9 Best Launch Monitors For Golf Simulator System – Reviews & Guide

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Bottom Line

Our top pick for the Best Launch Monitor To Use With Golf Simulator System is the Trackman IO Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator. It offers unparalleled accuracy in ball data tracking thanks to its cutting-edge technology, and adapts to various practice spaces. Additionally, it provides an immersive, realistic golfing experience with instant feedback and comprehensive software features.

Integrating a launch monitor with your golf simulator system can revolutionize your practice sessions by providing precise data on every shot. These advanced devices measure key metrics and offer useful data that help golfers of all levels refine their technique and optimize their equipment.

While photometric systems are often preferred for indoor use due to their superior accuracy in confined spaces, radar-based units can also be effective, provided there is enough room for their optimal performance.

This article reviews the best launch monitors for golf simulators, focusing on their features and capabilities. Additionally, our buyer’s guide outlines the crucial factors to consider when choosing a launch monitor, ensuring you select the perfect device to enhance your indoor golfing experience.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our Selection of the Top Golf Launch Monitors to Use with Your Golf Simulator System

After testing dozens of launch monitors and golf simulators, we compiled our top picks in a list of reviews to help you pick an option that suits your needs and budget.

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

    Trackman IO Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator – Best Overall Option

    trackman io launch monitor

    Imagine having the power to analyze every aspect of your swing. That’s precisely what the Trackman iO Launch Monitor and golf simulator offers. This cutting-edge system combines radar, infrared and high-speed camera technologies to deliver unparalleled accuracy in ball data tracking.

    Unlike other launch monitors that come with strict space requirements or need specific ball markings, the iO fits seamlessly into your practice area. As long as you have enough room to swing your clubs, this system can provide detailed data on every shot. The Optically Enhanced Radar Tracking (OERT) and dual high-speed camera system (capturing up to 4,600 fps) work together to analyze your shots with pinpoint precision.

    The Trackman Performance Studio, included with both the Home and Home Complete solutions, is where the magic truly happens. Immerse yourself in a virtual golfing world, playing on meticulously rendered iconic courses like St. Andrews, and PGA National. Practice your drives on the range, participate in online tournaments, or receive instant feedback with the impact video feature. The Trackman iO not only provides data but also creates an engaging, realistic virtual experience.


    • Unrivaled accuracy in ball data tracking
    • Adaptable to various practice spaces
    • Immersive, realistic golfing experience
    • Instant feedback with impact video
    • Comprehensive software with courses and games


    • Substantial financial investment required
    • Specific (high) PC requirements for optimal performance

    The Trackman iO Launch Monitor is a revolutionary tool for golfers committed to enhancing their skills. While the cost may be a factor, the advanced technology, realistic simulation and in-depth analysis justify the investment for those serious about improvement. If you have the space and budget, the Trackman iO can transform your indoor golf practice, providing the insights and experience needed to excel on the course.

    Foresight Sports GCHawk – Best Photometric Overhead Option

    gchawk launch monitor

    The next pick in our collection is the Foresight Sports GCHawk launch monitor. This overhead-mounted device is one of the best premium units, bringing a whole new level of freedom and flexibility to your indoor golf experience.

    The GCHawk uses the same advanced object-sensing and image-capturing technology found in the renowned GCQuad. It integrates seamlessly into both commercial and residential setups, offering unmatched accuracy that caters to the most demanding golfers. The device’s overhead mounting means it provides a clear hitting zone, making it highly suitable for both left and right-handed players.

    The GCHawk’s extensive hitting area measures a generous 52” x 30”. This expansive zone ensures that you can comfortably use all your clubs, from drivers to putters, without any hassle. Additionally, the GCHawk captures instantaneous ball flight and club data, providing immediate feedback that is crucial for improving your game.

    The FSX 2020 Golf Simulation Software, FSX Pro Software and the brand new FSX Play are all bundled with the GCHawk, offering a variety of driving ranges, session analyses and beautifully rendered golf courses.

    This launch monitor is particularly notable for its ease of use and the elimination of subscription fees, a significant advantage over many competitors. With its robust construction and precision engineering, the GCHawk promises to be a reliable addition to your training setup.


    • Extremely accurate with 4 high-speed cameras
    • Large hitting area, ideal for all clubs
    • No subscription fees required
    • Includes comprehensive FSX software suite
    • Suitable for both commercial and residential use


    • High initial cost at $19,999
    • Overhead installation might be complex

    The Foresight Sports GCHawk launch monitor and golf simulator is a top contender for any serious golfer looking to elevate their indoor practice sessions. Its precise data capture, combined with a user-friendly interface and extensive software features, makes it a great choice in the premium segment of launch monitors.

    Foresight Sports Quadmax – Best Portable Camera-Based

    quadmax golf launch monitor

    The Foresight QuadMAX is another premium offering in the world of golf launch monitors and simulators. As a three-time Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award winner, the QuadMAX takes the already impressive technology of its predecessor, the GCQuad, to new heights. With unparalleled accuracy and a wealth of performance data, this launch monitor is the ultimate tool for golfers looking to improve their game.

    The QuadMAX’s four-camera system captures an extensive range of data points, including launch angle, side angle, ball speed, total spin, carry, side spin/spin axis, club head speed, smash factor, club path, angle of attack, loft/lie, face angle, impact location, and closure rate.

    The QuadMAX offers an immersive golf simulator experience, compatible with a variety of software, including FSX Play, FSX 2020, FSX Pro Performance Software, and Awesome Golf (lifetime membership). It also integrates seamlessly with third-party simulator software like GSPro, E6 Connect, Creative Golf, and Swing Catalyst, giving you the flexibility to choose the platform that best suits your needs and preferences.

    In addition, the built-in touchscreen display revolutionizes the way you interact with your launch monitor. The intuitive interface allows you to navigate effortlessly through menus and access features. With MyTiles software, you can customize your on-screen data to reflect your goals and preferences, empowering you to take charge of your training and tailor your experience to your specific needs.


    • Unparalleled accuracy with four-camera system
    • Extensive range of performance data points
    • Immersive golf simulator experience with software compatibility
    • Intuitive touchscreen display for easy navigation
    • MyTiles Software for personalized training


    • Very high price point

    The Foresight QuadMAX is the pinnacle of golf launch monitors and simulators. With its cutting-edge technology, comprehensive data analysis and user-friendly features, it is an invaluable tool for golfers of all skill levels looking to perfect their game.

    Skytrak + Launch Monitor – Best Value Photometric System

    skytrak+ launch monitor

    The SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor & Golf Simulator promises precise club and ball data, rivaling professional-grade launch monitors at a fraction of the cost.

    The SkyTrak+ system utilizes dual Doppler radar and proprietary machine-learning software to deliver accurate measurements. It can provide data within 2 yards of industry-leading launch monitors that cost upwards of $20,000. This level of precision is crucial for analyzing my shots and identifying areas for improvement.

    The system allows you to work on your distances, particularly with wedges, helping you master those crucial scoring shots. The customized analysis and target stations enable you to compare your performance against benchmarks, giving you a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses.

    The SkyTrak+ also offers a choice of software options, including WGT Play & Improve and Game Improve Software for 3rd party integration. The supported software packages grant access to an impressive library of over 100,000 courses, letting you virtually experience world-class golf destinations. The unlimited cloud storage (with Game Improvement Membership Plan or above) ensures that your data is always accessible for review and analysis.


    • Precise club and ball data within 2 yards of professional-grade launch monitors
    • Game improvement features for precise distances and performance analysis
    • Access to an extensive library of virtual courses
    • Unlimited cloud storage for data review and analysis
    • Dual Doppler radar and machine learning technology for accuracy


    • Simulation software to be purchased

    The SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor & Golf Simulator is a powerful tool for serious golfers looking to improve. With its advanced technology, game improvement features and access to plenty of virtual courses, it offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing your skills and enjoying the game indoors.

    Flightscope X3 – Best Professional Radar System

    flightscope x3 launch monitor

    The FlightScope X3 Launch Monitor is an exceptional tool offering unmatched technology and accuracy. With its ability to measure over 50 data parameters covering full-swing, chipping and putting, the X3 provides comprehensive game analysis suitable for amateurs, instructors and tour pros alike.

    The patented Fusion Tracking technology combines 3D tracking radar and image processing for unrivaled data accuracy. This advanced technology ensures that you receive precise, reliable data to help you make any necessary adjustments to your golf game.

    The X3 comes with a range of software applications, including the FS Golf App, E6 Connect (with 5 courses), FS Short Game App, and FS Multi Cam App. These apps allow you to overlay swing data with video analysis and participate in FlightScope combine challenges, enabling you to practice smarter and benchmark your performance.

    When considering the FlightScope X3 as a launch monitor to use with your golf simulator system, it’s important to note that it requires specific space requirements for optimal performance. The recommended setup includes 8 feet of depth from the ball to the screen and 8 feet of depth from the device to the ball, although these dimensions may vary based on your chosen enclosure.


    • Unmatched technology and accuracy
    • Measures over 50 data parameters
    • Patented Fusion Tracking technology
    • Comes with a range of software applications
    • 1-year warranty


    • High price point
    • Specific space requirements for optimal performance

    FlightScope’s X3 Launch Monitor is a top unit for serious golfers who demand the most advanced technology and accurate data. While it comes with a premium price tag, the X3’s extensive features and capabilities make it a winning investment. If you have the space and budget for this exceptional launch monitor, the FlightScope X3 is sure to provide you with the tools and metrics needed to become a better golfer.

    Foresight Sports Falcon – Best for Small Spaces

    foresight sports falcon launch monitor

    The Foresight Falcon is an overhead launch monitor that seamlessly integrates into your golf simulator setup, elevating your practice sessions and overall experience. Its compact design and powerful performance make it a good choice for both commercial and residential spaces.

    One of the Falcon’s most impressive features is its comprehensive data analysis. Utilizing the same advanced photometric technology as the premium GCHawk, the Falcon captures a variety of metrics, including ball speed, launch angle, spin, and club data. This wealth of information can help you refine your technique, make necessary equipment adjustments and gain a deeper understanding of your game.

    Despite its smaller footprint, the Falcon’s lightning-fast processing and a hitting zone of 59″ x 28″ ensure ample space for a comfortable and realistic simulation experience. The automatic latching ceiling mount and integrated power supply make installation a breeze, while the reinforced aluminum frame and replaceable rubberized impact protection ensure durability.

    In addition to its impressive hardware, the Foresight Falcon comes with a comprehensive software package. With access to 25 courses, including favorites like Blue Bayou Golf and Fishing Club and Teton Pines Golf Course, as well as the FSX Pro Performance Software, Foresight Fairgrounds, and Awesome Golf Lifetime Membership, you’ll have no shortage of virtual adventures to embark upon.


    • Comprehensive data analysis for informed decisions
    • Sleek, compact design with powerful performance
    • Easy installation with automatic latching ceiling mount
    • Impressive software package with 25 courses included
    • 2-year limited warranty for peace of mind
    • Almost half the size of the GCHawk, with comparable performance


    • Higher price point compared to some competitors
    • Not multi-sport capable

    The Foresight Falcon is an exceptional choice for golfers seeking a high-quality, data-driven overhead launch monitor. Its advanced technology, user-friendly design and comprehensive software package make it a worthy investment. While the price point may be higher than some alternatives, the Falcon’s performance and features justify the cost for serious golfers committed to improving their game.

    Flightscope Mevo + Limited Edition – Best Value Radar System

    flightscope mevo plus limited edition launch monitor

    Next on our list is the FlightScope MEVO Plus Limited Edition Launch Monitor. This device stands out in the competitive landscape of golf launch monitors, offering a unique combination of advanced features and exceptional performance, making it one of the best choices for enhancing your golf simulator system.

    The FlightScope MEVO Plus Limited Edition includes the highly coveted Pro Package and face impact location upgrades, which significantly elevate its functionality. These features allow you to gain in-depth understanding of your swing mechanics and ball flight, providing data for both amateur and professional golfers alike. Additionally, this limited edition comes with the exclusive iOS & PC E6 Connect package, offering 12 virtual courses that are not available anywhere else. This ensures a unique and engaging practice experience.

    The Mevo+ measures a wide range of metrics, including ball speed, club speed, launch angle, spin rate, and carry distance. This extensive data collection helps you pinpoint areas for improvement, making your practice sessions more efficient and effective. The integration with the E6 Connect package further enhances its value, providing a realistic and immersive virtual experience that closely simulates playing on actual courses.


    • Extensive data tracking for in-depth analysis.
    • Includes exclusive virtual courses package.
    • Portable and easy to set up.
    • Affordable for the features offered.
    • Advanced Pro Package and face impact upgrades.


    • Requires iOS or PC for full functionality.

    With a price tag of $3,499, the FlightScope MEVO Plus Limited Edition is adequately priced for its features. It provides excellent value, quality and suitability for a wide range of golf enthusiasts, from beginners to seasoned players. If you’re looking to enhance your golf simulator setup with a top-tier launch monitor, this device is certainly worth considering.

    Uneekor EYE XO2 – Best for Golf Simulator Studio

    uneekor eye xo2 launch monitor

    Continuing with our handpicked selections of the best launch monitors for golf simulator systems is the impressive Uneekor EYE XO2. Building upon the industry-leading specs of its predecessor, the EYE XO2 ups the ante with the addition of a third high-speed infrared camera. This translates to an even larger hitting zone and enhanced data capture capabilities compared to what was already a top-performing launch monitor.

    By tracking the ball and club from above, the EYE XO2 provides a clear view unobstructed by your body or club, leading to more precise measurements. Couple this with the fact that it doesn’t require special marked balls, and you have a launch monitor that prioritizes convenience without compromising accuracy.

    With the EYE XO2, you can expect a wealth of data parameters to analyze every aspect of your shots, from ball and club speed to launch angle, spin rates, carry distance and more. The included View software presents this data in a user-friendly interface, making it easy to identify areas for improvement in your game. And the Performance Optix add-on takes things a step further, providing visual cues and training aids to help you optimize your swing.


    • Larger hitting zone than the previous model
    • Overhead mounting for unobstructed ball & club tracking
    • No special marked balls required
    • Extensive data parameters captured
    • User-friendly View software included
    • Performance Optix great for a sim studio


    • Higher price point than the original EYE XO

    With its advanced triple-camera system, detailed performance insights and enjoyable user experience, the Uneekor EYE XO2 earns its place among the best launch monitors on the market for pairing with golf simulator systems. Whether you’re a low handicap golfer looking to perfect your swing or a high handicapper seeking actionable feedback for faster improvement, the EYE XO2 delivers the precision and data you need to get the most out of your practice sessions and simulator rounds. If your budget allows and you’re ready to invest in a top-tier launch monitor to power your golf simulator, the Uneekor EYE XO2 is a compelling choice that won’t disappoint.

    Rapsodo MLM2Pro – Best Budget Option

    rapsodo mlm2pro launch monitor

    Our last pick is the Rapsodo MLM2PRO mobile launch monitor + golf simulator, a budget-friendly device that delivers good accuracy and immersive simulation experiences. With its dual optical camera vision and radar processing technology, the MLM2PRO accurately measures 13 key metrics, including 6 directly measured ones like spin rate and spin axis.

    The MLM2PRO shines with its Shot Vision and Impact Vision features, providing multi-option swing replay after each shot. This allows you to analyze your swing from various angles and gain valuable metrics on your technique. When paired with the Rapsodo Premium Membership app, you can access a wealth of data to understand your strengths and areas for improvement.

    Right out of the box, the MLM2Pro comes equipped with access to over 30,000 courses, enabling you to experience realistic and immersive gameplay.

    With a price tag of $699, the MLM2PRO is very affordable, considering its advanced features and capabilities. It offers exceptional value if you want to elevate your game without breaking the bank. The device’s portability and easy setup make it convenient to use both indoors and outdoors, ensuring that you can practice and play whenever and wherever you desire.


    • Dual camera vision + radar for precision accuracy
    • Shot Vision & Impact Vision for detailed swing analysis
    • 30,000+ golf courses for immersive simulation
    • Pairs with Rapsodo app for in-depth data insights
    • Very affordable price point for the features


    • Requires iOS device for simulation (no Android support)
    • Proper alignment & positioning needed for best results

    Rapsodo’s MLM2PRO Launch Monitor & Simulator offers a compelling combination of accuracy, swing analysis and immersive simulation at a very affordable price. Its advanced technologies and comprehensive features make it an excellent choice for players of different skill levels.

    Buying Guide – Factors to Consider in a Launch Monitor for Your Golf Simulator System

    To help you decide which launch monitor will work best for your golf sim system, we have a list of crucial factors you need to keep in mind during your search. Following these guidelines will ensure you make the best choice and enjoy your setup for an extended period of time.

    Accuracy and Precision

    Accuracy and precision are the cornerstones of any launch monitor used in a golf simulator system. These devices must provide exact measurements of key metrics such as ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and carry distance.

    foresight sports gcquad

    Photometric systems, like the Foresight Sports GCQuad and SkyTrak, excel in indoor environments due to their ability to capture detailed images at the moment of impact, ensuring highly accurate data. This accuracy is critical for making the right adjustments to your swing and equipment, ultimately leading to better performance on the course.

    Always look for independent reviews and user testimonials that verify the monitor’s precision.

    Main Tracking Technology – Photometric vs. Radar

    The tracking technology employed by a launch monitor significantly affects its performance, especially in indoor settings. Photometric systems use high-speed cameras to capture a series of images of the ball and club at impact, providing detailed data on launch conditions. These monitors are less affected by space constraints, making them ideal for indoor use.

    On the other hand, radar-based systems like TrackMan and FlightScope use Doppler radar to measure the ball’s flight path and other metrics. While radar systems can provide extensive data, they typically require more space to function accurately and may lose some precision indoors.

    Understanding the strengths and limitations of each technology will help you choose the best option for your setup.

    Number of Tracked Data

    The breadth of data points tracked by a launch monitor is crucial for comprehensive analysis and improvement. High-end models can measure over 50 different metrics, including ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance, club path, face angle, and angle of attack. These detailed data points allow you to fine-tune your technique with precision.

    For instance, the TrackMan 4 and Foresight Sports GCQuad provide an extensive range of metrics, making them ideal for serious golfers and professionals. Flightscope’s X3 is the winning champion when it comes to the number of tracked data, as it can track over 50 metrics related to all game aspects.

    When selecting a launch monitor, ensure it captures all the data points you need to improve your game, as more data translates into more actionable insights.

    Overhead Vs Portable Systems

    Your choice between an overhead and a portable launch monitor depends on your practice environment and flexibility needs. That’s why you need to consider your space and whether a fixed or mobile setup better suits your needs.

    Overhead systems, such as the Foresight Sports GCHawk, are permanently installed and provide a stable, consistent setup ideal for dedicated indoor golf simulators. They offer uninterrupted data collection without needing frequent adjustments.

    flightscope mevo plus launch monitor 2023

    Portable units, like the FlightScope Mevo+ and SkyTrak, offer flexibility as they can be easily moved and set up in various locations. These portable monitors are perfect for golfers who practice in multiple settings or need a compact solution that can be stored away when not in use.

    Ease of Setup and Use

    The ease of setup and use is a vital consideration, especially if you plan to use the launch monitor frequently. A user-friendly device with straightforward installation and operation ensures you spend more time practicing and less time troubleshooting.

    Look for monitors that offer clear instructions, intuitive interfaces and excellent customer support. Monitors with integrated displays or companion apps provide immediate feedback and easy access to data, enhancing usability.

    Ensuring that the monitor does not require complex calibrations or frequent adjustments will save time and reduce frustration, making your practice sessions more productive and enjoyable.

    Room Space Requirements

    The amount of space you have available is a critical factor when choosing a launch monitor, particularly if you are setting up indoors. Photometric systems generally require less room depth compared to radar-based units, which may need up to 10-12 feet of space behind the golfer for accurate tracking. This makes photometric monitors more suitable for indoor setups with limited space.

    Measure your available space carefully and choose a monitor that can function effectively within those dimensions. Insufficient room for radar-based monitors can lead to decreased accuracy, so ensure your practice area meets the monitor’s spatial requirements.

    Price and Value

    Launch monitors vary widely in price, from budget-friendly models to high-end professional systems. Determine your budget and prioritize the features that are most important for your simulator setup. High-end monitors offer extensive data and better accuracy, making them ideal for serious golfers willing to invest significantly.

    Mid-range options offer a good balance of features and affordability, providing excellent value for dedicated amateurs. Budget-friendly models still provide essential data for game improvement but may lack some advanced features.

    Consider the long-term benefits and how the monitor will enhance your overall experience. Try to balance cost against features and performance to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

    Final Thoughts

    Choosing the right launch monitor for your golf simulator system will maximize the effectiveness of your practice sessions. Accurate data on ball flight and club metrics allows you to make precise adjustments, leading to significant improvements in your game.

    Whether you opt for a photometric system like the Foresight Sports GCQuad or a radar-based unit like the X3, understanding your needs and the specific requirements of your indoor space is essential. Our reviews and buyer’s guide provide a detailed overview of the best options available to help you make the best decision. For a comprehensive review of the best launch monitors in the market, check out our guide.

    In case you have additional questions or comments, please leave a comment below or send us an email.

    Happy golfing!


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