6 Best Floor Mounted Golf Simulator Projector Enclosures – Reviews & Guide

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SwingShield Projector Floor Mount Enclosure is our top recommendation for Best Floor Mounted Golf Simulator Projector Enclosure. Its durable and ventilated floor-level design eliminates ceiling drilling while protecting equipment. The turf ramp shields against shots and its compact size won't obstruct play. For hassle-free, protected mounting, this discounted $249 solution delivers.

Transforming your space into a hyper-realistic virtual golf zone requires the right enclosure to immerse the visual experience. Projector floor mounts enhance the display for optimal viewing while integrating necessary structural and electrical components in one dedicated housing.

This buying guide covers the top-rated projector floor mounts compatible with leading simulator packages in the market. We’ll overview standout features like adjustable height, universal compatibility, sturdy steel construction, and ease of assembly.

Read on for reviews of six projector floor mounts that will help protect your investment from mishits and provide an aesthetically cleaner build to work on improving your game without concerns of hitting and damaging components.

For those who are inspired to take on a bigger project and want to learn how to build a golf simulator from scratch, our comprehensive guide covers everything from room dimensions to equipment selection.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our Top Golf Simulator Projector Floor Enclosures of 2024

Based on our own testing and experience, the following are the best projector floor mount enclosures that you can use with your sim package to protect the projector without affecting the quality of the projected image.

    Rain Or Shine Golf SwingShield Projector Floor Mount Enclosure

    swingshield projector

    The SwingShield Projector Floor Mount Enclosure, from Rain Or Shine Golf, is an innovative solution for protecting your projector and simplifying setup in your golf simulator room. Made from durable and ventilated ABS plastic, this enclosure mounts your projector at floor level, eliminating the need to drill holes in your ceiling.

    The spacious yet compact design allows you to place the enclosure beside or in front of your hitting area. At just 16″ x 22″ x 7.55″, it has a low profile that won’t obstruct play. The scratch-proof front screen and turf-covered ramp provide protection, letting any low shots glide smoothly up the turf.

    Inside, the ventilated construction keeps your projector running cool for years of use. The easy-access door simplifies maintenance while still securing your equipment.

    For golf simulator enthusiasts looking for hassle-free projector mounting, the SwingShield is our top recommendation. You’ll avoid installation headaches and gain durable protection with the turf ramp. The discounted price of $249 makes this solution even more appealing.


    • Floor-level mounting eliminates ceiling drilling
    • Durable and ventilated enclosure protects the projector
    • Turf ramp shields against low golf shots
    • Compact low-profile design
    • Easy access for maintenance


    • Ramp may obstruct very low shots

    With its smart and durable design, reasonable price, and ramp shielding, the SwingShield Projector Floor Mount Enclosure is a great choice for protecting your simulator projector. If you want a simplified setup without sacrificing protection, this enclosure delivers.

    Shop Indoor Golf Simulator Floor Mount Enclosure

    projector shield floor mount enclosure

    Our second pick – the Golf Simulator Projector Floor Mount Enclosure from Shop Indoor Golf is made of durable ABS plastic and helps avoid the effort and headache of ceiling mounts. This enclosure fully protects your projector while allowing convenient floor placement.

    The ramp design covered in artificial turf lets you position it beside or in front of the tee area seamlessly. Slower shots glide smoothly up the ramp and continue into the screen. The built-in cooling system with vent slots prevents overheating without any extra fans required.

    With dimensions of 23” x 14” x 7.25”, it fits most short throw projectors snugly, including the Optoma GT2000ST, one of our all-time favorites for simulator use. The interior dimensions of 12.5” x 13.75” x 4.75” provide ample space to house your projector. This is an ideal floor-based enclosure for golf simulator projectors from a renowned online reseller.


    • Fully encloses and protects the projector
    • Allows floor placement without ceiling mount
    • Ramp design enables seamless tee area integration
    • Built-in cooling prevents overheating
    • Durable ABS plastic construction


    • Only fits short throw projectors
    • Ventilation depends on slots rather than fans

    For indoor golf simulator setups, this floor mount enclosure enables you to install the projector securely and conveniently without ceiling mounting. The durable construction and integrated ramp provide complete projector protection and seamless integration. If you want an elegant floor-based solution for your simulator projector, this one is an excellent choice.

    Top Shelf Golf ProGuard Short Throw Projector Floor Mount

    proguard short throw projector floor mount enclosure

    Next on our list of the best floor-mounted golf simulator projector enclosures is the ProGuard Short Throw Projector Floor Mount.

    The ProGuard checks all the right boxes when it comes to keeping your projector safe from impacts while allowing maximum visibility of the projected image. The rounded corners and scratch-resistant polycarbonate viewing window offer 270 degrees of protection while giving you clear side-to-side visibility. The sturdy steel construction ensures it can withstand wayward golf swings and other accidental bumps. The open bottom allows convenient access for wiring and adjustments.

    With a price tag of $399 (currently discounted to $349), this enclosure is the priciest option on our list, but it provides additional features that the competition doesn’t, including metal construction (instead of plastic) and active cooling with fans (instead of passive ventilation). The durable build and scratch-resistant window make it suitable for most home simulator setups where stray balls are a concern. The pricing hits a nice sweet spot between protection and value.


    • Durable steel construction
    • Scratch-resistant viewing window
    • Allows 270-degree visibility
    • Open bottom for easy access
    • Quick and simple installation
    • Sleek low-profile aesthetic


    • Limited projector compatibility
    • More expensive than the competition

    Overall, the ProGuard Short Throw Projector Floor Mount is an ideal choice for golfers wanting a permanent and durable enclosure to safeguard their simulator projector. The sturdy steel body can certainly withstand repetitive golf ball impacts while the viewing window gives you a clear wide-angle view of the projected simulation. For these reasons and more, it earns its spot as one of the best in our floor-mounted golf simulator projector enclosure list.

    GolfBays Floor Mounted Projector Case

    The GolfBays Floor Mount Projector Enclosure provides a dedicated, protective housing to showcase your golf simulator visuals. This sturdy metal enclosure seamlessly integrates into your simulator bay for clean installation. Thoughtful design choices enhance convenience while safeguarding your projector.

    With an integrated turf ramp, golf shots smoothly transition onto the screen surface. The plexiglass front shields the projector lens while allowing airflow prevents overheating. Cable ports offer easy media routing. Overall, this enclosure neatly houses the projector in a way that enhances the simulator experience.

    The GolfBays mount offers a tailor-made projector solution for immersive golf simulation. The sturdy metal build protects your valuable projector investment while plexiglass and vents prevent damage and overheating. I really like how this mount looks.


    • Sturdy steel construction for durability
    • Plexiglass front protects projector lens
    • Vents on the sides provide needed airflow
    • Integrated cable management ports
    • Artificial turf ramp for seamless ball transition


    • Enclosure size may limit projector selection
    • Plain metal design lacks aesthetic customization

    For golf simulator builders seeking a dedicated projector enclosure that prioritizes protection and convenience, the GolfBays Floor Mount is a leading choice. With robust metal construction showcasing your hitting surface and a plexiglass shield securing the projector, this enclosure provides durable, integrated housing. While plain in aesthetics, thoughtful design features like managed cabling and integrated turf make it a great choice.

    ALLSPORTSYSTEMS Jumbo Floor Projector Enclosure

    The ALLSPORTSYSTEMS Jumbo Floor Projector Enclosure is another excellent option for golfers looking to install a projector for their home simulator without complicated ceiling mounts. With a durable yet portable 18-pound frame, this floor-based enclosure keeps your projector protected while allowing placement flexibility.

    Centered around a scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens, the enclosure’s bilateral cooling system prevents overheating without noisy external fans. The thoughtfully designed inclined interior ramp enables wayward golf shots to harmlessly glide upwards. As a result, you can position this unit beside or in front of hitting areas without fear of damage.

    With 14.75″ width x 6.5″ height x 9.5″ depth internal dimensions, the enclosure fits many mainstream short throw projectors with throw ratios of 0.70 or lower. This provides ample projection range for small to medium-sized simulator setups.


    • Sturdy floor-based design eliminates ceiling installation needs
    • Polycarbonate lens withstands scratching from golf balls
    • Ramp interior deflects stray shots upward
    • Bilateral cooling prevents overheating
    • Fits most short throw projectors under 0.70 throw ratio


    • Larger projectors may exceed interior dimensions

    For a hassle-free projector integration without construction, the ALLSPORTSYSTEMS Floor Projector Enclosure is a good way to go. With robust protection, smart airflow, and shot-deflecting shape, this plug-and-play enclosure simplifies both portable and permanent simulator setups.

    Carl’s Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure

    carls floor mounted projector

    Carl’s Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure is specifically designed to protect your projector investment in a golf simulator setup. With a price tag of around $300, this enclosure allows you to mount your short-throw projector securely on the floor instead of the ceiling.

    The tough polyethylene construction shields, preventing damage from direct hits or ricochets off the impact screen. The turf-covered top even matches Carl’s hitting mats for a unified look. Your projector cables stay neatly tucked away inside the enclosure for a clean appearance.

    This floor-based mounting system provides a simpler installation compared to overhead rigging. Just position the enclosure in the optimal location between the mat and the screen, pop your projector inside, and start swinging with confidence knowing your gear is protected.


    • Protects projector from ball strikes
    • Simpler floor mounting
    • Keeps cables organized
    • Matches Carl’s hitting mats
    • Allows carefree swinging


    • Only fits smaller projectors
    • Turf exterior looks basic

    For safe and convenient floor mounting of your golf simulator projector, Carl’s enclosure is an excellent choice. The protection allows you to take full swings without worrying about damaging your projection equipment. If you want hassle-free projector integration for a home simulator, this rugged housing should be on your shortlist.

    Buying Guide- What To Look For In Your Projector Floor Mount Enclosure

    When selecting a floor-mount projector enclosure for your golf simulator projector, there are several key factors to consider:

    projector case material

    Build Material & Quality

    Look for durable steel or aluminum construction that will reliably protect your projector investment. Heavier enclosures tend to be more stable and resistant to ball strikes. Ensure the material is powder-coated for a clean finish. A better-built enclosure will be sturdier and more durable.

    Price Point

    Projector enclosures vary in their prices based on things like size, features and quality. You need to determine how much you are willing to invest in your projector floor enclosure and then choose the one(s) that fit that budget. In general, you should expect to pay no more than $400-$450 for a quality unit that guarantees excellent protection for your projector.

    Passive Ventilation vs. Active Fan Cooling

    Proper ventilation is crucial, either through passive side vents or integrated cooling fans. Active fans provide maximum airflow but add cost.

    Active cooling provides improved performance over passive side ventilation, but the noise made by the fans might disturb some. If you opt for an enclosure with active cooling, try to compare the noise levels to the performance gains; you can also choose a quieter enclosure.

    While considering the type of ventilation suitable for your setup, finding the right projector that offers the best balance between brightness, contrast, and resolution is equally important. To aid in your decision-making, take a look at our guide to selecting the best golf simulator projector which includes detailed reviews.

    Size & Internal Dimensions

    Measure your chosen projector and ensure the enclosure provides a snug fit. Allow a few extra inches for adjustability.

    projector case dimension

    Bigger is not always better if it dominates your space, as the enclosure could obstruct the screen view and affect the experience if it’s too big. If it’s too small, it won’t fit your projector.

    Aesthetics & Design

    Beyond basic black enclosures, some offer custom colors or faux wood finishes. Consider options that blend with your simulator room style.

    Usually, projector floor mounts come in black color and have a ramp that is covered in artificial turf to match your simulator enclosure and hitting mat.

    Protection Level vs. Effects on Projected Image

    Thick metal and acrylic screens provide maximum protection but may degrade projected image quality in certain setups.

    That’s why you need to find the right balance for your needs – a mount that provides excellent protection without noticeably affecting the projection quality.

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you’re protecting a budget projector or a high-end laser model, our top picks provide sturdy, integrated homes to showcase your golf simulator visuals. We covered options fitting any projector and room.

    You should focus on ventilation, dimensions, and quality to safeguard your projector. Ultimately, identifying the enclosure that optimally houses your chosen projector while matching your space will provide viewing clarity and peace of mind. Our picks allow focusing on perfecting your swing and game, not your setup. With the right floor mount enclosure for your needs, you can confidently mount your projector knowing it’s safely projecting jaw-dropping visuals as you conquer legendary courses.

    If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

    Thanks for reading!


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