aspect ratio, projection fills the entire screen surface for a fully immersive simulator experience.

The black enclosure optimizes safety during swinging while also enabling stunningly vivid and crystal-clear image display for realistic course visualization. Between the rugged construction and optimized projection area, the Perfectbay enclosure delivers on both performance and vivid visuals for professional-grade simulation.

Almost all components can be upgraded, and the enclosure itself is available in the normal size (10.5′ W x 8′ H x5′ D), the Plus variant (12′ W x 9′ H x 5′ D) or the Perfectbay Wide (13.5′ W x 8′ H x 5′ D).

Where To Buy the Skytrak Plus Swingbay Sim Package?

skytrak+ swingbay

Since the package uses the Swingbay enclosure, provided by Rain Or Shine Golf, one of the best online retailers with excellent customer service, it can be exclusively purchased through their own website:

You can optionally include a powerful gaming laptop to run the simulation; it is optimized for TGC 2019 to provide the best experience possible. If you can’t afford to pay for the package at once, Rain Or Shine Golf offers financing options with good interest rates (as low as 0%) to help you lower the financial impact.

Final Verdict

SkyTrak’s SwingBay Golf Simulator Package provides an impressive home simulation setup at a reasonable price point. With accurate performance tracking, expansive course options through multiple simulator software offerings, and quality construction, it’s an attractive solution for enthusiasts.

Looking for a broader comparison & review guide with more options to consider? Check out our main guide for the top golf simulator systems of 2024.

As simulator technology improves and prices continue to fall, SkyTrak offers an achievable stepping stone to experiencing private in-home golf simulation. For the enthusiastic golfer, it can be an enjoyable and worthwhile addition to any home.

We simply love this package!


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