The 11 Best Golf Simulator Side Curtains – Reviews & Guide

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Bottom Line

The DIY Golf Simulator Curtain Kit is our top pick for the Best Golf Simulator Side Curtain. This budget-friendly kit has thick, light-blocking curtains to create an immersive simulator experience. The black backdrop helps accurately track golf balls, making this an ideal kit for at-home golf simulators.

The side curtains enclosing a home golf simulator must balance durability, visibility and light absorption to withstand aggressive shots while allowing proper simulator function. But with specialized fabrics like Oxford, polyester blends and vinyl-coated netting involved, picking suitable netting gets tricky.

In this article, we will review the top golf simulator side curtains perfect for home installations based on weight, density, swing speed suitability and customer reviews. We will compare specific qualities like UV resistance, blackout properties, teardown ease, and warranty coverage against pricing. We will also analyze key considerations like the ideal thickness and fabric permeability for your climate and hitting intensity.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our Top Golf Simulator Side Curtains Of 2024

The following are our recommendations for the best curtain kits to use with your golf simulator package. These range greatly in price, between the affordable to the premium options. We also included some quality curtain track rails (without curtains), just in case you have a specific curtain model in mind and only need the rails.

    ROSG DIY Golf Simulator Curtain Enclosure Kit – Ceiling Track

    diy golf simulator curtain kit

    If you’re looking to build the ultimate at-home golf simulator, the DIY Golf Simulator Curtain Enclosure Kit is an excellent addition for controlling light, reducing noise, and improving aesthetics. With customizable blackout curtains and sturdy ceiling tracks, this quality enclosure transforms any indoor space into an immersive golfing space.

    The included black sim curtains are made from a cotton/polyester blend that feels durable yet lightweight. You can select either 8’H x 10’W or 9’H x 10’W sizing, with single or double-sided hanging options to fit your unique layout. The curtains easily slide along the white aluminum ceiling track and can be positioned however you wish. Stylish even when open, these blackout curtains make a subtle yet sophisticated design statement.

    When closed, the curtains form a protective cocoon that blocks ambient light and contains wayward golf shots. This total light control maximizes the visibility of your golf simulator display and minimizes glare. The thick fabric also dampens noise from bouncing golf balls, creating a peaceful environment for focused practice.


    • Blocks natural light for enhanced display visibility
    • Reduces noise and contains stray golf shots
    • Customizable sizing and single/double sided
    • Lightweight yet durable cotton/polyester fabric
    • Stylish, neutral black color complements any decor


    • Only available in black color option

    For building an at-home golf simulator, curtains are practically mandatory to control variables like light and noise. This DIY Enclosure Kit makes the process straightforward with premium blackout curtains on secure ceiling tracks. For a professional-grade practice space that immerses you fully in the virtual experience, the curtains help set the scene both visually and audibly.

    ROSG DIY Golf Simulator Curtain Enclosure Kit – Wall Mount

    diy golf simulator curtain kit wall mount

    Continuing with our handpicked selections for the best golf simulator side curtains is the DIY Golf Simulator Curtain Enclosure Kit – Wall Mount from Rain or Shine Golf. This affordable DIY curtain enclosure kit provides an ideal solution to build your own simulator bay.

    You’ll appreciate how simple it is to set up this mounting hardware and curtain system. The sturdy steel frame assembles quickly and attaches securely to your wall. The heavy-duty ballistic nylon curtains feature fully-sealed edges that withstand errant shots. Four different configurations of height, width and track number (single/dual) are available to suit different needs.

    While needing some DIY skills to mount on walls, Rain or Shine Golf includes the necessary hardware and tools in this curtain enclosure kit. You may need a few additional beam supports depending on your garage’s parameters. Overall, though, the straightforward setup streamlines the building process.


    • Affordable price
    • Heavy-duty build quality
    • Multiple height options
    • Tools and hardware included
    • Free fast shipping


    • Mounting requires some DIY skills
    • May require additional supports

    Once installed, these heavy-duty curtains lock in place to provide a consistent backdrop. The ballistic nylon material ensures responsive ball reaction, enabling you to analyze each shot’s flight. This is our main recommendation if you’re looking for a quality kit with wall-mounting hardware.

    Carl’s Place Golf Room Curtain Kit

    golf sim side curtain

    Carl’s Golf Room Curtain allows you to convert multi-use areas into private golf simulators with retractable blackout curtain systems. This curtain provides the ideal solution for protecting surroundings without compromising room access or visual immersion.

    When choosing size, the offering scales to spaces with ceiling heights between 85 to 120 inches and depths up to 12 feet wide. The brushed velour fabric and weighted bottom create a luxurious, heavy-duty curtain that withstands impacts while blocking light. The ceiling-mounted tracks smoothly retract the unit with durable grommets and reinforcement.

    Installing Carl’s curtain system enables indoor golf practice without losing valuable garage parking or office space. Simply extend it when ready to swing and retract when done. For golfers needing quick access to their virtual golf space, nothing beats the instant cover this provides. It even temporarily shields doors and windows as an alternative to permanent walls.


    • Blocks light for an immersive simulator experience
    • Weighted material withstands golf ball impacts
    • Retractable extension protects the surroundings
    • Scales to ceiling heights up to 120 inches
    • Temporarily covers doors and windows


    • Installation requires separately purchased hardware
    • Perimeter buffer limits sizing abilities

    As a temporary, retractable simulator curtain able to convert multi-use spaces, Carl’s Golf Room Curtain provides an unparalleled durable blackout solution. Weighing the pros and cons of shielding surroundings without permanent walls, no product enables immersive practice with quicker protection than this.

    CCS CHICAGO CANVAS & SUPPLY Black Golf Simulator Commando Cloth Curtain

    Next on our list, this 10′ x 15′ (with other sizes available) blackout curtain from CCS Chicago Canvas & Supply delivers amazing performance ideal for any golf enthusiast. Made from premium thick black cotton, it completely blocks out external light and sound.

    Installing this curtain around your golf simulator creates the dark, quiet environment needed for optimal simulator functionality. The blackout opacity eliminates light bleed-through, allowing swing analysis software and launch monitors to capture clean, accurate data. It also dampens ambient noise to prevent distractions when playing.

    With double-stitched reinforced hems and up to 180″ x 120″ dimensions, the curtain offers durable long-term use. Grommets placed every foot along the 10′ top make installing curtain rods and hooks simple, while the pocket bottom adds stability. It’s built to be reusable for years, unlike flimsier options.

    This multipurpose curtain suits various simulator setups and spaces like garages, basements or spare rooms. It can also convert theaters, churches, schools and performance venues thanks to customizable sizing. CCS has manufactured quality canvas products since 1948, so you can trust their expertise.


    • Total light and noise block out
    • Premium thick black cotton
    • Durable reinforced construction
    • Customizable sizing available
    • Trusted 70+ year brand


    • Large and heavy
    • Textile requires care

    The exceptional light and sound isolation of these curtains, paired with durable, long-lasting cotton, make it a smart investment. If building an elite home golf simulator, look no further for this curtain solution.

    EverTrack Room Divider Curtains

    EverTrack’s Blackout Room Divider Curtains are an excellent choice for golf simulator side curtains. Made from 100% light-blocking polyester, these curtains completely black out any external light, creating the dark environment needed for optimal simulator projection. Offered in a range of large sizes up to 138 x 108 inches, the curtains can cover even the biggest simulator bay openings.

    Crafted by hand in California, the curtains feature precise construction with reinforced headings and weighted hems for durability and shape retention. The heavy-duty fabric holds up well to regular opening and closing. Rustproof brass grommets securely mount the curtains to ceiling tracks, while allowing smooth side-to-side sliding. These high-end details make the EverTrack curtains perfect for enclosing a permanent simulator room.

    With their ability to partition spaces, the curtains can also adapt a basement, garage or spare room into a simulator area. Simply ceiling mount the track around the perimeter and draw the curtains closed when ready to tee off. The light-blocking performance helps transport you into a believable virtual golf setting.


    • Totally blackout 100% opaque fabric
    • Range of large sizes and colors fit big simulator openings
    • Handcrafted in California for precision
    • Reinforced headings and weighted hems
    • Rustproof brass grommets for ceiling tracks


    • Pricier than basic curtains
    • Dry clean only care

    For the best blackout performance, California craftsmanship, and custom simulator space versatility, the EverTrack Room Divider Curtains deliver excellent quality and value. The 6 available color options also help match the enclosure to your space decor.

    ZSHINE Curtain Single Track Ceiling or Wall Mounting Rail

    This 157-inch premium aluminum ceiling or wall mount curtain rail from zshine is an exceptional option for mounting cloth curtains in your home sim. With its sleek white finish (also available in black and champagne) and noise-free operation, it can blend seamlessly into any decor while providing reliable functionality.

    Available in multiple size options from 3 to 13 feet, the rail is designed to effortlessly hang pencil pleat curtains secured with hooks. The heavy-duty aluminum construction can hold over 88 pounds, making it ideal for wide spans without sagging. Low-friction runners guarantee smooth, quiet sliding as you open and close your curtains.

    The long single-piece design means you can cover wide openings up to 13 feet with a single rail. The simple pencil pleat style allows complete control over light blocking. And the sturdy build won’t sag or sway when you draw back the curtains.


    • Heavy-duty aluminum holds 88+ pounds
    • Low friction for smooth, quiet operation
    • Multiple size options from 3 feet up to 13 feet
    • Easy installation for ceiling or wall mounting
    • Three different colors to fit into any decor


    • Cannot be mounted on drywall
    • Does not include actual curtains

    For an affordable yet premium quality curtain rail to hang simulator side curtains, the versatility and sturdy aluminum build of this product make it an excellent choice. With frustration-free installation and maintenance, you can focus on perfecting your swing, not fiddling with your curtains.

    ZSHINE Heavy-Duty Curtain Conjoined Double Track rails

    This ZSHINE double curtain track hits a hole-in-one by offering superb sturdiness and smooth sliding at a solid value. It comes in the same size and color options as the single-rail counterpart above, but it can accommodate dual layers of curtains for enhanced protection.

    Constructed of premium aluminum, the robust build withstands substantial weight, enabling you to fully enclose your hitting area. Despite the heavy-duty design, the tracks glide nearly silently for seamless simulations. I especially appreciate the modular segments joining by handy connectors to customize lengths. Installation directly to ceilings proves quick and clean with pre-drilled mounting holes.

    With effortless side-to-side draw capabilities, these versatile rails keep nets contained yet movable to access simulator screens or seating. The hooks accept grommeted panels.


    • Robust aluminum build
    • Weight capacity up to 50kg
    • Smooth and quiet sliding
    • Convenient sized modular tracks
    • Easy ceiling installation


    • Wall mounting requires separate brackets
    • Price sits slightly higher than less rugged competitors

    For superior durability to corral errant balls beside your simulator, while enabling flexible access, this heavy-duty double track takes the trophy. The quality aluminum construction promises lifelong reliability that more than justifies the reasonable cost. With custom sizing and an understated ceiling-hugging profile, the ZSHINE rails also complement decor better than bulky solitary poles.

    DWCN Blackout Room Divider Curtain Panel

    The DWCN Blackout Room Divider Curtain Panel offers an effective and affordable solution for partitioning large spaces. Made from durable, triple-weaved polyester, this heavy-duty curtain blocks 90-99% of light and insulates against temperature extremes – ideal properties for a high-performance simulator side curtain.

    With a substantial width of 20 feet, the curtain can span the length of most simulator bays to create a light-lock enclosure. The rich black color and full opacity promote visual focus for accurate swing analysis, while 22 grommets provide versatile mounting options to seal side gaps. Though priced economically, the curtain still delivers professional-grade shading and privacy. It is also available in many different colors (15 options) and sizes (27 options) to match your needs and preferences.


    • Blocks virtually all external light for enhanced simulator immersion
    • Insulates against heat/cold to maintain comfortable bay temperature
    • Durable heavyweight fabric resists wear-and-tear
    • Wide width covers full side of simulator bay
    • Great value professional-quality solution
    • Extensive selection of color and size options


    • Wrinkles may form from packaging (No big deal)

    DWCN’s Blackout Divider delivers unbeatable dimming performance considering its reasonable cost. The panel’s exceptional light-blocking abilities create an immersive virtual golf experience while insulating the bay environment. The curtain provides long-lasting durability to handle regular swing practice. If seeking an affordable blackout divider for optimizing simulator functionality, the DWCN model is easily one of the best options on the market.

    Room Dividers Now Heavy Duty Ceiling Mounted Curtain Rod Set

    The Room Dividers Now Heavy Duty Ceiling Mounted Curtain Rod Set is designed to be an attractive and versatile solution for dividing any room. Made from premium aluminum, this curtain track set can easily create room partitions or hang curtains in spaces up to 36ft wide. With options in silver, white or black and 7 different sizes from small to XXX-large, you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

    The Room Dividers Now set stands out for its durability, customizability and easy installation. The heavy-duty aluminum build can withstand wayward shots without bending while still looking stylish. Additionally, with lengths up to 36ft, you can customize the side curtains exactly to your simulator bay. The ceiling mount style also avoids cluttering up precious floor space in your golf bay.

    Installation looks simple even for novice DIYers thanks to the included mounting hardware and clear instructions. The set provides everything needed to get your new room dividers or curtains mounted from the ceiling and ready to use. For those wanting an all-in-one kit, this brand also offers room divider curtain packages with the tracks included. Just visit their Amazon store, and you will find a wide selection of items that will surely satisfy your needs.


    • Durable aluminum build withstands wear
    • Customizable sizing up to 36ft wide
    • Ceiling mount frees up floor space
    • Easy installation with included hardware
    • Matches with all-inclusive curtain kits


    • On the more expensive end
    • Doesn’t include curtains

    With its heavy duty design, custom lengths and easy ceiling mount, the Room Dividers Now curtain rod set delivers on all needs for durable and space-saving simulator side curtains. The high-end price brings premium quality that withstands daily play. If you want long-lasting and customizable curtains around your golf simulator without clutter, this made-in-USA track set is your best bet.

    GSA Golf Drape Enclosures for Golf Simulators

    gsa golf enclosure
    GSA Golf Enclosure. Source

    GSA Golf offers fully customizable drape enclosures to convert any space into an immersive golf simulation experience. The heavy-duty theater stage drapes effectively absorb sound and light for a distraction-free environment.

    You can choose between home/studio track drape enclosures with retractable side curtains or freestanding modular designs. Packages include thick padded turf flooring, optional raised stance mats, ceiling drapes, and professional impact screens. Prices start at around $5,999 for a basic 16ft x 10ft enclosure.

    GSA Golf accommodates all major launch monitors and tracking systems. So whether you use a FlightScope, TrackMan, SkyTrak or Foresight Sports, these enclosures seamlessly integrate the simulator technology. The retractable ceiling-mounted tracks allow adjusting drape placement for optimal lighting and visibility.


    • Fully customizable sizing and layout
    • Effective light and sound absorption
    • Quality heavy-duty fire-retardant materials
    • Compatible with all major tracking systems
    • Retractable drapes for versatility


    • Steep pricing for basic packages
    • Limited international shipping

    With sturdy construction and modular design, the GSA Golf drape enclosures provide unmatched customization for discerning golf enthusiasts. Though pricing is higher for entry-level options, the heavy-duty materials and smart functionality make this a worthwhile long-term investment for a premium experience.

    Ace Indoor Golf Retractable Golf Simulator Curtain

    retractable golf simulator curtain
    Retractable Golf Sim Curtain. Source

    Designed for 10-foot ceilings, this curtain includes a high-quality 9’7″ x 8’4″ double-sided blackout pleated curtain to surround your screen. The kit complements any simulator setup with an elegant finish.

    I especially like the durable galvanized 8-foot steel track and sturdy nylon rollers that smoothly extend the curtain. It secures firmly into the ceiling yet retracts out of sight when not in use. The two valences neatly hide the mechanical parts for a clean look. With 25 yards of industrial Velcro included, attaching the curtain edges to the screen is simple. This flexibility allows you to set any desired width.

    The curtain itself blocks ambient light beautifully thanks to the rich black pleated fabric. The grommets make spanning widths effortless while the partial blackout material prevents complete darkness.

    Installing the 30-pound ceiling channel does require proper reinforcement and hardware. But the instructions walk you through mounting it securely. Once in place, the operation is smooth and quiet. Additional angle irons, ties, and pads perfectly finish off the enclosure.


    • High-quality pleated blackout curtain
    • Galvanized steel track retracts easily
    • Industrial velcro for adjustable width
    • Valences neatly hide mechanical parts
    • Blocks ambient light for accuracy


    • Requires reinforced ceiling

    With sturdy construction, stylish aesthetics, and flexible installation, this retractable kit takes any simulator to the next level. The quality and completeness make it well worth the investment. If you’re dedicating space for an immersive golf experience, this curtain system adds the ideal finishing touch.

    Buying Guide – Things To Consider in Your Golf Simulator Side Curtains

    There are some crucial factors that you must bear in mind while looking for a side curtain kit for your golf sim system. These will ensure you make the best decision possible. Let’s explore those factors one by one.

    Quality and Durability

    The curtain fabric needs to withstand repeated golf ball strikes without tearing or deforming. Choose thicker and denser materials over lighter options:

    • Home use: 14-16 oz reinforced vinyl, single or double layer
    • Commercial use: 18+ oz coated canvas, single or double layer

    Reinforced, UV-resistant vinyls offer durability while allowing air flow. Oxford canvas blends maximize longevity for extensive use.

    Wall Mount Vs. Ceiling Mount

    wall and ceiling golf curtains

    Wall mounting panels provide a simple, effective way to securely fasten heavyweight simulator curtains. Kits include linear curtain tracks or pole pockets bolted directly to walls for distributing weight and impact stress. Side walls take force exerted by tensioned curtains absorbing shots.

    When selecting curtains, it’s important to understand how heavy they need to be for your simulator application based on size, usage levels, and installation method. Wall mounting is quicker for more basic DIY installations but does use up some interior space. Ceiling mounting via cables or tracks elevates curtains overhead, keeping floor and walls clear while allowing easy entrance and exit from the bay. But properly reinforcing anchor points across the ceiling framework is crucial with heavy commercial-use curtains.

    Evaluate your enclosure area, curtains, ceiling load capacity and installation effort when picking the optimal mounting solutions.

    Enclosure Size and Mounting

    Match the curtain size and mounting method to the simulator dimensions. Consider the following:

    • Ceiling-mounted eye bolts ease installing heavy curtains.
    • Corner reinforcements prevent stress points.
    • Adjustable tracks enable tweaking the enclosure’s shape.

    Larger bays need stronger curtains across longer spans to avoid sagging. You should scale weight capacity and steel cabling for your available space.

    Make sure to check out our golf simulator enclosures and screens recommendations for more information.

    Light Blocking Effectiveness

    Using multiple opaque layers eliminates ambient light for better visualization. Single layer curtains work well for darker spaces, but adding a blackout lining optimizes lighting environments and might be necessary in spaces with a lot of ambient lighting to avoid affecting the projected image quality.

    When designing a golf simulator, there is also a choice between using a deep cage structure or a screen and curtain setup. Each option has trade-offs in terms of budget, flexibility, protection and immersiveness.

    Blackout efficacy also depends on secure perimeter sealing and the screen projection surface.

    Budget and Installation Costs

    golf simulator side curtains budget

    Higher quality durable curtain materials have increased upfront costs but greater long term value through sustained performance and less frequent replacement needs.

    Professional installation also carries added expenses but ensures correct structural weight distribution and mounting for safe, long lasting functionality. Consider stretching budget to prioritize longevity or leaving room for future upgrades.

    Those looking to build their own golf simulator at home may want to explore DIY options to customize the setup to their space and budget. Check out our guide on how to build a golf simulator for guidance on important considerations like mechanics, dimensions, components, and software.

    Final Thoughts

    The side curtain barrier around your golf simulator setup faces repetitive impact from shots, requiring tear resistance to maintain a secure environment.

    Avoid flimsy lightweight curtains that degrade quickly – pick durable, vinyl-coated polyester or Oxford blends in 10oz weight or higher based on hitting intensity. Analyze fastener quality, blackout efficacy and perimeter reinforcement when comparing high-grade simulator curtain models using this guide.

    Properly installed heavy-duty curtains not only shield errant shots, but also withstand years of swing practice from casual through competitive players. With the ideal balance of durability and style suiting the available area, simulator side curtains will keep you focused inside your protected hitting zone session after session.

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