9 Best Launch Monitors With Face Angle – Tested & Reviewed

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Bottom Line

The Foresight Sports QuadMAX is our top choice for the Best Launch Monitor With Face Angle. This premium device offers unparalleled accuracy with Quadrascopic imaging technology, providing comprehensive data on club and ball performance. Its customizable MyTiles software and touchscreen display enhance user experience, while its versatility for indoor and outdoor use makes it an invaluable tool for serious golfers seeking to perfect their game.

Understanding the intricacies of your golf swing is crucial for improving your game, and one of the most important metrics to track is the club face angle. This angle determines the direction of your shots and has a significant impact on your accuracy and consistency.

In our article, we will explore top-rated launch monitors that offer precise tracking of this essential metric. These monitors provide detailed data on your swing mechanics, helping you make necessary adjustments for better performance.

Our comprehensive reviews and detailed buyer’s guide will help you find the perfect launch monitor to elevate your practice sessions and enhance your overall game.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our Selection of the Top Golf Launch Monitors with Club Face Angle

We have tested multiple launch monitors with various price points and tracking technologies to come up with a list of only the best units that track face angle. Whatever your budget and needs, you will certainly find the right unit for you on our list.

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

    Foresight Sports Quadmax

    quadmax golf launch monitor

    The Foresight Sports QuadMAX Launch Monitor is a premium unit that offers the most accurate and detailed data on your swings. The QuadMAX stands out in the launch monitor market with its cutting-edge Quadrascopic imaging technology.

    You’ll be amazed by the variety of information the QuadMAX provides, including club closure rate, ball apex, descent angle, and ball offline from target. These advanced metrics, along with the reliable and repeatable data for both indoor and outdoor use, make the QuadMAX an important tool for improving your game.

    The customizable MyTiles software allows you to prioritize and view the data that matters most to you. The touchscreen display also enhances the user experience, making it easier than ever to navigate and analyze your shots.

    The QuadMAX is a comprehensive training system. With the ability to measure swing speed without hitting a ball, you can focus on speed training and refining your technique. Plus, the included FSX software packages offer a variety of courses and performance analysis tools to keep you engaged and motivated.


    • Unparalleled accuracy with Quadrascopic imaging technology
    • Comprehensive data, including advanced metrics for club and ball performance
    • Customizable MyTiles software for personalized data prioritization
    • Touchscreen display for enhanced user experience
    • Ideal for speed training and technique refinement


    • Very high price point only a few can afford

    The Foresight Sports QuadMAX is an exceptional investment for serious golfers who demand the best in performance analysis and training. With its superior accuracy, comprehensive data and user-friendly features, the QuadMAX is poised to perfect your game. If you’re ready to take your golfing skills to the next level, the QuadMAX is the ultimate tool to help you get there.

    Uneekor EYE XO2

    uneekor eye xo2 launch monitor

    The next pick in our collection is the Uneekor EYE XO2 Launch Monitor. Building upon the renowned capabilities of its predecessor, the EYE XO, this launch monitor incorporates a third high-speed infrared camera to capture an expanded range of precise data using any ball of your choice.

    The EYE XO2’s enhanced features make it one of the best launch monitors available today. The addition of the third camera not only increases the hitting zone to an impressive 28″ wide by 21″ deep but also enables more accurate capture of club and ball data. This expanded hitting area allows for seamless transitions between right and left-handed golfers and introduces the innovative Uneekor “Trouble Mat,” an all-terrain hitting mat that simulates rough and bunker conditions for a true on-course experience.

    One of the key advantages of the EYE XO2 is its non-marking ball technology, granting you the freedom to practice with any ball you prefer. This feature brings you closer to a realistic golf environment, enhancing the accuracy and realism of your indoor golf simulation.

    The EYE XO2’s ceiling-mounted design provides convenience for both left and right-handed golfers, eliminating the need to physically move the unit when switching between players. The launch monitor also integrates with Uneekor’s Power-U Cloud Service, an online platform that connects EYE XO2 users and enables data sorting by clubs, users and sessions for enhanced analysis and sharing capabilities.


    • Third high-speed infrared camera for expanded data capture
    • Non-marking ball technology allows use of any ball
    • Larger hitting zone than original EYE XO
    • Trouble Mat simulates rough and bunker conditions
    • Ceiling-mounted design convenient for left and right-handed golfers


    • Higher price point compared to some other launch monitors

    While the Uneekor EYE XO2 Launch Monitor may come with a higher price tag, its advanced features and capabilities make it a worthwhile investment in your game. With its expanded hitting zone, non-marking ball technology and precise data capture, the EYE XO2 offers a realistic and immersive indoor golf experience that closely mimics on-course conditions.

    Trackman IO

    trackman io launch monitor

    Highlighting the next gem in our collection, the Trackman iO Launch Monitor is another commendable choice for golfers seeking precision and performance.

    The Trackman iO excels in providing unmatched accuracy and comprehensive data essential for improving your game. Its 4,600 fps camera captures detailed club and ball tracking, while the Optically Enhanced Radar Tracking (OERT) ensures superior angular data and directly measured 3D spin. These features make it a reliable tool for working on your skills, offering precise feedback without the need for marked balls or clubs.

    The Trackman iO’s Performance Studio Software is also included with the Home Solution and Home Complete Solution packages. The Home Solution comes with a $700/year software subscription (first year included) and offers 50 courses, 3 games and detailed ball data, club speed, and smash factor metrics. The Home Complete Solution, priced at $1,100/year (first year included), provides access to all courses (270 and counting) and all available games, along with comprehensive ball and club data.

    The Trackman iO doesn’t just excel in practice but also in play and competition. With access to over 300 courses, including 52 tour courses and the Next Golf Tour for real money and tour exemptions, this launch monitor offers an immersive and challenging experience. It’s a perfect blend of practice and play, allowing you to test your skills against the pros and continually improve.


    • 4,600 fps camera for precise tracking.
    • Combines camera, radar and infrared tracking
    • OERT for state-of-the-art accuracy.
    • Comprehensive software with numerous courses.
    • No need for marked balls or clubs.
    • Ideal for both practice and competition.


    • Very expensive
    • Software subscription required.

    With its advanced technology and extensive features, the Trackman iO Launch Monitor is a formidable addition to any golfer’s arsenal, ensuring that you get the most accurate and useful data to enhance your game.

    Full Swing kit

    full swing kit launch monitor

    If you’re seeking a high-end launch monitor that delivers unparalleled accuracy and tracking, the Full Swing KIT Golf Launch Monitor & Simulator is a top consideration. Trusted by none other than Tiger Woods, this cutting-edge device leverages advanced radar technology and a high-resolution camera to provide 16 data points and crystal-clear video feedback.

    The Full Swing KIT can capture and analyze every aspect of your swing without the need for additional stickers or unlock features. The 24GHz Dual Mode, ML Enhanced Radar tracks your club and ball data with precision, while the built-in 4K camera records high-quality video for in-depth swing analysis.

    The companion Full Swing app offers also allows you to review your swing, adjust video ratios for social sharing and track your progress. With indoor virtual gameplay options and compatibility with various Apple devices, this launch monitor caters to tech-savvy golfers looking to optimize their practice sessions.


    • Advanced radar technology for accurate data
    • High-resolution 4K camera for detailed swing analysis
    • Seamless connectivity with Full Swing app
    • Trusted by Tiger Woods for its precision
    • Comprehensive club and ball data without additional accessories


    • Not the most compact launch monitor available

    The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor & Simulator is a great device that offers pinpoint accuracy, detailed analysis and a user-friendly experience. If you’re willing to invest in a professional launch monitor backed by the trust of a golfing legend, the Full Swing KIT is an excellent choice.

    Flightscope Mevo + Limited Edition

    flightscope mevo plus limited edition launch monitor

    When it comes to enhancing your game, the FlightScope Mevo+ Limited Edition (2024 Model) sets a high standard. This portable launch monitor and simulator is packed with features designed to give you detailed data and a competitive edge.

    First, the Pro Package included in this edition adds eleven additional club data metrics, such as Face to Path and Club Path. These metrics are essential for understanding the nuances of your swing. Knowing how these factors affect ball flight can significantly improve your performance.

    The Face Impact Location feature, also included with the package, shows exactly where on the clubface each shot was hit. You’ll see the effects on your shot and be able to adjust your swing with precision.

    The twelve exclusive E6 Connect courses preloaded on the Mevo+ Limited Edition are a dream for any golf enthusiast. Featuring iconic courses, these simulations provide a realistic and immersive experience, perfect for indoor practice sessions.

    Next, the FlightScope Multicam feature allows you to record and sync videos from multiple angles. This 360-degree view enhances your ability to review and refine your technique, making it a powerful tool for both players and coaches.

    The FS Golf mobile app for iOS and Android is another cool addition that offers a customizable display of data, immediate feedback and the ability to combine data with video. This integration helps you focus on specific areas for improvement, ensuring a more effective practice session.


    • Comprehensive data metrics
    • Face Impact Location feature
    • Exclusive premium courses
    • Fusion Tracking technology
    • Multi-angle video review


    • Setup can be complex

    The FlightScope Mevo+ Limited Edition offers a comprehensive package for serious golfers looking to improve their game. Its advanced features, accurate data and immersive simulation courses make it a valuable investment for anyone committed to mastering the sport.

    Protee VX

    protee vx monitor

    Next on our list is the ProTee VX Launch Monitor, a ceiling-mounted device that suits both right and left-handed golfers looking to elevate their simulator experience.

    The ProTee VX boasts some impressive features that set it apart from the competition. Its dual high-speed camera system accurately tracks both ball and club data, eliminating the need for marked balls. The generous 25″ x 21″ hitting zone accommodates golfers of all handedness without the hassle of recalibration. You’ll appreciate the user-friendly ProTee Play software, which delivers instant feedback on your swing, including ball, club and flight data, along with video replays of club-at-impact and ball spin. The VX’s AI and machine learning capabilities ensure lightning-fast data analysis and projection.

    With the ProTee VX, you’ll have access to a wealth of data to refine your technique. It measures essential ball data such as speed, total spin, spin axis, back spin, side spin, launch direction, and launch angle. Club data includes speed, swing path, face angle, face to path, attack angle, dynamic loft, lie angle, and impact point. You’ll also receive detailed flight data, including flight path, apex height, apex time, total distance, carry distance, off-line, air time, run, and descent angle.


    • Dual high-speed cameras for precise data tracking
    • Accommodates both right and left-handed golfers
    • User-friendly software with instant feedback and video replays
    • Comprehensive ball, club, and flight data measurements
    • AI and machine learning for rapid data analysis


    • Ceiling-mounted design may require professional installation
    • Limited software options compared to some competitors

    At a price point of $6,500, the ProTee VX Launch Monitor is relatively affordable as an overhead unit (as these usually cost in the five figures). It offers excellent value for serious golfers seeking to enhance their skills and enjoy an immersive simulator experience.

    Skytrak +

    skytrak+ launch monitor

    When it comes to golf launch monitors with face angle analysis, the SkyTrak+ stands out from the crowd. This advanced system combines a photometric camera with dual Doppler radar technology to deliver pinpoint accurate data on both ball and club performance.

    One of the most impressive aspects of the SkyTrak+ is its ability to measure a comprehensive range of data points. The inclusion of club data, such as club path, face angle, face to path, and face to target, sets the SkyTrak+ apart from many of its competitors, providing valuable analysis of your swing mechanics.

    The SkyTrak+ boasts faster response times, improved accuracy and a more user-friendly outdoor experience compared to its predecessor. The new Shot Optimizer interface allows you to analyze your club and ball data against optimal launch conditions and compare your numbers to the best players in the world. With tutorials from top-ranked instructor Nick Clearwater, you’ll have expert guidance on how to interpret and apply the data to refine your technique.

    Another great feature of the SkyTrak+ is its compatibility with a wide range of simulation software. With access to over 100,000 courses through platforms like E6 Connect, TGC 2019, Creative Golf, and World Golf Tour by Topgolf, you can put your skills to the test on virtual versions of some of the world’s most iconic layouts. The Play & Improve annual subscription unlocks even more features, including 15 virtual courses and closest-to-the-hole challenges.


    • Measures both ball and club data
    • Faster response times and improved accuracy
    • Shot Optimizer interface with expert tutorials
    • Access to over 100,000 courses through simulation software
    • No need for club or ball stickers


    • Nothing we could find

    The SkyTrak+ launch monitor & simulator is a top-of-the-line choice for golfers seeking the best in game improvement technology. With its advanced data measurement, intuitive interface and expansive simulation capabilities, the SkyTrak+ offers an unparalleled experience for those willing to invest in their passion for the game. The potential for lasting skill development and endless hours of immersive play makes the SkyTrak+ a good consideration for serious golfers.

    Uneekor QED

    uneekor qed launch monitor

    Uneekor’s QED Launch Monitor & Simulator is a cutting-edge system designed for golf enthusiasts looking to elevate their practice sessions and enjoy immersive gameplay. The QED utilizes hyper-speed cameras strategically placed above the hitting area to capture every detail of your swing and ball flight with pinpoint accuracy.

    The QED’s expansive hitting zone measures an impressive 18″ W x 18″ L. This generous space allows you to swing with confidence and freedom, ensuring that every shot is captured precisely. The rear overhead mounting of the unit provides a sleek and unobtrusive setup, seamlessly integrating into your golf simulator environment.

    The QED also offers an extensive array of data points, helping you understand your swing and ball flight characteristics. With 18 data points at your fingertips, you can dive deep into your performance metrics and identify areas for improvement. The system’s compatibility with industry-leading software solutions like TGC 2019, GSPRO, and E6 Connect further enhances your golfing experience, offering access to a wide range of virtual courses and training tools.

    Uneekor’s commitment to accuracy is evident in the QED’s design. The inclusion of marked balls ensures precise data collection, eliminating any guesswork or inconsistencies. The 90-day free trial of Refine+ Software allows you to explore the full potential of the system and tailor your practice sessions to your specific needs.


    • Cutting-edge golf simulation technology
    • Expansive 18″ W x 18″ L hitting zone
    • Rear overhead mounting for unobtrusive setup
    • 18 data points for comprehensive swing analysis
    • Compatibility with leading golf software solutions


    • Special marked balls required

    With a price tag of $6,000, the Uneekor QED Launch Monitor falls into the “Reasonably Priced” category. While it may be a significant investment, the QED offers exceptional value for its advanced features, accuracy and immersive golfing experience.

    Garmin Approach R10

    garmin approach r10.

    The Garmin Approach R10 is a portable, data-driven way to enhance your skills. This lightweight launch monitor offers a comprehensive suite of metrics to analyze your swing and improve your performance on the course.

    The R10 is able to track club face angle, a crucial metric for understanding shot direction and consistency. By providing real-time data on face angle at impact, the R10 allows you to make informed adjustments and develop a more precise, repeatable swing.

    In addition to face angle, the R10 tracks an impressive number of data points, including club head speed, ball speed, spin rate, launch angle, and more. This empowers you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your game, allowing for targeted practice and improvement.

    The R10’s portability is another major selling point. Weighing just over 5 ounces without the tripod, it’s easy to toss in your golf bag and take to the range or course. The included phone mount ensures you can view your stats and interact with the Garmin Golf app seamlessly between swings. Plus, the 10-hour battery life means you can enjoy your extended practice sessions without running out of juice.


    • Tracks crucial metrics like face angle and club path
    • Lightweight and portable for easy transport
    • Compatible with various golf simulation software
    • Automatically records video for swing analysis
    • Impressive battery life for extended practice sessions


    • May not match precision of high-end launch monitors
    • Can’t track putting strokes

    The Garmin Approach R10 is a powerful tool for any golfer committed to improving their game. Its comprehensive data tracking, portability and compatibility with popular simulation software make it an excellent choice for players of all skill levels. While it may not be the most advanced launch monitor on the market, the R10 delivers exceptional value and performance, making it a worthy investment for those serious about taking their game to the next level.

    Buying Guide – Factors to Consider in Your Launch Monitor with Club Face Angle

    Selecting the right golf launch monitor that tracks club face angle can be a daunting task, given the variety of options available. This guide aims to simplify your decision-making process by highlighting the key factors to consider.

    Tracked Data Points, Especially Face Angle

    eye xo2 ball tracking

    When choosing a launch monitor, the range of tracked data points is critical.

    Beyond basic metrics like swing speed and ball speed, ensure the monitor provides detailed information on club face angle, as this is crucial for understanding shot direction and consistency. Monitors that track additional metrics, such as attack angle, club path and dynamic loft, offer a more comprehensive analysis of your swing.

    This variety of data helps in making precise adjustments and understanding the intricacies of your game.


    Accuracy is paramount in a launch monitor. The device should consistently provide reliable measurements, especially for critical metrics like club face angle.

    Look for monitors with proven accuracy, often indicated by endorsements from professional golfers or positive reviews from experienced users. High accuracy ensures that the data you base your practice on is trustworthy, leading to more effective improvements and better on-course performance.

    Data Visualization and Analysis Tools

    The way data is presented can significantly impact your ability to interpret and use it. Choose a launch monitor that offers advanced data visualization and analysis tools. Look for features like clear graphs, charts and video playback with data overlays. These tools help you visualize your swing mechanics and understand the relationship between different metrics.

    Some monitors also provide personalized feedback and training suggestions based on your data, which can further enhance your practice sessions.

    Portability & Ease of Use

    full swing kit portable

    Portability and ease of use are essential, especially if you plan to use the launch monitor in various locations. A portable monitor should be lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport.

    Additionally, consider the setup process—monitors with intuitive interfaces and straightforward instructions are preferable. Features like Bluetooth connectivity, mobile app integration and wireless operation can enhance ease of use, allowing you to quickly set up and start practicing without hassle.

    Price & Value

    The price of a launch monitor is another significant factor, but it should be weighed against the value it offers. Higher-priced models typically provide more advanced features and greater accuracy, but even mid-range options offer excellent value by balancing cost with essential functionalities.

    Determine your budget and compare monitors within that range, considering factors such as accuracy, range of tracked data points and ease of use. Investing in a high-quality launch monitor can lead to long-term benefits, making it a worthwhile addition to your golfing toolkit.

    Final Thoughts

    Unlocking the secrets of your club face angle can be the holy grail you’ve been seeking in your golf practice. The launch monitors we’ve reviewed are your gateway to a deeper understanding of your swing mechanics. Imagine the confidence you’ll gain from knowing exactly how to adjust your club face for more precise and consistent shots.

    These monitors offer the accuracy, user-friendliness and comprehensive data analysis that can transform your game. But with a vast array of launch monitors on the market, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. To simplify your search, we’ve compiled a helpful guide to the best golf launch monitors on the market.

    This investment goes beyond mere equipment—it’s an investment in your potential as a golfer. With the right launch monitor, every practice session becomes an opportunity to refine your skills and improve your performance.

    Thanks for reading!


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