8 Best Launch Monitors Under 5000 – Tests, Reviews & Guide

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Bottom Line

Our top pick for the Best Launch Monitor Under $5000 is the Full Swing KIT which delivers exceptional accuracy, comprehensive data points and seamless app integration at an unbeatable value.

Investing in a launch monitor is one of the smartest decisions you can make as a golfer. These high-tech devices provide valuable insights into your swing, ball flight and overall performance, allowing you to make data-driven improvements and reach your full potential. However, with so many options on the market, finding the right launch monitor can be daunting.

That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to the 8 best launch monitors under $5000. We’ve tested and reviewed each product, taking into account factors such as accuracy, ease of use, and value for money.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our Picks for the Best Launch Monitors Under $5000 in 2024

After extensive testing, our team has come up with a list of only the best launch monitors you can get today for $5000 or less. These units all provide a high degree of accuracy and belong to different price ranges so that everyone can find a system that suits their budget and needs.

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

    Full Swing KIT

    full swing kit launch monitor

    The Full Swing KIT launch monitor is an excellent launch monitor that provides professional-grade performance insights without the hefty price tag. Endorsed by Tiger Woods himself, this launch monitor delivers exceptional accuracy and a comprehensive set of data points to help you refine your swing and elevate your game.

    The Full Swing KIT can provide 16 points of radar-powered club and ball data. From carry distance to spin rate, you’ll have access to a wealth of information to analyze your swing and identify areas for improvement. The unit’s dual-mode radar technology ensures precise measurements, giving you confidence in the data you receive.

    The built-in 4K camera is another impressive aspect of the Full Swing KIT. With crystal-clear video playback, you can examine your swing in stunning detail. The Full Swing app makes it easy to review, save and share your swing videos, allowing you to track your progress and collaborate with coaches or friends.

    The free Full Swing app is designed to work effortlessly across your devices, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Bluetooth headphones. You can customize your app layout, review dispersion charts, track averages, and monitor your progress over time. The app also offers indoor virtual gameplay options, such as simulations across 100+ courses and mini-games, adding variety to your practice routine.

    The Full Swing KIT’s portability and durability are other notable features. The included carry case is lightweight, water-resistant and impact-resistant, ensuring your launch monitor is protected during transport. With a battery life of approximately 5 hours, you can enjoy extended practice sessions without worrying about running out of power.


    • 16 points of radar-powered club and ball data
    • Built-in 4K camera for detailed swing analysis
    • Seamless connectivity with the Full Swing app
    • Lightweight, water-resistant and impact-resistant carry case
    • Exceptional value for a professional-grade launch monitor


    • Spin data accuracy may not be as consistent as higher-end models
    • Display can be difficult to read in bright sunlight

    The Full Swing KIT launch monitor is an excellent choice for golfers seeking professional-level performance insights at a more accessible price point. With its comprehensive data points, 4K video playback and seamless app integration, this launch monitor offers a wealth of features to help you optimize your game. While there may be some room for improvement in terms of spin data accuracy and display visibility, the overall value and performance of the Full Swing KIT make it the top option in our sub-$5,000 launch monitor list.

    Uneekor EYE MINI

    uneekor eye mini launch monitor

    Uneekor’s EYE MINI launch monitor brings professional-grade performance tracking to serious golfers at a more accessible price point. Designed to compete with high-end launch monitors used by tour players, the EYE MINI offers a comprehensive set of ball and club data, making it a great tool for both indoor and outdoor practice sessions.

    The EYE MINI’s dual high-speed camera system accurately tracks the ball and club within a few feet of impact. This technology enables the device to provide instantaneous data readouts without waiting for the ball to land or reach its apex. In testing against the Foresight Sports GCHawk, the EYE MINI demonstrated impressive accuracy, with only minor variances in data.

    The EYE MINI’s versatility is another key selling point. It can be used as a standalone device, thanks to its large, easy-to-read E-Ink backlit screen, or paired with a PC or iPad for a more immersive experience. When connected to a computer or tablet, you can access advanced features like graphical shot analysis, session history and club impact video through the VIEW Air app.

    Setting up the EYE MINI is a breeze, with simple ethernet connectivity and a user-friendly interface for registration and updates. The device also comes with small dot stickers that, when placed near the toe of your clubs, enable precise readings of club path, speed and attack angle. This attention to detail ensures that you receive the most accurate data possible to help you refine your swing.


    • Professional-grade accuracy at a more accessible price
    • Dual high-speed cameras for instantaneous data readouts
    • Versatile indoor and outdoor use
    • Easy setup and user-friendly interface
    • Advanced features like impact video and shot analysis


    • Not as compact as some other portable launch monitors

    The Uneekor EYE MINI launch monitor is an excellent choice for serious golfers looking to invest in a high-quality, feature-rich performance tracking device. With its advanced camera system, comprehensive data output and user-friendly design, the EYE MINI offers exceptional value for its price point.

    SkyTrak +

    skytrak+ launch monitor

    The SkyTrak+ launch monitor is a significant upgrade to the already impressive original SkyTrak, offering an extremely accurate and feature-packed device at a price point that remains accessible to the average player. By combining advanced photometric and Doppler radar technologies, the SkyTrak+ delivers reliable data for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a versatile tool for game improvement.

    The SkyTrak+ provides over 20 ball flight and club data metrics, including club head speed, club path, club face angle, and smash factor. The addition of Doppler radar brings even more club data metrics to the table, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your swing and ball flight characteristics.

    The SkyTrak+ also boasts proprietary machine-learning software that ensures unmatched accuracy in its class. The improved camera system, paired with dual Doppler radar technology, delivers highly accurate and reliable data that you can trust to help you make informed decisions about your swing and equipment.

    While the initial setup of the SkyTrak+ may require some assistance from customer support, the responsive and helpful team at SkyTrak ensures that you’ll be up and running in no time. Once set up, the SkyTrak+ is easy to use, requiring only a connection to an iPad or PC. The intuitive software and customizable practice modes make it a pleasure to work with, whether you’re focusing on specific aspects of your game or simply enjoying a virtual round of golf.

    The SkyTrak+ software offers a range of features that cater to both skill development and entertainment. The Shot Optimizer, available with an annual subscription, provides valuable insights into the optimal ranges of launch angle, spin and descent angle for each club. The Challenge mode adds a fun, competitive element to your practice sessions, while the Game Improvement area shines with features like Bag Mapping, Skills Assessment, and Wedge Matrix.


    • Combines photometric and Doppler radar
    • Provides 20+ ball flight and club data metrics
    • Intuitive software with customizable practice modes
    • Shot Optimizer helps identify areas for improvement
    • Supports simulated golf through multiple software platforms


    • Initial setup may require customer support assistance
    • Annual subscription required to access advanced features

    The SkyTrak+ launch monitor is a reliable choice for serious golfers looking for a highly accurate and feature-rich device to perfect their game. With its advanced technology, comprehensive data metrics and excellent software, the SkyTrak+ offers exceptional value for money. It is a meaningful upgrade to an already impressive launch monitor.

    Bushnell Launch Pro

    bushnell launch pro monitor

    The Bushnell Launch Pro offers a comprehensive set of features catering to amateur and professional golfers. With its high-speed cameras and advanced photometric technology, the Launch Pro accurately tracks and analyzes every aspect of your swing, providing instant feedback to help you identify areas for improvement.

    The intuitive interface and clear, easy-to-read display make the device simple to interpret the data and make informed decisions about your swing. Whether you’re setting up in your garage or creating a custom indoor golf simulation experience, the Launch Pro adapts to your needs, offering compatibility with popular golf simulation software like FSX and E6 Connect.

    The Launch Pro’s portability is another significant advantage. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to transport to the driving range or your favorite golf course.

    While the Launch Pro offers an impressive array of data points, it does not provide club data out of the box. If you prioritize club head speed, angle of attack and other club-related metrics, the more expensive $3,500 version of the Launch Pro might be a better fit.


    • Accurate and precise data tracking
    • User-friendly interface and display
    • Compatible with popular golf simulation software
    • Portable and compact design
    • Affordable compared to other launch monitors


    • Lacks club data in the $2,000 version
    • Requires a power source, limiting outdoor use

    The Bushnell Launch Pro is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable, accurate and affordable launch monitor. Its user-friendly design, compatibility with golf simulation software and portability make it a versatile tool for improving your game.


    nvisage launch monitor

    The NVISAGE N1 Launch Monitor is an affordable, high-quality overhead monitor. With its bang-for-your-buck price point, the N1 brings the convenience and precision of professional-grade launch monitors to your home setup.

    One of the best features of the N1 is its compatibility with various third-party software like GSPro and E6 Connect. This flexibility allows you to choose the analysis and simulation software that best suits your needs, without being tied to proprietary launch monitor software.

    The N1’s dual 2,000FPS cameras and advanced PhysX 6D Physics Engine work together to capture your swing’s secrets with unparalleled accuracy. The multi-camera setup ensures a comprehensive analysis of your performance by capturing precise data from multiple angles, providing instant, real-time feedback to make your practice sessions more efficient and effective.

    The NVISAGE N1’s overhead mounting design is a true space-saver. By positioning the monitor above and beyond the reach of stray shots or swinging clubs, you can maximize your practice area and focus on your game without interruptions. The included NVISAGE frame mount makes attaching the device to any of Carl’s Pro Enclosures a breeze.


    • Affordable, high-quality overhead launch monitor
    • Compatible with third-party software (GSPro, E6 Connect)
    • Dual 2,000FPS cameras for precise swing analysis
    • Overhead mounting design maximizes space and minimizes interruptions
    • Large hitting area (24″ x 20″) for ease of use


    • Requires specifically designed, marked balls for optimal accuracy
    • Not compatible with Apple iOS or Mac OS

    The NVISAGE N1 Launch Monitor boasts impressive features, third-party software compatibility, space-saving design, and unbeatable value in the overhead launch monitor market. It is the only sub-$5000 overhead unit available today. It offers exceptional value and performance for its price point.

    FlightScope Mevo+ Plus Limited Edition

    flightscope mevo plus limited edition launch monitor

    Our next pick – the FlightScope Mevo+ 2024 Limited Edition delivers a powerful combination of cutting-edge technology and exclusive features. This portable device offers advanced data metrics, premium simulation options and a sleek, refreshed design that sets it apart from the standard Mevo+ model.

    Out of the box, the Limited Edition comes with the Mevo+ Pro Package and Face Impact Location software. These upgrades, which typically cost an additional $1,499, provide an expanded set of 11 club data metrics and precise face impact analysis. By incorporating these features as standard, FlightScope offers a comprehensive tool for game improvement at no additional charges.

    The exclusive E6 Connect course package is another compelling aspect of the Limited Edition. With 12 premium simulated courses, including renowned venues like Pebble Beach, St. Andrews and Bethpage Black, you can immerse yourself in virtual rounds at some of the world’s most iconic locations. This curated selection of courses adds significant value to the device and enhances its appeal for enthusiasts seeking a realistic simulation experience.

    FlightScope’s proprietary Fusion Tracking technology lies at the heart of the Mevo+ Limited Edition’s performance. By combining 3D Doppler tracking radar and high-speed image processing, the device delivers precise and consistent data on every shot, both indoors and outdoors.

    The FlightScope Multicam feature further enhances the device’s capabilities by recording and synchronizing videos from multiple cameras. This 360-degree view of the user’s swing provides valuable data for coaching and self-improvement. When combined with the customizable FS Golf mobile app and the new FS Golf PC app, you have access to a powerful suite of tools for data analysis, video integration and personalized practice sessions.


    • Includes Pro Package and Face Impact Location
    • Exclusive package of 12 premium E6 Connect courses
    • Fusion Tracking technology for precise data
    • FlightScope Multicam offers 360-degree swing analysis
    • Customizable FS Golf mobile and PC apps


    • Requires significant indoor space for optimal use (Doppler tracking)

    FlightScope’s Mevo+ 2024 Limited Edition is a feature-rich, high-performance launch monitor that justifies its price tag for serious golfers seeking a comprehensive game improvement and simulation solution. With its advanced tracking technology, exclusive course package and integrated software suite, this device offers excellent value. If you have the space and budget, the Mevo+ Limited Edition is a compelling choice that can help elevate your game to new heights.

    Uneekor EYE MINI Lite

    uneekor eye mini lite launch monitor

    The Uneekor EYE MINI Lite Launch Monitor is a promising addition to the launch monitor market, aiming to deliver high-quality golf simulation while being more budget-friendly. With its focus on simplicity and ease of use, this innovative device has the potential to appeal to a wide range of golfers seeking to improve their game and enjoy virtual rounds.

    The EYE MINI Lite’s dual-camera and infrared sensor technology lets the device capture detailed ball and club data measurements. This advanced tracking system, combined with the launch monitor’s compatibility with popular golf simulator software like E6 Connect and GSPro, means that you can expect a realistic and immersive golfing experience.

    The EYE MINI Lite’s plug-and-play design is another compelling aspect, allowing you to set up and start golfing within minutes. This convenience factor, along with the device’s competitive $2,749 price tag, positions it as an attractive option for golfers who want to enjoy the benefits of a high-end launch monitor without the steep learning curve or prohibitive costs associated with some other products in this category.


    • Dual-camera and infrared sensor technology for accurate data
    • Easy to set up and use
    • Compatible with popular golf simulator software
    • Competitive price point for high-quality simulation
    • Suitable for golfers of various skill levels


    • Designed primarily for indoor use
    • Subscription fees for advanced features and unlimited sessions

    The Uneekor EYE MINI Lite Launch Monitor represents an exciting development in the world of affordable, high-quality golf simulation. While it may not offer all the bells and whistles of its more expensive counterparts, this device’s impressive tracking technology, user-friendly design and attractive price point make it a strong contender in the sub-$5,000 launch monitor category.

    GolfJoy GDS Plus

    golfjoy gds plus launch monitor

    GolfJoy’s GDS Plus Launch Monitor is a versatile tool designed to elevate your game. With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, this launch monitor provides accurate, real-time feedback on your swing and ball flight, making it an important asset for golfers of all skill levels.

    The GDS Plus is compatible with various devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers. This flexibility allows you to train anywhere, anytime, whether you’re at the driving range, on the course or at home. The lightweight design and easy setup process further enhance its portability, making it a convenient choice for golfers on the go.

    The GDS Plus offers a comprehensive analysis of your game, capturing and analyzing every aspect of your club and ball movement. With 15 data points and personalized settings, you can tailor your training experience to your specific needs, focusing on areas that require improvement. This level of customization empowers you to set precise targets, track progress and make informed adjustments to your technique.


    • Advanced technology for accurate, real-time feedback
    • Compatible with various devices for training anywhere
    • Lightweight and easy to set up
    • Offers 15 data points and personalized settings
    • Captures and analyzes club and ball movement


    • Ball-data only at $1,890; the ball & club variant costs around $3,600
    • May have a learning curve for some users

    The GolfJoy GDS Plus Launch Monitor is a good choice if you want to enhance your game through detailed analysis and personalized training. The device’s advanced features, portability and user-friendly interface make it a winning investment for dedicated golfers.

    Buying Guide – Factors to Consider in a Launch Monitor Under $5000

    By now, you might be asking yourself how to choose the right launch monitor from the multiple options available on the market. We can help you choose wisely, as we have compiled a list of the most crucial factors you need to keep in mind while choosing a unit, making sure you make the best choice.

    Tracking Technology & Accuracy

    When choosing a launch monitor under $5000, it’s essential to consider the tracking technology used and its accuracy. The most common tracking technologies in this price range are photometric (camera-based) and Doppler radar.

    skytrak game improvement

    Photometric systems, such as the SkyTrak, use high-speed cameras to capture images of the ball and club at impact, providing accurate measurements of ball flight and spin. Doppler radar systems, like the FlightScope Mevo+, emit microwave signals to track the ball’s flight and club head data.

    Both technologies offer high levels of accuracy, but photometric systems may require more controlled environments and specific lighting conditions. Consider the technology that best suits your needs and the environments in which you plan to use the launch monitor.

    Tracked Data Points

    The number and type of data points tracked by a launch monitor can vary significantly, affecting its usefulness for your specific goals. Some of the most important data points to consider include ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance, total distance, clubhead speed, smash factor, and angle of attack.

    More advanced launch monitors may also track additional data points, such as horizontal and vertical launch angles, spin axis, and shot dispersion.

    Decide which data points are most valuable for your game improvement and ensure that the launch monitor you choose tracks those metrics accurately and consistently.

    Understanding the data points measured by a launch monitor is crucial for choosing the right fit for your needs. To simplify your search, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide that explores popular models, analyzes their capabilities, and offers insightful reviews. Check out our guide to choosing the best golf launch monitor (reviews included) to make an informed decision and elevate your game.

    Ease of Use

    A launch monitor’s ease of use can greatly impact your overall experience and the frequency you use the device. Look for launch monitors with user-friendly interfaces, clear data displays and straightforward setup processes.

    Some launch monitors offer smartphone compatibility and mobile apps that provide easy access to your data and additional features. Others may require a separate device or computer for data display and analysis.

    When making your decision, consider your technological comfort level and the amount of time you’re willing to invest in learning and using the launch monitor.

    Use – Indoor, Outdoor or Both

    The environment in which you plan to use your launch monitor can significantly influence your choice. Some launch monitors, such as the Envisage N1, are designed specifically for indoor use and may require a hitting net or simulator setup. Others, like the Full Swing Kit, are better suited for outdoor use on the driving range or course (and can still be used indoors).

    full swing kit outdoor

    If you want a launch monitor that can function well in both indoor and outdoor settings, look for models that offer flexibility and consider your primary use case and any space or environmental limitations when selecting a launch monitor.

    Price Point & Value for Money

    While all launch monitors in this guide are priced under $5000, there can still be significant differences in cost and value for money. Determine your budget and prioritize the features and capabilities that are most important to you.

    Some launch monitors, like the Bushnell Launch Pro, offer an excellent balance of accuracy, features and relative affordability, making them a great value for many golfers. Others, such as the Uneekor EYE LINI, may have a higher price tag but offer more advanced capabilities and integration with simulation software.

    Bear in mind the long-term value of the launch monitor, including any subscription fees or additional costs for software or accessories, before finalizing your purchase.

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    Final Thoughts

    The 8 best launch monitors under $5000 reviewed in this article offer a range of features, accuracy levels, and user experiences to suit different needs and preferences.

    The goal was to help you make an informed decision and select the launch monitor that best aligns with your goals and budget. Whether you opt for the cutting-edge technology of the Full Swing Kit, the user-friendly Mevo + or the Overhead Envisage N1, you’ll be well-equipped to analyze your shots, make data-driven adjustments and take your game to new heights.

    Don’t let the cost of premium launch monitors hold you back – with these top-performing options under $5000, you can experience the benefits of advanced technology without breaking the bank.

    Thanks for reading!


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